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					                               (Last updated: Feb 29th, 2004)

                                      Rabbi Duckesz

It is impossible to find any Biography detail about Rabbi Eduard (Ed) Yechezkel
Duckesz. What is available is Very limited, and often questionable.
According to Info I got from Prof. Miriam Gillis-Carlebach (head of The Joseph
Carlebach Institute in Bar-Ilan University, http://www.biu.ac.il/js/Carlebach/, (based on
docs that the original can be The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in
Jerusalem 972-(0)2-563-5716 - http://sites.huji.ac.il/archives/)), Rabbi Duckesz was born
Aug 3 1868 in a place called Szelepszeny (???). Since 1891 he lived in Altona. In 1943
he was deported from Holland toward Auschwitz. March 6 1944 Auschwitz.
Rabbi Duckesz was the Klaus Rabbiner in Altona. He was also a Genealogist who wrote
few Genealogical works. One in which we know about – The Moeller Family History.

Here are the details about 2 books he wrote:
(from http://www.jewishgen.org/ - JewishGen®, Inc. is The Home of Jewish Genealogy)

                    Ivoh le-moshav, telodoth ha-rabonim sheyeshvu al kisey ha-rabonuth
  Original Title:
                    shel sholosh kehiloth, Altona, Hamburg, Wandsbek
                    Biographies and gravestone inscriptions of the rabbis of three
  English Title:
                    communities, Altona, Hamburg, and Wandsbek
  Editor:           Eduard Duckesz
  Published:        Cracow 1903
  Publisher:        Joseph Fischo
                    Pages: 140 Languages: H
  Notes:            Book reprinted in Israel in 1968.
  Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Call No: 1876492
                Chachme AHW. Biographien und Grabsteininschriften der Dajanim,
Original Title: Autoren und der sonstigen hervorragenden Maenner der drei
                Gemeinder Altona, Hamburg,...
                 Biographies and epitats of the dayanim, authors and other prominent
English Title:
                 men of the three communities, Altona, Hamburg and Wansbek
Editor:          Eduard Duckesz
Published:       Hamburg 1908
Publisher:       A. Goldschmidt Verlag
                 Pages: 209 Languages: H,G

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