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									                                       OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA
                              53 Years of Growth Through Service
                                                    (founded 1956)

         Reserve National Insurance Company is a member of the                             Family of Companies.
        Kemper Independence Insurance Co. • United Insurance Company of America • The Reliable Life Insurance Company
                             Mutual Savings Life Insurance Co. • Union National Life Insurance Co.
• Chicago-based Unitrin, Inc. serves more than 6 million policyholders and consumer finance customers nationwide.
        • The Unitrin Family of Companies employs some 7,000 associates with nearly $9 billion in assets.
           A LETTER TO YOU
         lenging career-decision for you as a salesperson. Many
    questions cross your mind: What product will I sell? What
    quality does this product hold? What reputation does this
    company maintain? And most important, what opportunity
    does this company and its products offer me in terms of
    leads, income, advancement and professional satisfaction?
        Here at Reserve National the bottom line adds up to one
    thing: Success for You. No better example of this opportu-
    nity for your success can be found than in the more than $1.8
    million in new actual collected net premium (not annualized
    premium) sold by four of our agents in 2008. Jim Hamilton of
    the Houston, Texas, office finished the year with $513,000 in
                                                                             Kemp J. Cole
    net premium sales. Three other agents averaged nearly
    $424,000 in new sales: Denny Patterson, St. Joseph, Mo.–$458,000; Ryan Hoff, Colorado
    Springs–$433,000; Ben Kunes, St. Louis, Mo.,–$380,000. On a broader scale, over half of
    our agents brought home income of more than $89,000 in 2008.
        Time and again we are asked the “secret” to Reserve National’s continuous success
    and growth. The answer remains the same: We have no secret for success, but cultivate a
    climate for it. First and foremost we promote a commitment to excellence—a
    commitment to doing the right thing in the right way.
        This commitment to excellence runs throughout the organization and reflects in the
    quality of our products and of our personnel—which brings us to another important
    reason for Reserve National’s success: our dedicated agents, managers, and Home
    Office support staff. Through recruiting, training, and diligent Home Office support, we
    have built a sales team we consider second to none.
        We follow a simple philosophy: build and maintain the best independent sales force
    in the industry. And the key to fulfilling this philosophy lies with our commitment to
    the success of those appointed. We strive to provide each agent with the opportunity to
    make an above-average income through his or her individual sales efforts.
        For 53 years, Reserve National has developed and honed a proven five-point
    program for sales success. We know from our experience that these five ingredients are
    necessary to attract and continually satisfy the most successful agents in the industry:
    (1) A Lucrative Commission Schedule (2) An Outstanding Lead System (3)
    Opportunities for Advancement (4) The Right Products and (5) The Right
    Company. When an agent represents Reserve National, this program goes to work for
    that agent.
        We are proud of our performance and invite you to take a closer look at our five-
    point program for success.

                                                Kemp J. Cole
                                      Sr. Vice President and Agency Director

                A PROVEN PROGRAM
                   FOR SUCCESS

            2       AN OUTSTANDING L EAD SYSTEM
            3       O PPORTUNITIES                  FOR   A DVANCEMENT
            4       T HE RIGHT P RODUCTS

            5       T HE R IGHT COMPANY
   As an agent for Reserve National Insurance Company, the 5-Point
          Program for Sales Success goes to work for you.

2008 Agent of the Year Jim Hamilton finished the    2008 Runner-Up Agent of the Year Denny
year with $513,000 in new net premium. Jim          Patterson, left, with agency director Kemp Cole,
started selling for Reserve National fresh out of   sold $458,000 in new net premium. The St. Jo-
college in 1982. The Texas native works out of      seph, Mo., agent joined Reserve National in 1986
the Houston office and lives in Sugarland,Texas.    after working for a number of years as a farmer
                                                    and an auto salesman.

  ❛ Our program means your success...❜

                       A LUCRATIVE
       1             COMMISSION SCHEDULE...
      23% of Producing Agents Averaged Income of $140,000 in ’08

    A     GOOD SALE IS ONE THAT IS benefi-
          cial to all parties involved — the customer
    who purchases the product, the salesperson who
                                                         missions are clearly a prime example of the
                                                         POTENTIAL the Company offers the ambi-
                                                         tious agent: Last year 23 percent of our pro-
    sells it, and the company that stands behind         ducing agents averaged a total income of
    it. This is the formula to growing, consistent,      $140,000 with 12 years average length of ser-
    long-term renewals.                                  vice, and 55 percent averaged a total in-
         Reserve National strives to make sure each      come of $89,000 with nine years of service.
    sale benefits all parties concerned. Generous            These examples are testimony to Reserve
    initial and renewal commissions are designed         National’s belief in providing the opportunity
    to provide agents an above-average income,           for substantial commissions to a small num-
    while allowing the Company and its products          ber of agents with good production rather than
    to remain competitive in the marketplace.            meager commissions to a large number of
         As a Reserve National agent, your ability       agents with marginal production. To repre-
    to earn is limited only by your ability to pro-      sent Reserve National is indeed an honor and
    duce sales. Reserve National’s 2008 sales com-       possibly an OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime.

                      Reserve National’s 2008 Sales Force
                                                    23% of                55% of
                                               Producing Agents       Producing Agents
              Average Total Income:               $140,000                 $89,000
                       Top 5 first-year agents averaged income of $79,833 in 2008

           Get-An-Agent Bonds Reward Recruiting Efforts

                                                         T    HE GET-AN-AGENT BOND program
                                                              was designed and implemented in the late
                                                         ’70s and has become a major factor in Reserve
                                                         National’s high-quality sales force. The major-
                                                         ity of top producers and a large number of
                                                         managers have come to the Company through
                                                         this outstanding incentive program, which has
                                                         paid out more than $890,000 since 1985.
                                                             The program rewards agents who recruit
                                                         a prospective salesperson for Reserve Na-
                                                         tional. In addition to bringing new people to
                                                         our Company, it encourages the recruiting
    Agent Joe Heath and wife, Holly, are presented a     agent to work harder as an example for his or
    Get-An-Agent award by agency director Kemp Cole.     her recruit. How much money can be made

through the Get-An-Agent Bond program? A             Springs agent Garrett Chynoweth has been
recruiting agent receives a 10% override             one of the biggest beneficiaries of this pro-
commission on his or her recruit’s first full        gram. Early in 2008, Garrett collected $10,000
nine months of net business. An agent can earn       on two Get-An-Agent bonds at the same time.
up to $5,000 per recruit.                                In 2008, 22 bonds were awarded. Over the
   The Get-An-Agent Bond program has a               past 20 years, the Company has awarded a
long-standing and successful tradition at Re-        total of $626,000 in bond payouts, with 44
serve National. More recently, Colorado              at the maximum of $5,000.

              Substantial Renewal Income for Agents
       about renewals, but very few actually
deliver. At Reserve National, we have a long
                                                     course, the longer an agent’s tenure with the
                                                     Company, the more significant this renewal
                                                     income becomes.
tradition of paying out substantial renewal              Throughout the Company’s more than a
income to our agents and managers. These             half-century in business, many agents have
renewals make up a significant portion of our        retired from Reserve National with a sub-
tenured agents’ annual earnings. And, of             stantial renewal income for their efforts.

              Contests, Prizes, and Special Incentives

      providing opportunities to win addi-
tional recognition and awards. The Company
                                                     Riviera Maya and lodged in the exclusive
                                                     Royal Hideaway Resort. These agents won this
                                                     trip through their sales efforts in the Confer-
offers a number of lucrative contests every          ence of Champions Sales Contest. Whatever
year, each of which “pays off” within months.        the contest, the prizes are great!
Our contests feature exceptional prizes such
as trips to Hawaii, Mexican resorts, and Las
Vegas; Caribbean cruises; diamond rings; and
popular cash-draw contests with instant pay-
    Agents often have the opportunity to select
their favorite “2-out-of-3” prizes when choosing
their reward. The added benefit of all these con-
tests above and beyond the amazing prizes is
extra income. Motivated agents often set new
records during these periods, drawing larger
commission checks.
    In January 2009, sales managers, agents,
spouses and guests won a trip to Playa del
Carmen, Mexico. The agents and their guests
were flown to this scenic getaway on Mexico’s
    UPPER RIGHT: Agents and their guests, like
Mississippi’s Lisa Teetson at the beach, enjoyed a
winter getaway to Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s
                     Riviera Maya in January 2009.

LOWER RIGHT: From left, Jalene and Ryan Hoff,
    and Garrett and Elaina Chynoweth display a
$5,000 Get-An-Agent check presented to them at
a theme party at a sales convention in Las Vegas.

                             AN OUTSTANDING
               2             LEAD SYSTEM...
              Qualified Leads Supplied Free to the Agent

          an insurance agent faces is finding a way
    to get in front of the prospect who is favor-
                                                      thentic source for health insurance leads and
                                                      continues to be a great influence in attract-
                                                      ing and retaining good agents. Reserve Na-
    ably inclined to buy the agent’s product. Re-     tional has been a lead-producing company
    serve National realizes that the most effec-      since it opened for business in 1956. Since that
    tive way to help agents become a sales suc-       day, new lead programs have been continu-
    cess is to provide them with a steady supply      ally developed to support ambitious agents.
    of quality leads.                                     To generate the steady supply of quality
        Reserve offers one of the best lead pro-      leads, a variety of marketing media may be
    grams in the industry. The Home Office sup-       utilized by the agent or the Company: direct
    plies quality leads free to the agent, depend-    mail, handout leads, television, newspa-
    ing on the individual agent’s current produc-     per ads, newspaper inserts, outdoor
    tion. These are quality leads, not promises to    signage and telemarketing leads. Other
    deliver gimmicks or gifts.                        leads are provided by established lead pro-
        This long-established lead program has        grams administered through special organi-
    proved to be exceptionally effective as an au-    zations and associations.

    Below are some of
    the mail pieces and
    handouts used to
    provide leads for
    sales agents...

                                                      To keep its agents supplied with fresh leads, Reserve
                                                      National mailed out an average of more than 800,000
                                                      advertising pieces each month in 2008.

        3             FOR ADVANCEMENT
   Reserve National: Serving 31 States and Growing

      growing, successful company, Reserve Na-
tional continues to seek quality personnel to
                                                        able for quality people who are ambitious
                                                        self-starters and excellent producers.
                                                            Reserve National began operations in
provide the guidance and leadership neces-              1956, initially confining its business to Okla-
sary to facilitate the Company’s expansion.             homa. Today, it is licensed in 31 states and
This enables Reserve National to offer its              operates out of 17 Regional Offices, plus seven
sales representatives outstanding opportuni-            District and Field Development locations.
ties for advancement. Historically, the Com-                In 2007 the Company started a new entry
pany has only hired managers from the exist-            level for management, the Field Development
ing agent sales force.                                  Specialist. As the Company continues to open
    For the last 53 years, the Company has con-         new offices, an increasing number of areas will
centrated on building a staff of the highest            become workable territories for Reserve’s
quality. The sales force is a product of recruit-       agents. The Company must prepare its sales
ing highly motivated individuals. Opportu-              management staff for the projected expansion
nities at Reserve National are always avail-            and this spells great advancement opportu-
                                                        nities ... for YOU!


 ★ Regional offices
 ■ District offices                                     ●
 ● Field development satellites
    States actively being worked
    Licensed for business in these states

                                          THE RIGHT
                          4               PRODUCTS...
     Meeting the Ever-Changing Needs of the Consumer

          a broad portfolio of products from which
    to sell. The Company constantly reviews new
                                                       ventive care and doctor office visits. It even
                                                       gives the insured the option of locking in his
                                                       or her premium for two or three years.
    products to meet the ever-changing needs of
    the consumer. Policies are designed to fit             • Medicare Supplements provide ben-
                                                       efits to fill the gaps in Medicare with com-
    the prospects’ needs as well as their pock-
                                                       petitive pricing.
        The Company directly addresses the mar-           • Medicare-Approved         Prescription
    ket—identifying the market areas that can          Drug Plans are available under a joint mar-
    be well served, providing the markets with         keting arrangement between CIGNA and Re-
    appropriate products, and directing the sales      serve National. Medicare beneficiaries can
    force to these markets on a timely basis.          choose from three different CIGNA Medicare
        Reserve National’s market approach,            Rx plans, with a formulary that includes
    along with our comprehensive portfolio of          nearly all prescription drugs.
    products, allows agents—and Reserve Na-
    tional—to be competitive, productive and              • A Flexible Hospital Indemnity Plan
                                                       can be tailored to an individual’s needs by
    well compensated!
                                                       varying the amount of daily hospital income
        While the major sales thrust is in the
                                                       and adding extra benefits. The plan also helps
    health market, the Company also offers a va-
                                                       with co-pays, deductibles and uncovered ex-
    riety of accident, supplemental, and life plans.
                                                           • A “Select” Indemnity Plan that is de-
                                                       signed for individuals who may not qualify
      Hospital and Surgical Plans                      for a “regular” Hospital, Medical and Surgi-
                                                       cal Plan due to underwriting considerations.
                                                       This innovative plan provides fixed indem-
                                                       nity benefits for hospital stays, inpatient and
                                                       outpatient doctor visits, prescriptions, x-rays
                                                       and lab tests, home health care and optional
                                                       surgical benefits.
       • Hospital,    Medical & Surgical plans
    offer flexibility in deductibles, room rates,
    miscellaneous charges, and other optional
    benefits to meet individual needs. These prod-
    ucts allow insureds to tailor a plan to fit                Supplemental Plans
    their needs and pocketbooks. No pre-autho-
    rization for treatment is required. The poli-
    cyholder can choose his own doctor, clinic and
    hospital. One plan features benefits for pre-

    • A Home Health Care Plan allows flex-           patient department of a hospital or a hospital
ibility of care in the comfort of the home. It       emergency room.
can also cover prescription drugs, eye exams,
hearing exams and physical exams.                       •  The Guaranteed Issue Life Plan re-
                                                     quires no health questions and pays face
    • A Critical Illness Plan pays $10,000           amount of policy for accidental death as soon
or $25,000 in lump-sum cash upon the first to        as the policy is in force.
occur of cancer, heart attack, stroke, major
organ transplant, end stage renal failure or            •  The SeniorCare Final Expense Life
accidental death.                                    Plan provides financial help for funeral ex-
                                                     penses. It is available to individuals age 50-80
    • A Scheduled Benefit Hospitaliza-               and features a premium that never increases.
tion Accident-Only Plan provides accident
benefits for emergency room, hospitalization
and surgery, and includes a $50,000 acciden-
tal death benefit. It is great for employees and
                                                      Discount Drugs, Dental & Vision
    • A First Occurrence Cash Benefit
Cancer Plan pays $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000
in lump-sum cash on first occurrence of in-
ternal cancer and has a simplified “Yes/No”
   •A   Cash Benefit First Heart Attack
                                                        •   Discount Advantage Programs offer
                                                     our policyholders family memberships in a
and First Major Heart Surgery Plan pays              discount plan for prescription drugs, dental
$10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 in lump-sum cash.       care, vision care and more.
    • Supplemental Outpatient Services                    This network includes more than 56,000 par-
Plans provide outpatient benefits for treat-         ticipating retail pharmacies across the U.S., and
ment by or under the supervision of a physi-         the program can also be used for mail orders.
cian in the physician’s office, a clinic, an inde-        In addition to the HealthTrans network,
pendent laboratory or X-ray facility, an out-        the Discount Advantage Program offers dis-
                                                     counts up to 50% on dental procedures at
                                                     more than 73,000 dental practice locations na-
                                                     tionwide and savings up to 60% at vision-care
                 Life Plans                          specialists throughout the U.S.
                                                        The plans and features listed are just a
                                                     sampling of the array of products Reserve
                                                     National has to offer.

           Niche Marketing With a Portfolio of Products

                                         THE RIGHT
                             5           COMPANY...
                              A Commitment to Excellence

            EOPLE WANT TO BUY insurance               standing year in 2008, as illustrated by the
            from a company they can depend on.        figures on the facing page. For more than 50
            Reserve National has had policyholder     years, Reserve National has held a reputation
     approval and confidence for more than 50         for integrity and financial stability—a “plus”
     years. How? By providing prompt and cour-        that means consistency, renewals, and more
     teous service.                                   money in your pocket!
         The Company is guided by a commit-               In addition to the growth Reserve National
     ment to excellence: doing the right thing,       has experienced, for many years the Company
     the right way, at the right time. This com-      has held a prestigious “A- Excellent” rating by
     mitment shows in our organization and reflects   the A.M. Best Company, one of the leading in-
     in the quality of our products and personnel.    surance rating companies in the country.
          Reserve National takes pride in its dedi-       In September 1998, the Company was pur-
     cated managers, agents and home office staff.    chased by Unitrin, Inc., a Chicago-based insur-
     The Company strives to maintain quality          ance group with more than $8.8 billion in as-
     agency personnel and has carefully built a       sets. This purchase helped to form an even

                        A Reputation for Integrity & Stability
     knowledgeable Home Office support staff.         stronger insurance provider.
          Reserve National has enjoyed continuous         As one of the country’s leading financial
     growth almost every year since its founding      service conglomerates, the Unitrin family spe-
     in 1956. Sound, profitable expansion has shone   cializes in property and casualty, life, health
     throughout the history of Reserve National—      and accident insurance, as well as consumer
     and we will continue to direct our efforts to-   finance products. In 2008, Unitrin employed
     ward growth and stability.                       more than 7,000 associates and produced $2.9
         The Company experienced another out-         billion in total revenues.

      Reserve National’s new
        Home Office in north
               Oklahoma City
     (architectural rendering
             at right) is under
          construction and is
                 scheduled for
      completion in fall 2009.
      The Company’s current
       Home Office has been
       at its present location
                    since 1976.


    Reserve National’s upper-tier standing in                below, Reserve National tallied nearly $129
health insurance sales is reprinted below as it              million in earned premium, holding the No.
was reported in the Aug. 18-25, 2008, edition                103 position for the top 200 U.S. health insur-
of National Underwriter magazine, one of the                 ance companies listed in the standings. Also
most widely respected publications in the life               shown is the Company’s $84 million in in-
and health insurance industry. As can be seen                curred claims for the same period.

            2007 Health Insurance Leaders in Earned Premium
                     (2007 rankings are the most recent published by National Underwriter)

         Company                            Ranking       Earned Premium           Incurred Claims
         Liberty National LIfe Ins. Co.       96            $139,978,000              $ 64,507,000
         Washington National Insurance        97            $139,218,000              $142,320,000
         Reserve National Insurance Co. 103                 $128,967,000              $ 83,744,000
         Combined Life Ins. Co. of New York  106            $127,814,000              $ 70,030,000
         Country Life Insurance Co.          114            $117,740,000              $ 86,908,000

            Reserve National Premium and Revenue Highlights
                                              INITIAL PREMIUM








                                       2006                  2007                2008

                                    ■ Total Premium Income    ■ Total Revenue

                                       1998                   2003                 2008

                              (Years of Service With Company Shown Beside Name)

      Dick Farmer–28           Mike Clinton–6            Paul Rubenstein–34      Matt Fairchild–13           Jerry Lehman–13       John Schuster–25
     Cedar Rapids, Iowa     Colorado Sprgs., CO            Columbia, MO           Columbia, SC                 Ft. Wayne, IN        Indianapolis, IN
       1-800-873-1244          1-877-260-1929              1-800-691-2493         1-866-342-3620              1-866-266-0304         1-800-213-0802
      Cedar Rapids, IA      Colorado Springs, CO            Columbia, MO          Lexington, SC                Ft. Wayne, IN           Carmel, IN

     Philip Teetson–36         Brian Blazer–14            Anthony Clark–19        Jim Schuster–20            Pat Valdepena–23        Jim Wright–6
       Jackson, MS              Knoxville, TN              Little Rock, AR          Lubbock, TX               Mansfield, OH          Nashville, TN
      1-800-748-9402            1-877-380-3538             1-800-694-4929          1-877-798-0860             1-877-756-8855        1-888-320-2426
       Flowood, MS               Knoxville, TN              Ash Flat, AR            Lubbock, TX                Mansfield, OH     Nashville West End, TN

                  Chad McCoy–9           Scott Dickinson–23            Jerry Daniel–22         Chris Ritchie–8         Roger Schuster–27
                Oklahoma City, OK           Raleigh, NC                St. Joseph, MO            Tulsa, OK                Wichita, KS
                  1-866-319-8826           1-877-571-0120               1-866-650-2710         1-866-664-7122            1-877-687-3658
                   Edmond, OK               Raleigh, NC                St. Joseph, MO            Jenks, OK                 Wichita, KS

                               DISTRICT AND SATELLITE OFFICES

                  Keith Dill–1       John Young–4          Aaron Peterson–4      Todd Buxton–17       Don Knight–22        Kevin Klaas–3
                   Dallas, TX          Dayton, OH           Des Moines, IA         Houston, TX         Phoenix, AZ          Rockford, IL
               Ph. (817) 868-7500   Ph. (937) 524-9345     Ph. (515) 490-4286   Ph. (281) 362-2844   Ph. (877) 260-1929   Ph. (815) 315-0118
                  Bedford, TX       Wapakoneta, OH          Des Moines, IA      The Woodlands, TX     Scottsdale, AZ         Rockford, IL

                                                                                          Derek Colton–25
                                                                                           Asst. Agency
                                                                                         Oklahoma City, OK


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