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of the Presbytery of Western Kentucky

Volume 33 No. 3                         Wayne Goolsby, Editor                                  August 13, 2011

                                                                of God‟s desire to wrap His arms around us
                PRESBYTERY                                      when we need it most. Elder David Stroup
                HIGHLIGHTS                                      served as liturgist for the service. Beautiful
                                                                instrumental music was again provided by
                                                                Laura Treat and Deborah Simmons-Gray
The hot weather was the main topic of                           and a fine vocal solo “Hope of a Broken
conversation as the members and guests of                       World” was presented by Larry Logeman.
the Presbytery of Western Kentucky
gathered for its quarterly meeting at the
Westminster Presbyterian Church in                                                   Welcome
Paducah, Kentucky, on Saturday, August 13,
2011. A delightful welcome and breakfast                        Rev. Murray welcomed members and guests
treats awaited all as they gathered to begin                    of Presbytery to the Westminster
the day‟s business. As people gathered in                       Presbyterian Church.
the historic sanctuary, beautiful piano and
flute music was provided by Laura Treat and                     Moderator Berdine welcomed and
Deborah Simmons-Gray.                                           introduced corresponding members
                                                                including Jerry Cantrell of Bellewood
                                                                Presbyterian Home; Janet Tuck of the Synod
                   Call to Order                                of Living Waters; Brittany Hesson, MSU
                                                                Campus Ministry Intern; Clifton Dixon,
Elder Jane Berdine, Moderator of the                            Presbytery of James; Susie Watson Burns,
Presbytery of Western Kentucky, offered a                       Montreat Conference Center; and Jim
constituting prayer and called the meeting to                   Johnson, Cumberland Presbyterian minister.

Worship was led by the Rev. Sharon Murray
who took us back to the mid 1950‟s in a
sermon entitled “Sweet Milk”, reminding us

Highlights of August 13 Presbytery Meeting
             Stated Clerk’s Report                              students to consider participating in the
                                                                many and varied activities provided by the
Rev. Dr. Charlie Evans, Stated Clerk of the                     Presbytery.
Presbytery of Western Kentucky, declared a
quorum present and called for the approval
of the docket for the day‟s work. Rev. Dr.                                   Presbyterian Women
Evans noted in his report that Session
Record reviews had been held in July at                         Elder Rose Morgan reported that on
Madisonville and Hopkinsville and that the                      Monday, August 15, the Presbytery PW
Hopkinsville meeting provided additional                        Coordinating Team will host a PW
training for clerks of session. He also                         Moderator‟s brunch and meeting at
commented on future training regarding the                      Highland Presbyterian Church in
new Book of Order and the new Form of                           Hopkinsville. Also, the Bible Study
Government.                                                     previews of Confessing the Beatitudes by
                                                                Margaret Aymer will be held on August 20
                                                                at Mayfield First and on August 21 at
   Leadership Development Committee                             Central City First under the leadership of
                                                                Rev. Karen Russell.
Rev. Dr. Curry Davis reported on the
success of several youth programs                               Mrs. Morgan noted that the PW Fall
sponsored by the Presbytery this summer.                        Spiritual Retreat is scheduled for October
He introduced Becky Durham who led a                            28-29 at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park
number of Presbyterian Youths who told of                       in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. The guest
their experiences this past summer with a                       speaker will be Leah Bradley of the
mission trip to New Orleans, the City                           Louisville Presbyterian Theology Seminary
Lights/City Sights program at Bowling                           with music direction by Kristen Jones of the
Green, and the annual trip to the Montreat                      Presbyterian Church of Henderson.
Conference Center. Through power point
programs, a number of the youth of the                          Mrs. Morgan complemented PW on the
Presbytery narrated a delightful presentation                   huge success of the Hygiene Kit Challenge,
regarding their experiences. It was noted by                    a part of Church World Services. The PWs
all present how very much the meeting was                       of the Synod of Living Waters assembled
enhanced by the presence of so many fine                        and sent over 1300 kits to CWS with 272
young Presbyterians! Rob Wilson presented                       kits from our own Presbytery of Western
a flier with information regarding the                          Kentucky. Noted Mrs. Morgan
Western Kentucky Presbyterian Youth Fall                        “Presbyterian Women rock!”
Retreat to be held at Camp Loucon in
Leitchfield, KY, on Friday, November 11                         Elder Jane Berdine noted that Mrs. Morgan
through Sunday, November 13 for students                        would be leaving our area soon and moving
in grades six through twelve. Youth leaders                     to Wisconsin. Her grace, talent, and
Mrs. Durham and Mr. Wilson encouraged                           enthusiasm will be greatly missed.
churches with few youths to urge those

Highlights of August 13 Presbytery Meeting
 Committee on Preparation for Ministry                          Program and credited much of the success to
                                                                the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Ann Marie
The Rev. Dr. Cheryl Duke reported that we                       Montgomery. He noted that Joe Cates of
currently have two inquirers at seminary and                    Madisonville and Adele Ambler of Calvert
that both are ready to begin the process to                     City had graduated from the program in
becoming candidates. She noted that each                        May. Mr. Isakson noted that any church
enquirer had recently been given $500.00 to                     needing a supply was encouraged to contact
help with expenses. Speaking directly to the                    Rev. Dr. Montgomery or the Presbytery
Presbyterian Youth members present, Rev.                        office to ascertain the availability of the
Duke encouraged them to get involved and                        CLPs.
remain involved in their own home
congregations; to search for God‟s plan for                                          Personnel
each one of them!
                                                                Rev. Kara Hildebrandt reported on the July
Rev. Murray offered a prayer of Grace and                       5 meeting of the Personnel Committee and
Thanksgiving prior to Presbytery‟s                              the evaluations of Stated Clerk Charlie
adjourning for a great bar-b-que lunch                          Evans and Executive Presbyter Rich Cooper.
served by the members of the Westminster                        It was noted that all committee chairs need
Church in the fellowship hall.                                  to contact Lisa Troutman at the Presbytery
                                                                Office directly with needs.
Presbytery reconvened following lunch.
                                                                Rev. Hildebrandt noted that the salaries for
            Committee on Ministry                               all employees of Presbytery would remain
                                                                the same for 2012 as 2011.
Rev. Dr. Matthew Covington commented on
the tremendous level of trust shared by                                               Finance
members of Presbytery. He noted that terms
of call for the Rev. Sharon Murray to the                       Rev. Dr. John Guthrie presented the
Westminster Church had been approved by                         financial report through July 31, 2011.
the Committee on Ministry.
                                                                Rev. Dr. Guthrie noted that committee
He then introduced the Rev. Jim Johnson, an                     chairs needed to get budget requests in to
ordained minister in the Cumberland                             Presbytery by September 21, 2011. He
Presbyterian Church, who has been called as                     urged local congregations to review their
the designated pastor to the First                              pledges to the Unified Giving.
Presbyterian Church of Russellville. It was
brought from COM a motion to receive Rev.                                             Trustees
Johnson into our Presbytery. The motion
carried.                                                        Rev. Rich Cooper, Executive Presbyter,
                                                                presented a letter from Thurman and
Mr. Larry Isakson reported on the                               Campbell, Certified Public Accountants
continuing success of the Lay Pastors                           noting: “…the financial statements referred

Highlights of August 13 Presbytery Meeting
to…present fairly, in all material respects,                    support of Bellewood both through prayers
the financial position of Presbytery of                         and financial contributions. “Please retain
Western Kentucky, Inc., as of December 31,                      the same degree of support of Bellewood for
2010, and the changes in its net assets and                     the children of this Commonwealth,” she
its cash flows for the year then ended in                       said. The motion to renew the Covenant
conformity with accounting principles                           carried.
generally accepted in the United States of
                                                                                Campus Ministry
Rev. Cooper noted that the full report of
Thurman and Campbell was available for                          Brittany Hesson, intern for the Murray State
perusal at the Presbytery Office in                             University Campus Ministry Program,
Hopkinsville.                                                   M.O.T.A. (Ministry Open to All), reported
                                                                on the activities and success of the group.
                                                                She thanked Presbytery for its continued
           Nominations Committee                                support of Campus Ministry and reminded
                                                                those present of budget cuts that had
Rev. Dr. Curry Davis noted that information                     severely affected Campus Ministry
was available regarding the jobs of the                         programs. Miss Hesson asked us to
various committees of Presbytery and urged                      encourage our congregations to support
anyone interested in serving in such                            Campus Ministry.
capacities to contact the Presbytery Office.
A form was included in the packet for such
nominations.                                                            Executive Presbyter’s Report

                                                                Rev. Cooper expressed thanks to all for their
        Ecumenical and Institutional                            prayers for his family following Mrs.
           Relations Committee                                  Cooper‟s automobile accident the previous
                                                                winter. He reported on the upcoming
Rev. Dr. Lynn Shurley, Jr., reported that it                    wedding of Rev. Katie Strednak to Scott
was time once again for the Presbytery of                       Singer; the powerful impact of our young
Western Kentucky to renew its Covenant                          people; his concern for financial difficulties
with the Bellewood Presbyterian Home for                        we face; the services of Bellewood; and the
Children. He introduced Jerry Cantrell who                      continued support of Presbytery staff
reported on the status and continued success                    members Lisa Troutman and Teresa Cook.
of Bellewood. He stated that efforts had                        Rev. Cooper urged those present to tell their
been extended into Western Kentucky as                          youth about the numerous and varied
well, but noted with sadness the closing of                     opportunities and programs. He also stated
the Bellewood Center in Bowling Green.                          that the Synod was currently involved in
                                                                increasing understanding of the new form of
Elder Martha Haynes urged those present to                      government and the Book of Order.
continue their individual and congregational

Highlights of August 13 Presbytery Meeting
                                                                Elder Logan Blewett of Paducah United
             Committee on Thanks                                Central Presbyterian Church expressed
                                                                thanks for the success of that congregation‟s
Elder Willee Cooper led Presbytery in a                         ministry to the deaf and hard of hearing and
responsive prayer of thanks for the successes                   noted that a new child had been attending
of the day. Dividing the congregation into                      services there. He asked for prayers for
two groups, one responded by saying “Draw                       Mrs. Blewett as she faced medical tests at
near to the Lord and hold on” and the other                     Vanderbilt this week.
half replied “We rejoice in the gifts God has
given us”.                                                      Rev. Dr. Patrick Napier expressed thanks
                                                                that his grandson who had been injured in an
Mrs. Cooper expressed gratitude for                             automobile wreck was back in graduate
Westminster Presbyterian Church and its                         school and expected to graduate next May.
hospitality; music by Larry, Laura, and
Deborah; Rev. Murray‟s reminder that we                         Following a successful, busy, pleasant day,
are the salt of the earth and the light of the                  Elder Jane Berdine adjourned Presbytery
world and that we should stay in touch with                     with prayer at 2:30 p.m.
the Lord; for Moderator Berdine; for
Presbytery staff members Charlie, Wayne,
Lisa, Teresa, and Rich; the future of the                                   UPCOMING EVENTS
Presbyterian Church as exemplified by the
Youth present; Presbyterian Women and the                       Mission Coordinating Council Meeting –
leadership of Rose Morgan; Rev. Duke and                        Tuesday October 11, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. at
the inquirers and seminarians; the                              the Presbytery Office.
Committee on Ministry and Rev. Johnson;
the Lay Pastor Program; the work of all the                     Next Presbytery Meeting – Tuesday,
committees of Presbytery; Bellewood and                         November 8, 2011 at The Presbyterian
their services; and for campus ministry.                        Church in Henderson, Kentucky

               Joys and Concerns                                            Highlights August 2011

It was noted that Rev. Jennifer Rogers-                                During the Presbytery meeting
Cooper and her husband Adam Cooper                              someone spoke to me and said, “Sometimes
would soon be returning the USA and Fort                        the Presbytery meeting is like „Sweet
Jackson, South Carolina, following a tour of                    Milk‟!” (You can read elsewhere in the
duty in Germany.                                                “Highlights” about how that was fresh on
                                                                peoples‟ mind!) That certainly captures the
Moderator Berdine noted with joy the recent                     situation at Westminster on the only
marriage of her son.                                            Saturday meeting that we hold during the
                                                                year! It may have been a small Presbytery
                                                                crowd but they were anxious to get things

Highlights of August 13 Presbytery Meeting
done and keep things “decent” and “in
order”. Thanks to everyone who contributes
to that!
       Wasn‟t the report from our youth
mission trips to New Orleans, Louisiana,
Montreat, North Carolina, and City Sights –
City Lights (Bowling Green) wonderful?
Many folks are making our young people
get a very good glimpse of mission work. I
am very thankful for Becky Durham, Rob
Wilson, David Muffett, Curry Davis (and all
the other youth leaders) who work hard to
make the church relevant to our young folks.
Don‟t forget that the fall program at Camp
Loucon is always a big hit! Please
remember that your church youth can be
involved in all the Presbytery programs.
Contact us at the office to find out how!
        We are blessed to have so many
church friends who make our Saturday
meeting (it‟s always hot!) be a cool
experience. I hope you‟re praying for all of


Rich Cooper

Highlights of August 13 Presbytery Meeting

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