9th grade (PowerPoint) by yaofenji


									          Seneca Valley
      Scheduling for 9th grade
      2011-2012 school year

            Presented by
the Guidance Department of the I.H.S.
                   Seneca Valley
             Intermediate High School

Mr. Alan Cumo                Principal

Mr. Robert Raso              Vice Principal

Mr. Dan Wilkins              Dean of Students

Mrs. Denise Manganello       Cyber School Principal
                   Seneca Valley
             Intermediate High School
               Guidance Counselors

Mrs. Kress                Students A-G

Mr. Del Prete             Students H-O

Ms. Calder                Students P-Z

Ms. David                 Learning Support
       Scheduling materials:
• Course of Studies book 2011-2012
  This book is available online at
  www.svsd.net, select Senior High School,
  resources, program of studies.
• Scheduling instructions
• Ninth grade registration form (yellow)
   Every class you take at Seneca Valley
        has a specific credit value.
    Semester course                .5 credit
    Full year course              1.0 credit

To earn credit, you must pass the class with a
       65% or higher (final average).
                 Seneca Valley
            Graduation Requirements
•   English                 4.0 credits
•   Speech                  0.5 credits
•   Social Studies          4.0 credits
•   Math                    4.0 credits
•   Science                 3.5 credits
•   Physical Education      2.0 credits
•   Health                  0.5 credits
•   Computer Applications   0.5 credits
•   Arts/Humanities         2.0 credits
•   Electives               3.0 credits
Sample Planning Guide page 68

   To graduate from Seneca Valley,
       you must earn 24 credits
• To become a sophomore…4 credits
• To become a junior……..10 credits
• To become a senior……..16 credits
                      English 9

                      Honors English 9
                         (requires an 83% or better in
                         English 8, teacher recommendation
                         and successful completion of
                         summer reading and writing

Remember to have your present teacher sign
your registration form!

               •   Geometry TE
               •   Geometry
               •   Honors Geometry
               •   Algebra 2 TE
               •   Algebra 2
               •   Honors Algebra 2

See recommended math sequence on page 27.
 Principles of Biology 1
 Principles of Biology 2

 Biology

 Honors Biology
  Keep in mind your present grades and classes! Consult with
  your current teacher! See page 36 for the recommended
  science sequence.
                 Global Science

This is a half credit science course which is
required for graduation. The topics covered will include
environmental issues, earth space science and ecology.
               Social Studies
         • U.S. History 1 (1787-1860)
           U. S. History 2 (1860-1914)
         • Honors U.S. History 1 (1787-1860)
           Honors U.S. History 2 (1860-1914)

The prerequisites for Honors History are a 90% in 8th grade
Social Studies and recommendations from the current Social
Studies and English teachers.
Physical Education

 Personal Physical Fitness

 Physical Education
Computer Applications
          Microsoft Office
          Microsoft Word
          Microsoft Excel
          Microsoft Access
          Microsoft PowerPoint
          Microsoft Publisher
          XHTML code for
            webpage design
If you would like to have a study hall, write study hall in
one or two of the elective spaces. (there is no course
number for study hall)

If you want no study halls, complete all blanks with

The Computer Applications course is required to graduate.

If you have an I.E.P., ask for help in scheduling from your
assigned teacher.

If you have a G.I.E.P., please refer to the information you
will receive from the IHS gifted department for scheduling
a study hall.
              World Language
A world language taken in 8th grade will show on your
transcript. It will not be used in the QPA calculation or
toward graduation requirements.

2-3 years of a world language are often needed for
college admission. Some colleges require 2-3 years on
 the high school transcript. Colleges vary on whether
they will count the 8th grade world language toward their
admission requirements.

Students who have completed Spanish 1 in 8th grade will
have the option of taking Spanish 2 or Honors Spanish 2.
Please see the prerequisites for each course on page 46.
                  Cyber Service

The Seneca Valley Cyber Service Program allows students to
earn credits toward graduation. Information regarding this
program is located on pages 49-57 in the Program of Studies.
Please contact your guidance counselor at the Intermediate
High School if you are interested in this program.
               More reminders…
• Pay close attention to the descriptions in the book (course
  numbers, prerequisites, length, grade level).
• Refer to pages 82-88 for a complete listing of all classes
  offered in grades 9-12. This will help with your total
  4 year plan!
• Don’t forget to complete substitute courses on your form!
• Other signatures needed: 2nd year of a world language,
  some music courses.
• Share this plan with your parents…and have one sign your
  registration form!
Reading/Math Strategies Courses
You may be scheduled in a
Math and/or Reading Strategies
course in place of a study hall
or elective. This will be
determined by your
performance on standardized
          But…what about the future?

 Check out pages 69-77.
  These pages show the relation
  between courses and the
  16 national career clusters.

 See your counselor for
  further help in determining
  your future options.
Parent Information Night

Thursday, February 10, 2011
         6:00 p.m.

     I.H.S. Auditorium
                Registration Pick-Up
The guidance counselors will be collecting schedules in
your social studies classes.

Tuesday, February 22   Mr. Koromaus & Ms. Mitnick
Wednesday, February 23 Mr. McCracken
Thursday, February 24 Ms. Cenna & Mr. O’Shea
                                             Ninth grade,
                                             here I come!

Please have your schedule
completed and ready to turn
in on that date.

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