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					   The BMS
5/6 Summer Read:
The Great Stone Face
     2011 ~ 2012 list
25 great books to choose from
                                   The Adventures of Nanny
                                   by R. A. Sprout
                                   a humorous adventure

                                   Mary Poppins, move over - Nanny has arrived!
                                   Last employed at the circus as the pig who gets
                                   shot out of a cannon, Nanny takes care of 3 kids
      QuickTime™ and a             whose father is too stingy to hire a real person as
are neede d to see this picture.   a nanny. However, Nanny is a jewel – clever,
                                   devious and very creative. Nanny soon wins over
                                   all three of her charges with her wild adventures
                                   and her ability to sweetly get around their father
                                   who is not only stingy but also dull and pompous.
                                   They‟re having a good time, even when things do
                                   not work out as planned!
After All, You’re Callie Boone
by Winnie Mack
summer friendships

Callie‟s summer has just begun but it „s looking
really glum. Her best friend since forever has just
thrown her off. Now she‟s always with her new
influential friend, and worse, is using old shared
secrets to make fun of Callie! Then, at the town pool
Callie gets talked into doing something she knows
she shouldn‟t, and not only makes a fool of herself
in front of everyone, but gets banned from the pool.
Now she‟s stuck at home doing chores. However,
there‟s a new neighbor next door - Hoot.
He‟s her age, he‟s a bit goofy but he seems nice,
can they be friends?
Big Nate in a Class byHimself
by Lincoln Pierce
school humor

A quick story about a day in the life of Nate,
a clever kid with a talent for getting in trouble.
When his fortune cookies says “Today you
will surpass all others” Nate sets out to do so;
but how?
Be the first person to make their grumpy teacher
laugh? Set a world record for eating slimy green

If you liked ”Diary of a Wimpy Kid” this may be
your next favorite read!
by Frank C. Boyce
Outer Space adventure

 Liam is 12, but he‟s rather tall, and with a
 smattering of early facial hair, often gets
 mistaken for an adult. Which can be a royal
 Since he can‟t change his looks he decides to
  take advantage of them. He applies to be a
 chaperone on the first spaceship to take civilians
  into outer space. He lands the job! Cool!
 Something goes wrong and now it‟s just him
 and a bunch of kids 200,000 miles above the
 It‟s going to take some quick, and very good,
 thinking on all their parts to survive this.
The Crowfield Curse
by Pat Walsh
fantasy / orphans & a curse

William is an orphan and earns his lodging as a
servant at Crowfield Abbey. One day, as he is
gathering wood in the forest, he comes upon a
small creature caught in a trap. It‟s a hobgoblin,
and being able to see it, well that is his first indication
 that things are about to mystically and magically
William is about to get caught up in a strange
mystery involving Old Magic, ancient curses,
and a bitter fued.
Dream of Night
by Heather Henson
foster care / animal rescue
This is Shiloh. She‟s been abused and moved in
and out of foster homes most of her life.
This is the racehorse Dream of Night. Due to an
unseen injury, he started losing, and was sold to
one owner after another until he was whipped
and abandoned.
Neither one is about to let anyone near, ever.

Horse rescuer and foster mother Jess thinks she‟s
 too old to take on any more responsibility, but
finds herself offering these two very angry, scared
creatures one more chance by offering them a
home over the summer.

This story of hesitant hope is told by Shiloh, Jess,
and even Dream of Night.
Emily’s Fortune
by Phyllis R. Naylor
a Wild West chase

When Emily's mother is killed in a carriage accident,
Emily can either live with her uncle, who is a very
nasty person, or travel by stagecoach out west to live
with her Aunt Hilda. She decides decides to go West.
Wouldn‟t you?
This is not going to be easy or safe! As the stage-
coach journeys west, Jackson, also an orphan, is
going to try to help Emily stay ahead of the terrible
Child Catchers, who see her as an easy mark; but
an even worse danger is looming because Emily has
inherited a fortune, and her greedy Uncle Victor
wants it .
He is already hunting for her to bring her back.

Emily is clever, but is she clever enough?
The Fantastic Secret of Owen
by Barbara O’Connor
a funny, froggy adventure

Owen captures the biggest, slimiest, greenest,
most beautiful bullfrog ever, names it Tooley
Graham, and makes a great cage for him in his
room. But smarty Viola, who lives right next door,
insists he is being mean to that poor frog.
After he releases it, he and his two best friends,
Stumpy and Travis, discover a really neat miniature
submarine that fell from a passing train, and decide
to use it to search for Tooley.
Oh rats! … they‟re going to need Viola‟s help
to make this happen.
The Fast and the Furriest
by Andy Behrens
dog training & football

Kevin‟s not at all like his football hero dad.
He much prefers the action on video games,
and so does his dog Cromwell.
This all changes when they happen upon a dog
agility show on TV and Cromwell is mesmerized
by it!

Soon they are surprising everyone with their
hidden talents.
Frozen in Time
by Ali Sparkes
spies & cryogenics
Ben and Rachel discover a buried chamber in the
 woods behind their uncle‟s house. Man this has
been here a long time! Is it a space ship that fell to
earth? They dig out an opening and go in to explore
it, of course, and find 2 kids their age and a puppy
sealed in 3 dusty chambers.
Ewwww! Are they dead mummies?!? No, they were
 cryogenically sealed in 1956 … When Rachel
accidently pushes a button, there is a strange hissing
sound and they awake and emerge.
What are they doing there? Who did this? Are they ok?
It‟s been over 50 years!
They better watch out. There are spies out there,
and they have been looking for them!
Ghost Dog Secrets
by Peg Kehret
2 boys, a dog & a ghost
One cold day Rusty happens upon a skinny, dirty
dog chained near a wreck of a house with no food
or even water. There is another dog nearby, but, oh,
this is odd … he can sort of see through it, and then
this ghostly dog shows up in his room that night.

Rusty can‟t get that poor chained up dog out of his
mind, and convinces his best friend to help him
secretly rescue and keep it in their fort.
Are they rescuing or stealing? Are they doing
something right, or getting in trouble? Isn‟t this dog
being abused?
        And, who is this other ghostly dog?
Guinea Dog
by Patrick Jennings
a funny pet story

Rufus wants a dog, but his dad says “No!” and his
mom brings home a guinea pig instead.
Rufus is disappointed, his dad is annoyed, and the
pet shop has closed up, so they are stuck with it.

To his surprise Fido (yup, that‟s what he named it)
acts just like a dog and even retrieves Frisbees.
There‟s more.

Curious? Read it and find out!
Hide and Seek
by Katy Grant
geochaching & mystery

Chase is deep in the woods searching for
geocaches with his GPS when he comes upon
one with a note in childish writing asking for food.
A joke, or real? He doesn‟t find anyone, but he
comes back the next day with some food and
meets 2 little boys who seem to be living out there
with their dad.
Something is not right here.
As Chase investigates further, he discovers there
 are several things wrong - one of the boys is sick,
and both of them sem frightened.
Magic Below Stairs
by Caroline Stevermer
magical curses

Frederick is 10, and an orphan. He was living in an
awful orphanage, but has been sent to serve as
footman to the wealthy wizard, Lord Schofield. The
Lord, being a wizard, has sensed something unusual
about Frederick. He‟s right, Frederick has a devoted
and unseen friend with him, a clever and mischievous
Meanwhile, the lord wizard has recently cleared all
unwanted magic from his country estate, but he
missed something important - there is an old curse
lurking in the walls, a curse that will threaten his wife
and their unborn child.

What do an orphan and his brownie have to do
with all this?
Masters of Disaster
by Gary Paulsen
wild feats of adventure

Henry convinces his best friends, Riley and Reed,
that they shall prove their manhood by doing
amazing things like breaking world records.
The first amazing feat involves riding a bicycle off
a third-story roof, another takes them into a creepy
haunted house.
Henry is the creative force, coming up with one
wild idea after another. Riley, the observer, records
the disastrous consequences; and poor Reed, the
reluctant adventurer, ends up not just battered but
 grossly slimed.
On the good side, they do find a way to finally get
even with the local bully!
Museum of Thieves
by Lian Tanner
fantasy / revolution
The people of Jewel live in troubled & dangerous times.
But the Grand Protector watches over the city, and the
Blessed Guardians protect the children. How? By fitting
them with silver guard chains to link them to their
parents, or, to one of the Blessed Guardians - till their
Separation Ceremony when they are 12.
Meet Goldie Roth ~ she is both adventuresome and willful.
Sometimes she has to wear a second punishment
chain. She resents all this control, and she Is not the
only one. There are many who resent the increasing
forced protection. Then, in the middle of her Separation
Ceremony a bomb goes off!
Goldie uses the confusion to slip away to the Museum of
Dunt, a secret haven for wild things and magical creatures
of the past. Soon Goldie is one of its guardians.
There is a revolution brewing to free Jewel from its
 restrictive rulers. The bomb was just a sample of what‟s
to come, and Goldie and the museum will be in the
middle of it.
   On the Blue Comet
   by Rosemary Wells
   time travel adventures
It‟s 1929. Oliver and his dad live in a simple house,
but have created an amazing model train layout in their
basement. When the stock market crashes, his dad (like
many others) is suddenly without a job. They lose
everything to the bank including the model layout, and
his dad leaves for California in search of work.
Till his dad finds a steady job, Oliver has to stay with
his aunt. On Christmas eve, lonely and sad, he decides
to visit their Blue Comet train layout, now set up in the
basement of the bank. Harold, the night watchman,
knows him and lets him in thinking what harm could
come of this. However, that ight armed robbers break
into the bank, and Harold tells Oscar to duck into the
model train set to hide.
Suddenly Oliver finds himself in a life size train on its
way to California! This train will make many stops and
will carry him into other times along the way. He‟s
going to have all kinds of adventures and even be
drafted into the army! All while trying to find his dad.
Out of My Mind
by Sharon Draper
Disabilities / courage
Born with Cerebral Palsy, Melody while very bright,
 is trapped inside a body she cannot control.
She will never sing or dance, talk on the phone, or
whisper secrets to her friends Even worse, her
 inability to respond with words or actions means
people tend to treat her as if she were retarded.
Everything changes when Melody gets a talking
computer. For the first time ever, she tells her
parents she loves them. For the first time ever she
can join a regular class at school.
When she does, she shows everyone how very
smart she is. Smarter than most. When the
opportunity to try out for the school‟s celebrated
“Quiz Bowl” team comes up, she makes it on!
But not everyone is happy for her. To some she
will always be the freaky girl. To some, her
success is a threat, and they intend to act.
Saving Sky
by Diane Stanley
Terrorism / prejudice
The future has taken a dark turn. The war on terror
has gone on. Food is rationed and there is a serious
oil shortage. Terrorists have ramped up attacks on
U.S. soil, and more and more “Red-Alert” days.
People live with fear, every day.
Some have responded by moving into the country
and becoming self sufficient. On Skye‟s family ranch
they grow their own food and manufacture their
own energy. Her parents also teach her to count
her blessings and look for ways help others.

When Homeland Security agents start rounding up
anyone of Middle-Eastern descent, Sky and her
family resolve to shelter her friend Kareem,
whose father a town doctor has just been taken.
Saving Zasha
by Randi Burrows
Dogs / WW II
Russia suffered terribly in the war, and by the end,
anything German was suspect if not hated.
This is the story of Mijhail‟s family who have taken
in a dog, a German Shepard dog. They know many
will see them as traitors, but they decide to hide her
and try to save her.
Then they find out she is pregnant. How can they
build a shelter that will hide her - and her pups?

Meanwhile there is their nosy neighbor, Katria.
Her father owns the town paper and she is relentless
in her determination to uncover the secret she is sure
they are hiding.
The Shadows
by Jacqueline West
Cats / magic
Olive and her parents move into a fancy old Victorian
home complete with the deceased owner's furnishings.
As she begins to explore Olive notices something odd.
 The paintings won‟t come off the wall, and when she
looks closer, she thinks she sees things moving around
in them.
While rummaging through the drawers, she finds a pair
of glasses and when she tries them on she discovers
that she can enter the paintings and talk to the people
in them. A talking cat warns her not to spend too much
 time in there, or lose the glasses. Then she meets boy
trapped in a painting because of a conversation he
overheard. Maybe she should put those glasses away!
Olive is determined to find out more. More about
the house and more about the deceased owner.
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
by Tom Angleberger
middle school / humor
Tommy and his friends think that Dwight is a weirdo
who‟s “always talking about robots or spiders or
One day Dwight shows up at school one day
brandishing a little origami Yoda finger puppet.
The really weird thing is that it doles out very
un-Dwight-like bits of wisdom.
They begin to wonder, is the Yoda just Dwight talking
in a funny voice, or does it actually have some
mystical powers.

If so, there is a question Tom is dying to ask it!
Sugar and Ice
by Kate Messner
Skating / competition
Claire loves skating and is often out on her pond
practicing new moves. She even has a routine that
she skates to music. But, she also loves helping her
family make maple syrup and doing things with her
best friend Natalie.
Then her routine at the local Maple Show is
observed by a prestigious coach, and he offers her
a Silver Blades Scholarship. He wants her for a
 highly selective training program that prepares
skaters for elite competition.
This is quite an opportunity, and everyone is very
excited for her, and so is Claire; but it‟s going to
take up all her time, and competing … just the
thought makes her tense up.
She has to ask herself,
                    is this opportunity right for her?
A Tale Dark & Grimm
by Adam Gidwitz
grimmly blended fairy tales

As if Hansel and Gretel didn‟t already have it tough
in their own fairy tale, here they are retrofitted into
several Grimm fairy tales one after another.
In this grim story, the twins are beheaded (and
reheaded, thankfully), dismembered, hunted, killed,
brought back to life, sent to hell, and thrown into a
number of other terrible situations en route to their
happily ever after.

Which they do find in the end.
We the Children
by Andrew Clements
School mystery ~ series
When the story starts, the school custodian, who
has been badly injured, quietly presses a strange
coin in Ben‟s hand, makes him swear to keep it
secret, and dies.
Their school, given to the community by Captain
Oakes in 1783 is to be torn down to build an
amusement park! Ben and his friends were pretty
excited about this, but after reading the words on the
coin, he thinks maybe not.
Soon there is a new custodian at the school, but he
seems very sneaky, like he‟s hiding something.
Ben decides to ask his smart friend, Jill, to help him
figure out what the coin is all about. They uncover a
large iron key and a clue that instructs them to follow
five steps in order.

           1st book in the series.