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									                                              Warwickshire Food for Health Group
                                                        Activity 2010
This document describes the activities that were undertaken in partnership and by individual organisations to achieve national, regional and
local food based targets. Targets highlighted in violet and in italics indicate a national or local target/ indicator for partners

Group priorities for 2010 were:
            Increasing the percentage of people in Warwickshire reporting that they consume five or more portions of fruit and vegetables
               each day
            Improving the food offered to vulnerable adults
            Reduce food related inequalities

Obesity Prevention
No specific targets relating to obesity prevention were set by the Warwickshire Food for Health Group, as the Warwickshire Obesity Strategy
Group was addressing this. The focus of the Obesity Strategy Group changed during 2010 to focus on treating Childhood obesity, and they
requested that work relating to the prevention of obesity be reported by the food for health group. Reference to obesity prevention is made
throughout this report.

Specific activities relating to the treatment of obesity are:
    A comprehensive training programme for school nursing for The National Child Measuring Programme has taken place including Growth
        Foundation Training, Nutrition, childhood obesity and talking about weight
    Two contracts have been awarded to Rugby Borough Council and Nuneaton and Bedworth Leisure Trust to deliver 9 week family structured
        weight management programmes in North Warks, Nuneaton and Bedworth and Rugby
    Activity to reduce obesity in high prevalence primary schools continues via Public Health Development officers with partners – information
        continues to be shared with the Healthy Schools team to ensure collaborative working on the Enhanced model.
    “Brief intervention” training across the NHS includes how to advise on healthy eating and to prevent obesity
    20 of the 23 schools participating in the Enhanced Healthy Schools model have selected obesity reduction as a target. They are supported
        to do this by the healthy schools team, whose funding ends in August 2011
    Local dietitians are contributing to a regional multi agency project to produce an obesity charter for people with a learning disability and
        training for support staff.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                             1
April 2011
                                                                 Partnership work
1. Strategic Development
Chair: Ruth Breese.

 Target Area               Action/Activities
1a. To increase      -   To raise awareness of portion       -    Unfortunately the question about fruit and vegetable consumption in the County
the number of            sizes and the produce that               Council Annual survey has been omitted since 2008. The Council were asked to
people reporting         counts towards 5 a day                   include the question in future, but have not. The group is considering other ways
that they eat 5 or   -   To organise 2 Five a day training        to collect data e.g. using the ECM school survey results.
                         sessions, each year, training a
more portions of                                             -    The dietitians have merged 5 a day training into other sessions during 2010 due
                         total of at least 24 people
fruit and            -   Each member organisation to              to increased demand for nutrition risk assessment training.
vegetables by 1%         develop at least 2 pieces of        -    For organisational publicity, please see below. Highlights include a 5 a day focus
each year. (Local        publicity for their 5 a day work         at George Eliot Hospital AGM where all those attending were given a bag of fruit
target)                                                           and vegetables containing enough fruit and vegetables for their family for 1 day
                                                                  and Wacky forum conference for adolescents with LD – joint 5 a day stall with
                                                                  public health & dietetics
1b. To improve       -   Develop internet site on which      -    The site is still under development as the hosting site run by Warwickshire
local                    examples of work can be placed.          Community health is being restructured.
communication        -   Identify how it can be kept up to   -    165 entries for work relating to food and health were submitted for to the
relating to food         date                                     database. This information has been shared widely.
                     -   Encourage workers from all
and health                                                   -    29 editions of “Food News” have been disseminated – one every 4 – 6 weeks.
                         settings to share their work via
                         the database                             The newsletter is circulated to 196 individuals, many of whom send it on to their
                     -   To develop a newsletter                  team
                         containing food and health
                         information for workers
Other Activity       -   Publicity                           -    The group was invited to provide a workshop at a County Council public
                                                                  consultation event addressing prevention of ill health, and at a well being event
                                                                  for head teachers.
                                                             -    Members of the group attended the Coventry & Warwickshire quality conference
                                                                  in October 2010 where we won the best poster of the conference.
                                                             -    As a result of work carried out by the regional food policy group, a measure in the
                                                                  Warwickshire Transport plan is access to fruit and vegetables as a marker for
                                                                  access to healthy food.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                                2
April 2011
2. Children and young people

Target Area                  Action/Activities
2a. To improve        -   Support (as time and funding           -   3 schools in partnership with Warwickshire County caterers participated in the
access to a               permits) initiatives to improve the        Food for Life Scheme. Young people in these schools are growing, cooking and
balanced diet             food consumed by school children           eating fresh, seasonal, local and organic food and visiting farms where their food
                          (fruit in schools scheme, healthy          is produced. For the County Caterers, this has resulted in them serving seasonal
                          schools, regional initiatives)
                                                                     school meals, with 75% of dishes freshly prepared. The scheme expanded to
                                                                     involve 41 schools from April 2011.
                                                                 -   Trading Standards were involved in a national LACORS Nursery school project
                                                                     and commissioned dietetics to contribute. As a result an information booklet has
                                                                     been produced for nurseries, and the heartbeat award for this age group revised.
                                                                 -   Trading Standards and Warwickshire County Caterers worked in partnership to
                                                                     assess the nutritional quality of school lunches. This identified that while meals
                                                                     were cooked according to standard recipes, portion sizes given varied. A school
                                                                     with higher than average obesity rates was found to give larger portions.
                                                                 -   “Lets Get Cooking” came to Warwickshire with 33 schools receiving training and
                                                                     funding to run cooking classes.
2b. To promote a      -   Support schools to share good          -   98% (236) of schools have achieved National Healthy School Status (NHSS) in
whole school              practice in Healthy Eating                 Warwickshire. This means the schools met 11 nationally agreed criteria linked to
approach to food      -   Support schools to meet the ten            healthy eating, ensuring that the school has a „whole school approach‟ to healthy
and health                elements of the whole school               eating.
(Enhanced healthy         approach through National Healthy
                                                                 -   35% (84) of Warwickshire schools have reviewed their provision for healthy
schools)                  School Status (NHSS) and the
                          new Annual Review                          eating, three years after achieving NHSS, and been confirmed as meeting the 7
                      -   Support schools to plan and                revised national criteria linked to healthy eating.
                          deliver healthy eating outcomes for    -   10% (23) of schools in Warwickshire are participating in the first cohort of schools
                          the obesity priority through the           working on the new Healthy Schools enhancement model. 20 out of 23 schools
                          new Enhanced Healthy Schools               have chosen obesity as one of their two health priority areas (4 infant schools, 13
                                                                     primary schools and 3 secondary schools).
                                                                 -   It is not yet clear as to how this work will be monitored or schools assisted to
                                                                     reach their goals as funding for the healthy schools team stops in August.
2c. To increase the   -   For Warwick DC to be the home          -   10 Warwickshire schools with low school meals uptake were supported by taking
number of children        authority for food safety in schools       part in the West Midlands “Charlie and the Kitchen Cook Project”. Each school
eating a school           to ensure consistent standards             received a theatre visit promoting school meals, staff training, Healthy Schools
meal. (National           across Warwickshire                        Advisor time and a support pack created by the team (spring 2010).
Indicator 52)
                                                                 -   Warwickshire County Caterers report that meal numbers for the current year in
                                                                     comparison to 2009-2010 have remained fairly consistent with a very small
                                                                     percentage rise over all education sectors'.
Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                                    3
April 2011
                                                              -   WDC continue to be the home authority for food safety standards in schools.
                                                                  This means that consistent standards are applied across the county and County
                                                                  Caterers only have to liaise with one environmental health team rather than 5.
2d. Increase the     -   To set up a steering group to        -   A steering group has been set up, chaired by Carolyn Forman from Department
uptake of vitamins       develop this project                     of Public Health. The action plan has led to the vitamins being available through
and vitamin drops    -   To develop an action plan with Key       Children‟s Centres across the county.
under the healthy        partners                             -   Health Visitors, Midwives, GPs and Children‟s Centre Staff are encouraged to
start scheme.
                                                                  sign families up to the scheme and to remind them to use the vitamins.
(Regional target)
                                                              -   From 1st April this target will be moved to NHS Warwickshire Community Health‟s
                                                                  Performance Dashboard.

                                                                          Target          Baseline      Q1      Q       Q3    Total by December
                                                                                          from Q 4     2010    2010    2010   2010
                                                                    Women‟s vitamin
                                                                    tablets increase by
                                                                    10% =111                  2          6      20      41            67

                                                                    Children‟s vitamin
                                                                    drops increase by        33         51      54      92            197
                                                                    10% = 401

    Meetings have taken place to set up a Warwickshire wide children and food group. This work has been put on hold due to organisational change,
    but it is hoped to address this issue from April 2011.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                                4
April 2011
   3. Breastfeeding (led by the PCT breastfeeding liaison group)
Lead: Fran Poole []

 Target Area              Action/Activities
4.a. To increase      -   To encourage workplaces &       -   UHCW, SWFT and NHS Warkwickshire Community have agreed to go ahead with
Breastfeeding             public places to welcome            their Stage 1 application for “baby friendly status”.
rates by 2% per           Breastfeeding mothers           -   GEH are not ready to do this yet, but are taking action to address this.
annum(national        -   Gain baby friendly status for   -   Training of staff and peer support workers continues
                          appropriate NHS premises
indicator 53)                                             -   26 Community based projects around breastfeeding were put on to the database
                      -   Develop a county wide
                          training programme for NHS
                          staff                           Breastfeeding data for first 3 quarters of 2010.
                      -   Support for Community
                          based projects including                               Initiation    Target                      6-8 weeks
                          breast feeding cafes, peer                                                    B/F Totally   B/F partially Total      Target
                          support programmes, parent            South                   77.8       72            35.3            16       51.4      53.5
                          craft sessions                        North                   61.1       59            24.7          8.28         33      32.5
                      -   Commitment to incorporate             East                    74.6       76           29.75         13.66       43.4     42.15
                          breastfeeding into teaching           Warwickshire            70.8       70            30.1          12.6     42.76       44.3
                          in school                             West Midlands           66.7     66.5

National Indicators relevant to this section

NI 53 Prevalence of breastfeeding at 6 - 8 weeks from birth
NI 55 Obesity among primary school age children in Reception Year
NI 56 Obesity among primary school age children in Year 6

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                                    5
April 2011
4. Vulnerable Adults sub-group
Chair: Richard Brookes. ''

  Target Area                Action/Activities
3a. To improve the       -   Provide support for caterers    -   Warwickshire County Council Care Homes were involved in a “focus on meal time
food given to                who provide food for                project” which has improved nutrition communication across care and catering teams.
vulnerable adults in         vulnerable adults e.g. in           Work carried out in partnership with dietitians. The project has also identified a need
care                         care homes, intermediate            to provide suitable food for overweight residents. This will be addressed in 2011.
Care Quality                 care
                                                                 This work is now being disseminated to partners in the private care setting and NHS.
Commission               -   To promote and encourage
Standards and                                                -   The Medicines Management Dietitian has produced and is disseminating nutritional
                             achievement of the YAH
National Care home           Heartbeat Award (where              guidelines for care homes. Training will take place in 2011.
standards                    available)                      -   Trading Standards are to carry out a survey of the nutritional content of meals in care
                                                                 homes to see if nutritional standards are achieved.
                                                             -   54 care homes have the Heartbeat Award. Homes across Warwickshire can apply for
                                                                 the award as WDC carry out administration for SDC and N&BBC homes. One
                                                                 organisation has only joined the scheme because all its homes across the county can
                                                                 apply, stressing the importance of the county wide approach.
3b. To develop           -   To identify the people who      -   Members of the group were involved in the Meals on Wheels tender process, and
information about            support people to stay in           Trading Standards will be testing sample meals during 2011.
safe and healthy             their own homes and ensure      -   Training on Nutrition screening (MUST), including resources for patients has been run
food to enable               that they have correct              for NHS and County Council staff by the Dietitians. The resources produced by the
vulnerable adults to         information about food and
                                                                 medicines management dietitian will be put onto the county council web site.
continue to stay in          health
their own homes          -   Understand current activities   -   Training has been run for the County Council contracting team
                             around round routine            -   The plan of action for the re-ablement team includes nutrition screening
                             nutritional screening in the    -   WCH falls team have produced an information pack for people at risk from falls. This
                             community                           includes a leaflet on bone health
3c. To undertake         -   Collate baseline data on        -   GEH, WCH hospitals, SWFT and WCC care homes all took part in the BAPEN
gap/needs analysis           Warwicks vulnerable adults          nutrition screening survey of 2010. Results indicate that malnutrition rates rise in the
and monitor trends       -   Participate the BAPEN               winter. The survey will be repeated in 2011.
over time                    survey 2010
3d. To ensure            -   Provide training on             -   Nutrition risk (MUST) screening was a CQINN target for Warwickshire Community
workers have the             screening and nutrition             Health. All nursing staff have received training on MUST and care planning.
skills to care for the       support if needed               -   Warwickshire County council organised, and Dietitians attended, a study day for
nutritional needs of                                             private care homes which included a section on nutrition risk and learning
vulnerable adults
                                                                 opportunities relating to food and health.

National Indicators relevant to this section: NI 141 Percentage of vulnerable people achieving independent living

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                                    6
April 2011
5. Change 4 life (C4L) and Start 4 Life (S4L)

   Target Area             Action/Activities
5a. To co-ordinate    -   C4L themes will be built into   -   Change4life and Start4life were built into initiatives carried out across Warwickshire
local work relating       other promotional work              for example baby, toddler, and family nosh, cook and taste, talks to community
to C4Land S4L             carried out by partners. For        groups.
issues and to             example energy balance,         -   The Healthy schools team encourages schools to use the C4L materials
                          portion sizes
share examples of                                         -   Warwickshire workers are contributing to the development of a regional training
good practice                                                 package for workers on Introducing solid food (S4L).
Including the                                             -   Staff from the NHS and County Council were involved in a local launch of the Great
National obesity                                              Swapathon
targets NI 55 & 56                                        -   The information about “swap it, don‟t stop it” for adults was circulated.

6. Catering/Food preparation issues
Lead: Robert Chapleo and team []

 Target Area              Action/Activities
7a. To support        -   Working together to ensure      -   The Scores on Doors pilot reported at the end of 2010 so this work has been on hold
caterers to improve       that standards such as          -   Warwick DC now does heartbeat assessments for Young at Heart, (especially
standards                 “scores on doors”,                  Warwickshire Care Services) awards and Schools for Stratford DC (who withdrew
                          standards for better health         from the general scheme in 2009) and Rugby BC.
Care Quality              and healthy eating are
                                                          Warwick DC             52 Heartbeat Awards
Commission                consistent across the
Standards and             county.                                                21 Young at Heart Awards
National Care home                                                               10 Kinder heart Awards
standards             -   To encourage schools and        North Warwickshire 4 Heartbeat Awards
                          member organisations                                   2 Young at Heart
                          premises to apply for the       The award scheme is on hold in Rugby due to staff sickness.
                          Heartbeat Award or obtain       The Kinder Award was updated to address the nutritional issues identified in the
                          the highest food safety         LACORS nursery project (see 2a). The Young at Heart Award for vulnerable adults will
                          awards from their local         be updated in 2011.
                          authority where available       Partnership working between WDC and South Warwickshire Dietetic Service allows the
                                                          Heartbeat Award to continue in Warwickshire. Expertise is shared - the dietetic
                                                          department provides expertise and training on nutrition for CHD prevention, under 5‟s
                                                          and vulnerable adults, while the Environmental Health Department gives the dietitians a
                                                          structure to work with caterers, so they are no longer contacted by individual
                                                          organisations. After receiving training, the EH team in Warwick assess premises for the
Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                                     7
April 2011
                                                            standard award, leaving the dietitians free to assess the special awards
                                                            NHS staff requested information on food labelling. A leaflet was produced for the group
                                                            by Trading Standards, who also helped in the production of a questionnaire on labelling
                                                            for Health Visiting Staff.
7b. To encourage         -   To jointly implement the       After consultation the local food policy was adjusted to focus on food purchased for
organisations to offer       county council/NHS healthy     business at work. The policies have been ratified and baseline provision in
healthy food choices         food policies where possible   organisational restaurants and coffee shops audited to develop a plan of action.
                         -   Carry out audit of food        Members of the group are assisting with or leading on development for the following
                             offered in premises where
                                                            organisations areas
                             group members work to
                             ensure healthy choices are     GEH – will adopt as a policy                  NBBC – adopting the policy
                             offered.                       SWFT – adopted it as guidelines               WCC – put out for adoption in their format
                         -   Encourage organisations to     WCHS and NHS Warwickshire – the policy is out for consultation
                             adopt the healthy food         SDC – have existing procurement policy based on original FFHG policy
                             policy template                WDC – heartbeat caterer used for in house catering. Discussion taking place on adoption
                                                            Rugby – position unknown
                                                            Partnership Trust – developing a policy across Coventry and Warwickshire

Future Targets
The Governments Public Health Responsibility Deal 2011 includes a Food Pledge and a Health at Work Pledge.

The Food Network will lead on the food pledge; its activity will be wide-ranging and embracing four main areas:
       • information to consumers
       • content of food
       • improving the availability of healthy food, and
       • promotion of healthier food choices.
The food network will be seeking cross-sector commitments to support people in reducing their calorie intake to prevent weight gain, and
improve access to fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.

The Health at Work network has some food targets:
Implement some basic measures for encouraging healthier staff restaurants/vending outlets/buffets, including:
    Ensuring the availability of healthier foods and beverages in all available channels to employees
    Working with caterers to reformulate recipes to provide lower fat, salt, artificial Trans Fatty Acids and energy meals
    Provision of responsibly sized portions of foods within food outlets
    Provision and promotion of the consumption of fruit and vegetables through availability and price promotion
    Provision of calories and/or Guideline Daily Amounts on menus per portion as a minimum (further nutrients optional)
    Water is visible and freely available
                                                                            All activities already addressed by Food for Health Group partners

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                                               8
April 2011
                  Activity by Individual Organisations
           Organisation                                     Activity
County Council                        No report on activity received
      To promote Time4me to Eat as part of the
       Time4Me campaign run for staff
County Council - AHCS, Local
Provider Services
      To improve nutrition and hydration for
       older people living in Care Homes in           Focus on Meal times and “dot to dot” project
       Warwickshire                                   launched and is being evaluated to address all
      Implement 'Focus on Mealtimes Project'         these aims. A report is being prepared.
       initiatives in internal Care Homes
      Introduce and encourage Protected              Homes took part in BAPEN screening survey
       Mealtimes in internal Care Homes
      Raise further awareness and
       understanding through Mealtimes
       Champions Group
      Promote person centred approach to
       meals and mealtimes in internal Care
      Develop Meals & Mealtimes toolkit for
       Care Homes across the county
      Develop Quality Standards document
      To involve internal Care Homes in
       BAPEN study

County Council - Trading Standards                    Work with and support the Warwickshire Food for
      Support the mapping of accessibility of        Health group and the Vulnerable Adults sub
       affordable food across the county              group.
      Provide learning materials to help improve         Samples taken of five meals (mains and
       nutritional/healthy eating knowledge in               puddings) from the providers of Meals on
       order to minimize ongoing health problems             Wheels for Warwickshire – County
       caused by lack of knowledge and                       Enterprise foods to check for nutritional
       understanding.                                        composition against the NACC standard.
      Work with providers of meals to older adults       Ten Food Standards inspections of
       (Meals on Wheels, Care Homes) to ensure               independent Care Homes/ Nursing Homes
       they meet recommended nutritional                     taken place and sampling of meals
       standards.                                            undertaken and sent to Public Analyst with
      To provide guidance on accurate menu                  a report to follow.
       description                                        Survey on Chinese and Indian takeaway
      To raise awareness of allergen issues                 meals completed – analysed for fat and
      To raise awareness of sources of trans fatty          salt content.
       acids in foods and encourage reduction             Survey on Halal claims undertaken.
      Work to reduce salt and sugar in pre-
       packed foods                                         Food and Feed Hygiene inspections on
      To encourage catering establishments to               farms undertaken and completed in March
       provide healthy, balanced meal options for            2011.
       children                                             General Market premises were visited and
      Monitor compliance with rules for health              information updated and advice given.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                     9
April 2011
         and nutritional claims
       To continue monitoring food and feed               High Risk food inspections take priority and
        hygiene on farms                                   support and advice provided to the primary
       To provide advice and support to food              producers.
        business and consumers
       Continue with our ongoing work with our
        Primary producers re: food safety, labelling
        , nutritional claims.
       To do sampling of manufactured products
        (fruit yogurts etc) that claim to contribute to
        '5 a day
County Council - County Caterers                                School meal uptake has been monitored
       Monitor and review take-up of meals which                with input given to those schools with a low
        are compliant with nutritional standards in              meal percentage.
        all schools where CC is the provider                    New menu items have been included to look
       Revise menu dishes to increase uptake                    at new products and pupil preferences.
        whilst remaining compliant with standards,              The Food for Life standard has proved
        as appropriate                                           successful in the three pilot schools and we
       To pilot the Food for Life standard in three             are now looking at the possibility of rolling
        schools to establish service improvements                the menu to other schools.
        and any beneficial business results as                  Work continues on the joint Healthy Eating
        compared with the increased costs of                     Policy with other partners.
       To implement the joint PCT/CC Healthy              We work with other bodies within schools to
        Eating policy in establishments with               achieve Healthy School status and the „whole
        catering provided by County Caterers,              school approach‟ to food and within the
        when finally approved by WCC Members               community as a support on food related activities
       To support schools to reach the Healthy
        School Status where appropriate –
       To support schools with a “whole school
        approach” to food – with additional
        opportunities where catering staff are
        willing to become more involved in school
       To support identified community activity (of
        Partners) where resources allow, - usually
        on short life basis ( such as Brunswick
        Community Centre, SWT Cook and Eat

County Council - Healthy Schools                           -   A toolkit for schools on delivering parent sessions
                                                               has been developed This includes a healthy eating
Team                                                           workshop (summer 2010).
-   Deliver training, support and guidance to schools to
    achieve NHSS and to maintain their NHSS through        -   An SLA has been developed between
    the new Annual Review Process ensuring a whole             Warwickshire schools and School Health Team
    school approach to Healthy Eating in schools               which includes healthy eating related work. This
-   Support schools to plan and deliver healthy eating         ensures that the contribution from the School
    outcomes for the obesity priority through the new          Health Team on healthy eating is an integral part of
    Enhanced Healthy Schools                                   a planned programme of work for the school.
-   Promote Food Partnership Programmes to schools
-   Support schools to share good practice in Healthy      -   A workshop was delivered at the Healthy Schools
    Eating                                                     conference by Catherine Goodridge, Regional

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                              10
April 2011
-   Provide up-to-date information and links on Healthy        School Food and Health Coordinator (West
    Eating through Healthy Schools website                     Midlands). This covered: Healthy eating through
-   Ensure coverage of Healthy Eating theme in HS              the school curriculum, School responsibility for food
    moderation visits                                          through the school day, Guidance and resources to
-   Provide partners with appropriate training to engage       support healthy eating work and Tips and traps
    with the HS Quality Assurance processes                    when promoting healthy eating (summer 2010).

                                                           -   The Food in Schools policy was reviewed and
                                                               updated. Supporting resources such as the Parent
                                                               Policies Booklet and Pupils Policy Booklet were
                                                               also updated. This resource has been
                                                               disseminated to all Warwickshire schools (summer

                                                           -   There is a developing partnership with Public
                                                               Health colleagues to support the obesity agenda in
                                                               schools (autumn 2010).

                                                           -   Health Profiles have been developed and shared
                                                               with Enhancement schools only. These include
                                                               local and school level data linked to obesity,
                                                               healthy eating and physical activity (autumn 2010).

                                                           -   A data collection tool has been developed and
                                                               completed by Enhancement schools only, which
                                                               captures the attitudes and behaviours of pupils on
                                                               health issues including food, healthy eating and
                                                               physical activity (autumn 2010).

NHS – Department of Public                     See healthy start above
                                               See also 5 a day section
Health                                         Public Health has been working in collaboration with Coventry
       2d. Increase the uptake of             University to develop an evaluation system aligned with the
        vitamins and vitamin drops under       National Obesity Observatory‟s Standard Evaluation Framework
        the healthy start scheme.              and the Worcester University Evaluation Tool kit
        (Regional target)
       To promote 5 a day within the          The Children and Young People‟s Plan quarter 3 report has been
                                               updated to reflect the work going on around reducing Childhood
        community, with a focus on
                                               obesity Childhood
        portion sizes.
       To develop programmes that             An obesity Project Co-ordinator has been recruited to and Carolyn
        address obesity in the community       Forman commenced in post on 1 February 2011

                                               Public Health with the Warwickshire Observatory have carried out
                                               some investigative work to identify why year 2009/10 NCMP
                                               participation rates were below target – it was identified that in the
                                               south of the county parents were given the option to “consent in” –
                                               this has meant that 1700 children were not weighed and
                                               measured. The revised NCMP service went live on 4 January
                                               2011 and procedures and protocols are in place to ensure that
                                               everything is done to meet target for 2010/11.

NHS – Dietetics
To raise awareness of the components of a                      Dietitians continue to attend Heartbeat meetings
balanced diet                                                   and assess menus for the award scheme. (See
                                                                also section 6 on Catering)
     One aim of all dietetic consultations is to              Advice has been provided to partners from local
       improve nutritional health                               authority, trading standards, healthy schools and

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                               11
April 2011
      To assess menus for the Heartbeat Award             NHS.
       for Nuneaton & Bedworth, Rugby, North              5 a day training was cancelled as there was a
       Warwickshire Borough Councils and                   requirement to deliver training on nutrition risk
       Warwick District Council; for the NHS and           screening.
       County Council Care Homes                          Healthy Eating and Chronic disease management
                                                           training session was run in March 2010, 10
      To provide general dietetic and healthy             attended. Sessions in October 2010 & February
       eating advice to group members as time              2011 were cancelled. The programme will be
       and funding permits, seeking additional             updated in 2011 to offer a ½ day programme
       funding when required                              A joint training plan for 2011 is being compiled.
      To offer training to workers to help them
       give accurate and consistent advice on
       food and health.
      Deliver 2 five a day training sessions each
       year and to support 2 pieces of 5 a day
       publicity with the NHS organisations we
       work with
       Deliver 2 Healthy Eating and Chronic
       Disease Management Courses a year.
To ensure food related messages are appropriately      Sessions for healthy visiting staff were run. 2
targeted for special groups – children and              sessions in south and 1 in north
vulnerable adults                                      Developed resource on recommended intakes and
     To offer training on Healthy eating for           portion sizes for children. Available on local NHS
        children. Sessions will be run on request       intranet
        and according to capacity in departments
                                                       See food at work policy in partnership working
     to work towards implementation of Eating          section.
        Well in Hospitals (formally Better Hospital
        Food) and food related Care Quality              Training was offered to staff who work with older
        Commission Standards, NPSA 10 Key                 people and people with LD to identify and treat
        Characteristics and appropriate NICE              malnutrition.
     To undertake activities relating to                NW Dietitian was part of trading standards Nursery
        Nutritional support                               project and developed information on healthy
                Offering 6 nutrition support study        eating in under 5‟s in day care
                days each year
                Supporting the vulnerable adults
                sub group
A “medicines management “dietetic post was             Development of guidelines for care homes for
created during 2010.                                    treatment of malnutrition, including appropriate
                                                        snacks, nourishing drinks and food fortification.
                                                       Developed six „food first‟ dietary information leaflets
                                                        that can be given to patients at risk of malnutrition to
                                                        improve their nutritional status through dietary
                                                       Developed guidelines for the treatment of
                                                        malnutrition that can be used by GPs and nurses to
                                                        help identify and effectively treat undernourished
                                                        patients. These guidelines have also been
                                                        disseminated to care agencies for the information of
                                                        care workers.
                                                       Provided training to care homes on nutritional
                                                        screening and treatment of malnutrition (assisted by
                                                        other dietetic colleagues)

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                            12
April 2011
North Warwickshire and Rugby Team                      See N&BBC info for Time 4 Me and HLN work
    To support the Communities for health            Health Promotion Displays
       group and Health Inequalities Group and              o NBBC Healthy eating display x 1 week in
       Healthy Living Network in Nuneaton &                    December to support health checks
                                                            o 22nd Sept GEH AGM 5-A-DAY display
                                                            o Support given to HLN with a 5-A-DAY display
    To lead on the BAPEN screening week for                   in GEH foyer
       George Eliot Hospital and Bramcote                   o Healthy lunchboxes display in February at
       Hospital, and Stanley and Pembleton                     NBLT Camp Hill Open Day.
                                                       New 1st line advice weight loss diet sheet available
                                                        on WCH intranet.
                                                       Provided training to GEH nursing staff on meeting
                                                        patients nutritional needs in hospital and
                                                        management of malnutrition in vulnerable adults
                                                        twice yearly.
                                                       Dietitians participated in BAPEN screening week
                                                       Provided training on nutrition risk (MUST) screening
                                                        and care planning for WCH community teams and
                                                       Assisted in Essence of Care and CQINN audits,
                                                        audit reports and action plans for WCH

                                                       Staff training (April and Oct 2010)
                                                       Patient / carer (May 2010 and for March
                                                        2011) training sessions on secondary prevention.
                                                      MUST training for the GEH stroke out reach team

                                                      Learning disability
                                                       Ad-hoc training on healthy eating and menu
                                                       Development of a screening tool to identify
                                                         malnutrition and obesity
South Warwickshire Team                               See above for details of Food for Health Group
    To chair the Warwickshire Food for Health        meetings, meals on wheels, infant feeding work and
      Group; drafting the action plan and report of   Food News.
                                                       -    SWDS continues to chair the food for health
    To co-ordinate and disseminate Food News          -    Agreement with WDC that EH team would
      and obesity links for workers in partner              assess standard awards, freeing the dietitian to
      organisations across Warwickshire                     concentrate to the awards for under 5‟s and
    Support the development of Warwickshire                vulnerable adults
      Strategic approach to infant feeding             -    3F project and have come to an
    To help with specific projects as time and             end. Studley group has not requested help
      funding permits e.g.                            Lillington food Group – see Action 21 below. A dietitian
      Lillington Food Group other community           is a member of the steering committee. Support by a
      projects in Warwick District                    dietitian and/or a student was given to Fruity Friday in
                                                      the summer, pumpkin day in October and “it‟s a wrap”
       SDC theatre into education/3F,                 in March. and Studley
       Cook & Eat                                     See also Stratford District work
       Meals on Wheels tender                         Nutrition support
      To lead on BAPEN screening week for             Dietitians participated in BAPEN screening week for
       Warwick Hospital, Stratford hospital and         Warwick, RLSR, Ellen Badger and Stratford
       Royal Leamington spa Rehabilitation              Hospitals.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                          13
April 2011
       Hospital.                      Provided training to nursing staff of all grades,
                                       student nurses, junior doctors, medical students and
                                       caterers on meeting patients nutritional needs in
                                       hospital and management of malnutrition.
                                      Assisted in Better Hospital Food and Essence of
                                       Care audits, audit reports and action plans for SWFT
                                       & WCH
                                      Some of the work mentioned here was put on hold to
                                       allow time to train WCH staff to use the MUST
                                       screening tool. Over 200 members of staff have
                                       been trained. Also contributed to discussions on
                                       appropriate screening

                                     Healthy eating/obesity
                                      5 a day publicity was run through the C4L great
                                       swapathon. Staff from SWFT and WCC were
                                       encouraged to share their ideas for healthy eating
                                       and physical activity. E-pulse was used.
                                      Radio Warneford has a regular food and health slot.
                                      Obtained funding from Coventry & Warwickshire
                                       Innovation fund to run the 600 club – a weight control
                                       group for people with limited mobility at RLSRH.
                                       Project developed and led by OT and dietetics with
                                       support from other staff at the hospital.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                        14
April 2011
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council
                                                                         P1 On hold due to council financial
Maintenance and development of an (award-winning) internet based         climate.
resource to promote food safety and healthy eating,
                                                                         P2 Time 4 Me – Dietitians attended 2
Support for businesses to improve their food safety management           sessions a month from Jan'10 to
systems using the (national) Safer Food, Better Business pack            August'10 (promotion of HE/obesity
organised in liaison with North Warwickshire College Catering &          management in pre and antenatal mums
Hospitality Department                                                   at 2 children‟s centres).

Communities for Health (C4H) projects: Healthier Communities             P2 Evaluation report being prepared
(P1) & Time for Me (P2)                                                  - Food Safety Team are obtaining info
P1: Partnership between a Mental Health services Day Centre and          from Childminders (considering the need
Asian Women‟s Centre providing healthy lifestyle/improvement             for registration) for those that provide
support. Presently seeking statutory partner support to ensure long-     food.
term sustainability.                                                     - 2 training sessions provided by
                                                                         dietetics for HLN on HE and Health
P2:A collaborative area-based initiative led by Nuneaton and Bedworth    Promotion messages (one in the Spring,
Healthy Living Network (N&B HLN) delivered in partnership with           one in the Autumn).
George Eliot Hospital Trust, Public Health, Health Visiting Service,
Warwickshire Stop Smoking Service and Dietetics, Warwick County          Additional
Council and Children‟s Centres. Providing a care pathway for women       We have had 186 employees uptake the
with a BMI of 30+ and all women from disadvantaged areas. To be          Health Passport.
delivered in two Children‟s Centres, as a pilot for 12 months.           Out of 142 analysed so far
Has continued commitment from all partners to deliver training,          - 40% had a BMI of 25-29.9 (overweight)
activities/initiatives as regular practice once funding has ceased.      - 23% had BMI of 30 or greater (very
3 Year Service Level Agreement with N&B HLN:                             overweight/obese)
The project will target men (age 45+) in the most disadvantaged areas    - 55% had a cholesterol score over 5,
of Nuneaton & Bedworth, working in pubs, clubs, bingo halls, betting     14% had a glucose score of 6.1 or more
shops and workplaces to offer a Health MoT including weight, blood       - 46% had blood pressure (BP) higher
pressure and diet advice.                                                than it should be & 8% had potentially
Additional:                                                              high BP
The Council‟s Social Scrutiny Panel has formed a Health Inequalities
Working Group that has produced ten recommendation to address
Health Inequalities in Nuneaton and Bedworth. One of these is to „work
with partners to investigate the feasibility and scope for projects
addressing food poverty including access to and preparation of
healthier food‟.

North Warwickshire Borough Council                                       Six family cook and taste sessions all
                                                                         linked into National programme - „Lets
       Further Cook and taste sessions around the Borough               get cooking‟. Over 60 families taking
        concentrating on families in partnership with health             part in cooking sessions. Over 200
        development officer, NHS Warwickshire                            people taking part in summer cooking
       Continuing development of Wellness Matters internet
        site which will be a one stop web shop for health and            Ongoing development and branding of
        wellbeing information and newsletter                             Wellness Matters.

       Development of community luncheon clubs in                       10 volunteers trained in food hygiene.
        partnership with home shopping service and increasing            Development of Kingsbury community
                                                                         lunch club. Running every month with
        number of volunteers with food hygiene training.
                                                                         over 30 participants.
Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                                15
April 2011
      Healthy eating programme developed as part of adopt a          A rolling programme in all schools in all
       school programme                                               primary schools in North Warwickshire
      Healthy eating taster sessions in partnership with Action      Two four week taster sessions at NW
       for Wellbeing Project                                          Leisure centre. Over 200 participants.
                                                                      Taster sessions held in 2 primary
      Developing further Feel good events in partnership with        schools.
       North Warwickshire Volunteer Centre.
                                                                      Ongoing recipe exchange as part of
      NWBC staff healthy recipe exchange                             healthy workforce week. Fruity Friday
                                                                      and healthy snacks and taster sessions.
      Smoothie bike challenge focusing on highlighting the link      Staff vegetable garden developed and
       between healthy eating and physical exercise                   continued.

      Developing healthy eating literature and wellbeing for         Booklets produced and used in
       older people and younger people                                awareness raising events.

      Putting in for funding for a grow, cook and learn project      Funding awarded and project developed.
       to develop a community allotment                               Over 50 residents received a raised bed
                                                                      and are growing their own fruit and
      In partnership with Health Development Officers NHS,           vegetables. Events held throughout the
       using North Warwickshire‟s Branching out Bus to                year including jam making, seasonal
       promote awareness of maintaining healthy lifestyles to         cooking, love food hate waste campaign,
       rural areas                                                    garden party, cooking demonstrations
                                                                      and Christmas celebration

Warwick District
                                                                WDC and SWDS carry out assessment for
Environmental health                                            Warwickshire Care Services awards, NHS in
   to promote, support and develop the Heartbeat               the south of the county & WCC Schools
       Award Scheme‟                                            52 Heartbeat Awards
                                                                21 Young at Heart Awards
      to promote the healthy food policy to the council        10 Kinder heart Awards

                                                                Input into the letting of a consolidated Council
                                                                catering contract
Agenda 21
    Lillington Food Group – Bringing the community             Action 21 have withdrawn from the food co-op
     together with linking food projects e.g. Lillington        work. In its place a CIC “South Warwickshire
     primary school grow and eat events, work with              Food” has been set up. The project has
     under 4‟s and their families at the children‟s centre,     expanded and now provides fruit and veg bags
     community allotment, fruit and veg co-op, 2 public         and free range eggs to 5 Childrens Centres
     awareness events each year                                 (soon to be 7). The number of bags sold varies
    Warwick Food Coop                                          from around 70 in the summer holidays when
    Sydenham Food Coop (goes live w/c 19th October)            many families take a break, to over 180 in the
    Linking local farmer with the food coops and the           Awards4All funding was obtained to expand the
     community Cafes.                                           project in 2010 and put on additional family
    Working with Transition Town Leamington (TTL) to           days including a winter veg day, visit to a farm,
     link into local growers and supplier                       pumpkin event and summer fruit event.
    Working with WDC to create a Sustainability
     Centre in Jephson Gardens including making the             Discussions are taking place on how the
     Lodge garden a show case of sustainable food               project will continue now the A4A funding has
     production (Summer 2010)                                   come to an end and how to use more local
                                                                farmers with the project.
Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                             16
April 2011
                                                             No information has been received on the
                                                             development of the sustainability centre in

Stratford District Council
       Theatre in Education – Promoting 5-a-day &
       physical activity messages                           This took place in June 2010. 37 schools
      Working in partnership with S.W Dietetic Service     were visited reaching 8,000 pupils. The
       and Stratford upon Avon College to promote           project will be repeated in 2011.
       healthy eating and physical activity messages to
       primary schools in the Stratford District through
       Theatre in Education (based on a yearly target of
       45 schools reaching in the region of 12,000
       Tackling health inequalities – access to an          88 people went through the cook
       affordable, healthier diet                           and eat sessions. This project in now on
      Working with SW Dietetic Service and partners to     hold.
       tackle health inequalities by targeting vulnerable
       groups in the Alcester Area through development
       and delivery of an action plan which addresses
       access to an affordable, healthier diet.

There is no representation from Rugby Borough Council or Stratford District Council on the

Community Groups

Bath Place Community Venture and the Studley Grow Cook and Eat project both featured on the Hairy
Bikers “Mums know best” programme at the beginning of 2011.

Warwickshire Food For Health Group                                                                         17
April 2011

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