; Powder and Concealer Conversion Chart
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Powder and Concealer Conversion Chart


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									                 Powder and Concealer Conversion Chart

Powder Perfect Pressed Powder to TimeWise Dual-Coverage Powder

Pressed Powder    Dual Coverage Closest Match    Dual Coverage Shade
Ivory             Ivory 100                      Ivory 100
Ivory                                            Ivory 104
Ivory                                            Ivory 200
Beige                                            Beige 300
Beige             Beige 304                      Beige 304
Lt. Bronze                                       Beige 400
Lt. Bronze                                       Beige 507
Lt. Bronze        Bronze 607                     Bronze 607
Bronze            Bronze 607 & Bronze 708        Bronze 708

Powder Perfect Loose Powders to MK Signature Loose Powders

Powder Perfect Loose   Closest Match    MK Signature Loose
Ivory                  Ivory            Lt. Ivory (y)
Ivory                                   Ivory (y)
Beige                  Lt. Beige        Lt. Beige (y)
Lt. Bronze                              Beige (o)
Lt. Bronze             Lt. Bronze       Lt. Bronze (b)
Bronze                 Bronze           Bronze (b)

Regular-Line Day Radiance to complementary TimeWise Dual-Coverage
Powder Foundation

Day Radiance              Dual-Coverage Powder   Crème-to-Powder Foundation
Soft Ivory                Ivory 104              Ivory 0.5
Antique Ivory             Ivory 100              Ivory 1.0
Blush Ivory               Ivory 200              Ivory 2.0
Buffed Ivory              Ivory 200              Ivory 3.0
Fawn Beige                Beige 300              Beige 1.0
Delicate Beige            Beige 304              Beige 2.0
True Beige                Beige 400              Beige 3.0
Almond Beige              Beige 400              Beige 4.0
Toasted Beige             Bronze 507             Beige 4.0
Cocoa Beige               Bronze 507        Beige 4.0
Mocha Bronze              Bronze 607        Bronze 0.5
Bittersweet Bronze        Bronze 607        Bronze 1.0
Walnut Bronze             Bronze 607        Bronze 1.0
Rich Bronze               Bronze 708        Bronze 1.5
Mahogany Bronze           Bronze 708        Bronze 2.0

Current Concealers to New MK Signature Concealers

Current Concealers   MK Signature
Ivory                Light Ivory & Ivory
Beige                Beige
Bronze               Light Bronze
Ebony Bronze         Bronze
Yellow               Yellow

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