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Oil spills

For several years now the Battleship Arizona has sat at the bottom of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as a memorial to those
who lost their lives. Now over time the ship‟s hull has been slowly corroding to the point that there is a small oil
leak that bubbles up to the surface. This has caused much distress for locals and environmentalists. Though the leak
may seem insignificant now, the fuel tanks can hold several thousand gallons worth of toxic fuel. This could prove
severely detrimental to the fragile ecosystem around Honolulu. So far there are two options that are being looked at,
each with their own pros and cons. Option one is to drill into the hull of the ship and drain the before it bursts. The
other option would be to just leave it alone and let it seep out while trying to find some other, less destructive,

December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japanese fighter planes. Many ships and lives were lost during the
ordeal including the USS Arizona. The ship then lay at the bottom of the ocean until it was dedicated as a memorial
site in 1962. In order to access the memorial you must take a small boat out to the access ramp. Part of why this is
such an important place for many, is that they did not extract the bodies of the men who died that fateful day.
However, not too soon after the wreck the saltwater slowly ate away at the ship‟s hull. This has created a small oil
leak that bubbles up from the belly of the ship. Though many people think that we should go in and drain the tanks
so that it does not harm the environment, others argue that the oil is the tears of the ship and that it would be
desecrating not only a national gravesite but an international icon of peace in the pacific.

Oil spills are related to marine science because the oil spills into the oceans killing hundreds of thousands of marine
animals. President Barack Obama dispatched Cabinet officials to deal with the crisis and state officials. About
700,000 gallons of oil was spilled at the time of the accident. There is about 500,000 gallons of oil still left on the
USS Arizona. About 12,000 gallons of water-oil mixture have been sucked up by vacuums and delivered to the
refinery. „;‟ Some research say it was due to lack of safety inspections and the
neglect of big oil industry. Some also say it was the result of a “Terrorist” attack by North Korea. Some others say it
was an inside job for monetary gain. Some will also say it was done as part of the Global Elite agenda for
depopulation. And lastly, some will say there that it is simply a matter of firming the grip on control of society.
„‟ For the most part these have all been proven true, just some more than others.
For 65 years, the wreck of the USS Arizona has been leaking oil from its location at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.
The leaks come from about 500,000 gallons of thick C fuel oil that is sill in the decomposing site.

An estimated 2.1 billion dollars have been spent on the clean up of the incident on Pearl Harbor. There have also
been many law suits gathering money as well. As part of the Park Service study, experts at the National Institute of
Standards and Technology are doing computer modeling to see how the oil may be moving inside the wreckage and
how soon the steel hull may become so corroded that it will collapse, allowing the oil to push to the water's surface.
Everyone is against oil spills because of how devastating they are and how many marine animals they kill. This
particular accident killed many soldiers in the huge fire from the explosion from the bomb mixed with the oil in the
water. There is a memorial site in Pearl Harbor to recognize those that were there and to always remember them
The stakeholders concerning the issue of oil spills are mainly communities, oil companies, and fishing industries.
Communities suffer from health impacts caused by oil fumes and vapor, and the local economy is affected by loss of
recreational business. The oil companies responsible for spills are required by law to pay for damages, including
cleanup. If it‟s a large or highly publicized spill, it gives the company a bad image and people might stop supporting
them. Fishing industries are strongly affected because their products are all dead and/or poisoned with the oil.

If you want to keep track of this issue, you can check up on the current status reported by NOAA
( There is ongoing research and projects are underway concerned with
responding, planning, restoration, and assessment of oil-caused damage. The U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency's (EPA) Land Research Program in the Office of Research and Development (ORD) is developing new
approaches for dealing with oil, creating oil spill simulation models, conducting wave tank research, and studying
the water flow of marshes and the impact oil spills have on them ( A variety of legal issues are
currently surrounding the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which can be seen in the news. The US Navy is
also debating whether or not to seal up the continuously leaking USS Arizona, which is both a memorial and a

Over the years, Hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil have bubbled up from the side of the USS Arizona down in
Pearl Harbor. There is a concrete wall that surrounds where the oil spews up from the ship. There are 500,000
gallons of oil still on the ship after 700,000 gallons has already leaked out. If the oil continues to come out like this
is could severely effect the very fragile ecosystem down in Honolulu creating a disturbance other plans as well.
Which ever on of the two options for this problem is chosen, it needs to be chosen soon so things in the environment
can become steady again.



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