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					                                                                                                         The Auditorium

                                                                                             The Auditorium Quick Facts

                                                                                             461” plasma display with touchscreen
                                                                                             4Built-in Audio Teleconferencing
                                                                                             4Digital Presentation Recording & Webcasting
                                                                                             4PC Laptops or Workstations available
                                                                                             4Built-in video conferencing
                                                                                             4Built-in wired and wireless networking
                                                                                             4And More

T         he Auditorium is the perfect environment to conduct pre-
          sentations, corporate training, or employee education to a
          large-audience, on-site as well as through distance learning
sessions to remote locations. Every aspect of the Auditorium was de-
signed for the presenter to easily and effectively communicate his or
                                                                            strategically-placed audio monitors allow every word to be heard clearly
                                                                            so the presenter won’t break rhythm or waste time repeating information,
                                                                            and audience members will be more encouraged to actively participate in
                                                                            discussions. And a Dolby Digital™ and DTS™ surround sound system
                                                                            ensures theater-quality audio no matter your source.
her message to the audience, and for each audience member to effi-
ciently absorb information and actively participate. The Auditorium         Hi-speed networking and internet connection is provided for up to 150
can comfortably accommodate up to 150, and the room’s individual            devices for efficient interactive education programs or software train-
tiered seating and workspace areas were designed so each person can         ing. To eliminate the cost and time associated with conducting training
keep alert and focused for longer periods of time. The tiered seating       sessions at multiple locations, or the travel expense of holding employee
gives each audience member a clear view of the presenter, projec-           training or business meetings in one location, the Auditorium is also set
tion screens and other information sources, and allows the presenter        up for video and audio recording and conferencing, as well as webcasting
to make eye-contact and speak directly with each individual to build        and podcasting. You can conduct a live, fully-interactive video or webcast
rapport, making for a more effective presentation.                          of your presentation, and/or record it for future distribution via the web,
                                                                            or on CD or DVD.
The Auditorium’s fully-integrated technology systems and Smart Lectern
give the presenter complete control of all video, audio and PC sources,     The Auditorium is one of the most high-tech meeting rooms you’ll ever
displays, and stage lighting to quickly transition between information      come across, and the METS Center’s on-site technicians and meeting
sources and change pace to keep the presentation lively and flowing         professionals are always ready and willing to provide you with everything
smoothly. Presenter and individual audience microphones and                 you need to make your presentation or training session a success.

                            The Auditorium Specs
                               Dimensions (WxLxH)                    Squart Feet                  Auditorium
                                  62’ x 61’ x 10’-14’                   3782                         150

      ww w. th e METS c enter.c om • (859) 647- METS (6387) • 3861 Ol ym pi c Bl vd . • Erl an g er, Ky 4 1 0 1 8
                                                                                                  The Auditorium

                            The METS Center for Corporate Learning
                                       Building Layout

                                                                                                      Development A Development B

                  Banquet B                Banquet A
Kitchen                                                                  m
                          A & B Combined

                                                                                                                     Development C
  Cafe                           Atrium
                                                            Business Center

                        Innovation        Parlor

                  Leadership Leadership
                      B          A

                     A & B Combined

The Auditorium Specs
61” plasma display with touch-screen                        S           One wireless presenter microphone                          S
ADA Assistive listening devices                             S           Participant Microphones with mic-activated cameras         S
Additional audio and video connections                      S           PC for use by presenter                                    S
Audio Teleconferencing                                      S           Two LCD projectors                                         S
Auto-tracking presenter camera                              S           Additional wireless microphones                           O
CD, Audio Cassette, DVD, and VHS players                    S           Laptop computers                                          O
Computer based training & class control                     S           Video Conferencing (H.320 & H.323)                        O
Digital Presentation Recording & Webcasting                 O           Video confidence monitor                                   S
Dolby Digital, THX and DTS surround sound                   S           Voice reinforcement audio system                           S
High-resolution document camera                             S           Web Conferencing                                          O
Integrated sound system                                     S           Whole-room touch-screen control by Crestron                S
LaserJet Printer, networked                                 S           Wired 10/100 internet connections                          S
Two additional computer connections with audio              S           Wireless audience response system w/160 keypads           O
One wired lectern microphone                                S           Wireless internet connectivity (802.11b/g)                 S
                                                                                                         Standard = S Optional = O

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