What You Need To Know About Drinking Green Tea And Black Tea

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					What You Need To Know About Drinking Green Tea And Black

Tea plant is native to Asia and its scientific name is Camellia Sinensis. It is an evergreen
plant. The people of Asia, especially the Chinese, have been using tea for centuries.
Tea is processed mainly in two ways: as green tea and black tea. Green tea retains all of its
natural properties and is more popular than black tea because of its freshness and increased
medicinal values.
When tea is processed more in its manufacture, its medicinal properties diminish. However,
the Western world prefers black tea. Compared to green tea, black tea has less medicinal
properties because it is prepared after a complicated process.
Black tea is not devoid of all the qualities of tea but they are on a diminished level. If milk is
added to tea, the properties of natural tea are further eliminated. Recent studies have
revealed that drinking tea regularly helps to improve the cognitive skills and to retain the
ability of brain to function normally even in old age.
The most important difference between green tea and black tea is that green tea is safe to
drink whereas black tea is a mild carcinogen. Carcinogen is a substance that can cause
Tea is fermented to manufacture black tea and in this process, certain chemical reactions take
place where oxygen is allowed to react with tea leaves. All oxidized organic matter like smoke
and rotting matter are carcinogens. Therefore drinking black tea is not good for our health.
This fact is proven through experiments conducted on mice. When injected with concentrate
of black tea, the mice showed signs of developing cancerous growths. It may not happen in
men but there is the remote chance.
Moreover, black tea is drunk in a much diluted form and therefore, there may not be an
immediate danger. Since there is a potential health hazard associated with black tea, it is
better to avoid black tea completely.
Green tea, though beneficial for our health, is very expensive and people may not be able to
afford to buy it. Green tea is roughly 8 times costlier than black tea. This is simply because of
the fact that better quality products will always be costlier.
If you are not careful enough, there are chances of being cheated by profit minded
businessmen. Black tea may be packed and sold as green tea at exorbitant prices. If you are
buying Chinese made green tea, you have to be extremely cautious because this green tea
will not have the qualities of original green tea.
To check the quality difference, buy a packet of pure green tea from a reliable shop and
compare it with the one imported from China. To get a packet of quality green tea, look for a
Japanese brand. Though the price may be baffling, you can be sure of its purity and quality.
Sencha is a Japanese brand you can trust and it is available at the local stores or online. The
beverage prepared from real green tea will be dark green in color and will have a sweet smell
and a fresh taste.
If your beverage is different, assume that either you are cheated or you brewed the tea in the
wrong way. If you brew green tea in the same way as you brew black tea, the flavor and taste
of green tea will be spoiled. So learning the right way to brew green tea is as important as
choosing quality green tea.
There are definitely many benefits to drinking either black tea or green tea. If you play high
intensity sport such as basketball, eating a balanced diet coupled with drinking tea will
actually give you the energy to jump higher.

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