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Meade Memorial Episcopal Church and Christ Church Jointly Mark a


									                                 Rejoice                      118 North Washington Street ✠ Alexandria, VA 22314
                                                            ✠ August 2009

Celebrate 140 Years of Ministry                                                            Planning Grant Will
 Meade Memorial Episcopal Church and                                                       Help Shape FSL’s Future
 Christ Church Jointly Mark a Milestone                                                    By the Rev. Pierce Klemmt

M       eade Memo-
        rial Episcopal                                                                     T    hroughout its history, Christ
                                                                                                Church has been an innovator
                                                                                           and a laboratory for strengthening
Church began in 1869
when 50 African-                                                                           theological education. Since the es-
American members                                                                           tablishment of the Clergy Resident
of Christ Church pe-                                                                       program in 1999, we have helped to
titioned to establish a                                                                    strategically shape programs that have
separate, independent                                                                      fostered the theological education of
church for Black Epis-                                                                     seminarians. This town-and-gown
copalians.                                                                                 relationship has helped us all keep
  In September our                                                                         apace of the changing realities of the
two parishes will cel-                                                                     church.
ebrate Meade Memo- From left, the Very Rev. Collins Asonye, rector of Meade Me-              Having harvested ten years of learn-
                           morial; the Rev. Oran Warder, rector of St. Pauls; Alexandria   ing from the experiences of the Clergy
rial’s 140th year with
                           City Mayor Bill Euille; and Christ Church’s rector, the Rev.    Resident program, we are now ready
a series of activities in- Pierce Klemmt preside over a joint Palm Sunday gathering in
cluding a joint festival Market Square.                                                    to take the next step and make a new
on September 20 that                                                                       contribution to the future of theologi-
will begin at Christ Church, include a        Very Rev. Collins Asonye says, “This         cal education.
procession to Meade, led by Civil War         truly brings home the dedicated histo-         New educational models have con-
re-enactors, and conclude with a special ry of the early and continuing African                                   continued on page 4
celebration.                                  American presence in the Episcopal
  Reflecting on the importance of the Church. I feel it is a great privilege
celebration, Meade’s parish priest, the to be part of this monumental occa-                Christ Church Foundation
                                                                     continued on page 6   Thanks Society Members

 Open HOuse—sunday, september 13
                One Outdoor Service at 10:00 am
                Followed by an All-Parish Picnic
By the Rev. Erika Takacs

J  oin us for our annual Open House
   to worship, enjoy fellowship, and
discover ministry opportunities. We
                                             Eucharist at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
                                             This is an opportunity to celebrate
                                             who we are, to reach out to the sur-
will have an outdoor service at 10:00        rounding community, and to commis-
am, replacing both the 9:00 and the          sion our ministries as a community of
11:15 am services, followed by an            faith for the program year.
all-parish potluck picnic. Although                    One Bread, One Body,                Mary Ann Roberts and Nancy Carson are all
we encourage everyone to attend the                      One Lord of All.                  smiles at the recent Foundation event. Read
outdoor service, we will still offer            One Service, One Hope, One Home.           more about the Foundation on page five.
                                                        Vestry Retreat Plans for the Future
                                                 By Liz Rudolph, Junior Warden

                                                 T    he vestry met on Saturday, June      ing keenly alert to new possibilities.
                                                      27, in McMurray Commons, for a         Our parish family has been highly
                                                 fully packed day of prayer, discussion,   engaged with the Strategic Planning
       Rejoice is the official monthly           reflection, and debate as we continue     Committee’s process, offering ideas
       publication of Christ Church,             to develop a strategic plan for Christ    and voicing concerns and opinions
       Alexandria, Virginia, a parish            Church’s future. Joining the rector       on a broad range of topics. Nineteen
        in the Diocese of Virginia.                                                        individual objectives emerged from
                                                 and vestry were Treasurer Jim Totten,
        The Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee             the Rev. Ann Gillespie, and Clergy        this process, which became the focus
         Twelfth Bishop of Virginia                                                        for the retreat’s work. For each objec-
                                                 Residents the Rev. Jared Cramer and
      The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston                                                        tive, we identified resources needed,
                                                 the Rev. Kim Seidman. We were
            Bishop Coadjutor
                                                 delighted to welcome Nancy Knapp,         appropriate timing, and what further
      The Rt. Rev. David Colin Jones                                                       information would be needed before
            Bishop Suffragan
                                                 chair of the Strategic Planning Com-
                                                 mittee, who provided a review of the      next steps could be taken. Looking
                  Vestry                                                                   forward 10 years, each objective was
        Rawles Jones, Senior Warden
                                                 Committee’s findings, and we are very
        Liz Rudolph, Junior Warden               grateful to the Rev. Matthew Hani-        identified as short-term, mid-range or
            Jim Totten, Treasurer                sian, who served as our facilitator.      long-term. In our strategic plan, these
            Janet Beckmann, Jeff                   Context for the day was set with        objectives will form a blueprint for
  Dienno, Paula Dubberly, Rodney Fisher,                                                   action.
        Russell George, Elaine Ho,
                                                 the reminder that we are part of a
     Laura Humphrey, Bob Thomson,                greater world, and that the challenges      We are deeply grateful for the myr-
       Joe Walsh, Brian Wommack                  and opportunities in our future will      iad gifts of the Christ Church com-
                                                 inevitably be impacted by global forc-    munity. Your clergy and vestry will
                 Clergy                                                                    continue, with God’s help and your
                                                 es. Our effectiveness in responding
   The Rev. Pierce W. Klemmt, Rector             to God’s call to serve requires both      support and input, to bring plans for
 The Rev. Ann Gillespie, Associate Rector        careful planning and agility, using all   our life and ministry into clearer focus
      for Worship & Pastoral Care                                                          over the coming months.
                                                 available information while remain-
          The Rev. Erika Takacs
           Associate Rector for
      Faith Formation & Evangelism                Music Ministry Reaches Out            interested in nurturing this partner-
       The Rev. Dr. Jean Milliken,                 to Mount Vernon School               ship. Possibilities include offering af-
        Director of Foundations for                                                     ter-school activities for the children;
           Spiritual Leadership                   Transforming lives one note at a time finding ways to support the teachers,
      The Rev. Dr. Diane G. Murphy,              By Kris Amundson                       who go above and beyond to provide
             Priest Associate

                                                 L   ast Christmas, Christ Church       for their students; and even the pos-
              M. Jason Abel,
             Director of Music                       dedicated the offering at Lessons  sibility of bringing Scouting to Mount
                                                 & Carols to the music program at       Vernon Woods.
                Clergy Residents                 Mount Vernon Woods Elementary
   As a teaching congregation, Christ Church
  offers experience in ministry and mentoring,
        as well as support by its members
                                                 School, a high-poverty school on the
                                                 Route One corridor.
                                                   Out of that initial gift has grown
                                                                                            R   ejoice is a Christ Church pub-
                                                                                                lication. Carol Donlan gives
                                                                                           her time and talent to edit Rejoice,
       in developing the spiritual leadership
                of these residents:              a relationship with the teachers and      Craig Keith provides design and
            The Rev. Jared Cramer                the administration of the school. This    layout and Linda Dienno is the
             The Rev. Nick Myers                 year, we want to expand that partner-     staff liaison.
            The Rev. Justi Schunior              ship into a strong relationship that        Rejoice is published monthly. The
            The Rev. Kim Seidman                 will benefit both the students in the     Rejoice deadline is the third of the
       Christ Church embodies God’s              school and Christ Church.                 month preceding the publication.
  unbounded love by embracing, liberating,         On August 9 between the 9:00 and          Please send proposed articles to
   and empowering people, whoever they           the 11:15 am services, join school Those ac-
  are and wherever they find themselves on       Principal Marie Lemmon, Director of       cepted are subject to editing for
           their journeys of faith.
                                                 Music Jason Abel, and others who are      length and content.

Page 2 ✠ Rejoice ✠ August 2009
 Reading John Updike Over the Summer                                                        Gift Shop Offers a
By the Rev. Pierce Klemmt
                                                     Anthony Trollope, skilled in
                                                     bringing the best light to the         Book-and-Author
T    his summer I have
     been memorializing an
author who has given me
                                                     social and cultural contexts
                                                     that we struggle with: big is-
                                                                                              Gathering on
and the Episcopal Church
                                                     sues usually on a small stage.
                                                     Perhaps the reason we get so
                                                                                                August 30
some of its finest offerings.
                                                     engulfed in summer reading
John Updike, who died in                                                                  By Kathy Moore
                                                     is because we are reading
January, was the chronicler

                                                     about ourselves in the lives               hrist Church Gift Shop volun-
of Episcopal theological
                                           of others, vicariously helping our-                  teers invite you to a gathering
enclaves where faith and temptation,
                                           selves sort out our own struggles and          with some very creative people at
forgiveness and transgression, money
                                           find paths to health and fulfillment.          10:15 am, Sunday August 30 in the
and power, humor and tragedy met in
                                             John Updike’s success as a writer is         Meade Room.
all the sordid and redeeming details
                                           a vanishing art. Like E. B White, he             Authors Charlotte Hays and Barney
of small town America.
                                           could make a living just from fashion-         Nolan will discuss their books. Char-
  His finely polished novels and
                                           ing a sentence, and every sentence             lotte is author of Being Dead is No
exquisite short stories and poems
                                           was worth reading, if for no other             Excuse. Her most recent book is Some
explored the virtues, vices, and spent
                                           reason than noticing the literary              Day You’ll Thank Me for This. Barney
hopes of suburban life for five decades.
                                           masterpiece of its ecology of words.           is the author of Isiah’s Eagles Rising.
He peered into bedrooms and unquiet
                                           He never had to sell himself or criti-         His recent book is Wild Blue Murder.
minds, exposing our fears, troubles,
                                           cize others. The writing life seemed             Also on hand will be Andrew Bods-
and the angst of our decisions. His
                                           a higher calling and exemplary for             ford, a digital artist, whose lovely pic-
writing mirrored America’s journey
                                           anyone with career stagnation. Every           tures of Christ Church are available
from post-war optimism to the dim-
                                           morning, he got up uncomplaining               for sale in the Gift Shop. Barney and
ming realities of the new century.
                                           and went to his desk with joyful in-           Charlotte will autograph their books
  As a writer, he drew back the
                                           dustriousness. In time, he found faith         and Andrew will describe his tech-
curtains of a big picture window in
                                           in his own work and satisfaction in            nique and sign his photos.
middle America and gave, in his own
                                           leaving us page after page of exam-              Gift Shop food items will be avail-
words, the “mundane its beautiful
                                           ined lives worth reading, scripture in         able for sampling.
due” by memorializing the everyday
                                           a modern key.
mysteries of love and faith and do-
mesticity with extraordinary nuance
and precision. His stories of falling
from grace, waning power struggles,
and business downturns with small
town characters was representative
of American life and an index to hu-
man nature’s propensity for doubt,
narcissism, and self-immolation.
Capturing Stendhal’s classic defini-
tion of a novel as “a mirror that
strolls along the highway, reflect-
ing both the blue of the skies and
the mud puddles under foot,” his
stories made much conversation for
churchgoers examining their own
moral dilemmas that hid in Updike’s
characters caught on the margins of
changing morality.                         The Rev. Pierce Klemmt offered the invocation and benediction at the July 1 Alexandria
                                           Council members’ installation at T.C. Williams High School. Mayor Bill Euille invited Pierce
  John Updike became America’s
                                           to participate.

                                                                                                   Rejoice ✠ August 2009      ✠ Page 3
     Jean Milliken to RetiRe afteR MentoRing ouR CleRgy Residents
Dear Friends,                                                                                                ing this congregation’s call to be a

H     aving served the Episcopal
      Church in the Dioceses of At-
lanta, Virginia, and Washington,
                                                                                                             teaching congregation for new clergy.
                                                                                                             Many of you have mentored me and
                                                                                                             served the needs of the program by
DC for 31 years, it is time for me to                                                                        serving on the steering committee,
retire. I anticipate the fourth quarter                                                                      writing proposals, serving on mutual
of my life with wonder and curiosity                                                                         ministry teams and interview com-
about what will be next. As I wake                                                                           mittees, hosting candidates during
up each day to an open schedule, be-       SHANNON FINNEY PHOTO
                                                                                                             the interview process, teaching semi-
ing free to do what makes my heart                                                                           nars, and pledging financial support
sing. I expect that I will be caring for                                                                     to sustain the program. Blessings on
grandchildren, traveling with my hus-                                                                        each of you as you continue in the
band, tending the garden, cleaning                                                                           role of mentor, offering your profes-
and maintaining our home, serving                                                                            sional and life experience to the
on political campaigns, seeing couples                                                                       residents formally and informally, and
for pre-marital preparation or couples                            clergy and to assist them in laying
                                                                                                             helping to sustain the next phase of
counseling, delving more deeply into                              the foundation for a healthy start in
                                                                                                             the program.
the use of therapeutic essential oils                             ordained ministry. I am grateful to
                                                                                                                My last Sunday with you will be
for physical and emotional healing,                               each of them who have offered their
                                                                                                             September 27. Some of you have al-
offering spiritual direction and do-                              gifts and experience so generously to
                                                                                                             ready entered the fourth quarter of life
ing things I haven’t even imagined                                the people of Christ Church and the
                                                                                                             and know something about navigat-
yet. That is where the Spirit comes                               wider Alexandria community, and for
                                                                                                             ing it. I value your wisdom and expe-
into the picture most powerfully and                              having approached their work with
                                                                                                             rience as mentors in this new phase of
creatively, to be my companion and                                me with curiosity, a teachable spirit,
                                                                                                             life so please feel free to share it with
guide.                                                            and an open heart.
  What a joy it has been to be able                                 I am grateful, too, for the opportu-
                                                                                                                Peace and Blessings,
to recruit and mentor the new young                               nity to have been a part of support-
                                                                                                                           The Rev. Dr. Jean Milliken

FSL Planning Grant                                                  We have retained the Rev. Martha         fully pledged $436,673 to match a grant
continued from page 1
                                                                  Horne, past President and Dean of          from Lilly. Our promise was to deliver
                                                                  Virginia Theological Seminary and          a sustaining model for this powerful
vincingly swept through professional                              former Christ Church Clergy Associ-        and nationally recognized program
schools, realigning scholarly teaching                            ate, to help us imagine such a future.     for clergy education. We will submit a
with practical experience and skilled                             The Lilly Endowment has awarded            grant proposal for this new pilot project
mentors. Our Clergy Resident program                              us a planning grant to facilitate this     to Lilly in September asking Lilly to
was designed to take newly gradu-                                 project and indicated partial sustain-     once again match the funding, giving
ated, freshly ordained seminarians and                            ing support once we transition into        approximately $1.2 of the $2.4 million
provide a two-year, full immersion,                               the next iteration of the Clergy Resi-     dollars needed to continue.
mentor-rich residency. Over the past                              dent program. The next phase would           Where will the remaining $1.2 mil-
ten years, we have come to understand                             include broader participation from         lion come from? We have approxi-
that this model of learning would                                 several congregations in the Dioceses      mately two years to search through
be enhanced if we could provide the                               of Virginia, Maryland, and the Dis-        other grant agencies, seminaries, local
setting for practical ministry even                               trict of Columbia.                         dioceses, foundations, and individuals
earlier—in the classroom at seminary.                               The FSL program, with our cur-           to fulfill the matching grant.
The program we now have could be                                  rent residents—Jared, Kim, Nick and          Our Presiding Bishop has already
altered to accept students while they                             Justi—will end in 2011, and the new        promised support. It is my hope that
are in seminary, and follow them                                  program accepting seminary students        you too will join in the exciting next
through graduation, ordination, and                               would follow.                              phase of what has already been such a
post-graduation residency.                                          Just one year ago, our church success-   rewarding program.

Page 4 ✠ Rejoice ✠ August 2009
        Legacy Gifts Help Transform Lives & Preserve the Parish
By Stetson Tinkham,                                                                       most Americans do not feel the
Christ Church Foundation President                                                        need to prepare a will until they are

T    he Trustees of the Christ Church
     Foundation welcomed members
of the Christ Church Foundation
                                                                                          threatened by illness or other stress-
                                                                                          ful circumstances.) You can designate
                                                                                          a specific amount or a percentage of
Society to a reception at the home of                                                     an estate to be paid to Christ Church
Bill Babcock and Mary Ann Roberts                                                         after other commitments set down in
on the evening of June 26. Society                                                        the will are met.
members have given gifts totaling                                                           When you support the Christ
at least $500 or have informed the                                                        Church Foundation, you join the
Foundation that they have included                                                        ranks of those who since colonial
Christ Church in their wills.                                                             times have been stewards of this re-
  Within the past few months, this                                                        markable parish. Our buildings and
ministry has borne fruit for the future                                                   grounds are cherished resources, not
of the parish. The Foundation has                                                         only for their beauty and historic
received recent bequests from the                                                         significance, but for what they allow
estates of two families—the Fowlers                                                       our parish to accomplish in Christ’s
and the Hilliards. Both of these gifts                                                    name. Because of the Fowler fam-
demonstrate how Christ Church has                                                         ily’s gift, we are able to offer all the
sustained itself since 1773.                                                              education and outreach ministries
  Each year the Foundation provides                                                       in Fowler House. The gift was large
funds for the maintenance of our           Pictured clockwise from top are Foundation     and enabled the parish to grow in
historic campus. To some, talk about       Trustees Stetson Tinkham, President; Anne      ways we could not have imagined.
a foundation might suggest that the        Shine; Nancy Carson; Ted Ellett; Steve Vajs;   Remarkably, the recent bequest from
Parish has a substantial endowment.        and Jack Wilmer.                               the Hilliard family arrived just as the
For the record, our assets have never                                                     Foundation’s Trustees were concerned
exceeded $5 million.                       bequests mean that our financial posi-         that diminished income would cause
  In 2008, the Foundation contribut-       tion is much healthier than it would           us to cut our annual contributions to
ed $250,000 to the upkeep of the par-      have been without them.                        the parish. Helen Hilliard’s gift was
ish. This allowed the regular annual         Your Christ Church Foundation                indeed a godsend.
budget to be spent for the ministry        trustees encourage you to become                 Now it is your turn. Who knows
and mission of the church. In 2009,        good stewards of your financial re-            what remarkable things your bequest
the economic downturn reduced the          sources. For the longterm, the first           will do for the next generation at
assets of the foundation. The recent       step is to have a will. (Unfortunately,        Christ Church?

Don’t Count                                ing; those that when shared, multiply.         annual rate of return of eight percent.
the Multitude,                               Through life’s blessings and powers          Diversified growth and income port-
Count the Loaves                           and the understanding of the universal         folios invested for this length of time,
                                           law of life—to share in order to build—        and through the most difficult year of
By Mary Ann Roberts
                                           consider how a bequest to Christ               2008, have still maintained an eight
Former Christ Church Foundation Trustee
                                           Church would multiply.                         percent return and more.

A     multitude of needs, a multitude of
      missions, a multitude to feed, to
clothe, to shelter, and to help…
                                             A $250,000 bequest to preserve this
                                           historic place for the future generation
                                           of multitudes will increase the loaves
                                                                                             The vision of such a gift or bequest
                                                                                          is limitless; the ways and means such a
                                                                                          gift provide the community is power-
  Loaves rise from the power of one’s      sufficiently to feed the needs. Invested       ful. We measure our powers for tomor-
personal resources and compound            conservatively such a gift made in             row not our problems of today . . . and
through the gift of time and one’s shar-   1959, without additional contributions         we are changed.
ing. Our most valuable resources are       or withdrawals, would have grown                  As Jesus so aptly asked; “How many
those that can be shared without lessen-   into $11,725,403 today at an average           loaves have ye?”

                                                                                                  Rejoice ✠ August 2009   ✠ Page 5
                                                                                  ly Laird Downs Professor of the New
                                        Meade Memorial                            Testament at VTS.
      Rites of Passage                  continued from page 1
                                                                                  • Friday, September 18, 7:00–
   BaptisMs                                                                       11:00 pM: Young people are invited
                                        sion and to do it in partnership with
   Jay William Atkinson, son of         Christ Church. It is a reminder of the    to dance for Christ to the sounds of a
      Jay & Laura Atkinson              road to growth, setbacks, growth, and     disk jockey in Meade’s Parish Hall.
   Madeline Ashley Bozarth,             more setbacks. In this celebration we     • Saturday, September 19, 3:00
      daughter of Howard &              recall, we write down the revelation      –7:00 pM: Fort Ward Park (4301
      Stephanie Bozarth                 and make it plain on tablet, so that      West Braddock Road) Meade Memo-
   Ian Robinson Crowley, son of         a herald may run with it. (Habakkuk       rial family, friends, and the general
      Christopher & Jilinda Crowley     2:2). The celebration offers hope,        public will celebrate with a picnic.
   James Ramsey Davis III, son of       opens a new horizon, and ushers in a
                                        new era for renewed ministry.”            • Sunday, September 20, 5:00 pM:
      James & Kimberly Davis
                                        Commemoration activities include:         A joint festival worship service will
   Bennett Low Sorrells, son of                                                   begin at Christ Church with the Rt.
      Christopher & Jennifer Sorrells   • Sunday, September 13, 10:00 aM:         Rev. David C. Jones as celebrant and
                                        Eucharist at Meade Memorial fol-          will conclude at Meade Memorial
   Weddings                             lowed by a 4:00 pm jazz concert fea-      Episcopal Church. Service partici-
   Virginia Lynne Wichern & James       turing nationally renowned pianist,       pants, led by Civil War re-enactors
      Francis Martin (4/18/09)          Dick Morgan, at The Lyceum (201           in costume, will process to Meade
   Julie Christine Hood & Timothy       South Washington Street).                 Memorial. A plaque will be placed to
      George McMorrow (5/2/09)          • Thursday, September 17, 10:00           honor the vision, sacrifice, and com-
   Amy Lizabeth Lorenzini &             aM: Thanksgiving service at Meade         mitment of the African-American
      William Christopher Wren          Memorial with guest speaker, the          Christ Church members who trans-
      (5/9/09)                          Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Lewis, Jr., the Mol-    ferred their memberships to Meade
   Adrienne Gaston Cole & Jeffery                                                 Memorial.
      Brian Locke (5/16/09)                                                         Immediately following the service
   Margaret Ann Thomson Reed &                                                    there will be a cocktail party, silent
      Thomas Reid Millar (5/23/09)                                                auction and a lecture program featur-
   Katherine Susannah Strong &                                                    ing four local historians who will dis-
      Philip John Hayes (5/30/09)                                                 cuss aspects of Meade’s history.
   Margaret Anna Fenn & Henry
      Thomas Watson (6/13/09)
   Julie Richardson Wilmer &                          Meet the Pews, Meet the Priest
      Matthew James Zahn (6/20/09)
                                                      Offers an After-Sermon Dialogue
   Joyce Blair                          By the Rev. Kim Seidman                   been overwhelmingly positive from
   Margaret K. Crook
   William Proctor Jones
   Frank Norton
                                        H     ave you ever wanted to talk back
                                              to the preacher? Now is your
                                                                                  both the clergy and the congregation.
                                                                                    On August 16 and 23 we will offer
                                                                                  Meet the Pews, Meet the Priest dur-
   Bill Painter                           Meet the Pews, Meet the Priest is our   ing our regular 10:15 am adult faith
   John Roark                           latest adult faith formation offering.    formation hour in the Meade Room,
   Dorothy Swindler                     Born of the 8:00 am congregation’s        giving the 9:00 am congregation an
                                        desire to engage our preachers about      opportunity to engage with their
   Rodney Underwood
                                                                                  preacher. The Rev. Jared Cramer will

                                        their sermon, on the first Sunday of
                                        the month the 8:00 am preacher joins      preach at 9:00 am and host the con-
                                        the coffee hour in the library imme-      versation on August 16 and the Rev.
                                        diately following the service for an      Nick Myers, first year Clergy Resi-
                                        extended theological conversation.        dent, on August 23.
                                        Response to the 8:00 am sessions has        Come join us.

Page 6 ✠ Rejoice ✠ August 2009
Crocodile Dock Rocks
at Vacation Bible School
M     ore than 60 children rocked
      Crocodile Dock during July’s
Vacation Bible School. The church-
yard and Fowler House really came
alive under Ellen Colehower’s co-
ordination of a wonderful week of                                                         Griffin and O
                                                                                                         wen Barbeau
prayer, fun, and activities. From a                                                       brotherly love.            show their
huge thumbs up to a wide grin, these
pictures tell the VBS story.

                                            Tenney Shaughnessy lost a tooth, tie-dyed a
                                            shirt AND found this great hat at VBS this    David Thomson was our resident VBS
                                            year.                                         scientist again this year, teaching lessons—
                                                                                          which made connections to the daily mes-
Eleanor Lynch and Elizabeth Powell sing                                                   sage—to all 60 kids
He’s Got the Whole World during the
daily opening in Fowler House.

                  ves this year’s   VBS a
 Robert Powell gi
 big thumbs up.                                                                            Charlotte Cox and Jack Bacon sing The
                                                                                           Butterfly Song.
                                            Devin Matthews and Emily Hylton give Ka-
                                            tie Patrick a cool animal tatoo on Creation
                                            Day Two.

                                                                                                   Rejoice ✠ August 2009       ✠ Page 7
                                                                                                                      Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                      Merrifield, VA
118 North Washington St.                                                                                              Permit # 6416
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

             COuntdOwn tO sunday sCHOOl                                                                  Worship Schedule
             Parents & Teachers for all Grades Pre-K Through Seven                                                Sunday
                                                                                                          8:00 am Holy Communion
                              Save These Dates
                                                                                                       9:00 am Holy Communion with
                  Clean Sweep: All are needed to help make                                                     Sermon & Choir
                   our rooms ready for the new school year.                                           11:15 am Holy Communion with
                  Bring the whole family and come lend a hand:                                              Sermon & Choir except
                           Saturday, September 12                                                  Morning Prayer with Sermon & Choir
                                                                                                     on the last Sunday of each month
                              9:30 am to 12 NooN
                                                                                                   5:00 pm Holy Communion for Healing
         Open House: Take a walk through the classrooms, introduce                                         with Laying on of Hands
            children and teachers and register for Sunday school.                                          (except for first Sundays
                                                                                                            October through June)
              Sunday, September 13, 10:15 am to 11:00 am                                                Choral Evensong (first Sundays
            Teacher Meeting for all teachers, new and returning:                                            October through June)
               Saturday, September 19, 9:30 am to 12 NooN                                                       Wednesday
                                                                                                        in the Chapel (Parish House)
      Sunday School Begins: September 20, 10:15 am to 11:00 am                                     7:15 am Holy Communion, Wednesday
               For more information, contact the Rev. Erika Takacs                                    12:05 pm Holy Communion & the
                                                                                                       Laying on of Hands for Healing

In thanksgiving for God’s
                                                 Come Share the Journey                               ❏VISA ❏MC ❏AmEx ❏Discover
                                                      Invitation to Generosity 2009                   __________________________________
blessings and desiring to return a                                                                    Name on card
                                      ❏ Mr. & Mrs. ❏ Mr. ❏ Mrs. ❏ Ms.
proportionate share, I/we intend
to support this parish and the        Name______________________________________________              __________________________________
                                                                                                      Account Number
diocese, our work at home and         Address_____________________________________________
throughout the world, as                                                                              __________________________________
                                      ___________________________________________________             Expiration date
                                                                                                      $_________ to be charged per month for
❏ per week $_________                 Office Phone________________________________________
                                                                                                     a total of $_________ per year. Credit cards
                                      Signature__________________________ Date_____________          will be charged on the 15th of the month
❏ per month $_________                Email_______________________________________________ or the next business day.
❏ per quarter $_________              Office Email________________________________________
                                                       Do you have automatic payroll deposit?
❏ per year $_________                                  Would you like to have your pledge payment FOR OFFICE USE:
                                                       automatically deducted? If so, please contact Date received_______________________
❏ I would like information about                       the Controller at ext. 114.                   Family number______________________
including Christ Church in my will.                    118 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314 Envelope number____________________
                                                       Phone: 703-549-1450, Fax: 703-549-5883

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