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Premier Clippers Premier 3000c


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									                  Premier Clippers

                                          Premier 3000c

The Premier 3000c
  20% slower operational (at raiork) stroke speed but much more
powerful (torque/hp.) due to its unique permanent magnet mQtor'
Very quiet and cool in operation. Sma1ler, slimmer grip-pleases all
r,'ho pick jt up. A little longer & heavier than the Stablemate. (3000c's
length 10.7 in. & weight 1.9 lb.) lvluch lighter, shorter, slimmer and
less noisy than Lister's Laser or Ostel's Clipmaster h'ith whon1 it
compares for pou'er (torque) but not stroke speed.
   The 3000c's lower stroke speed makes it ideal for Precision cliPPin€i
(or shearing) needs. Also excellent for the less experienced as the
slolver speed gives the user "permission to work at their own pace".
The "edge" on clipping blades lasts longer on this nachine and the
blades stay cooler even ifyou neglecl to oil them tlequently both
due to the slower speed.l{ill drive a shear head.
            Choosing the right clipping
             blade for each situation

Premier Top Blade
   Upper moving portion of Premier blade sets. lncluded with every
set oi Premier Surgical, Premier Fine, Premier Mediun and Prenier

Premier Super Surgical
   Trims the ciosest of anyblade available. lt can give thin skinned
animals the appearance of razor burn if not used by an exPerieoced
clipper. This blide can only be sharPened 1 to 3 tir'!1es in its lifetine
35 teeth. 0.02 normal cutting deplh.
   . For slick shearing lambs
   . For surgical procedures

Premier Surgical
  Surgical blad-es shave the tilrer right down to the skin 35 teeth. 0.04
normal cutting depth.
   .   For slick shearing lambs
   .   For surgical procedures

Premier Fine
   35 teeth. 0.06 normal crttirg depth.
   . For slick shearing sheep
   . For clippingheacls and bellies of cattle
   . For body cliPPing Performance horses

Premier Medium
   35 teeth. 0.08 cutting dePth (twice a surgical blade set).
   . For body clipping horses
   . For slick shearirg pink-shinned sheep

 Premier Coarse
   Half as many teeth (18) as Fine/Medium's. Leaves more fibet but a
less even finish.
   . For shearing llamas/alpacas
   . For body clipping horses with dirtt    dense or matted hair

 Xtra Cover
   Leaves 300% more fiber dePth than a "Premier Fine"- 24 lower
 teeth, 22 upper teeth- Make siue lo follow your local or state rules for
 appropriate length oi hdi! to be left on pigs
    . For cliPpit-rg Pigs and goats for show
    . Lea-rei smooth, enen [righ fiber finish on cattle and sheep for
       production sales
               Preparing the Animalfor Clipping
  .   Remove the    dirt from the hair ffrst. If tlljs is not done, expcct a.celerated
      blade rvcar and a redtrction in anjnlals cljppe,:l between blade sharpenjngs in exaat
      proportiorl to the amount oi dirt pt esent. The bencfils of djrt rernoval prior to
      clippin:i carlnot be ovei -enlphasized. Exantp)e: Thosc- who rr,ash their laDrbs prior
      to clipping oatcn clip 20,30 club lambs between sharpenings (ii ihe blades have
      been sharperred properly on a lappring nrachine; Thnse rvh,r don't and h.rve lambs
      w ith sand and soil ir1 the $.ool oiten .lip less thai 2 lambs bet\aeen sharpenrngs.

  . Washing the animal with soap and water removes the most dirt. lf this
      is not practical, use a high porver vacuum or blov\.er lo I emove as much dil t as
      possible from the hair or h.ool.

  . Restrain the animal.          animals like the sound of a .ljpper or ihe leel oi
      vibration on their skin. hen thev rcact io eiiher withoLrt u,arning, a.cidents can
      and rvillhappen. Thereiorc, for the sake of yoLr, r.our animal ancl \,our aljppet
      restrain th€'anjmal properlv prjor to clipp'ng.

                lnterchangeable Clipping Head
Setting for Clipping Head
Setting T€nsion
1. Fit thc blades on to the cllpper heacl ancl screw the ten
   sion nul dorvn hand-tjght. The top blade r\.ill fit into thr.
   groo\.e of the clipper head.The boitom blad('should be
   placed over the comb pees so ihat ['hen the cli]rper is
   turncd over-, the Premier logo is visible.
l. lhcn lurr. tl , t.r. n't nLIl haJl 2 tlll.1.
3. Oil lhe blades. Applv a ferv drops oi oil at least even 3
   minutes to prolong blade sharpness ancl reduce frictioll
                                                                             Reqnires just 2 scrclos,
   and heatin:i.
                                                                            3 ,r1ifiItt?s, dnal a
Changing interchageable clipping head:                                      s c re w dri itcr to siu it c h

   The 3000c head takes difFerent and lorlger screi\.s tharl the            ftom n Premier shear
3000s head. \,Vhen changing heads, you n-rust change s.r.e\!s               hca.l to tltis Premier
also. Screws are included $.ith purchase oF each head.                       clipler   heoLl.

lf the clipper stops cuttjng, do not try to force it to cut by turning the nut down and increasing the
tension. That will cause overheaiing, extra blade wear and may darnage the motor-and it won,t ct'lt
any better lnstead, remove the blades, clean the cuttingsurfaces and replace them at the correct
tension. lfthey stilldo not cut, have the blades resharpened

Unlike some other clipper motors, this moior willneither slow down nor sound differentwhen oil
is needed. But failure to oilwill quickly cause damage to the blades and drive head. So you must
apply by time inst€ad of sound. Apply a smallarnountofoilevery 3 minutes to the tips ofthe teeth
and each side ofthe blade bydippingthem into a djsh ofoil or pouring oildirecfly onto the teeth
with a small oil coirtaine. And every l0 minutes drip oil into the small hole behind ihe tension
assembiyand the large hole in the back ofthe clipping head.
. Putpose?   To reduce blacle      weat reduce blade heat build up and reduce the load on
 the clipper n-rotor.

. IIow often?       Most do nol lubricate frequeltly       eno[gh-a   d nse too much oil when
 rl,a\r.ln so I ubrrcate lhe blade lrps ev"iv I -      3 minuies li tlre hdir $ool or fiber ic
 J;i il:i;;. "il;;"]rr"^" n["*,,                 tie lubricarion mLrst be l)1ore ircquent iI rhe
 i*i i. J"it it,.'""i^s latural oils (e g unwashed sheep r'r'ith larlolin in their wool)
 ihe lubrication can be less frequent

. Where should the oll be placed? On          to the top ot the blades al the front ofthe
                                                                          l0 nrinutes (everv
  lr""Jtr..trl"a ", a Uolow- vJrv inrporl:nt to oil freqtlenll\) LverL                 arrd
  ,'niri lira" f'turi*,ion) oaa in rt'e t"ni"i r'oie of t\eLreai(markedaslbelow)
  ;; il;;;            ;t';ii ima*ea  r belo*) Also
                                      as              on outer tips of the 2 guide blocks of
  the upper blade (marked as 3 below)'
. Do you need to remove the blades to lubtlcate them? Not unless
  stop cLrfting.

. what tvDe of oil should be used?            Use clipping oil Llratis lhick enoughlo -
  r,,uri,"rJ,Ii,"           not to collect.lirl and hair riber: and , ledr -tlruc !eduirr)g
                  "^",,g,,r the animal' lf ,r"ou rvish io use another oil' be calefulnot to
  use oil that is too thick-

                                             are rarel] reeded lt is better to smPly
 . What about blade washes? They
                             urush to rernove any looie hair that lra'v accumulate on the
  ,:ruii".:ali"^+"." "
  toD oi the blades.
                                                            oit bafh, be ver)          caleful not
   il""irr",lr uou u." blacle wash or dip the blades in dn oihelwrse' lubri( ant nlav
   ;;ilil";i#;'              untrl it has run ror 5 se(onds
                                                                         gears & motor.
   ,""i"it*"id, ir-lrt"gh the lubricated head ancl eventually foul the

 . what about spray-on blade coolants? They                   accelerate evaporation from tl-re
   ;lrd" .;;;;;        ;;ihr.rs   do cool the blacles Drore   rapidly However' all blade coolants
   url ot.o           ,ot''enis-lhatremovelheoilhomthebladesalthe5amelime'
   q^ ifv rl Ise a .oolant, immediatelv reloil alter the solvent/coolant has evaPorated
   ila;fffi; #i;;;;6ft Y6ui'al'o need ro checl the ren"ron or rhe blades
   ilH;ffffiil;r-,, iii"'i"'i'i"" p'bablY too tighr and/ol the blades need
                     wilh the correct                  oi1
    more'frequent lubriiation

        Oil Points (see diagram to
             1. Oil the Excenter Shaft
             2. Oil the Nylon Bushing
             3.   Oil Guide Blocks
             4.   Ojl tips otthe uPPer and lower
                  blades with oil-frequenrlY

        L bicatiofl       of cliqPing heoil:
        IIse Premier  #10White CIippingOiI
         for h\bic^lion on the Prenier 1000c,
                     3000c, and Prcmiet 4000c.
         Premier 3000c & 4000c
           Clipper Head Parts                        See   diagram
                                                       on p.7
Item                                                   No. Per
No.    Part No-         Description                        Set

0'l    89920010    Clipper head without access              1
02     89900070    Lower blade guides                      ?
03     89920020    Upper blade guides                      2
04     89920200    Blade positior1er                       1
05     89600120    Screw M5 x 16                           2
06     89920430    Tooth disc M5                           2
10     89900060    Excente. shaft 31 teetll                1
11     89920070    Excenter bearing with bound             1
12     89920030    Excenter distance 9,8 n1m               1
13     89920170    Excenter bearing witltout bound         1
14     89920040    Excenter head                           1
15      89920110   N1'lon bush                             1.
20                 Upper blade                             1
11                 Lorver blade                            1
22     86831040    Long bolt screw                         7
23     89920180    Spring                                  1
24     89920s00    Regulating nut                          1

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