1973 MIAMI - NASSAU _2_

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					                                                                                                       to professional, 'and you have to           be
                                                                                                       professional today   to be at the top'.
 ItIIAIilI                  -       I\IASSA U nA CE                                                       "There is no way to win the ulorld
                                                                                                       championship now unless you are a pro,"
                                                                                                       stated the new champion. "l was the first
                                                                                                       professional racer sponsored by a large
Report by Gordon Lomer of                                                                              firm, and I think you will find that from
                                                                                                       non on more and more big companies will
THE BAHAMAS NEWS BUREAU                                                                                turn to full sponsorstrip in these racing
f ARLO Bononri the suave and articulate            seas.    Only 15 of the original 30  entrants          The tag for sponsorship to th€ degrees
\ ltalian Banker and pounrboat driver,             actually started th6 race, 16 days later.           necess:try to win a world championship
captured the World Offshore Championship              The seas appeared still rough enough to          runs to about 300,000 dollars.
on Sunday by winning the 17th Amual                take their toll. By midday only three                  First production boat to finish, and
Miami-Nassau Race.                                 boats had rnade it to Chub Cay, and only            third overall was Bill Germain's Fort
   Bonorni, driving the sleek 36' Cigarette        serren   boats reached tho first check point        lauderdale based 'Mirago'. a 27-toot
Ory Martini, povvered by a pair of 6O0 hp          at Gun Cay, on the Eastern ram of          the      Magnum with two 320 hp Chris Craft
Aeromarinss, croered the finish line 2 hours       Gulf Stream.                                        engines.
and 39 minuter after the 8 an start off              Going into the Miami-Nassau             race         Fourth place urent to Jake Trotter with
Governrnsnt Cut in Miami.                          Bonorni held even with Britain,s          Oon       a 28-foot magnum. 'Malt6e Magnum', with
   At Chub 8ay, the final check point              Shead     with 44 points each for the U.l.M.        two 350 hp Flagship engines.                He
before the Nasrau Harbour finish, he was           title. The final race of ths u.l.M. 1973            cornpleted the 18sfiile crossing in 5 hours
only minutee ahead of fsllow countryman            season as the Ke!, West race, slated for            and 36 minutes.
Girgio Mondadori who arontually lirnped            November 1O.                                            Dr. Ronald Molinet of Fort Lauderdale
homo in second place on one engine nearly            Shead, driving his      37' Enfield ,Unowot,      drove his 'Code Blue' (a 2&foot Cigarette
thre€ quartors of an hour later. Mondadori         pourered     by similar
                                                                        engines to Bonmri,s            with twin 165 hp Mercruisers) to lifth
blew an engine lust before the Chub Cay            'Dry Martini', blew on   Engine half way            place in 6 hours and six minutes he wa
check point and spent 44 minutes extra             across the Gulf Stream. 25 minutes alter            follorand by Robert Solorrei of North
finding Nassau Harbour.                            the race start. The blown engine blew the           Miami who walked his 'Tight Rope,, a tiny
   Bonomi said he "pushed      at my   ovwr        championship possibiliti6 for Shead.                2}foot Formula with a singte 22S hp OMC
pae to Cat Cay, and I was only           45           Bonomi's time of 2 hours and 3[t                 engine, to 6th and final place.
seconds b€hind  my time sch€dule.                  minutes was nine minutes off th€ official              Among tho casualties was               Mark
     "The seas there urre big surells from         record set in 197O by Vincenzo galestrieri.         Raymond, driving the boat of former
Hurricane Gilda that has been around here,',       a former world champion.                            world chanqrion Vincenzo Ealestrieri of
he said.                                              The victory for Bonmri represents th€            Italy. He developed engine trouble on the
  The raoa, originally scheduled for               culmination of a season that could well             Gulf Stream side of Bimini. Of the many
October 12, turnod out to be the                   revolutionize the image of              ocean       delays in getting the race underway caused
mosrposponed rre in the history of                 powerboat racing. Sponsored by ths                  several of the potential starters to scratch
offshore poyvsrboat racing, as upather and         Martini and Rossi drinks firm, Bonomi said          and save their boats for the upcoming Key
Hurricane Gilda daysd havoc       with   the       the sport has now changed frorn amateur             West race.

                                                                                                         IS WORLD
             B0B 'DoC'                                                                                   CHAMPION
                                                                                                          ITALIAN CARLO Bonoml ls the
              MAGOOl{                                                                                     Offshore World Champion wlth a total of

 I   F in name only, American offshore                                                                    61 points. His victory was secured when
 I    racing champion Bob 'Doc'Magoon                                                                     British driver Don Shead, who was lylng
  must be known to most of us here in                                                                     second in the championshlps, was forced
 the U.K. I saw him when over in                                                                          to retire in the early stages of the Miami-
                                                      THE GREAT                                           Nassau race with englne trouble.
 Miami last month and he asked me if
 thought there would be anyone in this
                                                      AMERICAN DTSASTER                                    Bonomi, in his 36ft Cigarette, Dry
                                                                                                          Martini, powered by twin 600 hp KAM
 country willing to buy his 36ft                      !    HOSE who follow international offshore
                                                                                                          (Kiekhaefer Aeromarine) engines, went
 Cigarette, Aeromarine 1 . lt is,                      I   competition will know that yet another
                                                      fiasco has arisen out of the          annual
                                                                                                          on to win the Miami.Nassau with fellow
 according to him, the fastest Class           1
                                                      Miami-Nassau race. The first mess (as far as
                                                                                                          Italian Giorgio Mondadori second in
 boat in the world. With the Round                    the British are concerned) was in 1970 when
                                                                                                          Nicopao - a similar rig. Mondadori
 Britain race coming up shortly, it                   Tommy Sopwith was disqualified from the
                                                                                                          crossed the line with only one engine
 seems to me that someone might be                    evenU subsequently       a major international      firing and apart from a couple of national
 interested if they can bash him down                                                                     class boats, they were the only finishers.
                                                      row developed.
 to a sensible price.                                    This year, British designer, Don Shead              The Hennessy Key-West race on
                                                                                                          November 10 saw a complete change of
      is reason for sale is that he has
       H                                              vvent over to compete for those vital points
                                                                                                          fortunes, not only in engines but in
  bought  a new forty footer off Don                  which he needs to clinch the world title,           outfits. Art 'Snapper' Norris, in his 36ft
 Aronow - not to actually race with -                 only to find that the race was delayed . ..         Cigarette, Slap Shot, powered by twin 600
 but to attempt a new NON-STOP                        firstly for 24 hours, then another, then            hp Mercruisers, lead a pack of four
                                                      another, and so-on. Very few people have
 offsh ore speed record attempt                       enough time on their hands to hang around
                                                                                                          Mercruisers across the line to win by 15
 between Miami and New York. I don't                                                                      seconds. Second was Roger Penski, in a
                                                      abroad doing nothing, so eventually Don             40ft Cigarette, Sunoco DX, while third
 know what the current record is, or                  and his team came home. So did I for that          place went to Dominic Visconsi, in
 who holds it, but it strikes me as being             matter.
                                                                                                         Popeye, a 44ft prototype built by Sonny
 quite an enterprising venture. The sort                 Serious doubt must now exist that this          Miller and Bob Saccenti. Forth place
 of venture in fact which more and                    1973 Miami-Nassau race is still valid for          went to Tom Gentry not, as was first
 more sponsors are likely to go for,                  U.l.M. points since the two top world              thought, in his KAM powered 36ft
                                                      contenders were unable to wait out the full
 since public attention is focused                    two weeks postponment.
                                                                                                         Cigarette, Amerlcan Eagle, but in
 purely on that one man and his                                                                          Honolulu Away, a Mercruiser powered
 machine. Incidentally, the Doc says                                                                     36ft. CigarettB. Mondadorl was flfth wlth
 that he's going to do it singlehanded.;                                                                  Bonomi sixth.
 no co-drivers or anything.                                                                                So ended the 1973 Sam Grifftths
                                                                                                         Memorial World Offshore Championship
                                                                                                         circuit, wlth Bonomi still champion.

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