Spring 2011 Programme by yaofenji


At The Drama Studio
The Drama Studio is provided
by The University of Sheffield
for the recreation of its own
members and for the benefit
of the people of Sheffield and
the surrounding community.

We are grateful for financial assistance received from
The University of Sheffield Alumni Foundation and the
Union of Students.

Spring Season 2011                                                            List of events

Thursdays from 10 February to 7 April             Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 January
at 1:10                                           at 7:30
Department Of Music                               Saturday 22 January at 2:15
LUNCHTIME CONCERTS                                Handsworth And Hallam Theatre
For more up to date information regarding         Company
the lunchtime concerts, including details of      CINDERELLA
all programmes, see the concerts website          by Stephen Duckham
at www.shef.ac.uk/concerts.                       Would you like to go to the ball? Then join us!
Admission free; Donations gratefully received.    Welcome back to our spectacular fun-packed
                                                  family pantomime featuring Cinderella, her
                                                  prince, loveable buttons and of course the
                                                  ugly sisters! Handsworth & Hallam Theatre
                                                  Company once again are back to present
                                                  fabulous musical numbers, family comedy
                                                  and audience participation!
                                                  Tickets: £8, concessions £5
                                                  From: Mrs B. Walker, 46 Royston Avenue
                                                           Owlthorpe, S20 6SG
                                                  Tel:     0114 247 6179
                                                  Web:     www.hhtc.info

Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 January                Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 January
at 7:30                                           at 7:30
Hallam ’89 Theatre Club                           Apex Players
MEN OF THE WORLD                                  FUNNY BUSINESS
by John Godber                                    by Derek Benfield
Three northern coach drivers reminisce            Looking after his sister’s hotel, Ferris learns
about a pensioners’ tour down The Rhine           of the visit of a journalist who writes critical
Valley where we meet dotty old complainers,       reviews for a Sunday newspaper. An
retired miners seeking excitement, ladies who     assortment of guests with guilty secrets to
get lost and those with their various ailments.   hide leads to a dizzy round of subterfuge and
A touching, often hilarious, bitter-sweet play    lies – and poor Ferris doesn’t know which one
full of John Godber’s usual clever, perceptive    is the journalist!
view of “men of the world”.                       Tickets: £6.50, concessions £6
Tickets: £7; concessions £6                       From: Chris Boydell, 28 Valley Road
From: David Hague, 403 Wood Lane                           Sheffield, S8 9FY
         S6 5LR                                   Tel:     0114 249 6126
Tel:     0114 233 5333 or 0114 230 3718           Email: cwboydell@hotmail.com
Email: david@dnhague.f9.co.uk                     Web: www.apexplayers.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
Wednesday 2 to Saturday 5 February                     Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 February
at 7:30                                                at 7:30
The Company                                            Hispanic Society
ARSENIC AND OLD LACE                                   LAS BICICLETAS SON PARA
by Joseph Kesselring                                   EL VERANO
“Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops”   by Fernando Fernán-Gómez
Mortimer Brewster must deal with his family            Set in 1930s Spain, Las bicicletas son para el
as he debates whether to marry. With two               verano shows how a middle-class Republican
murderous aunts, a brother who thinks he’s             family and their neighbours cope with daily
Teddy Roosevelt and another who looks like             life, love and politics during the Spanish Civil
Boris Karloff, he has his work cut out in this         War. The production will be in Spanish with
hilarious black farce.                                 a programme and synopsis in English.
Tickets: £7; concessions £5                            Tickets: £4
From: The Company Box Office                           From: Becky Atkinson
         95 Doe Royd Crescent, S5 8GD                           21 Spring House Road
Tel:     0114 201 0090                                          Sheffield, S10 1LT
Email: boxoffice@thecompanysheffield.co.uk             Tel:     07534 198850
Web:     www.thecompanysheffield.co.uk                 Email: lda09rla@sheffield.ac.uk
                                                       Web:     www.sheffield.ac.uk/union/

Wednesday 9 to Saturday 12 February                    Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 February
at 7:30                                                at 7:30
Sheffield University Theatre Company                   Sheffield University Theatre Company
CLOSER                                                 BROKEN GLASS
by Patrick Marber                                      by Arthur Miller
When Alice is hit by a taxi, it sparks a chain of      Sylvia Gellburg has mysteriously become
events which lead to her, Anna, Dan and Larry          paralysed from waist down, yet Dr. Hyman
falling in and out of love as they each find how       can find no medical explanation, deciding
much the truth means to them. As emotions              he must therefore probe into her psyche.
run high, the play reaches a heart-wrenching           As he searches, we see what it means to
climax as each has to decide who they                  be American and Jewish in New York, 1938.
truly love.                                            A powerful and moving psychological thriller
Tickets: Wednesday £4; Thursday to                     from Arthur Miller.
         Saturday £6, concessions £5                   Tickets: Wednesday £4; Thursday to
From: Union Box Office, Students’ Union                         Saturday £6, concessions £5
         Western Bank, S10 2TG                         From: Union Box Office, Students’ Union
Tel:     0114 222 8676                                          Western Bank, S10 2TG
Email: theatre.company@shef.ac.uk                      Tel:     0114 222 8676
Web:     www.sutco.co.uk                               Email: theatre.company@shef.ac.uk
                                                       Web:     www.sutco.co.uk
Wednesday 2 to Saturday 5 March                 Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 March at 7:30
at 7:30                                         French Society Players
Sheffield University Drama Society              LES ESPRITS
TERRY PRATCHETT’S WYRD                          by Pierre de Larivey, adapted by
SISTERS                                         Albert Camus
adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs         Les Esprits is the play from which Molière
In the original novel, Terry Pratchett took     stole key comic scenes for L’Avare. Albert
Shakespeare’s Macbeth and turned it up until    Camus adapted Larivey’s text for the modern
the knob came off. Stephen Briggs’ adaptation   stage and won rave reviews with a production
provides our actors and our audience with an    in 1953. Two Fathers, Four Lovers, A Few Liars
opportunity to visit Discworld and have fun.    and Fun All Round. This is the British
Even those who have never read a fantasy        première.
novel can enjoy themselves.                     Tickets: £4, concessions £3
Tickets: £9; concessions £7                     From: Professor David Walker
From: Julia Morrison, 116 Union Road                     Dept. of French
         Sheffield, S11 9EN                              University of Sheffield
Tel:     0114 255 3417                          Tel:     0114 222 4893
Web:     www.suds.ac.uk                         Email: david.walker@sheffield.ac.uk
                                                Web:     www.shef.ac.uk/french

Wednesday 9 to Saturday 12 March                Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 March
at 7:30                                         at 7:30
Sheffield University Theatre Company            Sheffield University Theatre Company
TRANSITION                                      BLOOD WEDDING
by Dominic Gee-Burch                            by Federico García Lorca
What would do if you had a secret you knew      A Wedding. The bringing together of
could destroy everything? Fast paced and        a community for music, dancing, joy.
action fuelled; Transition follows Seth and     But love and tragedy go together always,
his new found responsibilities. This journey    and what begins as a feast of colour and
of discovery challenges the principles of       happiness soon descends into nightmare,
whether we're born inherently good or evil.     leaving those that remain bereft. Join us
An exciting and adventurous new script which    this March for Lorca’s most beautiful and
challenges audiences in an innovative new       most passionate tragedy.
approach to theatre.                            Tickets: Wednesday £4; Thursday to
Tickets: Wednesday £4; Thursday to                       Saturday £6, concessions £5
         Saturday £6, concessions £5            From: Union Box Office, Students’ Union
From: Union Box Office, Students’ Union                  Western Bank, S10 2TG
         Western Bank, S10 2TG                  Tel:     0114 222 8676
Tel:     0114 222 8676                          Email: theatre.company@shef.ac.uk
Email: theatre.company@shef.ac.uk               Web:     www.sutco.co.uk
Web:     www.sutco.co.uk
Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April at 7:30             Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 April at 7:15
SHU Drama                                         Velma Furniss School Of Theatre Dance
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS                            THE STORY MAKER
by Howard Ashman & Alan Menken                    by Christine Dearden
Little Shop of Horrors, a story of a young        A delightful story when the Story Maker
man who, to his amazement, discovers a            intervened with the pantomime character
man eating plant from outer space. The            to create a mysterious tale. We travel above
plant brings fame and fortune but with            the sky and beneath the earth to meet the
a deadly consequence. This upbeat and             Weather Maker and his entourage and then
energetic musical comedy will have you            Kind Edward and his cronies before returning
laughing and dancing in the aisles.               home when peace reigns. Featuring all ages
Tickets: £6, concessions £5                       in colourful costumes
From: HUBS Box Office, The Hubs                   Tickets: Adults £8, concessions £7
         Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2QQ       From: Velma Furniss, 2 Oaks Lane
Tel:     0114 225 4111                                     Sheffield, S5 0TA
Email: Shudrama@gmail.com                         Tel:     0114 240 0011

Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 April at 7:30           Wednesday 4 to Saturday 7 May at 7:30
Saturday 16 April at 2:30                         Midland Players
Dore Gilbert & Sullivan Society                   IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY
HMS PINAFORE & THE ZOO                            by Ray Cooney
by WS Gilbert & A Sullivan/A Sullivan             Neurologist Dr David Mortimore is about
& B Rowe                                          to deliver a prestigious lecture when Jane,
A double bill which parodies difficulties faced   an old flame arrives, announcing that his
by lovers at opposites of the social scale. HMS   previously unsuspected son wants to meet
Pinafore is one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most    him. David invents two husbands for Jane
popular works full of well-known tunes. The       who, together with a police sergeant, senile
Zoo is set in London Zoological Gardens,          patient, assorted matrons and a syringe of
where a chorus of the Biritish Public witness     tranquiliser lead to an hilarious farce before
tow love affairs.                                 matters are untangled.
Tickets:   £10, concessions £9                    Tickets: £7
From:      Val Howard                             From: J & M Stone, 55 Chatsworth Road
Tel:       01246 416364                                    Sheffield, S17 3QG
Web:       www.doregas.co.uk                      Tel:     0114 236 1186
                                                  Web:     www.midlandplayers.co.uk
Spring Season 2011                                                              Calendar of events

Thu   13 Jan   7:30   Men of the World                    Wed 9 Mar      7:30 Transition
Fri   14 Jan   7:30   Men of the World                    Thu 10 Mar     1:10 Lunchtime Concert:
Sat   15 Jan   7:30   Men of the World                                        Lee Horne piano
Wed   19 Jan   7:30   Cinderella                                         7:30 Transition
Thu   20 Jan   7:30   Cinderella                          Fri   11 Mar   7:30 Transition
Fri   21 Jan   7:30   Cinderella                          Sat   12 Mar   7:30 Transition
Sat   22 Jan   2:15   Cinderella                          Wed   16 Mar   7:30 Les Esprits
               7:30   Cinderella                          Thu   17 Mar   1:10 Lunchtime Concert:
Thu   27 Jan   7:30   Funny Business                                          David Ross violin
Fri   28 Jan   7:30   Funny Business                                     7:30 Les Esprits
Sat   29 Jan   7:30   Funny Business                      Fri 18 Mar     7:30 Les Esprits
Wed    2 Feb   7:30   Arsenic and Old Lace                Wed 23 Mar     7:30 Blood Wedding
Thu    3 Feb   7:45   Arsenic and Old Lace                Thu 24 Mar     1:10 Lunchtime Concert
                                                                              Johan Delin double bass
Fri    4 Feb   7:45   Arsenic and Old Lace
                                                                         7:30 Blood Wedding
Sat    5 Feb   7:45   Arsenic and Old Lace
                                                          Fri 25 Mar     7:30 Blood Wedding
Wed    9 Feb   7:30   Closer
                                                          Sat 26 Mar     7:30 Blood Wedding
Thu   10 Feb   1:10   Lunchtime Concert:
                                                          Thu 31 Mar     1:10 Lunchtime Concert
                      Eung-Jung Kim (keo-mun-go)
                                                                              Matt Ingram euphonium
                      Korean Music Concert
               7:30   Closer                              Thu   7 Apr    1:10 Lunchtime Concert
                                                                              Katherine Harper soprano
Fri 11 Feb     7:30   Closer
                                                          Fri    8 Apr   7:30 Little Shop of Horrors
Sat 12 Feb     7:30   Closer
                                                          Sat    9 Apr   7:30 Little Shop of Horrors
Thu 17 Feb     1:10   Lunchtime Concert:
                      Inja Davidovic piano                Tue   12 Apr   7:30 HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
               7:30   Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano   Wed   13 Mar   7:30 HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
Fri   18 Feb   7:30   Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano   Thu   14 Apr   7:30 HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
Sat   19 Feb   7:30   Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano   Fri   15 Apr   7:30 HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
Wed   23 Feb   7:30   Broken Glass                        Sat   16 Apr   2:15 HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
Thu   24 Feb   1:10   Lunchtime Concert:                                 7:30 HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
                      Nathan Burton piano                 Tue   19 Apr   7:15 The Story Maker
               7:30   Broken Glass                        Wed   20 Apr   7:15 The Story Maker
Fri   25 Feb   7:30   Broken Glass                        Thu   21 Apr   7:15 The Story Maker
Sat   26 Feb   7:30   Broken Glass                        Wed    4 May   7:30 It Runs in the Family
Wed   2 Mar    7:30   Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters      Thu    5 May   7:30 It Runs in the Family
Thu   3 Mar    1:10   Lunchtime Concert:                  Fri    6 May   7:30 It Runs in the Family
                      Catherine Benson soprano            Sat    7 May   7:30 It Runs in the Family
                      Sophia Carrol soprano
               7:30   Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters
Fri   4 Mar    7:30   Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters
Sat   5 Mar    7:30   Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters

While every effort is made to ensure that all the
information in this brochure is accurate at the
time of going to press, the management of the
Studio can accept no responsibility for any
alterations or cancellations.
General Information                               Mailing List
                                                  If you wish to receive information about our
Booking                                           future productions contact:
For details of advance booking, please
                                                  The Theatre Manager
see under specific production overleaf.           The University of Sheffield Drama Studio
Subject to availability, tickets for each         Shearwood Road
production are on sale at the Studio Box          Sheffield
Office from half an hour before each              S10 2TD
performance of that production.
                                                  Telephone: 0114 222 0200
Tickets booked in advance must be
collected at least 15 minutes before the          Fax: 0114 222 0209
start of the performance.                         E-mail: dramastudio@sheffield.ac.uk
Box Office telephone number                       Web site: www.sheffield.ac.uk/drama
(performance times only)
0114 222 0208

Buses                                                                  The information in this booklet is
                                                                       available in alternative formats.
Services 10, 30, 40, 42, 51, 52, and 120 stop
close by the Drama Studio.

Evening parking facilities are available in the
University car park off Clarkson Street -
Entrance from Durham Road.

Coffee is normally served during the interval.
We do not have a licensed bar, but the
Springfield Tavern and the West End Hotel
are both very close by.

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