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					                                                      g. Paper for the team members
QUIZ BOWL                                             h. Calculators for contest officials
PURPOSE                                               2. Supplied by the contestants:
To test the knowledge of selected team                a. Each team member must submit a onepage,
members                                               typewritten résumé to the national
on various aspects of general academic                technical committee at the orientation
knowledge, professional development and               meeting
current events.                                       3. Personnel required:
First, refer to General Regulations, Page 9.          a. Moderator
                                                      b. Operator for the Quiz Bowl
CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS                                 apparatus/timekeeper
For men: Official red blazer, windbreaker-style       c. Judges who will serve as scorekeepers
jacket or sweater; black dress slacks; white
dress                                                 SCOPE OF THE CONTEST
shirt; plain black tie with no pattern or SkillsUSA
black tie from Midwest Trophy; black socks and        A written test will be administered to all team
black shoes.                                          members, including alternates.
For women: Official red blazer,
windbreakerstyle                                      Teams will demonstrate communication skills,
jacket or sweater; black dress slacks or skirt        team work, problem solving and time
with businesslike white, collarless blouse or         management skills by determining and
white blouse with small, plain collar that may not    presenting
extend onto the lapels of the blazer; black sheer     the answer to each question clearly within the
or skin-tone hose and black shoes. To purchase        five-second time frame.
official clothing, contact Midwest Trophy
Manufacturing Co. Inc. by calling 800-324-5996
or                                                    1. A state may enter one high school team and
order online at                                       one college/postsecondary team comprised
www.mtmrecognition.com/skillsusa/                     of five registered members each. The team
Note: Contestants must wear their official            may perform with four members without
contest                                               penalty in the event that a member fails to
clothing to the contest orientation meeting.          show up or is forced to withdraw within five
                                                      days of the competition, as long as five
ELIGIBILITY                                           members were originally registered and
Open to active SkillsUSA members currently            verified in the national headquarters. (See
enrolled in technical, skilled and service            General Regulations.)
occupations, including health occupations.            2. A team may register up to two alternates (in
OBSERVER RULE                                         addition to the five team members). The
Observers will be allowed to watch the match          alternates are required to attend orientation
providing space is available. No talking or           and take the written test. The alternate scores
gesturing will be permitted. The event chair or       will be included in the team average.
moderator may remove observers and/or close           Registered alternates who take the test may
the event to observers for cause.                     then be allowed to participate in active
EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS                               rounds, as described in Part G.
                                                      3. The moderator will ask questions, and teams
1. Supplied by the technical committee:
                                                      will have five seconds to respond.
a. One table for each team plus a table for
                                                      Responding shall be accomplished by
the apparatus and scorekeeper and
                                                      activating the buzzer.
sufficient tables for the judges
                                                      4. Approximately 30 percent of the questions
b. Chairs for all participants, committee and
                                                      asked will be about professional
                                                      development issues, 30 percent will be about
c. Podium and, if necessary, a public                 Sponsored by Goodheart-Willcox (2008) • 91
address system                                        current events, and 40 percent will consist of
d. Quiz Bowl apparatus                                general academic knowledge. Points are
e. Audience chairs                                    awarded on the basis of one point awarded
f. Sufficient score sheets and pencils for            for a correct response and one point
judges                                                deducted for an incorrect response.
5. A round shall be defined as 100 questions,      buzzes before the moderator can begin or
with no time limit.                                finish the question, the moderator will begin
6. A match shall be defined as two rounds,         re-reading the question following the
which includes a preliminary round and the         procedure outlined above for the other
final round.                                       teams. A question will not be re-read during
7. A break will be taken after every 25            actual play except upon the request of a
questions. Contest officials will verify scores    judge.
at every break. Substitutions of registered        15. Only the first answer given will be
alternates may be made only at these breaks,       considered. If it is a wrong response, the
after notifying the moderator.                     team cannot give another answer and
8. During the pre-contest orientation session,     another team is to have an opportunity to
the contest chair will administer a written test   respond to the question. If the moderator
to all team members. All team members,             inadvertently gives the answer away, the
including registered alternates, must take the     question is voided.
written test to be eligible to participate with    16. Any team member may give the team’s
their team in the active rounds. Participants      answer.
are responsible to bring a No. 2 pencil to use     17. If the answer is incomplete, the moderator
for the written test.                              may ask the team member to be more
9. The written test questions shall follow the     specific. For example, if the correct answer
same question proportion formula as the            given is Roosevelt, the moderator may ask
active rounds and be based upon 100 points.        which one, or for more information.
Once scored, the individual scores of all          18. The moderator will give the correct response
team members, including alternates, will be        in the event no team gives the correct
averaged to create a team score. The written       answer.
test team score will be used for seeding           19. Teams may not use notes, reference
teams to competition rooms for the                 materials, calculators or any type of
preliminary round.                                 electronic communication. Blank paper will
10. Each team will be assigned a table location    be provided by the officials and taken up at
at                                                 the end of each round. Participants will
the beginning of the event by the contest          supply their own pens or pencils to use
chair or moderator.                                during the rounds.
11. The moderator will read a question and the     20. The judges will make the final ruling on
team that presses the buzzer first will be         correct or incorrect responses.
recognized to answer the question. If a            21. The Quiz Bowl apparatus will maintain the
wrong response is given, the team cannot           official time, which is used only for
give a second answer and the opposing              responding to questions. The apparatus
team(s) will be given an opportunity to buzz       timereadout
in and answer the question. One point will         will face the operator and WILL NOT
be awarded for a correct answer. One point         be visible to the teams.
will be deducted from any team that gives an       22. There will be no true/false or multiple choice
incorrect answer.                                  questions in the active rounds.
12. A team may buzz in as soon as they feel it     23. In the event that a team believes that an
knows the answer. However, the moderator           incorrect answer was accepted or a correct
will stop reading the question and the team        answer was not accepted, it may offer a
must answer based upon what has been read          challenge. Only team members may make
to that point. Some questions may require          challenges, and only at the point at which
multiple answers.                                  they occur. Challenges may not be made
13. Once a team buzzes in, it must wait to be      once the next question is read.
identified by the moderator. Any team that         24. Topics for general academic knowledge may
responds to the question before being              include but shall not be limited to: science,
recognized by the moderator will be scored         math, history, geography, English (including
with an incorrect answer.                          literature), spelling, government, the arts and
14. Once recognized, the team members may          music.
confer among themselves but must respond           92 • 2008 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards
within five seconds. In the event that a team      25. Professional Development questions may be
misses an answer, unless another team              drawn from the following sources: SkillsUSA
Leadership Handbook; SkillsUSA Web site;            personal hygiene
Professional Development Program; CSEP
(Postsecondary); CareerSafe; Total Quality          The technical committee has identified that the
Curriculum; Advisor’s Success Kit ’04;              following academic skills are embedded in this
SkillsUSA Champions magazine; USA Today;            contest.
Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised;
OSHA’s Teen Worker site
                                                    Simplify numerical expressions
( w w w.osha.gov/SLTC/teenworkers/
                                                    Solve practical problems involving percents
index.html ); and the Youth EEOC site
( y o uth.eeoc.gov/ ) . Items found in any          Solve single variable algebraic expressions
conference publication, e.g. official program,      Find surface area and perimeter of
Medallion magazine and any material from            twodimensional
the Opening General Session may be                  objects
included.                                           Find volume and surface area of
26. The source for current events questions will    threedimensional
be USA Today. Items will be taken from              objects
issues published no more than three months          Apply Pythagorean Theorem
prior to the date of the contest. The sources       Make predictions using knowledge of
can be print, media or online versions.             probability
27. In the event that the audience gives away an    Solve problems using proportions, formulas
answer, the moderator may void the question         and functions
with no penalty for any team.                       Find slope of a line
28. The written test team score will be used as a   Use laws of exponents to perform operations
tiebreaker during the active rounds. No             Use measures of interior and exterior angles
tiebreaker rounds will be conducted.                of polygons to solve problems
29. For the preliminary round score, 80 percent     Add, subtract, multiply and divide
of the team’s active score plus 20 percent of
the team’s average written score will be used.      Use knowledge of cell theory
The preliminary round will be used as an            Use knowledge of patterns of cellular
eliminator, if necessary. For the final round,      organization (cells, tissues, organs, systems)
80 percent of the team’s active score plus 20
                                                    Use knowledge of carbon, water and
percent of the team’s average written score
                                                    nitrogen cycles
will serve as the final score. The final score
                                                    Use knowledge of reproduction and
will be used to determine the medallion
                                                    transmission of genetic information
                                                    Use knowledge of the particle theory of
                                                    Describe characteristics of types of matter
                                                    based on physical and chemical properties
1.1 Prepare to respond to a variety of              Use knowledge of physical properties
questions                                           (shape, density, solubility, odor, melting
1.2 Read and retain key points from a variety       point, boiling point, color)
of related sources                                  Use knowledge of chemical properties
                                                    (acidity, basicity, combustibility, reactivity)
                                                    Use knowledge of classification of elements
2.1 Speak clearly and listen effectively to team    as metals, metalloids, and nonmetals
members in a time sensitive situation               Use knowledge of potential and kinetic
2.2 Use conflict resolution techniques to bring     energy
the group to consensus about an answer              Use knowledge of mechanical, chemical and
2.3 Maintain awareness of time remaining to         electrical energy
answer a question                                   Use knowledge of heat, light and sound
                                                    Use knowledge of speed, velocity and
3.1 Display clothing that meets national            acceleration
standards for competition                           Sponsored by Goodheart-Willcox (2008) • 93
3.2 Demonstrate good grooming in dress and          
                                                     Use knowledge of Newton’s laws of motion
Use knowledge of principles of electricity       view and search the compendium, visit:
and magnetism                                      www.mcrel.org/standards-benchmarks/ .
Supply scientific terms, given definition
                                                   Students read a wide range of print and
Demonstrate comprehension of a variety of        nonprint texts to build an understanding of
informational texts                                texts, of themselves, and of the cultures of
Use text structures to aid comprehension         the United States and the world; to acquire
Organize and synthesize information for use      new information; to respond to the needs
in written and oral presentations                  and demands of society and the workplace;
Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate             and for personal fulfillment. Among these
reference materials                                texts are fiction and nonfiction, classic and
Use print, electronic databases and online       contemporary works
resources to access information in books and       Students apply a wide range of strategies to
articles                                           comprehend, interpret, evaluate and
Select appropriate verbal responses to oral      appreciate texts. They draw on their prior
and written questions                              experience, their interactions with other
                                                   readers and writers, their knowledge of word
                                                   meaning and of other texts, their word
State-level academic curriculum specialists        identification strategies, and their
identified the following connections to national   understanding of textual features (e.g.,
academic standards.                                sound-letter correspondence, sentence
                                                   structure, context, graphics)
None Identified                                    Students adjust their use of spoken, written
Source: NCTM Principles and Standards for          and visual language (e.g., conventions, style,
School Mathematics.                                vocabulary) to communicate effectively with
To view high school standards, visit:              a variety of audiences and for different
standards.nctm.org/document/chapter7/index.ht      purposes
m.                                                 Students conduct research on issues and
Select “Standards” from menu.                      interests by generating ideas and questions,
                                                   and by posing problems. They gather,
Understand atmospheric processes and the         evaluate and synthesize data from a variety
water cycle                                        of sources (e.g., print and non-print texts,
Understands Earth’s composition and              artifacts, people) to communicate their
structure                                          discoveries in ways that suit their purpose
Understands the composition and structure of     and audience
the universe and the Earth’s place in it           Students use a variety of technological and
Understands the principles of heredity and       information resources (e.g., libraries,
related concepts                                   databases, computer networks, video) to
Understands the structure and function of        gather and synthesize information and to
cells and organisms                                create and communicate knowledge
Understands relationships among organisms        Students use spoken, written and visual
and their physical environment                     language to accomplish their own purposes
Understands biological evolution and the         (e.g., for learning, enjoyment, persuasion,
diversity of life                                  and the exchange of information)
Understands the structure and properties of      Source: IRA/NCTE Standards for the English
matter                                             Language Arts. To
Understands the sources and properties of        view the standards, visit:
energy                                             www.readwritethink.org/standards/index.html .
Understands forces and motion                    94 • 2008 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards
Understands the nature of scientific             CONTEST SCORECARD
Understands the nature of scientific inquiry     Correct Answer
Understands the scientific enterprise            .................................................... 10
Source: McREL compendium of national science       Incorrect Answer ...............................................-
standards. To                                      10
Maximum ...........................................................
Written Test Maximum.......................................