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					Texas Rising
                                                                                                       September/October 2008

           Susan Combs Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts   • Partnering with local governments to solve important issues.

3   Lufkin powers up
    with biomass plant

                            T Grand Canyon
    Partnership helps
    Burnet resort fly

                          Postcard scenery and soaring revenues make this park grand.
                          by Tracey Lamphere
                          With its breathtaking views and natural beauty, the Panhandle’s Palo Duro Canyon
5   How to promote
    the great outdoors    State Park is among Texas’ most-visited destinations.
                             Recently acquired land for new trails, a moun-         Myriad organizations support and promote the
                          tain bike rally and hot air balloon events have        “Grand Canyon of Texas” that measures 120 miles
                          ramped up the park’s activity offerings. The           long by 20 miles at its widest point.
                          second-largest canyon in the United States, Palo          Canyon, the city nearest to Palo Duro Canyon
                          Duro offers perks its Arizona counterpart can’t.       and the state park, and its chamber of commerce
                             “It’s better than the Grand Canyon because you      coordinate special events year-round to bring
7   Links to recreation
    grant programs
                          don’t have to take a mule down to the bottom,”
                          says Maggie Johnson, founder of the Partners in
                                                                                 visitors to the city and the park.
                                                                                    Palo Duro Canyon offers pageantry with its
                          Palo Duro Canyon Foundation. “You can ride             annual “TEXAS” musical drama. Attendance in
                          comfortably in your air-conditioned car.”              2007 was up more than 28 percent and revenues
                             Johnson manages the foundation’s gift shop at       rose 44 percent, according to the Texas Panhandle
                          Palo Duro Canyon State Park. All proceeds are          Heritage Foundation Inc. (TPHF), the nonprofit
                          used to buy equipment and supplies for the park.       producer of “TEXAS.” Support from TPHF
                          The foundation, along with entry ticket sales, has     members helps maintain and improve the Pioneer
8   Texas named best
    for business          helped support the park for the past 14 years.
                            Palo Duro Canyon
                                                                                 Amphitheater where the musical is held. The
                                                                                                                 continued on page 6
  Texas Rising
  September/October 2008
    Texas Rising is one of the ways the
    Comptroller’s office strives to assist
    taxpayers and the people of Texas.
    The newsletter is a by-product of the
                                                                             From Comptroller Susan Combs
    Comptroller’s constitutional responsibilities
    to monitor the state’s economy and to
    estimate state government revenues.
    Articles and analysis appearing in Texas                           Texas is blessed with a wealth of beautiful state parks offering
    Rising do not necessarily represent the policy
    or endorsement of the Texas Comptroller of
                                                                    rich recreational opportunities for both citizens and tourists alike.
    Public Accounts. Space is devoted to a wide                     Our state parks also have a tremendous economic impact on both
    variety of topics of Texas interest and general
    government concern.                                             their surrounding communities and the Texas economy.
    STAFF                                                              As your strategic partner for local government management, the
    Delane Caesar
    Director of Public Outreach and Strategies                      Comptroller’s office is pleased to present this issue of Texas Rising,
    Creative Directors                                              which offers valuable resources and tips on funding, developing
    Beth Hallmark and Dan Lynch
    Editorial Team Leader                                           and promoting your community’s state parks and recreational
    Karl Wolfshohl                                                  offerings.
    Karen Hudgins                                                      In this issue, we travel to Texas’ own grand canyon, the vast Palo Duro Canyon.
    Staff Writers
    Michael Castellon, Russell Gallahan, Tracey
                                                                    Ranked among the state’s most visited destinations, Palo Duro Canyon and its annual
    Lamphere, Clint Shields                                         “TEXAS” musical drama bring an economic impact of more than $30 million each
    and Bruce Wright
    Graphics Director                                               season to the Panhandle area. We share how the nonprofit Texas Panhandle Heritage
    Dwain Osborne
                                                                    Foundation has partnered with Palo Duro Canyon State Park to help support park
    Graphics, Layout and Photography
    Tyra Peterson, Jo Ann Reyes                                     infrastructure and promote the “TEXAS” musical.
    and Barbara Schlief
    Photos                                                             We also visit the Hill Country’s Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park and Lodge, a
    Cover: Connie Taylor Real Estate, Canyon Texas
    Page Five: Rod Gardner
                                                                    successful partnership between the Lower Colorado River Authority and private
    Page Six: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department                   investors that has yielded a popular destination for both outdoor adventurers and indoor
    and Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation
    Page Seven: Westcave Preserve                                   enthusiasts.
                                                                       We spotlight the Central Texas Hills and Rivers Region, a nonprofit group that
    Comptroller field offices are located in                        promotes the lush parks and outdoor recreational offerings of its member counties of
    Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin,
    Beaumont, Brownsville, Bryan, Corpus
                                                                    McCulloch, Menard, Kimble and Concho. We share information on local and state
    Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth,                           resources grants that local government leaders can pursue to fund recreation projects in
    Houston, Laredo, Longview, Lubbock,
    Lufkin, McAllen, Odessa, San Angelo, San                        their communities.
    Antonio, Sherman, Belton, Killeen, Tyler,
    Victoria, Waco and Wichita Falls, as well as                      When it comes to economic development, creating jobs and generating new levels of
    Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Tulsa.
                                                                                                        prosperity, local governments in Texas are focused
    Toll-free telephone line: (800) 531-5441,                                                                   on rising to the occasion every time.
    ext. 3-3116; in Austin, 463-3116.
    Window on State Government is
    on the World Wide Web at Online
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    services, programs or activities.
    In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act,
    this document may be requested in alternative formats.
    Contact the Public Outreach and Strategies Division at
    (512) 463-4900 or (800) 531-5441, ext. 3-4900 (VOICE),
    (512) 463-4226 (FAX), or visit the LBJ State Office Building,
    111 E. 17th St., Room 311, Austin, Texas.
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    Publication #96-1260,
    September/October 2008

2 Texas Rising September/October 2008                                                                                                
Tell Us Your Story!                                             We want to hear about your town’s economic development accomplishments. Whether you’ve
                                                                landed a new employer or you’ve partnered with a university to train tomorrow’s work force,
E-mail us at                      please tell us the unique solutions you’re using to create success in your community every day.

Businesses and industries are expanding their operations and building new facilities
throughout Texas. Here is a sampling of recently announced expansions, tracked
by the Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism Division.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Number of New
          City            Business Name                         Type of Business                                    Type of Expansion/Type of Job                                  Employees

 Port Arthur          Valero                        Owns and operates oil refineries and retail and   Company will invest $2.4 billion in the Port Arthur Refinery, adding            2,000
                                                    branded wholesale outlets.                        2,000 construction jobs. The expansion, to be completed in 2011, will
                                                                                                      increase production from 325,000 to 405,000 barrels per day.
 El Paso              El Paso Electric              Generates and distributes electricity to          The $217 million addition to the Newman Power Generating Station                200
                                                    approximately 344,000 customers in the Rio        will create construction jobs. Facility will be fully operational in May
                                                    Grande Valley and southern New Mexico.            2011 and will provide electricity to power about 200,000 homes.
 Lufkin               Aspen Power LLC               Power and telecommunication sales with            Company will build $100 million renewable energy plant on a 67-acre             160
                                                    offices in Denver, Colo. and Phoenix, Ariz.       tract in North Lufkin. Aspen Power and its affiliate, Angelina Fuels
                                                                                                      LLC, anticipate employing 160 people.
 Waco                 Caterpillar                   Makes construction and mining equipment,          New 750,000-square-foot distribution center will pursue a “green”              140-180
                                                    diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial    designation; will be completed next year.
                                                    gas turbines.
 Marble Falls         Lowe’s                        Operates more than 1,575 home improvement         94,000-square-foot store is under construction and represents a $12           Up to 120
                                                    stores in the United States and Canada.           million investment in the community.
 Fort Worth           Health Care Service Corp.     Fourth-largest health insurer in the              Construction has begun on $232.5 million, 250,000-square-foot data              100
                                                    United States.                                    center, which will handle expected growth in members and services.
 Bryan                Texas A&M University          Research-intensive flagship university.           New Texas A&M Health Science Center campus will be built on a                   N/A
                                                                                                      $6 million, 200-acre tract donated to the A&M system by the city
                                                                                                      of Bryan.
 Sources: Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism Division; Texas A&M University’s Real Estate Center

 For more information, visit the Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism Division at or the Texas A&M Real Estate Center at

    Texas State Parks: Natural Economic Assets
    A new report by the Comptroller’s office provides an in-depth look at the economic benefits of Texas state parks.
    The report, Texas State Parks: Natural Economic Assets, examines the economic impact of state parks. Each county with a
    state park averages almost $3 million in retail sales, $1.5 million in resident income and 59 jobs attributable to park
    visitors. Rural state parks provide the counties in which they are located approximately 90 jobs out of every 10,000,
    attributable to park-related expenditures. Out-of-state visitors to Texas parks contribute $15.7 million in gross
    state product, $7.9 million in personal income and 288 new jobs to the Texas economy each year.
    In researching the report, Comptroller staff visited state parks around the state, talked with local
    economic development and tourism officials, studied retail sales and other data and pored over
    recent economic analyses. The report demonstrates the favorable impact that the state parks
    have on the Texas economy and the positive returns the state receives on its financial
    investments to operate, maintain and preserve these parks.
    View the report at or call the Comptroller’s office
    at (800) 531-5441, ext. 5-0332, to request a free copy.                                                                                                                              September/October 2008 Texas Rising                  3
                                         by Tracey Lamphere

  Local Government
  Tools that Made
  the Difference
                                         Where Eagles Fly
 Canyon of the Eagles                    Public-private partnership drives visitors to Hill Country park.
When it comes to bring-
ing private partnerships                    A partnership between the Lower Colorado        Eagles Ltd. of San Antonio to fund the $6
to public recreation,
Jeff Singleton, the
                                         River Authority (LCRA) and private investors       million lodge, which occupies 45 acres of the
LCRA’s senior project                    has yielded a Hill Country destination that        park with 16 cottages and 64 lodge rooms.
manager for public/private               appeals to outdoor adventurers and indoor             The LCRA also recruited Vanishing Texas
initiatives, says attracting quality
                                         enthusiasts alike.                                 River Cruises and Lake Buchanan River
partners is key to success.
“We create the right product in
                                            Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park and            Adventures to give visitors additional recre-
the types of parks we build. We          Lodge, located west of Burnet on the shores of     ational options, says Jeff Singleton, the LCRA’s
build a quality park facility that       Lake Buchanan, is a thriving joint effort          senior project manager for public/private
private interests find attractive.” In
                                         between the LCRA and private investment            initiatives. Daily and seasonal cruises attract up
maintaining those relationships,
“have it all in writing in a good,       group Canyon of the Eagles Ltd. It attracts an     to 90 passengers at a time.
solid contractual agreement              estimated 40,000 visitors annually, up from           Tent camping and RV parking are avail-
clearly stating the responsibilities
                                         5,000 in 1999, its first year of operation.        able, and the lodge has air conditioning and
of each party,” Singleton says.
                                            As part of its development of the Colorado      hot showers. Presidian, a San Antonio-based
For resources on maximizing your
community’s recreational                 River Trail, in 1993 the LCRA purchased 940        hotel management company, operates the
offerings to drive                       acres of ranchland, including a site for the       facility, which is equipped to host corporate
economic devel-
                                         park. Aside from its river access, the Canyon of   meetings and special events. Despite the
opment, contact
the Comptrol-                             the Eagles Park area is home to rarities such          amenities, the lodge has one deliberate
ler’s Local                                  as bald eagles and golden-cheeked                    omission: The guest rooms don’t have
Government                                           warblers. LCRA selected                      televisions.
Assistance and
Economic Devel-                                         Canyon of the                                 “It gives you a chance to slow your pace
opment Division                                                                                 down and put your BlackBerry away,” says
at (800) 531-5441, ex.                                                                       David Whatley, park superintendent.
3-4679, or visit the Web
site at                                                                    The Canyon of the Eagles Lodge has grown
                                                                                                                        as a popular family
 A Spreading
 Concept                                                                                                                vacation destination.
                                                                                                                            “People go up there
LCRA officials say they hope
these types of parks will help                                                                                          and have a great time.
people reconnect to nature with-                                                                                        It’s really well-suited
out necessarily roughing it. Since                                                                                      for the family,” says
Canyon of the Eagles, the LCRA
has incorporated the lodge con-                                                                                         Steve Dutton,
cept in its other Colorado River                                                                                        partnership manager
Trail parks. The LCRA operates                                                                                          for Canyon of the
12 developed parks in addition
to several recreational areas and                                                                                       Eagles Ltd.
river access points. For instance,                                                                                          For more informa-
the McKinney Roughs Nature                                                                                              tion about Canyon of
Park between Austin and Bastrop
includes a Hill Country Hyatt
                                                                                                                        the Eagles Nature
adjacent to the park site. Plans                                                                                        Park and Lodge visit
are also in the works to develop          Jeff Singleton, LCRA senior project manager,                                  www.canyonoftheea-
a lodge at the Matagorda Bay              at Canyon of the Eagles: “We create the right
Nature Park.                              product in the types of parks we build.”

4 Texas Rising September/October 2008                                                                           
 by Karen Hudgins

A River Runs Through It                                                                                Local Government
                                                                                                       Steps for Success

Rural counties partner to tout recreational offerings.
Hunting has long been a boon to tourism for McCulloch, Menard, Kimble
and Concho counties in Central Texas.

   County leaders and landowners appreciate       CTHRR’s help, the public relations firm
the big influx and economic impact of hunters     coordinated three media tours in 2005 and
each year. But a few years ago they decided       2006. Farris says the tours cost about $150,000      Lynn Farris
they could do a better job of promoting the       total to organize and brought in travel writers       Lynn Farris, president of the Cen-
region’s other outdoor offerings.                 from around the state and nation. The tours           tral Texas Hills and Rivers Region
                                                                                                        (CTHRR), says that in deciding
   In 2005, the nonprofit Central Texas Hills     led to coverage in publications ranging from          to hire a public relations firm to
and Rivers Region (CTHRR) formed to               Texas Highways, Texas Parks and Wildlife              market the region’s recreational
encourage tourism in its member counties.         magazine, the Dallas Morning News, the                offerings, the group benefited
                                                                                                        from two realizations: “The rec-
   “Hunting is a large recreational opportunity   Midland Reporter-Telegram and Trailer Life.
                                                                                                        ognition by everybody that we
and very important to our area,” says Lynn           “We got a lot of coverage and it worked very       had something worth promot-
Farris, CTHRR’s president. “There are also a      well, and we’ve seen tangible benefits that it        ing, and that no individual coun-
                                                                                                        ty was able to do it themselves.
lot of folks who want to come out and sit on a    brought people to our area,” says Farris. “For
                                                                                                        “We couldn’t pay for it ourselves,
Texas ranch and listen to the birds sing.”        example, we’ve had visitors to the Heart of
                                                                                                        but we also couldn’t plan it and
   From kayaking along the shimmering San         Texas Country Music Museum in Brady who               manage it,” Farris continues.
Saba, to fly-fishing at South Llano River State   came specifically because of an article they’d        “We needed some professional
                                                                                                        help to do that. It really showed
Park, to viewing spectacular ancient Indian       seen in one of the publications.”
                                                                                                        that you can do a good job if
pictographs at Paint Rock in                                       The CTHRR will host its first        you work together. It was a clas-
Concho County, the area                                          nature photography competition         sic case of four or five counties
                                                                                                        working together to have a posi-
offers a wealth of outdoor                                        in spring 2009. The region also
                                                                                                        tive effect.”
options.                                                         promotes its multi-county bike
   In 2006, the CTHRR                                          race, the Tour de Forts. The 2009
hired Geiger & Associates, a                              race will take place May 23-24.
Florida-based public relations firm                         For more information on the
specializing in media marketing for                      CTHRR and the region’s upcoming
travel and tourism clients.                             events, visit TR
   “We initiated a
media marketing
tour program to
promote the coun-
ties, bring the media
in, let them see what
the areas look like and
focus on what we
believe would interest
tourists in the area,”
says Farris.
   With the                                                                        September/October 2008 Texas Rising         5
                                      Texas’ Grand Canyon
                                      continued from page 1

                                      production brings an economic impact of more
 Local Government                                                                                Canyon by Horseback
 Tools that Made                      than $30 million per season to the Panhandle
                                                                                                 Palo Duro Canyon State Park has about 10.5 miles of
 the Difference                       area, according to TPHF.
                                                                                                 trails, with one trail dedicated to horses, the Turn-
                                         In fiscal 2007, the park generated more than
 Palo Duro Canyon                                                                                around Equestrian Trail. Horses are also allowed on
                                      $1 million in revenues. The park is on track to            the Interconnecting Trail (about two miles round-
                                                                                                 trip) and the Lighthouse Trail (4.5 miles round-trip).
                                      exceed that amount in fiscal 2008, says Mary
                                                                                                 Visitors may bring their own horses or rent them
                                      Fields, chief financial officer for the Texas              from Old West Stables, where the guides are work-
                                      Parks and Wildlife Department.                             ing cowboys. Located in the park, Old West Stables
                                                                                                 offers tours that trace the rides of Brig. Gen. Ranald
                                         Palo Duro Canyon ranked as the 22nd most
                                                                                                 Mackenzie of the U.S. Cavalry and Col. Charles
Various organiza-                     popular attraction in Texas in 2006, according             Goodnight, Palo Duro Canyon’s first settler.
tions support Palo                    to information compiled by the Office of the               For more information, visit
Duro Canyon:                          Governor from a survey conducted by D.K.
• Improving in-                                                                                ment with the Texas Travel Industry
                                      Shifflet & Associates, Ltd. The canyon’s
frastructure. Since
1999, the Texas                       outdoor musical ranked 30th.                             Association.
Panhandle Heritage Founda-               Rising gas prices may keep more Texas                    “It’s probably going to make people recon-
tion Inc. (TPHF) has made $3.5        tourists in state this year to see local attractions     sider their plans,” he says. “They may not travel
million in improvements to the
Pioneer Amphitheatre, home to         such as Palo Duro Canyon, according to David             as far. They may look to reduce costs in other
the “TEXAS” musical drama. The        Teel, vice president of planning and develop-            ways. It’s a good thing for a lot of the smaller
nonprofit TPHF is the producer                                                                 communities in the state. We would anticipate
of the musical and supports and
maintains the Pioneer Amphithe-
                                                                                               that Texans would be traveling closer to home.”
atre. Individuals, businesses and                                                                 For more information on Palo Duro
others can join TPHF at annual                                                                 Canyon, read the Comptroller’s new report,
sponsorship levels ranging from
                                                                                               Texas State Parks: Natural Economic Assets, at
$20 to $5,000.
• Community outreach. In
                                                                                      or visit
2002, TEXAS Express formed as                                                         TR
an outreach arm of the TPHF.
The 12-member ensemble has
performed the “TEXAS” musical
drama at more than 50 events in                                                          Palo Duro Canyon offers pageantry
the Panhandle area.                                                                      with its annual TEXAS musical drama.

 Growing Revenues
Palo Duro Canyon State Park of-
ficials say the addition of more
spectator events such as a moun-
tain bike rally and trail runs have
boosted park attendance and rev-
enue. In 2008, more visitors from
Europe and Asia visited the park,
possibly due to the weaker U.S.
dollar. The typical visitor spends
three to four days at the park.

 Fiscal     Palo Duro Canyon
 Year       State Park Revenues
 2003             $675,786
 2004             $797,600
 2005             $736,722
 2006             $794,722
 2007           $1,000,131
Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife

6 Texas Rising September/October 2008                                                                                   
This month: resources for funding recreational development

Partnering for Impact
Cities can tap state and local grants for recreational development.

The Comptroller’s office empowers local                           funds may be used for a wide variety of recreational projects
governments and communities across the state                      including water parks, playgrounds, sport courts, ball fields
with the information and tools they need to                       and gardens.
                                                                     For more information, contact your city’s 4A or 4B Eco-
support economic development and create
                                                                  nomic Development Corporation at
new jobs for Texans. Look for our special                         edcr/EdcrSearch.jsp. TR
“Partnering for Impact” section in each edition,
featuring timely, important information and                                                                                        Students interact
tips for local governments and economic                                                                                          in programs at the
                                                                                                                                    Warren Skaaren
development corporations.                                                                                                            Environmental
                                                                                                                                       Center at the
   During lean economic times, as cities scramble to meet
                                                                                                                                 Westcave Preserve
their essential services needs, the first budget items often                                                                            near Austin.
targeted for reductions are parks and outdoor recreation
facilities and programs. With careful planning and grants
from state or local organizations, cities can continue recre-
ational development while conserving scarce general revenue
for essential services.
   City 4A or 4B economic development corporations are key
sources of local funds for matching park grants. Both entities
may fund parks improvements, but grants by a 4B corporation
only require approval from the corporation’s board of directors
and the city council. For 4A corporations, the process is
similar but also requires voter approval prior to funding a
parks project.
   The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)
administers the Texas Recreation and Parks Account. Funded
by a percentage of the state sales tax generated through the      Other Recreation Grant Programs
sales of sporting goods, this program provides funding for the
                                                                  Urban Indoor (UI) Grant       Available to cities and counties with populations of more
acquisition of land and construction and improvement of                                         than 500,000. Grants of up to $1 million may be used to
recreational sites in five categories: Urban Indoor, Urban                                      renovate or construct a facility permanently dedicated to
Outdoor, Indoor Facility, Outdoor and Small Community.                                          indoor recreation. Ongoing maintenance and operational
All grants require a 50 percent local match.                                                    expenses are the grantee’s responsibility.
   Outdoor and indoor recreation grants are available to local    Urban Outdoor (UO) Grant      Provide funds to cities and counties to acquire and
                                                                                                develop parkland. Grant recipients must permanently
governments with fewer than 500,000 residents. Funds may
                                                                                                dedicate the land and funded facilities for public
be used to acquire and improve parkland and/or renovate                                         recreation. UO grants are subject to the same
existing park facilities. These grants may not exceed $500,000                                  requirements, terms and population limits as UI grants.
for outdoor, and $750,000 for indoor, in matching funds.          For more information, contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Recre-
   TPWD also administers a Small Community recreational           ation Grants Branch, at (800) 792-1112 or visit the Web site at www.tpwd.state.
grant program for cities and counties with populations of less
than 20,000 residents. Subject to a maximum of $75,000,           Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department                                                                               September/October 2008 Texas Rising                       7
  Texas Jobs Charge Ahead                                                                                        Texas Best for Business
  Texas led the nation in job growth from August 2007 to August                                                  Percentage of Respondents Ranking the State
  2008, posting the highest year-over-year increase in employment                                                as Having the Most Favorable Business Climate
  among the leading job-growth states. Texas also has the best                                                                           Texas                                            40.8%
  business climate in the nation, according to a new survey of U.S.
                                                                                                                              North Carolina                                 30.4%
  corporate executives. In 2006, Texas hunters, fishermen and
  wildlife enthusiasts contributed more than $8.9 billion annually                                                                    Georgia                     20.4%
  in retail sales.                                                                                                  Tennessee/Florida (tie)                15.2%

                                                                                                                                      Nevada              14.1%

Annual Employment Change by State                                                                       Recreation Drives Sales

        Jobs Added
        August 2007-August 2008*
                                                                                                                         Retail Sales 2006                State and Local Tax Revenue 2006
                                          252,000      Texas                                                    Activity (in billions)                    (in millions)
                                                                                                 Freshwater Fishing                   $2.4                           $227
              31,500 Washington
                                                                                                  Saltwater Fishing $0.9                                   $102
            21,900 District of Columbia
                                                                                                              Hunting                   $2.6                              $283
          7,300 South Dakota                                                                       Wildlife Watching                       $2.9                         $276
                           *Seasonally adjusted

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Development Counsellors International’s “Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing” survey and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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8 Texas Rising September/October 2008                                                                                                                           

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