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									                                                                              THE BULL     A R I B B L E VA L L E Y I N N

NIBBLES & HOMEMADE BREAD                                                                                                                       FROM THE CHAR GRILL
Bull Platter of Nibbles                                                                                                                        Our Steaks are locally sourced and aged 21 days, served with
A platter of our nibbles and bread, ideal for sharing     £13.50                                                                               Slow Cooked Mushrooms, Battered Onion Rings, Watercress,
                                                                                                                                               Real Chips cooked in Dripping or English Tossed Salad
Basket of Homemade Bull Bread, Wensleydale Butter,
                                                                                                                                               Ribeye 8oz                                                             £17.00
Metcalf’s Rapeseed Oil, Treacle Vinegar                   £2.50
                                                                                                                                               Sirloin 8oz                                                            £16.50
(V) The Bull Dips – Red Beetroot Relish, Black Pea
                                                                                                                                               Sauces to accompany your Steak -
Houmous, Preserved Cherry Tomatoes,
                                                                                                                                               Green Peppercorn, Garlic & Herb or Red Wine                            £2.00
Pickled Vegetables, Homemade Croutons & Bread             £4.50
A Scotch Organic Hens’ Egg, Chilli Tartare                £2.50
                                                                                                                                               Calves Liver, Mackenzies Streaky Bacon, Pea, Broad Bean
(V) Tomlinson’s Deep Fried Cauliflower Fritters,                                                                                               & Spring Onion Mash, Caramelised Shallots, Herb Jus £14.90
Curried Mayonnaise                                        £3.75                                                                                Taste Tradition Barnsley Chop, Confit Kidney,
Gloucester Old Spot Chipolatas, Cumberland,                                                                                                    Garden Peas, Broad Beans, Champ Mash, Mint Sauce £16.50
Pork & Black Pudding, Mustard Mayonnaise                  £3.75                                                                                On Toasted Muffin, 100% Char Grilled Minced
                                                                                                                                               Yorkshire Rump Steak, Real Chips cooked in Dripping,
                                                                                                                                               Battered Onion Rings, Tomato Relish, Piccalilli,
ON...                                                                                                                                          English Mustard Mayonnaise                           £10.25
Toasted Muffin – Fried Duck Egg, Chadwick’s                                                                                                    Extra Toppings – Wensleydale Cheese,
Black Pudding, Watercress, H.P Sauce                      £4.75                                                                                Mackenzies Sweet Cured Streaky Bacon,
Char Grilled White Toast – Metcalfe’s Rapeseed Oil,                                                                                            Organic Fried Egg                     per topping                      £1.00
Grilled Sardines, Tomato Fondue, Rocket             £4.75
(V) Toasted Crumpet – Yorkshire Curd, Pickled                                                                                                  SIDE DISHES
Red Beetroot, Mustard Cress                               £4.75                                                                                (V) Tomlinson’s Cauliflower Cheese                                     £2.75
Wholemeal Brown Toast – Creamed Woodland                                                                                                       (V) Pod Vegetables                                                     £2.75
Mushrooms, Chives, Worcester Sauce Dressing               £4.75                                                                                (V) Pea, Broad Bean & Spring Onion Mash                                £3.75
(V) Without Worcester Sauce Dressing                                                                                                           (V) Local New Potatoes                                                 £2.75
                                                                                                                                               (V) Buttered Spinach                                                   £2.75
DISHES TO BEGIN                                                                                                                                Battered Onion Rings                                                   £2.75

Hot Farmhouse Fayre Pork Pie,                                                                                                                  Real Chips cooked in Dripping                                          £2.75
Marrowfat Peas, H.P Sauce                                 £5.00                                                                                (V) Real Chips cooked in Sunflower Oil                                 £2.75

Nidderdale Chicken, Leek & Bacon Turnover,
Homemade Piccalilli                                       £5.50                                                                                THE BULL'S ELM WOOD PLATTERS
                                                                                                                                               ON YOUR OWN OR TO SHARE
Fortune’s Smoked Kipper Pâté, Pickled White
Cabbage, Buttered Crumpets                                £4.75                                                                                Local Seafood
                                                                                                                                               Smoked Salmon, Treacle Cured Salmon,
Treacle Cured Wester Ross Salmon, Oriental Salad,
                                                                                                                                               Fortune’s Smoked Kipper Pâté, Mackenzies Smoked
Homemade Wholemeal Bread                          £6.00                                                                                        Trout, Potted Brown Shrimps, Seawater Prawns,
(V) Roast Courgettes, Garlic, Chilli,                                                                                                          Pickled Cucumber, Beetroot Relish,
Hot Tomato Fondue                                         £5.00                                                                                Horseradish Cream, Homemade Bread               £15.50
Seawater Prawns, Salad Mimosa – Cos Lettuce,                                                                                                   Ploughman’s
Grated Organic Egg, Salad Cream, Bread Shards             £6.00                                                                                Fountains Gold Wensleydale, Mrs Bell’s Yorkshire Blue,
                                                                                                                                               York Ham, Hand Raised Pork Pie, 1/2 Scotch Organic Hens’
                                                                                                                                               Egg, Pickled White Cabbage, Salted Yellow Beet, Pickled
THE BULL ORIGINALS                                                                                                                             Onion, Piccalilli, Fireside Chutney & Homemade Bread £10.75
The Bull North Sea Fish Pie, Seawater Prawns, Leeks,                                   EUROPEAN CLASSICS                                       SALADS
Parsley, Baked with Mashed Potato, sprinkled with                                                                                              Breast of Nidderdale Chicken, Avocado,
Wensleydale Mature Cheese                            £10.75                                                                                    Yorkshire Fettle Cheese, Cos Lettuce Salad,
                                                                          Chicken piri-piri (Frango Piri-Piri, Portugal)                       Tarragon Dressing, Homemade Bread                                      £11.00
Battered Deep Fried Line Caught Haddock,
                                                                          Chargrilled Breast of Nidderdale Chicken,                            (V) English Tossed Salad – Little Gem, Mustard Cress,
Marrowfat Peas, Real Chips cooked in Dripping,
                                                                          piri-piri, Real Chips cooked in Dripping,                            Watercress, Tomato, Cucumber, Celery, Pepper,
Tartare Sauce                  Medium £9.00 Large £12.25
                                                                          Tomato, Red Onion & Market Leaf Salad                £12.50          Radish & Avocado                  Small £3.75 Large £8.00
(V) Cheese & Onion Pie, Wensleydale Mature & Yorkshire
Feta, Sour Cream Jacket, Tomato & Red Onion Salad     £10.00              Rustic Greek Salad (Horiatiki Salata, Greece)
Fleetwood Caught Battered Scampi,                                         Char Grill Tuna, Feta Cheese, Cos Lettuce,
                                                                          Kalamata Olives, Cucumber, Red Pepper,                               (Please note, sandwiches are not available in the evening or all day Sunday)
Crispy East Coast Squid, Lemon & Black Pepper
Mayonnaise, Real Chips cooked in Dripping,                £15.75          Red Onion, Oregano, Red Wine Dressing                £12.50          Open Sandwich of Seawater Prawns,
                                                                                                                                               Smoked Salmon, Tomato Mayonnaise, Lemon & Capers £7.50
Heather Reared Lonk Lamb Lancashire Hotpot,
                                                                          Peppered Steak (Steak au Poivre, France)                             Hot Oven Bottom, Grilled Breast of Nidderdale Chicken,
Pickled Red Cabbage                                       £10.50
                                                                          Peppered 8oz Rump Steak, Crushed Green                               Mackenzies Sweet Cured Streaky Bacon,
(V) Aubergine, Courgette and Tomato Bake,                                 Peppercorns, Red Wine Sauce, Pod Vegetables,                         Lemon & Garlic Dressing                              £8.75
Watercress and Rocket Salad                               £8.50           Real Chips cooked in Dripping                        £16.50
With Wensleydale Mature Cheese                            £9.50                                                                                Please notify us of any special dietary requirements or allergies

                THE BULL BROUGHTON                                                                                                                   H E L P U S S U P P OR T T H E YOR K S H I R E
   S K I P T O N N OR T H YOR K S H I R E B D 2 3 3 A E                                                                                              AIR AMBUL ANCE
                                                                                                                                                     It may surprise most people to discover that
              T E L E P H O N E : 017 5 6 7 9 2 0 6 5                                                                                                Yorkshire’s crucial Air Ambulance Service is a charity…
                                                                                                                                                     and relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to do its work.
                                                                                                                                                     Staggeringly, it has to raise £7200 – a day – to stay in the air!

                                                                                                                                                     Ribble Valley Inns and the Bull are proud to support YAA in its tireless
                                                                                                                                                     efforts to look after the wellbeing of over 5 million people spread across no
                                                                                                                                                     less than 4 million acres. It’s an emergency service with a fantastic reputation
      W W W.T HEBUL L ATBROUGHTON.COM                                                                                                                for helping save lives.
                                                                                                                                                     To join with us in our fund-raising, we’ll be inviting you, when settling your
            T WI T T ER .COM/RVIPUBS                                                                                                                 bill, to contribute 20p per guest…entirely at your discretion. Thank you.

P L E A S E P L A C E Y O U R F O O D O R D E R AT T H E B A R O R F O O D O R D E R P O I N T A N D E N J O Y O U R E A S Y A N D R E L A X E D S E R V I C E .
                                                              P R O V E N A N C E M AY D I F F E R D U E T O S U P P L I E R AVA I L A B I L I T Y

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