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                   (via Cadwell> Seward> Fulkerson> Pennington> Collopy)

6. Mary Emily Porter (b. 1815:Onondago Co., NY-d. Jan. 20, 1874:Knox Co., IL)
                 John P. Cadwell (b. Jan. 6, 1807-d. Mar. 31, 1880:Altona, Knox County, IL)
                 -(m. Jan. 14, 1830: Onondago, NY)
                                   +buried in the Cadwell Cemetery, Truro Twp, Knox Co, IL
       (brother) Miles Porter (b. 1805:Onondaga, NY-d. )
       (sister) Sally Marie Porter (b. Apr. 8, 1807-d. Aug. 17, 1885:Farragut, IA)
                 -married George Cadwell (b. July 5, 1805-d. Jan. 9, 1880: Fisher Twp., IA)
                 -(m. Sept. 20, 1825:Onondago, NY)
                          Children: Sylvanus Clark (1835), Maria Emily (1843), Oliver Orin (1847),
                          Nancy R (1827), George Willis (1829), Edwin Rufus (1831), Phillip Porter
                          (1833), John Wesley (1837), Edward Justus (1839),
                          Mary Salina (1841), Ellen Florence (1849), & Ruth Mae (1852)
                                   +Farragut Cemetery, Fisher Township, Fremont County, IA

7. Phillip Porter (b. Oct. 9, 1783:MA-d. Sept. 19, 1845:Truro Twp., Knox Co., IL)
                  Nancy – (b. Aug. 1, 1784:MA-d. Oct. 16, 1843:Truro Township, IL) (m. 1804)
                                    +buried in the Cadwell Cemetery near Williamsfield, IL
         (brother) Thomas Porter (b. 1775:Southampton, MA-d. )

8. Miles Porter (b. July 12, 1748:Southampton, MA-d. 1814:Onondago County, IL)
                   Sibbel Pitts (b. 1746/1748:Westfield, MA-d. )
                   -daughter of Philip Pitts & Mary Jones
                   -(m. Sept. 14, 1771: Southampton, Hampshire, MA)
         (sister) Mindwell Porter (b. Oct. 6, 1735:Southampton, MA-d. )
         (sister) Sarah Porter (b. Sept. 23, 1737-d. )
         (sister) Rhonda Porter (b. Mar. 7, 1742-d. )
         (sister) Elizabeth Porter (b. Sept. 3, 1744-d. )
         (sister) Catherine Porter (b. July 3, 1746-d. )
         (brother) Jehial/Gehiel Porter (b. Aug. 4, 1755-d. )

9. Thomas Porter (b. 1704:Northampton, MA-d. )
               Sarah Pomeroy (b. Oct. 25, 1706:Southampton, MA-d. ) (m. 1733)
               -daughter of Eldad Pomeroy & Sarah Wait
                (via Porter> Cadwell> Seward> Fulkerson> Pennington> Collopy)

8. Sibbel Pitts (b. 1746/1748:Westfield, MA-d. )
                   Miles Porter (b. July 12, 1748:Southampton, MA-d. 1814:Onondago County, IL)
                   -(m. Sept. 14, 1771: Southampton, Hampshire, MA)
                           Children: Philip (1783) & Thomas (1775)
         (brother) Samuel Pitts (b. 1745:Westfield, Hampden County, MA-d. )
         (sister) Molly Pitts (b. 1750:Westfield, MA-d. )
         (sister) Sarah Pitts (b. 1760:Westfield, MA-d. )

9. Philip Pitts (b. Oct. 31, 1726:Dighton, Bristol Co., MA-d. )
                   Mary Jones (b. 1730: Dighton, MA-d. ) (m. 1745)
         (sister) Sarah Pitts (b. Mar. 24, 1723-d. )
         (sister) Hannah Pitts (b. Dec. 24, 1724-d. Jan. 15, 1814:Ontario County, NY)
         (sister) Phebe Pitts (b. Oct. 2, 1728-d. )
         (sister) Rebecca Pitts (b. Oct. 20, 1731:Bristol County, MA-d. )
         (sister) Lydia Pitts (b. Oct. 25, 1733:Bristol County, MA-d. )
         (sister) Silacey Pitts (b. Sept. 18, 1735-d. )
         (brother) Peter Pitts (b. Sept. 15, 1737:Bristol County, MA-d. )
         (brother) Gideon Pitts (b. Dec. 5, 1739:Bristol County, MA-d. )
         (sister) Elizabeth Pitts (b. July 4, 1744-d. Mar. 9, 1832:Bristol County, MA)
                            +buried in Staple St. Cemetery, East Taunton, MA)

10. Peter Pitts (b. Aug. 8, 1692:Taunton, Bristol Co., MA-d. May 5, 1758: Bristol Co., MA)
                  Sarah – (b. 1696:Taunton, Bristol Co., MA-d. ) (m. 1722:Taunton, MA)
        (sister) Sarah Pitts (b. Mar. 10, 1681:Tauton, MA-d. )
        (sister) Mary Pitts (b. Mar. 10, 1683:Taunton, MA-d. Feb. 26, 1771)
        (brother) Samuel Pitts (b. Mar. 12, 1685:Taunton, MA-d. Nov. 24, 1745:Louisberg)
        (brother) Henry Pitts (b. July 13, 1687:Taunton, MA-d. Nov. 28, 1764:Dighton, MA)
        (sister) Abigail Pitts (b. Feb. 3, 1689:Taunton, MA-d. )
        (brother) Ebenezer Pitts (b. Nov. 27, 1694:Taunton, MA-d. Nov. 14, 1777:Taunton, MA)

11. Samuel Pitts (b. –d. Feb. 6, 1695/1696:Taunton, Bristol Co., MA)
                Sarah Bobet (b. Mar. 20, 1657/1658-d. Sept. 18, 1719) (m. Mar. 25, 1680)
                -daughter of Edward Bobet (1626-1675)& Sarah Tarne (1633-1675)

12. Peter Pitts (b. -d. 1692/1693:Bristol Co., MA)
                  Mary Andrews (b. d. after 1700) (m. 1656:Taunton, Bristol Co., MA)
                  -daughter of Henry Andrews & Mary Pool
        (via Bobet> Pitts> Porter> Cadwell> Seward> Fulkerson> Pennington> Collopy)

12. Sarah Tarne (b. Jan. 19, 1633/1634:Gloucester, ENG-d. 1675: Taunton, Bristol Co., MA)
                 Edward Bobet (b. 1626:Wales-d. June 25, 1675:Taunton, Bristol County, MA)
                         Children: Myles (1630), Edward Erasmus (1655), Sarah (1658) (Pitts),
                         Hannah (1660), Damaris (1663), Elkanah (1665), Dorcas (1667), Esther
                         (1669), Ruth (1671), & Deliverance (1673)
        (sister) Hester Tarne (b. 1635:Gloucester, England-d. )
        (sister) Hannah Tarne (b. Aug. 1638:Boston, Suffolk Co., MA-d. after 1677)
        (sister) Deliverance Tarne (b. June 30, 1641:Boston, MA-d. 1715/1716:Boston, MA)

13. Myles Tarne (b. 1595:Gloucester, Gloucestershire, ENG-d. July 14, 1676:Boston, MA)
                  -born/christened in the St. Nicholas Parrish of Gloucester, England
                  Sarah Faukner (b. 1612: Gloucester, England-d. Oct. 1652:Boston, MA)
        (brother) infant Charles Tarne (b. Aug. 6, 1598-d. )
        (brother) Charles Tarne (b. Aug. 27, 1601-d. )
        (brother) John Tarne (b. 1604-d. Apr. 20, 1614:Gloucester, England)
        (brother) Thomas Tarne (b. Nov. 13, 1609-d. Feb. 20, 1646)
        (brother George Tarne (b. 1613:Gloucester, England-d. )
        (sister) Elizabeth Tarne (b. abt 1615:Gloucester, England-d. )
        (sister?) Demaris Tarne (b. abt 1617-d. )

14. Leonarde Tarne (b. 1569:Gloucester, England-d. Nov. 3, 1641:England)
                  -married the daughter of Thomas Hoare (1534-1590)& Margaret (1537-)
                  -gdaughter of Richard Hoare (1508-1544) & Ellen (1512-) (m. 1533)
        (sister) Elizabeth Cathorine Tarne (b. abt 1563-d. )
        (brother) Edward Tarne (b. abt 1565-d. )
        (brother) Thomas Tarne (b. abt 1567-d. )
        (brother) John Tarne (b. abt 1571-d. )
        (brother?) Gervas/Garvis Tarne (b. 1573-d. )
            (via Pitts> Porter> Cadwell> Seward> Fulkerson> Pennington> Collopy)

12. Mary Andrews (b. 1628-d. 1700) (m. 1656:Taunton, Bristol Co., MA)
                 Peter Pitts (b. -d. 1692/1693:Bristol Co., MA)
                          Children: Samuel (1655), Mary (1657), Sarah (1658), Peter, Jr. (1659), Alice
                          (1665), & Ebenezer (1669)
       (sister) Abigail Andrews (b. 1636/1637:Taunton, MA-d. Nov. 25, 1723:Taunton, MA)
                 -mother: Mary Pool
       (brother) Henry Andrews, Jr. (b. 1639-d. May 23, 1675:Tauton, MA)
       (?sister) Sarah Andrews (b. 1643:Taunton, MA-d. 1686:Taunton, Bristol County, MA)

13. Henry Andrews (b. :Daventry, Northamptonshire, ENG-d. Mar. 3, 1651/1652:MA)
                  Mary Goare-Street (b. Apr. 29, 1609:Somerset, ENG-d. ) (m. abt 1625:ENG?)
                  Mary Pool (b. 1611-d. Feb. 14, 1642/1643:Taunton, MA)(m. Feb. 10, 1627)
                  Mary Parker (b. 1611:ENG-d. Feb. 14, 1654:Tauton, MA) (third?)
        (brother) Thomas Andrews (b. abt 1574:Daventry, England-d. )
        (brother) Edward Andrews (b. abt 1576:Daventry, England-d. )
        (brother) Anthony Andrews (b. abt 1578:Daventry, England-d. )
        (brother) Eusebius Andrews (b. abt 1582:Daventry, England-d. )
        (sister) Elizabeth Andrews (b. abt. 1584:Daventry, England-d. )
        (brother) George Andrews (b. abt 1586:Daventry, England-d. )

14. Thomas Andrews (b. abt 1543:Charwelton, England-d. )
                Joan Belson (b. abt 1552:Daventry, Northamptonshire, ENG-d. )
       (brother) Valentine Andrews (b. 1531:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (brother) Hercules Andrews (b. 1533:Charwelton, England-d. )
       (brother) Robert Andrews (b. abt 1533: Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (brother) Anthony Andrews (b. abt 1537:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (brother) Nicholas Andrews (b. abt. 1539:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (sister) Ursula Andrews (b. 1543: Charwelton, England-d. )

15. Anthony Andrews (b. abt 1512:Charwelton, Northamptonshire, ENG-d. )
                 - Woodstock (b. 1509:Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England-d. ) (m. 1530)
        (brother) Thomas Andrews (b. –d. )
        (brother) Edward Andrews (b. 1519:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
        (brother) George Andrews (b. abt 1521:Charwelton, ENG-d. after 1540)
        (brother) Nicholas Andrews (b. abt 1522:Blisworth, Northampton, ENG-d. after 1539)
        (sister) Anne Andrews (b. abt 1523: Charwelton, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Dorothy Andrews (b. abt 1525:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Ursula Andrews (b. abt 1527:Charwelton, ENG-d. )

16. Thomas Andrews (b. –d. July 2, 1541:Charwelton, England)
                 Agnes “Anne” Newport (b. :Sandon, Hertfordshire, England-d. )
                 (m. 1506:Sandon, Hertfordshire, England)
       (sister) Maria “Mary” Andrew (b. abt 1481:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (brother) Richard Andrew (b. abt 1485: Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (sister) Margaret Andrew (b. abt 1486:Charwelton, England-d. )
       (sister) Jane Andrew (b. abt 1487:Charwelton, England-d. )
       (sister) Anne Andrew (b. abt 1488:Charwelton, England-d. )

17. Thomas Andrews (b. abt 1468:Charwelton, England-d. before 1530)
              Emma Knightley (b. 1464:Fawsley, Northamptonshire, ENG-d. Apr. 11, 1490)
              -daughter of Richard Knightly & Eleanor Throckmorton
        (brother) Anthony Andrews (b. abt 1470:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
        (brother) Richard Andrews (b. abt 1472:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
        (brother) John Andrews (b. abt 1474:Charwelton, England-d. )
        (sister) Emma Andrews (b. abt 1476:Charwelton, England-d. )
        (sister) Ellen Andrews (b. abt 1478:Charwelton, England-d. )
        (sister) Mary Andrews (b. abt 1480:Charwelton, England-d. )
        (brother) James Andrews (b. abt 1482:Charwelton, ENG-d. )

18. Thomas Andrews (b. abt 1437:Charwelton, ENG-d. Nov. 11, 1496)
                Joan Margery Clarell (b. abt 1446:Edgcote, Northamptonshire, ENG-d. )
                -daughter of Richard Clarell (b. 1436) & Margaret Whitenham (b. 1438)
       (brother) John Andrews (b. abt 1435:Charwelton, England-d. )
       (brother) Anthony Andrews (b. abt 1439: Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (brother) Andrew Andrews (b. abt 1441: Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (brother) William Andrews (b. abt 1443:Charwelton, ENG-d. )
       (sister) Catherine Andrews (b. abt 1445:Charwelton, England-d. )

19. Richard Andrews (b. abt 1404:Kilsby, Northamptonshire, ENG-d. )
               Catherine Burbeck (b. abt 1413:Charwelton, England)

20. John Andrews (b. abt 1373:Kilsby, Northamptonshire, England-d. )
                Joan Wells/Wills (b. –d. )
        (brother) Richard Andrews (b. abt 1371:Awsden Manor, Yorkshire, ENG-d. )

21. Anthony Andrews (b. abt 1340:Cuckold Manor, Yorkshire, England-d. )
                  Anne Thurston (b. abt 1365:Ausden, Yorkshire, ENG-d. ) (m. 1360:Kilby, ENG)
                                 +buried in Beverley Minster, Beverley, Yorkshire, England
        (brother) Ralph Andrews (b. abt 1342:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (brother) Nicholas Andrews (b. abt 1344:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (brother) Robert Andrews (b. abt 1346:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (brother) Thomas Andrews (b. abt 1348:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (brother) James Andrews (b. abt 1350:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Jane Andrews (b. abt 1352:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Mary Andrews (b. abt 1354:Cuckold Manor, England-d. )
        (sister) Alice Andrews (b. abt 1356:Cuckold Manor, Awsden, Yorkshire, England-d. )

22. Ralph Andrews (b. abt 1316:Cuckold Manor, Yorkshire, England-d. )
                  Anne Swinborne (b. abt 1334:Kempton, Yorkshire, England- d. )
        (brother) Thomas Andrews (b. abt 1314:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. 1360)
        (brother) William Andrews (b. abt 1318:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (brother) Richard Andrews (b. abt 1320: Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Mary Andrews (b. abt 1322:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Blanche Andrews (b. abt 1324:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Cecily Andrews (b. abt 1326:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Magdalen Andrews (b. abt 1328:Cuckold Manor, ENG-d. )

23. Ralph Andrews (b. abt 1294:Kempton Manor, Yorkshire, ENG-d. after 1334)
                  Joan/Jane Wethall/Whitney (b. abt 1291:England-d. ) (m. 1317)
        (brother) Thomas Andrew (b. abt 1296:Kempton, England-d. )
        (brother) Richard Andrew (b. abt 1297:Kempton, England-d. )
        (brother) William Andrew (b. abt 1299:Kempton, England-d. )
        (brother) James Andrew (b. abt 1301:Kempton, England-d. )
        (sister) Magdalen Andrew (b. 1302: Kempton, England-d. )
        (sister) Isabel Andrew (b. abt 1304: Kempton, England-d. )
        (sister) Jane Andrew (b. abt 1306:Kempton, England-d. )
24. Ralph Andrews (b. abt 1259:Carlisle, Cumberland, England-d. )
                 Mary Thompson (b. abt 1265:Carlilse, Cumberland, England-d. )
        (brother) Thomas Andrew (b. abt 1257:Carlisle, ENG-d. )
        (brother) James Andrews (b. abt 1261:Carlisle, ENG-d. after 1368)
        (brother) Richard Andrew (b. abt 1263:Carlisle, ENG-d. )
        (brother) Andrew Andrew (b. abt 1268:Carlisle, England-d. )
        (sister) Maud Andrew (b. abt 1270:Carlisle, ENG-d. )
        (sister) Mary Andrew (b. abt 1272:Carlisle, England-d. )

25. Thomas Andrew (b. abt. 1232:Carlisle, Cumberland, England-d. )
              Magdalen Tokett (b. abt 1235:Carlisle, England-d. ) (m. abt 1262)
                (via Porter> Cadwell> Seward> Fulkerson> Pennington> Collopy)

9. Sarah Pomeroy (b. Oct. 25, 1706:Southampton, MA-d. ) (m. 1733)
                  Thomas Porter (b. 1704:Northampton, MA-d. )
        (sister) Sarah Pomeroy (b. 1706-d. )
        (brother) Eldad Pomeroy, Jr. (b. 1711-d. )
        (brother) Ebenezer Pomeroy (b. 1715-d. )
        (sister) Elisha Pomeroy (b. 1719-d. )
        (brother) Joseph Pomeroy (b. 1721-d. )
        (brother) Benjamin Pomeroy (b. 1724-d. )
        (sister) Abigail Pomeroy (b. 1727-d. )

10. Eldad Pomeroy (b. 1679-d. 1760)
                  Sarah Wait (b. 1687-d. )
        (sister) Hepzibah Pomeroy (b. 1666-d. )
        (brother) Samuel Pomeroy (b. 1669-d. )
        (sister) Abigail Pomeroy (b. 1671-d. )
        (sister) Hepzibah Pomeroy (b. 1673-d. )
        (brother) Ebenezer Pomeroy (b. 1674-d. )
        (brother) Caleb Pomeroy (b. 1677-d. )
        (sister) Hannah Pomeroy (b. 1682-d. )
        (sister) Mercy Pomeroy (b. 1684-d. )
        (sister) Sarah Pomeroy (b. 1687-d. )

11. Caleb Pomeroy (bapt. Mar. 6, 1641-d. 1691)
                 -one of original settlers to Northampton, MA.; many landmarks bare his name:
                 “Pomeroy Mountains”, “Pomeroy Ford”, “Pomeroy Meadows”, etc.
                 Hepzibah Baker (b. 1646-d. )
        (1/2 sister?) Dinah Pomeroy (bapt. 1617-d. )
        (1/2 sister) Elizabeth Pomeroy (bapt. 1619-d. 1621)
        (brother) Eldad Pomeroy (b. abt 1635-d. 1662)
        (sister) Mary Pomeroy (b. –d. 1640)
        (brother) John Pomeroy (b. –d. 1647)
        (brother?) Medad Pomeroy (bapt. 1638-d. 1716)
                 -married Experience Woodward (b. 1643-d. 1686)
                 -great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents of Franklin D Roosevelt
        (sister) Mary Pomeroy (bapt. 1644-d. 1657)
        (brother) Joshua Pomeroy (bapt. 1646-d. 1689)
        (brother) Joseph Pomeroy (bapt. June 20, 1652:Windsor, CT-d. Sept. 22, 1734)
                 -settled Northampton; moved to Boston in 1715; became “Constable of Boston”
                 -married Hannah Lyman (b. July 20, 1660-d. Oct. 11, 1736)
                          Children: Joseph, Jr. (1678-1678), Hannah (1679-1680), Elizabeth (1681),
                          Abigail (1683), Joseph, Jr. (1685-1685), Medad (1686), John (1688), Sarah
                          (1690), Hannah (1694), Joseph, Jr. (1695), Hannah (1698), & Noah (1700)

12. Eltweed Pomeroy (bapt. July 4, 1585:Beaminster, ENG?-d. Mar. 1673:Northampton, MA)
                 Johana Keech (b. May 4, 1617-d. Nov. 1620) (first wife)
                 Margery Rockett (b. –d. 1655) (m. May 7, 1629:Crewkerne, Somerset, ENG)
                 -bore 8 children
                 Lydia Brown (b. –d. ) (m. Nov. 30, 1661) (third wife)
                 -widow of Thomas Parsons, or Beaminster
        (brother) John Pomeroy (b. –d. )
        (sister) Agnes Pomeroy (b. 1582-d. )
        (brother) Edward Pomeroy (bapt. 1591-d. 1592)
        (brother) Henry Pomeroy (bapt. 1592-d. 1635)

13. Richard Pomeroy (b. abt 1540-d. Feb. 7, 1612)
                 Eleanor – (b. –d. Apr. 12, 1612: Symondsbury, England)
        (brother) Martin Pomeroy (b. –d. before 1589)
        (brother) Robert Pomeroy (b. –d. )
        (sister) Mary Pomeroy (b. –d. )
        (brother) William Pomeroy (b. –d. )

14. John (Henry?) Pomeroy (b. abt 1510-d. )
                -married twice (Alice?); lived in Nethesburg, Symondbury, Beaminster, ENG

15. Richard Pomeroy (b. abt 1484-d. )
               Eleanor Coker (b. abt 1485-d. )

16. Thomas Pomeroy (b. 1458:Devonshire, ENG-d. Dec. 29, 1493)
              Agnes Calways (b. abt 1460:Cheritoa, England-d. abt 1510:Devonshire, ENG)

17. Henry de la Pomeray (b. abt 1416:England-d. )
                Alice Raleigh (b. 1415-d. )

18. Sir Edward de la Pomeray (b. before 1378:Devonshire, ENG-d. after 1445)
                Margaret Bevil (b. 1380:Devonshire, England-d. Dec. 10, 1461)

19. Thomas de la Pomeray (b. before 1328:Devonshire, ENG-d. 1378)
                Joan Chedleigh (b. 1320:England-d. )

20. Sir Henry de la Pomeray (b. Dec. 4, 1291:Devonshire, ENG-d. Oct. 22, 1367)
                Johanna de Moles (b. abt 1304:Brionne, England-d. abt 1375:Devonshire, ENG)

21. Sir Henry de la Pomeray (b. April 1265:Tregony, Cornwall, ENG-d. 1303:Devonshire, ENG)
                Amica de Coaville (b. abt 1270:Devonshire, England-d. )

22. Henry de la Pomeray (b. abt 1236:Devonshire, ENG-d. before 1281:Devonshire, England)
                Isabella Isolda de Bathonia (b. abt 1248:Devonshire, England-d. )

23. Henry de la Pomeraye (b. abt 1211:Devonshire, ENG-d. abt 1250:Devonshire, England)
                Margery de Vernon (b. abt 1215:Devonshire, England-d. abt 1254)
                -daughter of William de Vernon (d. 1217) & Mabel de Mellent

24. Henry de Pomeroy (b. abt 1187:Devonshire, England-d. 1221:Devonshire, England)
               Johonna de Valletort (b. abt 1190:Devonshire, England-d. abt 1207:England)

25. Henry de la Pomerai (b. –d. )
                Alicia de Vere (b. –d. )

26. Henry de Pomeria (b. –d. )
27. Henry de la Pomerei (b. –d. )
                -married Rohesia, daughter of King Henry I

28. Joscelinus de Pomeraie (b. –d. )
29. Radulphus de la Pommeraie (b. –d. )
                 -companion of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings (Oct. 14, 1066)

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