2007 – 2008 Annual Report

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					2007 – 2008 Annual Report
                                               Our Mission
                     The Washington Waldorf School cultivates each student’s capacity to
                     think clearly, feel compassionately, and act purposefully in the world.

              We are committed to the educational movement inspired by the pioneering work
                        of Rudolf Steiner and advanced by Waldorf teachers worldwide.

                                           Our Core Values
                               Healthy Development of Children and Adolescents
                                        A Balanced, Dynamic Curriculum
                                  Meaningful Teacher – Student Relationships
                                               Exceptional Teaching
                                       A Diverse and Inclusive Community
                                                Respect for Nature
                                                Moral Discernment
                                              An Active Spiritual Life

                                          WWS Leadership
Trustees Council: Daniel Wacker, Chair; Taisto Saloma, Vice Chair; Nancy Hirshbein, Secretary; Jack Benson, Treasurer;
 Paul Girdzis, Michael Judge, Wally Kulesza; Velma LaPoint, Bonnie McClelland; Linda Caro Reinisch; Mary Robinson,
                   Chrissie Sant, David Scher; Jeremy Small; Paul Squire; Natalie Adams, ex officio

 College of Teachers: Natalie Adams, John Brauer, Barbara Buchman, Michael Judge, Corinna Clark, Jennifer Saloma,
                  Tove Elfstrom, Dawn Fox, Frank Hall, Beverly Amico (through March 09), ex officio

                     Department Chairs: Children’s Garden: Jennifer Saloma and Carol Petrash;
                                  Lower School: Dawn Fox; High School: Frank Hall

   Administration: Operations Manager: Beverly Amico (through March 09); Director of Enrollment: Leslie Lawson;
Director of Development: Steve Smith; Business Manager: Marcia Leonard; Assistant Business Manager: Marie Maurer
    Children’ Garden and Lower School Coordinator: Leslie Lefever; High School Coordinator: Bonnie McClelland;
                                     Registrar and College Advisor: Marta Schley
Looking back                     at the 2007-2008
                                 school year I am
                                                              What sticks with me, however, is not so much the historic developments
                                                              of the last few months as it is my own conviction that Waldorf education
                                                              is more relevant and important than ever in helping prepare our students
reminded of a remark I once heard a parent make               for the future. Our world begs for leaders and doers who are capable,
about raising children: “the days are long, but the           imaginative, motivated, and idealistic. These are precisely the qualities
                                                              the Washington Waldorf School cultivates in our students.
years are short.” Indeed, taken as a whole, last year
was relatively smooth and passed without major                I am very grateful to everyone in our community whose shared commit-
                                                              ment to the ideals of Waldorf education during the last year continues to
upheaval or drama. But on a day-to-day basis, 2007-           offer so much hope and promise to our children and our world. Thank you.
2008 was an unusually busy and productive year
during which we accomplished a lot.                           Natalie Adams, Faculty Chair

Our enrollment increased slightly at a time when many
other independent schools were losing students. We
benefited from relatively little faculty turnover, and wel-
comed back Jack Petrash as the first grade teacher. The
Trustees Council, faculty, and parents worked together
to reaffirm our core values and define ambitious yet
realistic goals for the future as we moved forward with
our strategic plan. We made clear progress in our on-go-
ing efforts to improve our building and grounds. We had
a successful fall bazaar, annual giving campaign, and
spring gala, which demonstrate a generous spirit of giv-
ing in the community. Finally, we launched an ambitious
effort to overhaul our outreach materials.

Our students continue to thrive, and they benefited from
a variety of new initiatives. In the Children’s Garden we
expanded our faculty and introduced new programs
for infants and toddlers. In the Lower School we added
assistants in several classes, made possible in part,
through the Nova Institute’s teacher training program at
the School. We neared completion of our core curricu-
lum, which will specify the basic skills and knowledge
our student should have at each grade level. We devoted
more resources to faculty professional development and
enlarged our capacity for addressing students’ individual

In the High School, the seniors had a very successful
field study trip to Hermit Island, Maine, where they were
joined by seniors from several other Waldorf Schools. A
greater number of foreign exchange students than ever
came to WWS. We expanded our college counseling
services, and renovated our computer lab. Both the 8th
grade play, A Midsummer Nights Dream, and the senior
play, Peter Pan, were notable successes. Our graduating
seniors were also very successful in gaining admis-
sion to the colleges of their choice, and many received
substantial merit-based aid. (On a personal note, I saw
our family’s youngest child complete her Waldorf educa-
tion and move on to the University of Vermont and the
program of her choice.)

From our current vantage point, well into the 2008-2009
school year, one cannot help but be amazed at how fast
the world has changed. The current economic turmoil
concerns all of us, and we are very conscious as a school
how it affects our community. At the same time, we
have seen the ascent of a new president, whose election
marks an historic milestone in our nation’s history.

                                                                                                      Letter from the Faculty Chair       
    Letter from the Trustees Council Chairman
    As WWS approaches its 40th anniversary
    next year, we can look back on a solid record
    of accomplishment during the 2007-2008
    school year, and look ahead with growing
    confidence that the School is well positioned
    to meet future challenges and opportuni-
    ties. While the spirit of WWS remains forever
    young, we have matured as an institution
    during the past few years. This is a good
    time for the School.
    The role of the Trustees Council is to ensure that the School
    maintains a sound financial footing, meets all legal and
    regulatory requirements, and engages in long-term plan-
    ning. We are fortunate to have an excellent Council, whose
    members bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and
    enthusiasm to the WWS community.

    The TC spent much of its time monitoring the School’s
    financial position and deliberating on budget and tuition.
    Fortunately, WWS continues to be strong financially, with no
    debt, a solid capital reserve, and a balanced budget. In set-
    ting tuitions we worked hard to balance parents’ ability to
    pay with our commitments to maintain competitive faculty
    salaries and continue to improve our program. We have
    been prudent, while providing for continued growth.

    Another TC priority was
    working on our strategic plan
    and refining our vision for the
    future, especially with respect
    to our permanent home. To
    prepare for negotiations with
    the County for a long-term
    lease, we hired an architectural                                larger community; maintaining our aging infrastructure; expanding our
    firm and developed conceptual                                   outreach and marketing; and more. We had a busy and productive year.
    designs for our building. We
    also moved ahead with engi-                                     In all our work, I am struck by the spirit of caring, inquiry, and com-
    neering studies that we will                                    mitment that all of us—TC members, faculty, parents, alumni, and
    need as we move forward with                                    friends—bring to the School. We have something very special at the
    our siting plans. We expect this                                Washington Waldorf School, and we can be proud of what we have
    process to gain more momen-                                     created together. On behalf of the Trustees Council, thank you for your
    tum during 2009.                                                hard work, generosity, and dedication to our students and to our shared
    The TC addressed other vital
    issues as well: making our                                      Daniel J. Wacker, Chairman
    school more diverse; promoting                                  Trustees Council
    enrollment and philanthropic
    giving; developing our relation-
    ship with neighbors and the

2   Letter from the Trustees Council Chairman
WWS Moving Forward                                                            ◆ Developfundraising plan that addresses whole school fundraising
                                                                               and class based efforts. Detailed plans in place for annual giving.
Two-Year Plan Update                                                           Funds added to budget for class trips for first time.
                                                                                  seeds for capital campaign. Will be ready when the time
                                                                              ◆ Sow
One of the core goals of Waldorf education is to
                                                                                     a neighborhood relations plan. TC neighborhood relations
                                                                              ◆ Launch
promote social renewal. In that spirit, WWS believes                           committee created and part-time staff member hired.
that we must constantly be looking at ourselves as an                         ◆ Continueto develop alumni relations program. Considerable prog-
institution and asking how we can do better. As part of                        ress but more needs to be done.
that effort it is essential to look at our goals in the past                         public relations, marketing, and outreach plan. Major
                                                                              ◆ Design

and see how well we have met them.                                             improvements underway; new logo and Viewbook completed.

In the spring of 2005, WWS issued a two-year
plan that was intended to guide the School
                                                                                               Educational Program
during the development of the longer term                                                     ◆ Review core curricula and create a guide that lays
strategic plan.                                                                                out learning objectives for each grade, standards, and
                                                                                               evaluation tools. Progressing slowly, will be com-
Now, more than two years later, it is appropri-                                                pleted in 08-09 school year.
ate to ask, “how did we do?” A review of the                                                  ◆ Complete  educational technology, education support,
two year plan shows that the School accom-                                                     and athletic expansion plans. HS technology program
plished most, if not all, of the objectives laid                                               established, with extensive updates to HS computer
out in the plan. Where the goals have not been                                                 lab; enhancing educational support remains a prior-
met, we are still working to do so. Following is                                               ity. HS students required to participate in athletic
a brief recap of our progress in meeting each                                                  program.
of the objectives of the two-year plan.
                                                                                                      plans to enhance foreign language, arts, and
                                                                                              ◆ Develop
                                                                                               eurythmy programs. Underway
Leadership                                                                                    ◆ Review leadership and social mission programs, such
  ◆ Transitionto Trustees Council; implement                                                   as outdoor learning, service projects, class trips, foreign
    new management design and new faculty                                                      exchange. HS service projects expanded and new
    and College committee structure. Done                                                      service requirement for HS students established for
  ◆ Conduct comprehensive survey of parent                                                     09-10, class trips refocused to emphasize service
    and faculty. Done                                                                          and cultural aspects.

  ◆ Revise Mission statement; complete work
    on guiding principles, values statement,                                                   Site and Facilities
    and vision statement. Done
                                                                              ◆ Improvemaintenance and upkeep. Building and grounds improved
  ◆ Completelong-range plan and five-year operational plan. To be              substantially over last two years.
    completed 08-09 school year.
                                                                              ◆ Continueto work with County on current lease. Much work done:
                                                                               attorney hired and architectural work underway; meetings with
                                                                               County officials underway; future timing depends on County.
Finances, Expenditures, Enrollment,
                                                                              ◆ Exploreexpansion of current site and develop site contingencies.
Development                                                                    TC exploring site expansion options, but near term possibilities
  ◆ Retire   debt. Done                                                        limited; some contingency planning underway, but more needed.

  ◆ Underwrite professional development. Budgets have been
    increased for professional development.                                  School Community
  ◆ Completeplan to improve faculty compensation. Plan adopted by             ◆ Create   Parent Organization mandate and mission statement. Done
    TC now being implemented.
                                                                                       participation in Parent Organization. Varies year to year,
                                                                              ◆ Increase
  ◆ Increase   funds for faculty recruitment, mentorship, and evaluation.      but PO working effectively.
                                                                              ◆ Collaboratewith management to create parent communications
  ◆ Create  student retention plan, evaluate tuition rates and tuition as-     plan. TC developed parent communications plan. Other efforts to
    sistance. Tuition and tuition assistance carefully evaluated, reten-       improve communications ongoing.
    tion a top enrollment priority, though no formal plan.
                                                                              ◆ Coordinatevolunteer efforts. Volunteer culture at school strong; PO
  ◆ Develop  strategies to increase enrollment. Continues to be                a major help in this area.
    a top priority.
                                                                              ◆ Develop  diversity goals and plans; allocate funds to support these
  ◆ Explore   Children’s Garden expansion. Third CG added in 06-07.            efforts. TC diversity committee established, some progress but
                                                                               more needed.

                                                                                                                              Two-Year Plan Update           
    Letter from the Treasurer                                                 Letter from the Development
    I am pleased to report that the Washington Waldorf                        Committee Co-Chairs
    School maintained a solid, stable financial foundation
                                                                              The Washington Waldorf School community gave
    during the 2007-08 school year.
                                                                              $306,687 during the 2007-2008 school year, mostly
    As shown in the accompanying financial tables, our total net assets       through annual giving, the fall bazaar, and the spring
    declined slightly from $2,128,000 for the school year ending June 2007
    to $2,009,117 for the school year ending
                                                                              gala and auction. This is about a 2% increase over the
    June 2008. This decline was attributed                                                       prior year and is an extraordinary
    primarily to an increase of $110,000                                                         demonstration of our shared com-
    in the allowance for doubtful accounts,
    reflecting increased difficulty some                                                         mitment to WWS. We extend our
    families experienced meeting their                                                           heartfelt thanks to all who helped
    tuition obligations as general economic
                                                                                                 make our fundraising efforts such
    conditions worsened.
                                                                                                 a success.
    However, preserving the financial gains
    we recognized during the 2006-07                                                                     Representing about 7% of the overall budget,
    school year with the final disposition of                                                            these funds are vital in the life of the School.
    the Chestnut Lodge transaction should                                                                About 80% of funds raised for the school
    be considered a positive outcome in                                                                  support salaries for faculty and other staff
    view of the economic downturn that                                                                   who make WWS the great school we love.
    began, by most measures, in 2008.                                                                    Most of the rest goes to building and grounds,
                                                                                                         with smaller amounts restricted for specific
    Other financial measures demonstrate                                                                 projects or funds. Annual giving, in particular,
    our continuing success in controlling                                                                is also critical in helping to moderate tuition
    costs while we continue to invest in our                                                             increases and make Waldorf education avail-
    school and curriculum, provide financial                                                             able to a diverse student body. There is simply
    aid to families in need and achieve a                                                                no substitute for the role of giving in helping to
    competitive level of compensation for                                                                sustain the School.
    our teachers and professional staff. Net
    total tuition and fees increased by ap-                                                              We are also happy to report that levels of par-
    proximately 10.5% from SY 2007 to SY                                                                 ticipation in our annual giving campaign rose
    2008, driven by a slight increase in net                                                             too. Fully 100% of Trustees, 95% of faculty,
    enrollment and annual tuition increases.                                                             and almost 70% of parents supported the
    Total school expenses increased by                                                                   campaign (including 100% of first grade and
    11.2% during the same period, driven                                                                 senior class parents). While we’re always aim-
    largely by very modest increases in                                                                  ing for 100% participation across the board,
    staffing levels, investment in school                                                                we can all be pleased to see such a high level
    marketing and outreach, and our continued efforts to maintain a           of support in our immediate community. Former parents and alumni both
    competitive balance in compensation levels.                               increased their level of support as well.

    As we look forward to the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years, we            In addition, we also want to acknowledge the time and energy parents
    recognize the challenges our school may face in light of the worsening    and others put into raising funds for their individual classes, mostly for
    economic environment. Difficult budgetary decisions may lie ahead.        class trips. These efforts go a long way in helping to build relationships
    However, we are fortunate that over the last few years we have estab-     among the parents, and they make an important contribution to each
    lished a much stronger financial foundation from which to navigate the    class.
    current economic downturn. Everyone has made a contribution toward
    reaching this point. In large measure this reflects our shared sense of   We think of each gift as a thread that weaves together with every other
    community and commitment to WWS.                                          thread to make a tapestry. This tapestry shows what a generous and
                                                                              giving community we have at WWS, and it surrounds and protects the
    Thank you for your help and your support in sustaining the Washington     School.
    Waldorf School.
                                                                              On behalf of the Development Committee of the Trustees Council, thank
    Jack Benson                                                               you for helping to weave this tapestry of giving.
                                                                              Mary Robinson, Co-Chair
                                                                              Development Committee
                                                                              Chrissie Sant, Co-Chair
                                                                              Development Committee

   Letters from the Treasurer & Development Committee Co-Chairs
           Statement of Activities                                                 2008              2007
Statement of
            Tuition and fees, net
            Fundraising activities, net
            (Loss) income from designated bequest receivable
            Interest and dividends                                                  65,873             34,443
            Gain from sale of Chestnut Lodge                                               -        2,901,520
            Realized and unrealized loss on securities                               (3,223)             (392)
            Other income                                                              5,406            12,135
                                                                                 4,395,263          6,934,959

            Satisfaction of donation restrictions                                    62,559            41,387
                             TOTAL UNRESTRICTED REVENUE, SUPPORT AND
                               NET ASSETS RELEASED FROM RESTRICTIONS              4,457,822         6,976,346
            School                                                                3,311,152         3,036,547
            Administrative                                                        1,040,410           871,750
            Development                                                             190,409           177,560
                                                      TOTAL EXPENSES              4,541,971         4,085,857
                      (DECREASE) INCREASE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS                (84,149)        2,890,489

            Contributions                                                            26,187            79,293
            Interest and dividends                                                     2,952            2,802
            Net realized and unrealized gain on investments                           (1,444)             788
            Net assets released from restrictions                                   (62,559)          (41,387)
           (DECREASE) INCREASE IN TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS                 (34,864)           41,496

           Contribution                                                                130                260
                     INCREASE IN PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS                     130                260
                            TOTAL (DECREASE) INCREASE IN NET ASSETS               (118,883)         2,932,245
           NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR                                       2,128,000           (804,245)
                                         NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR              $2,009,117         $2,128,000

                                  Assets                                                            2008                    2007
                                   Cash and cash equivalents                                       $1,032,719             $1,018,906
                                   Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful accounts
                                    $200,000 and $90,000 at June 30, 2008 and 2007, respectively     280,450                 269,822
                                   Pledges receivable, net of allowances of $4,195 and $6,780 at
                                    June 30, 2008 and 2007, respectively                               25,480                 42,835
                                   Prepaid expenses and miscellaneous                                 138,324                 67,899
                                   Unrestricted investments                                         1,030,023                983,994
                                   Restricted investments                                             146,170                152,224
                                   Designated bequest receivable                                      294,000                395,000
                                   Property and equipment, net                                        157,337                181,482

                                                                                 TOTAL ASSETS      $3,104,503             $3,112,162

                                  LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
                                   Accounts payable and accrued expenses                            $177,484                 $93,130
                                   Student funds held by School                                        56,429                 36,247
                                   Prepaid tuition and fees                                           417,865                357,563
                                   Refundable deposits                                                443,608                497,222
                                                                              TOTAL LIABILITIES     1,095,386                984,162

                                  NET ASSETS
                                   Unrestricted                                                     1,730,315              1,814,464
                                   Temporarily restricted                                             190,139                225,003
                                   Permanently restricted                                              88,663                 88,533
                                                                             TOTAL NET ASSETS       2,009,117              2,128,000

                                                               TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS    $3,104,503             $3,112,162

                                                                                                                 Financial Statements   
    The Washington Waldorf             Robert Roche and Nancy Hirshbein    Greg Simon and Margo Reid           Michael Anderson and
                                       Robin Rose and Judy Penski          Charles Underhill and Karen Gale      Lark Bergwin-Anderson
    School deeply appreciates          Jurgen Seidel and                   Craig van Schilfgaarde              Steven and Lynn Babcock
    all gifts from our extended         Aleen Rothschild-Seidel            Bruce and Virginia Weber            Kevin Balfe and Mog Newman
    community.                         Steve Wilkins and Peggy McManus     Jae-Yoo Yoo                         Pedro Bara Neto and
                                                                           James Youngclaus and                  Jacqueline de Oliveira Bara
    Although we carefully check                                                   Stephanie Limb               Magali Barbaran
    all donor lists, we sometimes                                                                              Edward and Eri Barbour
                                                                                                               Maryke Barclay
    make mistakes, and we apolo-                                                 Friends Circle                Robert Barkin and Susan Biddle
    gize for any errors. Please let                                              $00 - 999
    us know of any corrections by                                                                              Clyde Bergwin
                                                                                 Dean and Sherri Adelizzi
    calling the Development Office                                                                             Noel Bicknell and Caitlin MacKenzie
                                                                                 Michael and Susan Barr
    at 301-229-6107 x123, or by                                                                                Helmut and Heidi Billenstein
                                                                                 Roger Berliner and
    sending email to smith@wash-                                                                               Patricia Fortino Blond and
                                                                                  Susan Dillon Thank you.                                                                                David Blond
                                                                                 Barbara Buchman and
                                                                                                               Greg Boyd and Nancy Sausser
                                                                                  John Verleun
    Membership in Giving Circles                                                                               John and Mary Brauer
                                                                                 Steven Champlin
    reflects all unrestricted in-                                                                              Philipp and Doerthe Braun
                                                                                 Phil and Stacey Corcoran
    dividual giving to the annual                                                                              The Bravo Family
                                                                                 Bill and Nancy Foster
    giving campaign and through                                                                                James and Christine Bryla
                                                                                 Carlo and Jody Grossman
    the spring gala. Individuals are                                                                           Stanley and Dolores Bryla
                                                                                 Roy Hakes and
    credited with matching gifts by                                                                            Donald and Lynn Bufano
                                                                                  Debra Marshall
    employers or other sources.                                                                                Bill Bunting and Ginny Tarris
                                                                                 Malvery and Murchison Henry
                                                                                                               Jane Byerley
                                                                                 Lisa and James Howard
                                                                                                               Shirley Cahill
    Visionary Circle                                                                                           Steve Carmody
    $2,000 or more                                                                                            Helen Caro
    Anonymous (3)                                                                                              Jeffrey Caudill and Judith Graff
                                                                                                               Eddie Chang and Erica F. Wen
    Phoenix Circle                                                                                             Ivan and Kathy Charner
    $0,000 – 2,999                                                                                           Nina Chowdhry
    John and Natalie Adams             Leadership Circle                                                       Shlomo Cohen and
    Diana Cahill                       $,000 – 2,99                                                            Maria E. Peredo-Cohen
    Wally and Mechelle Kulesza         Anonymous                                                               James Connell and
    Jim Sandman and Beth Mullin        Robert Barnwell and Lezlie Lawson                                         Meghan Skelton
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sant            Nevin Bender
                                       Richard and Jennifer Chang
                                       Brad and Corinna Clark
    Knights Circle                     Ken and Chongim Corgan
                                                                           David Kirby and Sarah Vakkur
    $,000 – 9,999                                                         Stacey Kornegay
                                       Jim Epstein
    Anonymous                                                              Cynthia McClelland
                                       Jeanne Feeney
    Eric and Donna Dezenhall                                               Paul Peterson and
                                       Michael Gadbaw and
    Paul Girdzis and                                                        Rosemary Blackburn
                                        Sally Chandler
     Adrienne Paiewonsky                                                   Jeremy Small
                                       Richard Greenberg and
    Eric Jambon and Ayako Schurmeier                                       Marilyn and Robert Smith
                                        Ji Won Park
    Stanford J. Reinisch and                                               William and Esther Smith
                                       Gary and Mimi Hetzel
     Carol Dechant                                                         Steve Smith and
                                       Eric and Susan Holdsworth
    Lex and Chrissie Sant                                                   Jlee Newell
                                       James and Marlisa Jeng
    Matthew Weir                                                           David Toran
                                       Gurujeet Singh and
                                                                           Jane Towler
                                        Gurujeet Kaur Khalsa
                                                                           Timur Tunador and
    Partners Circle                    David and Lori Kulik
                                                                            Christiana Jaeger
    $2,00 – ,999                     David and Marcia Leonard                                                Ksenia Danylevich
                                                                           Elizabeth Welles
    Anonymous                          Michael Moncavage and                                                   Leah De Lano and
                                                                           Deany Blades and Chuck Wells
    Jack and Cecelia Benson             Mary Taylor                                                             Jeff de La Beaujardiere
                                                                           Robert White
    Jeanne Feeney                      Gregory Mueller and                                                     Randy Dentel and
                                                                           Tom and Anne Wotring
    Russell and Elaine Gravatt          Patty Deuster                                                           Tina Daub Dentel
    Todd and Sheila Johns              Eliza Reed and James Sutcliffe                                          William Devlin
    Steve and Jenifer Luck             Peter and Mary Robinson             Community Circle                    Thomas and Lisi Diehl
    James C. Reeves and                David and Dorine Scher              $00 or less                        Carolyn Dimitri
     Carol A. Parsons                  Michael Schoenbaum and              Anonymous (11)                      Frank Disimino and
    Linda Caro Reinisch                 Elisa Rapaport                     Sven Abow                            Niki George
                                       Michael and Colette Silver          Beverly and Robert Amico            Amalya Dixon

Mel and Deborah Drozen           Beth Knox and Bill Hutchins          Jennifer Saloma                        Pedro Bara Neto and
Richard and Teresa Duncan        Murray and Wendy Kramer              Taisto Saloma                            Jacqueline de Oliveira Bara
Richard and Kay Efron            Kurt Kuhlmann and Lori Nicholson     Rick Santangelo and Monica Cody        Robert Barnwell and Lezlie Lawson
Cindy EganFrei and               Brian and Camilla Lake               Liz Sawers                             Nevin Bender
 Ann Laurie EganFrei             Velma LaPoint                        Donald Schlemmer                       Carlos and Ana Cavalcanti
Alvin and Lisa Ehrlich           Erika Latchis                        Steve and Cathy Schlesinger            Ivan and Kathy Charner
Tove and Susan Elfstrom          Valerie LeBlanc                      Flavia Sekles and Renard Aron          Michele and Fred Coleman
Mimi Fasenmyer                   Andy and Julie Lees                  Michael and Eliza Sewall               Jimmy Daukas and Meg Royce
Anne Fleishman                   Leslie LeFever                       Rob Sherrod and Regina Coll            Cindy EganFrei and
Dawn Fox and Emily Siegel        Jonathan and Annette Leland          Gene Shipman and                         Ann Laurie EganFrei
John Fox                                                                Charlotte Lohrenz                    Kate Gage
Kate Gage                                                             Sarah Smith                            Richard Greenberg and Ji Won Park
Zachary and                                                           Charles and Debra Spitulnik            Cindy Guayante
 Jamesen Goodman                                                      Paul Squire and Marta Schley           Roy Hakes and Debra Marshall
Tom and Lisa Gray                                                     Katea Stitt                            Rudolf Heirman and Janet Johnson
Greg and Phyllis Greer                                                John and Kathie Stone                  Bill and Wendy Jackson
Mark Greiner and                                                      James Symons and                       Stacey Kornegay
 Kolya Braun-Greiner                                                    Sheila Harrington                    Wally and Mechelle Kulesza
Robert Gricius                                                        Mark and Joellen Talbot                David and Lori Kulik
Cindy van Guyante                                                     Scott and Colleen Taliaferro           Leslie LeFever
Frank and Anna Hall                                                   Geza Teleki and Heather McGriffin      Steve and Jenifer Luck
Richard and Barbara Halpern                                           Paul and Erica Tingler                 Michael Moncavage and Mary Taylor
Michael and Ivette Hayes                                              John and Robin Tucker                  Kevin Mutschler and Leah Kedar
Paul Hegland and                                                      Diane Tyburski                         Carlos and Gloria Neves
 Kristen Puckett                                                      Jan and Roberta van Schilfgaarde       Trina Parker
Rudolf Heirman and                                                    Ivan and Amy Waldman                   John and Wende Patton
 Janet Johnson                                                        Susan E. Walsh                         Eliza Reed and James Sutcliffe
                                                                      Edwin Welles and Liz Hagerman          Linda Caro Reinisch
                                                                      Ken and Tina Wiberg
                                                                      Juan and Delise Williams
                                 Gloria Leon and Michael Raney        John Windhausen and Inja Stanic
                                 Eileen Levitan                       Brian and Erin Wolf
                                 Matthew Logan and Felice Stadler     Michael Wolf and
                                 Meghan and Craig Ludtke                Betty-Ellen Shave
                                 Greg and Danni Lyons                 Adam and Dorothea Wolfson
                                 Renate Maile-Moskowitz               Mary Ann Wollerton
                                 Gantt Mann Kushner and               Amy Wollerton
                                  Judy Kushner Mann                   Jan Zika and Eszter Szabo
                                 Victoria Mansuri                     Gary Zizka and MaryKay Zuravleff
                                 Jay and Lupe Marks                   Calvin Zon and Laurel Blaydes
                                 Alan and Cindy Martin
                                 Manuel and Lynette Mattke
                                 Steve and Marie Maurer
                                                                      Corporations and
Bracken and Alice Hendricks      Jennifer and Bob McCleery            Foundations
Michael and Phyllis Herman       Bonnie McClelland                    Ahold Financial Services
Alan and Lani Hill               Alden and Connie Meyer                (Giant Supermarket)
Charles and Charise Hoge         Aimen Mir and Ayesha Kazmi           Combined Federal Campaign
John and Diane Hopkins           Russell Miraglia and Leslie Straus   ExxonMobil Foundation/Mobil            Peter and Mary Robinson
Robert and Judy Hughes           Anthony Modica and                    Retiree Matching Gift Program         Robert Roche and Nancy Hirshbein
Bill and Wendy Jackson            Pamela Trochesset                   Jenkins Garage                         Taisto Saloma
Monique Jackson                  Tom Nastick and Jane Christenson     Microsoft Giving Campaign              Jim Sandman and Beth Mullin
Jeff and Donna Jacobson          Jack Newell and Mary Ann Latore      TARGET                                 Lex and Chrissie Sant
Ed and Michelle Jaselskis        Duc Nguyen and Thu Do                Verizon Foundation                     Rick Santangelo and Monica Cody
Christopher Jester and           Thu and Huong Nguyen                 Washington Post Matching               Michael Schoenbaum and
  Laura Granata                  John Noer and                         Gifts Program                          Elisa Rapaport
Isiah Johnson and Trish Mooney    Iris Alvarez-Paz Noer               Wiley Rein & Fielding LLP              Jurgen Seidel and
Andrew Joseph and                Ron Oechsler and Debra Neumann                                               Aleen Rothschild-Seidel
  Gabriele Schilz                Robert Palermo and Alison Levine     Restricted Gifts                       Steve Smith and JLee Newell
Michael Judge                    Jack and Carol Petrash               Gifts made at Spring Gala in support   Jeremy Smith and Sarah Williams
Pedro Junqueira and Iris Lemos   Mark Ripa                            of social inclusion programs and       Charles and Debra Spitulnik
Peter and Cecelia Karpoff        Dragos and Carol Roman               landscaping                            Paul Squire and Marta Schley
Stephen and Yoshiko Kendall      Taeko Rothstein                      John and Natalie Adams                 Abby Strunk

                                                                                                                                       Donors    7
    Jane Towler                        Michael and Eliza Sewall             Kevin Balfe and Mog Newman         Wally and Mechelle Kulesza
    Bruce and Virginia Weber           Robert and Fabienne Spier            Pedro Bara Neto and                Leslie LeFever
    Brian and Erin Wolf                John and Kathie Stone                 Jacqueline de Oliveira Bara       Jonathan and Annette Leland
                                       Edwin Welles and Liz Hagerman        Magali Barbaran                    David and Marcia Leonard
                                       Scott Williams and Susan Braun       Maryke Barclay                     Eileen Levitan
    Gifts to the Alanna Lake           Jamie and Claudia Wimberly           Robert Barkin and Susan Biddle     Steve and Jenifer Luck
    Endowment Seed Fund                                                                                             Meghan and Craig Ludtke
    Anonymous                                                                                                       Russell Miraglia and
    John and Natalie Adams                                                                                           Leslie Straus
    Sasha Adams                                                                                                     Michael Moncavage and
    Daniela Anderson                                                                                                 Mary Taylor
    Ethan Anderson                                                                                                  Kevin Mutschler and Leah Kedar
    Michael Anderson and                                                                                            Carlos Neves and Gloria Neves
      Lark Bergwin-Anderson                                                                                         Mikeljon Nikolich and
    Pedro Bara Neto and                                                                                              Gretchen Kapuscik
      Jacqueline de Oliveira Bara                                                                                   Alan and Teresa Price
    Nevin Bender                                                                                                    Robert Roche and
    Phil and Stacey Corcoran                                                                                         Nancy Hirshbein
    Terry and John Dammann                                                                                          Robin Rose and Judy Penski
    Ksenia Danylevich                                                                                               Jennifer Saloma
    Brendan and Pamela Feeley                                                                                       Michael and Eliza Sewall
    Jeanne Feeney                                                                                                   Amos Shattuck
    Anne Fleishman                                                                                                  Gene Shipman and
    Dawn Fox and Emily Siegel                                                                                        Charlotte Lohrenz
    Russell and Elaine Gravatt                                                                                      Robert and Fabienne Spier
    Tom and Lisa Gray                                                                                               Charles and Debra Spitulnik
    Chris and Vivian Hartenau                                                                                       Paul Squire and Marta Schley
    Sita Hessenbruch                                                                                                Al Twanmo
    Todd and Sheila Johns                                                                                           Sandy Vo
    Jeffrey Johns                                                                                                   Dan and Yon Wacker
    Julia Johns                                                                                                     Bruce and Virginia Weber
    Isiah Johnson and Trish Mooney                                                                                  Mike and Nan Whitehurst
    Pedro Junqueira and Iris Lemos                                                                                  Gary Zizka and MaryKay
    Christopher Kendall and                                                                                          Zuravleff
      Susan Schilperoort
    Kurt Kuhlmann and Lori Nicholson
    Brian and Camilla Lake
                                                                                                                   2Amys Neopolitan Pizzeria
    Jay and Lupe Marks
                                                                                                                   All Fired up
    Sara Moses
                                                                                                                   Catch Can Classics for Kids, Inc
    Jack and Carol Petrash
                                                                                                                   Comet Ping Pong
    Robin Rose and Judy Penski
                                                                                                                   Frey Vinyards, LTD.
    Richard and Kathleen Sahm
                                                                                                                   International School of Music
    Jim Sandman and Beth Mullin
                                                                                                                   Jewish Community Center of
    Greg Simon and Margo Reid
                                                                                                                     Greater Washington DC
    Steve Smith and JLee Newell
                                                                                                                   Knit + Stitch = Bliss
    Charles and Debra Spitulnik
                                                                                                                   Komi Restaurant
    Paul Squire and Marta Schley
    Katherine Stewart                  Brian and Erin Wolf                  Noel Bicknell and
                                                                                                               Rocklands Barbeque & Grilling
    Calvin Zon and Laurel Blaydes      Jae-Yoo Yoo                           Caitlin MacKenzie
                                       Jan Zika and Eszter Szabo            Carlos and Ana Cavalcanti
                                                                                                               The Washington Revels
    Other Restricted Gifts                                                  John and Laura Cox
                                                                                                               Uriel Pharmacy
                                                                            Dalis Davidson
    Alan Demmerle and Joy Belluzzi     Gifts in Kind                        Richard and Teresa Duncan
                                                                                                               Washington Ballet
    Paul Girdzis and                   Donations of goods and services to
     Adrienne Paiewonsky                                                    Tove and Susan Elfstrom
                                       the School, including donations of
    Roy Hakes and Debra Marshall                                            Dawn Fox and Emily Siegel
                                       auction items to Spring Gala
    James and Marlisa Jeng                                                  Rafael and Corinne Garcia
    Wally and Mechelle Kulesza                                              Carlo and Jody Grossman              Produced by WWS Office of
    Alan and Cindy Martin
                                       Individuals                          Gary and Mimi Hetzel                 Development, Steve Smith, Director
                                       John and Natalie Adams               Lisa and James Howard                of Development; Cindy Guayante,
    Bill McLucas and Paula Kashtan
                                       Steve Aitken and Kelly Trippe        Bill and Wendy Jackson               Development Associate. Design by
    Natural Resources Design, Inc.
                                       Michael Anderson and                 John Kaboff                          Kardell Studio, Berkley Springs, WV.
    Chris Payton
                                        Lark Bergwin-Anderson               Kurt Kuhlmann and Lori Nicholson

8   Donors
                              Special Thanks
                              The Washington Waldorf School extends special thanks
                              to the following individuals:
                              Barbara Buchman and Sarah Smith, for their service on the Trustees

                          Inside back cover
                               Michele Coleman and Sarah Williams Smith, for their leadership of the
                               Parent Organization

                              Brandel France de Bravo, for teaching the Parent-Toddler Class

                              Martine de Haller, for teaching High School German and tutoring

                              Mariana Villareal, for teaching Lower School Spanish

                              Colleen Williams, for being our aftercare teacher

                              Best wishes to those who have moved on to new endeavors.

Senior play – Peter Pan
        Class of 2008

                                                          Front Row, L to R: Sarah Drozen, Camille Leon, Patricia Sarcos-Alvarez, Jamie Barkin
                            Middle Row, L to R: Chaquonna Price, Andrea Boyd, Becky Squire, Kayti Whitehurst, Daniela Anderson, Sandy Wacker,
                                                                                                  Kendyll Gage-Ripa, Mollie Fox, Sasha Adams
                                                      Back Row, L to R: Philip Seidel, Joe Sandman, Jason Taliaferro, Anschel Maile-Moskowitz

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