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to join the pda today...   me
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                                      who are the PDA?
                                      The Pharmacists’ Defence Association
                                      (PDA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose
                                      role is to look after the interests of
                                      individual pharmacists.
                                      The PDA is staffed by experienced
                                      pharmacists, lawyers and barristers and is
                                      supported by an extensive advisory board.
                                         With over 15,000 members, the PDA is the
                                         only defence association in pharmacy that
exclusively looks after the interests of the individual; it represents pharmacy
undergraduates, preregistration graduates, employee and locum pharmacists as
opposed to bodies that may represent the owners
of pharmacies or employers.
                                                      Peppermint Water Case
                                                      In 1997, a young pharmacist and a
why does this affect me?                              prereg faced manslaughter
                                                      proceedings after a dispensing
                                                      error was made involving
It has become clear in recent years with
                                                      peppermint water which
incidents such as the “Peppermint Water”
                                                      subsequently led to the death of a
case and employment disputes that have
                                                      baby. Although the charge was
arisen from preregistration training and
                                                      eventually downgraded to that of
undergraduate placements that students
                                                      a conviction under The Medicines’
and preregs are becoming more vulnerable
                                                      Act this shocked many in
in the workplace.
                                                      pharmacy, as up until that time it
With the advent of the Code of Conduct for            had always been felt that
Pharmacy Students and Fitness to Practice             employers should take
procedures, students will be put under more           responsibility for the actions of
scrutiny than ever before.                            their staff. The Peppermint Water
As you can imagine, any of these matters              debacle showed that this was no
could cause problems with your eventual               longer to be the case and also that
registration as a pharmacist. The PDA will be         even preregs (and therefore
there for you providing information,                  pharmacy students) can now be
support and a robust defence                          held liable when errors occur.
system so you are given a voice
and treated fairly throughout your
undergraduate studies and
preregistration year.

JOIN NOW: www.the-pda.org
5 top reasons to join us...
      • Risk Management education and conferences          me
                                                                  mb  E
      • Professional and ethical advice
                                                            Join ership
      • Proactive lobbying                                      toda

 2    • Pharmacy students have their own forum for influencing pharmacy
        at a national level
      • Representative rights in any employed or voluntary role


 3    The PDA pays for expensive legal advice for instances such as:
      • Professional Tribunals (such as the university’s Fitness to Practice
        committee, where allegations about the personal conduct of a pharmacy
        student or preregistration graduate may be considered)
      • Prosecutions - for offences that have involved the police and a possible
        career damaging prosecution or caution
      • 24-hour legal advice line service
      • Employment Tribunals – remember you have rights as an employee!

      If you are working voluntarily or employed as an undergraduate student or
      prereg this will cover any claim made should you make an error or cause any
      harm to a patient.


 5    This provides you with great deals and discounts on holidays, hotels, gym
      membership, dining out and lots more.
about the PDA Union Student and
Prereg Membership Group                                           PDA defends
The PDA Union has a newly created membership group
                                                                  The PDA successfully
specially for pharmacy undergraduates and preregistration         defended a student
graduates. The membership group also has a seat on the            who was brought
national PDA Union executive with full voting rights at this      before a university’s
important forum.                                                  fitness to practice
There are an increasing number of students working during         board. He was
their undergraduate degree. This could be a formal                dismissed by his
organised work placement, which is part of the                    employer and reported
undergraduate course, and any vocational work (during             to the university. The
either term time or vacation) in a paid or voluntary capacity.    PDA felt sure that had
                                                                  he contacted them
Union members will be offered advice concerning all fitness
                                                                  during the
to practice and employment issues and if necessary, a
                                                                  employment dispute,
trade union accredited pharmacy student representative            the union would have
can accompany the union member to grievance and                   been able to defend
disciplinary meetings to ensure that these meetings are           his dismissal
conducted in accordance with relevant fitness to practice         successfully and
procedures or employment legislation.                             prevented the
                                                                  compaint in the first

    our Mission Statement
    To provide information, support and a robust defence system to students
    and graduates throughout their undergraduate and preregistration career, so
    that they are given a voice and treated fairly; and to continue this service
    when they become the assertive and pro-active pharmacists of tomorrow.

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 services, sign up now at www.the-pda.org

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