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Tulane University Associates


									Tul ane U n i v e r s i t y Ass o c i at e s

         From the Chair
         The first students to enroll after Hurricane Katrina, Tulane’s Class of 2010
         took a chance on a still-recovering city and university and embraced Tulane’s
         commitment to community engagement.

         They didn’t go it alone. The donors we honor in these pages helped shape a
         future not only for those students, but for Tulane and New Orleans as well.
         Join me in thanking the Tulane Associates for their generosity — $7.7 million
         for Tulane Fund programs during the 2009–10 academic year alone.

         There is more work to be done. Tulane established four goals after the storm: survive, rebuild, renew
         and empower. Thanks in large part to the unwavering dedication of the Tulane Associates, three
         of these goals have been met. As attention turns now to empowering students to build sustainable
         communities and create global change, a broad base of support is critical. Let’s get there together.


         Ozgur Karaosmanoglu (A&S ’84, B ’87)
         Chair, Associates Board of Directors (July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2010)

                  The following donor list highlights all unrestricted gifts of $1,500 or more to any Tulane school, college
                              or select program received in fiscal year 2010 (July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010).

GIFTS RECEIVED                          Mr. & Mrs. David M. Mussafer            Mr. & Mrs. Ashton Phelps Jr. £          Mr. Robert J. Boudreau *
July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010              Mr. & Mrs. Rick S. Rees ¥ €             Vin & Caren Prothro Foundation          Carole B. & Kenneth J.
                                        The Reily Foundation                    Ms. Caren H. Prothro                       Boudreaux Foundation ¥ €
Pillars of Tulane                       Mr. & Mrs. W. Boatner Reily III         Mr. Brian J. Ratner                     Beau J. Boudreaux, PhD €
$50,000 +                               Ms. Faith M. Savage &                   Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Rechler £            Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Boudreaux ¥ €
Anonymous Donors                           Mr. Michael S. Gollner               Dr. & Mrs. Richard K. Schmidt €         N.A. Bologna, MD * §
Jeffrey A. Altman Foundation Inc.       Schwab Charitable Fund ¥                Mr. Martin F. Schmidt *                 Ms. Nancy J. Bovee & Joel S. Saal, MD §
Mr. Jeffrey A. Altman                   Slatten LLC €                           Mr. & Mrs. Elmer L. Smith Jr. €         Mr. & Mrs. R. Allan Bradley Jr. ¥
Amedisys Home Health Services §         Mr. & Mrs. William A. Slatten Jr. €     Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. St. Clair €          Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Camp €
American Greetings Corp.                Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Yulman €          Mr. & Mrs. F. Chapman Taylor            Mr. & Mrs. Craig D. Campbell Sr.
J. Aron Charitable Foundation Inc.                                              The Times-Picayune                      Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Carroll Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Aron                Founders’ Club                                                                  Mr. Alec Y. Chang £
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Barksdale           $25,000–$49,999                         President’s Club                        Chevron Humankind Program €
Darryl Berger Investment Corp.          Anonymous Donors                        $10,000–$24,999                         Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Chudacoff
Mr. & Mrs. Darryl D. Berger             Mr. & Mrs. William J. Atkins ¥ €        Anonymous Donors                        Ms. Paige Royer & Mr. J. Kerry Clayton
ExxonMobil Foundation ¥ £               Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Bracken Sr.       Mr. & Mrs. Herschel L. Abbott Jr. § £   Elisabeth J. Cohen, MD &
Mr. Peter A. Fair                       Mr. & Mrs. David M. Brain ¥             Mr. & Mrs. Burt A. Adams                   Robert I. Grossman, MD
Fedway Associates Inc.                  Mr. & Mrs. Clay W. Hamlin III €         Mr. & Mrs. William J. Amon ¥ £          Mr. & Mrs. Scott S. Cowen
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund § ¥ € £   Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Cudd III €         The Hon. George T. Anagnost € £         Deloitte Foundation ¥
Jill & Avie Glazer €                    The Jeffrey & Donna Eskind              Arisaig Partners Foundation             The Devlin Foundation
Ms. Adrea D. Heebe &                      Family Foundation § ¥                 Dr. & Mrs. Kristopher N. Atzeff §       Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Devlin
    Mr. Dominick A. Russo Jr. § €       Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind § ¥        J. Aron & Co. § ¥                       Mr. & Mrs. Darren Duffy €
Mrs. Eugenie Jones Huger                Dr. Kerin & Mr. Andrew Fredman          Virginia Baker Charitable Lead Trust    Eason-Weinmann Foundation § £
Eugenie & Joseph Jones                  Mr. & Mrs. David C. Friezo              Mr. & Mrs. Emile J. Bayle €             Drs. Kathleen & Henry Faulkner
    Family Foundation                   Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Graves § €         Mr. & Mrs. Clement C. Benenson          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Felson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leventhal            The Greer Family Foundation             Dr. & Mrs. John V. Bernard              Fenner-French Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. McKeever          Mr. & Mrs. Philip Greer                 Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation   Mr. & Mrs. Louis M. Freeman
                                        Mr. Horace S. Henderson *               Ms. Carol L. Bernick                    Dr. & Mrs. Ronald French
                                        Jewish Federation of Cleveland          Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Boh                Mr. Reuben I. Friedman € £
  § 1834 Society (Medicine)
                                        Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lapeyre Jr. ¥ € £   Bologna Realty Co. Inc. §               Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gallagher
  ¥ Aldrich Society (Business)
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Sidney W. Lassen             Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Book £             Mr. Mark P. Gauchet €
  € (Coach’s Corner (Athletics)
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Leventhal £          The Bookout Family Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Golden
  £ (Law Fellows (Law)
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Marshall €         Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bookout III          Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Gorson
  * Deceased
                                        Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation Inc.      Mrs. Margaret F. Boudreau €             Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Greenhill

PAGE   40   |   TULANIAN    FALL   2010
                                                                               Tu l a n e U n i v e r s i t y A s soc iates

Dr. & Mrs. L. Lee Hamm §                Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Scandurro Jr. €     BAR/BRI £                             Mr. & Mrs. James J. Gold
HCA Inc. £                              Mr. Stephen O. Scandurro €              Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Barnes           Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Gold
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Hertz             Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Scandurro €       Mr. Brent Barriere &                  Lisa Ann Goldberg, MD
HLS Properties                          Shell Oil Co. Foundation ¥ € £             Ms. Judy Barrasso € £              Goldman, Sachs & Co. ¥
Mrs. Deborah A. Hodes &                 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Silverman         Hon. Herbert J. Baumann Jr. &         Mr. & Mrs. Albert G. Greenberg
  Mr. David A. Rouatt                   Sizeler Family Limited P/S                 Dr. Shelly P. Baumann              Mr. & Mrs. Clifford C. Greenberg
The Horowitz Family Foundation Inc.     G.J. Walker Smith, MD §                 Ms. Patti Harp &                      Greenwave, LLC ¥
Mr. Jerry Horowitz                      Mr. & Mrs. Harry Spellman                  Michael A. Bernstein, PhD          Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Gunter
Mr. Daniel F. Housholder §              Thomas F. Staley Foundation             Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bertrand ¥ €      Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Haberman
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Jacobs £           Ms. Andrea J. Pennisi &                 Mr. Gaylord M. Bickham                Ms. Penny Fern Hart
The James Family Foundation €              Mr. Paul W. Stephenson               Bild Design, LLC                      Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Haydel
Yvette & Rick Jones ¥                   Chris Suellentrop &                     Dr. & Mrs. John R. Black §            Mr. & Ms. Gary L. Heiman
Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Katz                       Jen Raymer Suellentrop               Mr. & Mrs. James A. Boone ¥           Ms. Lee M. Hendler
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Koerner III          Dr. Danielle & Mr. Kevin Sweeney        Mr. James F. Booth £                  Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Herbst
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Korach            Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor                  Dr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Bordlee §         Dr. & Mrs. John P. Hess §
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Krouse                  Tidewater Inc. ¥                        Drs. Usha & Warren Bourgeois €        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R.
The Lassen Family Foundation            Tiger Asia Management, LLC              Ms. Cheryl A. Verlander &                Hightower Jr. €
Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Levan                Mark & Diana Tipton €                      Mr. Charles N. Bracht              Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Hoffman §
The Sherry & Alan Leventhal             Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Ungarino €        Mr. Roy O. Brady Jr.                  Mrs. Sally Baker Hopkins ¥
  Family Foundation £                   United Student Aid Funds Inc.           Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Breit           A. Whitfield Huguley IV €
Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Levin                Ms. Vijay Sree Venkatraman &            Ms. Elsie E. Buff *                   IBM International Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Randall E. Marcus               Mr. Subash B. Pereira ¥              Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Camden             Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Isaacson
Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Mayer Jr.         The Vesper Foundation                   Mr. David L. Campbell £               J Cromer Mashburn Family Foundation
McIntosh Foundation §                   Mr. & Mrs. St. Denis J. Villere ¥       Mr. Kevin A. Carroll                  Mr. & Mrs. William A. Jennings €
Hilary Anne Wilder, EdD &               Ambassador &                            Mr. Walter Carroll Jr. £              Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. §
  Michael J. Merritt, PhD                  Mrs. John G. Weinmann § £            Pin-Wei & Grace Chen                  Mr. Steve Jones &
Middle J Foundation Inc.                Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Zesch                 Charitable Foundation §               Mrs. Laura McBurnett Jones
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Moffett § €                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Pin-wei Chen §             Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Jordan ¥
Ms. Lori Movsovitz-Edlin &              Provost’s Club                          Jonathan Y.C. Ching, MD * §           Mr. A. Louis Jung III €
  Mr. Todd H. Edlin                     $5,000–$9,999                           Mr. & Mrs. Homer Chisholm             Kahn Education Foundation ¥
Ms. Ilene H. Nagel                      Anonymous Donors                        Mr. & Mrs. D. Bruce Christian         Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Kaplan
National Philanthropic Trust            201 St. Charles Place, LLC              Carolyn M. Clawson, MD §              Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Kaufman
The NOLA Foundation                     AHB Foundation Inc. €                   Mr. & Mrs. John W. Colbert £          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kaufman
Ms. Jeanne C. Olivier                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Alexander          Marjorie F. Cowan Family Foundation   Mr. & Mrs. Barry D. Kaufman
Mark & Nancy Oswald                     Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety Co. €    Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Curran          Mr. & Mrs. David A. Kerstein £
The P. & C. Carroll Foundation          Dr. William E. Anspach III &            Mrs. Beverley Brown Dale &            Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Kilgust
Mr. Donald A. Palmer €                    Dr. Cecilia S. Anspach §                 Mr. Lawrence Dale €                Mr. & Mrs. John C. Kilpatrick
Donald Palmer Charitable                Mr. Sean P. Aron ¥                      Mr. & Mrs. Javier de Anda             Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Kottler ¥
  Foundation €                          Associated Jewish Charities             Ms. Karen L. Degerberg &              Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krieger
Mr. John S. Percival *                    of Baltimore                             Mr. Andrew L. Sandler              Mr. & Mrs. H. Merritt Lane III
Ms. Frances Petrocelli &                AT&T Foundation                         Dr. Mindy Dimenstien &                Mr. Brian Larche €
  Charles B. Wilson, MD §               Mr. Charles L. Atwood ¥                    Mr. John Broda                     Mr. Alan W. Lawrence
Mr. Bernie J. Pistillo Jr. £            Dr. & Mrs. Luben Atzeff §               Mr. Robert E. Dineen                  Mr. & Mrs. Marc D. Lefkowitz ¥
Diane & Andy Plauché €                  Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Austin        Dubow Family Foundation Inc.          Dr. Philip G. Leone Jr. &
Hubert L. Prevost, MD * §               The Ayco Charitable Foundation £        Mr. Lawrence DuBow                       Dr. Cheryl Leone §
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund E. Redd               Mr. & Mrs. Ted Baer ¥                   Dr. & Mrs. John J. Eick §             Mr. Richard M. Lerner ¥
The Roosevelt New Orleans §             Mr. Bryan W. Bailey €                   Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Eisenberg         Mr. Donald I. Levy €
Mr. Alan H. Rosenbloum €                Ann & Steve Bailey €                    The Steven & Laurie Eskind            Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Levy
Benjamin P. Sachs, MB, BS §             The Baker Hostetler Foundation £           Family Foundation §                Timothy & Lee Ann Luing ¥
Mr. & Mrs. Walton D. Sanchez €          Ms. Debra Neill Baker &                 Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Eskind §         Mr. & Mrs. Emon A. Mahony Jr. £
The Sanford Foundation                    Mr. Michael Baker                     David Farhadi, MD §                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mann €
Sarracenia Foundation Inc.              Dr. & Mrs. Jeff R. Balser               Fidelity Foundation                   Mr. & Mrs. Scott Marden
Scandurro & Layrisson, LLC €            Mr. & Mrs. J. Luis Banos Jr.            Dr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Fishman          Gordon P. Marshall, MD §
Mr. & Mrs. Dewey M. Scandurro €         Baptist Community Ministries €          Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fishman               Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Maxwell
                                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Harold L. Flatt §          Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. McHale Jr. €
                                                                                Drs. Karen & David Francis §          Mr. David L. McKissock Jr.
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Frank ¥           Mr. & Mrs. David L. McKissock Jr.
                                      “I am very proud of the                   Freeport-McMoRan Foundation £         Robert & Joyce Menschel
                                                                                Friedman Foundation € £                  Family Foundation
                                      university and what it has                Dr. Ann & Mr. J. Friedman € £         Ms. Joyce Frank Menschel
                                      done, and I have always                   J & W Gambino Bakeries Inc. €         Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Messina ¥
                                                                                Gordon Gamm, Esq. £                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Mestayer £
                                      tried to do things that will
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. James M. Garner £          Mr. & Mrs. Sam S. Miller £
                                      help it in the years ahead.”              GE Foundation ¥                       Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Moore
                                                                                Melvin & Estelle Gelman               Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Moses
                                                 —Reuben Friedman                  Foundation Inc. ¥                  Mr. Byron J. Mouton
                                                   (A&S ’68, L ’71)             The Malcolm Gibbs Foundation          Mr. & Mrs. Mani Nallasivan
                                                                                S. Derby & Claire Gisclair €          National Foundation
                                                                                GMO, LLC ¥                               Repair Co. €

                                                                                                                 PAGE 41 |     TULANIAN FALL       2010
Tul ane U n i v e r s i t y Ass o c i at e s

Neill Corp.                                                                                                       Ms. D. Jean Veta &
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Nieset € £                                                                                       Ms. Mary Ann Dutton £
Mr. & Mrs. Colvin G. Norwood Jr. £                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dykhuizen £
                                                              “I want to make my voice heard,
Gregory R. Oldham, PhD ¥                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. Ebner £
The William J. &                                              and I want to get Newcomb                           Mr. & Mrs. David F. Edwards
   Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation                              graduates to support the Newcomb                    Dr. & Mrs. Paul Richard Eisenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Orihel ¥                                                                                    Eskew + Dumez + Ripple
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Orth €                                    College Institute to keep alumnae                   Mr. R. Allen Eskew
Mr. & Mrs. Martin D. Payson                                   interest with the university.”                      Dr. & Mrs. Hayden O. Evans §
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Pence €                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Fader ¥
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy S. Perelman                                             —Martha Kimmerling (NC ’63)             C. Allen Favrot Family Fund €
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Peters Jr. €                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. C. Allen Favrot €
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Pierpont Jr.                                                                                 Federal National
Mr. & Mrs. R. Hunter Pierson Jr. §                                                                                   Mortgage Association £
Dr. & Mrs. Lester N. Ploss §          Mr. Srinidhi Vishwanath ¥            Mr. & Mrs. Wallace E. Boston Jr. ¥     Mr. Robert F. Feiner
Irene E. Wolski, MD &                 Mr. & Mrs. Robbert W. Vorhoff ¥ €    Mr. & Mrs. J. William Boyar            Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Fleishman £
   Ethan J. Podet, MD €               Vulcan Materials Co.                 Mr. William R. Boyer €                 Mr. Walter C. Flower III
Mrs. Alexandra Pomeroy                The Wailes Family Foundation         Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Brands ¥          Ms. Ann D. Flowerree
PricewaterhouseCoopers                Mr. & Mrs. R. Preston Wailes Jr.     Mr. & Ms. Richard J. Brennan Jr. €     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fobes
   Charitable Foundation Inc. ¥       Mr. Ronald Warner &                  Mr. & Mrs. T. Peter Breslin Jr. €      Mr. Francis L. Fraenkel ¥
Psychists Inc.                          Mrs. Nehama Jacobs Warner €        The Hon. Jerry A. Brown &              W.H. Francis Foundation
Ms. Laura T. Rabinovitz               Wells Fargo Foundation Educ.           Mrs. Brown £                         Mr. & Mrs. James B. Francis Jr.
Ms. Tawny R. Ratner                     Matching Gift Program              Dr. Ken Brown Jr. & Dr. Jil Brown €    Ms. Shari Frank
Mr. Robert L. Redfearn Sr. £          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Whalen          Mrs. Marcia Haydel Brown ¥             Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Frapart ¥
Steven M. Roberts Management Corp.    Wilemal Fund §                       Ms. Sally A. Corning &                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Funk
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Rosenfeld         Wilmington Trust                       Mr. Edison C. Buchanan               Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gardner €
Dr. Emily & Mr. Olof Rostlund §       Ms. Winston Wilson €                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Buckingham       Ms. Michele M. Garvin
Mr. & Mrs. Perry J. Roussel Jr. € £   Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Winder § €        Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Buettner £        Mr. & Mrs. W. Gerald Gaudet €
Owen Royce Jr., MD * §                Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Wisdom €        Mr. & Mrs. Allan R. Bundy              Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Gay Jr. €
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Ryan III €         Mr. & Mrs. Rodney S. Yanker ¥ €      Dr. Robert J. Card &                   Ms. Marcia H. Gelman &
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Ryan Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. John B. Yonover             Ms. Karol Ann Kreymer §                 Mr. Joel M. Silvershein
The Sacks Family Foundation €         Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Young €         Dr. & Ms. William F. Carroll Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Genz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Sacks €         A. Hays Zieman & Christine B.        The James & Nancy Casty                George L Parker, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Salloum £         Zieman Charitable Trust §            Charitable Foundation ¥              Ms. Alison M. Lazarus &
Ms. Cynthia E. Samuel &               A. Hays Zieman, MD * §               Chadwick Family Foundation, LLC           Clifford M. Gevirtz, MD §
   Mr. John E. Brockhoeft £           Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Zimmer ¥          Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K. Chadwick         Henry Wade Giles Jr., MD €
Dr. & Mrs. Felix H. Savoie €                                               Mr. & Mrs. William K. Christovich £    Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Glaser £
Mr. Paul E. Wood &                    Deans’ Club                          CIGNA Foundation §                     Peter D. & Carol Goldman Foundation
   Ms. Sallie Scanlan ¥               $2,500–$4,999                        Mr. & Mrs. A. Knox Clark Jr. €         Mr. Michael F. Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Sam P. Scelfo Jr. €        Anonymous Donors                     Robert A. Clark, MD                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Goldstein
The Schloss Foundation                Dr. & Mrs. Scot N. Ackerman          Clayco Midwest Co. ¥                   The Hon. & Mrs. Gus E. Gonzales Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M.v.D. Schloss    Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Acomb Jr. £     Mr. & Mrs. George M. Cleland III £     Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Goodman €
Mr. & Mrs. Terry E. Schnuck           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Agular €        The Cobb Family Foundation Inc.        Green Wave Masters
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Schwartz           Dr. & Mrs. N. Erick Albert           Mr. Christian M. Cobb                  Mr. & Mrs. R. Graham Greene
Dean Kenneth Schwartz &               Mrs. Caron Weiss-Alpert &            Mr. Bryant B. Cohen ¥                  Mr. & Mrs. Gyl A. Grinberg ¥
   Ms. Judith Kinnard                   Mr. Stan Alpert                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Stuart Cole         Robert T. Grissom, MD §
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Seay €            Amgen PAC                            Comcast Corp.                          Mr. James C. Groves
Mr. John E. Shackelford ¥             Mr. & Mrs. Paul N. Arnold €          Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell C. Compeaux €      Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Groves £
Karen & Leopold Sher £                ASW Insite, LLC                      Mr. Dennis P. Connors                  Gulf South Finance, LLC €
Elizabeth M. Short, MD &              Ms. Dorothy A. Baer &                Mr. & Mrs. Jason L. Cook               Amy & James Haber Foundation
   Michael A. Friedman, MD              Mr. Bert L. Huebner                Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Corales €        Mr. & Mrs. James Haber
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Shubin €          Bank of America Foundation           Karen J. Cove, MD §                    Ms. Rita H. Hankins
Mr. Elliot M. Siegel                  Mr. & Mrs. Barry Barber ¥            Domenick Enzo Cover, MD §              Hargrove Oil Co., LLC €
Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Singer           Mr. Eric J. Barber ¥                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald N. Craig £           Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Hargrove €
Mr. & Mrs. I. William Sizeler         Mr. & Mrs. Gregory E. Barr €         Mr. Arthur A. Crais Jr.                Dr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Harlin
Mr. & Mrs. Lynes R. Sloss             Mr. & Mrs. Steven O. Barrios €       Crane Co.                              Robert S. Harlin, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stritter            Mr. & Mrs. John D. Becker €          Mr. John A. Crowley                    Harral Foundation €
Mr. & Mrs. John Tague                 Mr. Maziar Behrooz, AIA              Mr. Bradley D. Crown                   Mr. J. Brady Harris Jr.
Ms. Chantal Taic                      Belfor                               Mr. & Mrs. Martin R. Crowson ¥         Mr. & Mrs. Brad A. Hastings
Mr. Louis Taic                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Bell           Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Curley ¥            Ms. Ellen M. Hauck &
Ms. Susan G. Talley &                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Beltz €        Ms. Lisa E. Cristal &                     Mr. Markham H. Smith
   Mr. James C. Gulotta Jr. £         Mr. & Mrs. David J. Berteau            Bruce S. Cybul, Esq.                 Scott & Lucy Pedersen Hazard
The Teagle Foundation Inc. €          Mr. Benjamin D. Bohlmann &           Fernand J. Dastugue Jr., MD * §        Mr. & Mrs. D. Christopher Heckman £
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory C. Thomas £          Ms. Ellen Kanner                   Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Dehmlow           Mr. & Mrs. David Hendrickson €
Sam A. Threefoot, MD § €              Mr. William S. Bohn ¥                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Delgado Jr. ¥ €   Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Herman ¥
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Trapp           Drs. Angela & William Bohn ¥         Mr. & Ms. Richard P. Dickson €         Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Hiller
Travelport Corporate Inc.             Dr. & Mrs. Roger A. Bonomo §         Paul A. Distler, PhD                   Mr. Robert C. Hinckley £
Trust Counselors Network Inc.         The Booth-Bricker Fund               Mr. Victor A. Dubuclet III § £         Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hodge
Mr. Michael Valliant                  Dr. & Mrs. William K. Boss           Dr. & Mrs. John Lionel Dupre §         Dr. & Mrs. Phillip H. Hoffman

PAGE   42   |   TULANIAN   FALL   2010
                                                                                Tu l a n e U n i v e r s i t y A s soc iates

Mr. Patrick J. Hojlo                    Merrill Lynch & Co.                      SF Management Inc.                     Rob Walker Architects, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre E. Holloway              Foundation Inc.                       Paul M. & Deane Lee Shatz              Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Wall €
Dr. & Mrs. Roch B. Hontas €             Microsoft Corp.                             Charitable Foundation               Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Walther
Horchow Family Charitable Trust         Mr. Ronald E. Mills €                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Shatz               Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Watson Jr. £
Mr. & Mrs. S. Roger Horchow             Mr. & Mrs. Saul A. Mintz €               Shields Mott Lund LLP £                Mr. & Mrs. Calvin R. Watson £
Reverend Ina H. Houck                   Mrs. Carmen Martinez Moore £             Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd N. Shields £          Dr. & Mrs. J. William Watts
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Huck                 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Moreton III         The Shoulberg Family Foundation Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. J. Giffen Weinmann Jr. ¥
Dr. & Mrs. Michael B. Ibach             The Jane P. &                            Mr. & Mrs. David I. Shoulberg          Dr. & Mrs. Joe S. Wheeler §
Dr. & Mrs. Monte E. Ikemire §              Wiley L. Mossy Jr. Foundation         Significance Foundation §              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Whelan ¥
Dr. & Mrs. Delmas A. Jackson §          Mr. Wiley L. Mossy Jr.                   Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Silber £          The Hon. Thomas C. Wicker Jr. &
Mr. & Mrs. Barry G. Jacobs              Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Murphy               Dr. & Mrs. John G. Simmons §             Mrs. Wicker €
Jericho of Louisiana, LLC €             Delynne J. Myers, MD &                   Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Small Jr.         Mr. Oliver W. Wiener
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Joel, II €          John J. Moossy, MD                    Albert & Lillian Small Foundation      Dr. Ava & Mr. Bob Wilensky
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent S. Johnson           Mrs. Elizabeth S. Nalty §                Mr. Cameron B. Smith €                 Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Williams §
Mr. & Mrs. Hans A.B. Jonassen           The Neiman-Marcus Group Inc.             Mr. & Mrs. Kent H. Smith               Drs. Linda & Paul Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Jones €                 Dr. Drusilla L. Burns &                  Lesley C. Snelling, MD &               Dr. & Mrs. Carey E. Winder § €
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin E. Jones ¥ €              Dr. Herb H. Nelson                       Mr. John Bober                      Mr. John J. Witmeyer III €
Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Joseph               New World Home, LLC. ¥                   Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Sontag Jr. €     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wolf £
Dr. Howard & Trudy Kandell              Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Nichols §           Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Southwick        Mr. & Mrs. Stuart S. Wyllie
Mr. & Mrs. Ozgur Karaosmanoglu ¥        Mr. James E. Nix                         Mr. Lawrence W. Speck                  Dr. & Mrs. John M. Yarborough
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Kass              Ms. Angela O’Byrne                       Dr. & Mrs. William P. Stallworth §     Mrs. Candace D. Young
The Kearney Companies Inc. €            Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Offner €              The Starker Family Foundation          Mr. John D. Young €
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Kearney €         Mrs. Jean M. Palmer                      Ms. Laura A. Starks &                  Mr. Jeffrey D. Zukerman
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Keeshan                Mr. & Mrs. George L. Parker                 Mr. Joseph E. Dannenmaier
Drs. Ann & John Kenney                  Mr. & Mrs. Gray S. Parker                Mr. & Mrs. Moise S. Steeg Jr. £        University Club
Mrs. Ann Loughridge Kerr £              Gerald & Evelyn Pelias Foundation €      The Steeg Law Firm, LLC £              $1,500–$2,499
Ms. Martha M. Kimmerling                Mr. Gerald C. Pelias €                   Mr. & Mrs. Sidney B. Steiner €         Anonymous Donors
Ms. Dorothy Jung King                   Perez A Professional Corp.               Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Stone £             808 West End Avenue, LLC ¥
Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Klein              Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Philipson €           Mr. & Mrs. John B. Strasburger         Mr. & Mrs. David C. Abruzzi
Mrs. Dana Kornfeld                      Mr. Randall J. Phillips &                Mr. Jerry Streva €                     Accenture Foundation Inc.
Mr. Robert Kretschmar                      Ms. Debbie Austin                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Stumm Jr.         Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Adams
Ms. Kerry A. Krisher ¥                  Verre Simpson Picard, MD §               SUEZ Energy Resources NA Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Jerald L. Album €
Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred M. Kullman Jr.       Dr. Michael K. Pinnolis &                Mr. & Mrs. George B. Sundby, CPA ¥     Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Almeida ¥
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Kushner                    Ms. Miriam Newman                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Swanson €        American Endowment Foundation §
Mr. Dan A. Kusnetz £                    Mr. & Mrs. George G. Plosser Jr.         Swisher International Group Inc.       Mr. & Mrs. David F. Andignac Sr. €
Mr. John P. Laborde Jr. €               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Polack              Dr. Szabolcs &                         Mr. & Mrs. Alvin L. Andrews €
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Lane III £        Law Offices of Elon A. Pollack              Mrs. Victoria Szentpetery §         Anheuser-Busch Foundation
Ms. Julianne Nice &                     Mr. & Mrs. Elon A. Pollack               Mr. Jeffrey P. Taft                    Mrs. Janice Kanter Apple
   Mr. Herbert V. Larson Jr. £          Mr. & Mrs. John B. Postell €             Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Teague §         Dr. Linda Argote & Dr. Dennis Epple
Ms. Laura A. Leach &                    T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation €    Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Teplitzky £         Mrs. Katsuko Arimura
   Mr. Richard Lawrence                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Price               Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Thomas €          Mr. & Mrs. John C. Arthurs €
Mr. & Mrs. Bert W. Lee                  Mr. Christopher K. Ralston £             Dr. & Mrs. Henry K. Threefoot §        Dr. & Mrs. Mark S. Averbuch
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J. Lee £               Dr. & Mrs. James E. Rasmussen            Tolomatic                              Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bakewell €
Dr. Shelley L. Wallock &                Raytheon Co.                             Mr. & Mrs. Dalton L. Truax Jr. €       Drew E. Baldwin, MD
   Mr. David Lerman                     Mrs. Nancy Goldstein Rebold &            Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Tudor III £       Mr. & Mrs. Brant F. Ballantyne
Dr. & Mrs. Julius L. Levy €                Mr. Matt I. Rebold                    Tulane Greenbackers Booster Club €     Mr. Michael E. Ballotti
Mr. Robert A. Levy €                    Mr. Wellington J. Reiter                 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Van Dusen             Martha Tucker Ban, MD §
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Lewis §            Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Resnick                The Hon. Sarah S. Vance &              Ms. Margaret Duplantier &
Dr. & Mrs. Zelig H. Lieberman §         Mr. & Mrs. James L. Rice III £              Mr. R. Patrick Vance £                Mr. Denis G. Bandera £
Dr. & Mrs. Dexter Louie §               Mr. & Mrs. Paul Richard Jr.              Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Ventura Sr. €    Mr. & Mrs. Lewis B. Barnum III ¥
Mr. Jason R. Ludeke ¥                   Mr. & Mrs. George A. Rizzo Jr. ¥         Rae R. Victor, PhD                     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Baron
Mr. & Mrs. Chad R. Ludwig               The Rockefeller Foundation £             Mr. John R. Waddell                    Mr. & Mrs. Bradford S. Barr
Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Macdiarmid Jr. €   Ms. Gail Rogers €                        Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wagar £               The Purnima Puri & Richard R. Barrera
Mr. David F. Madsen                     Mr. & Mrs. David M. Roman                Mr. & Mrs. Brandon T. Waldeck            Family Foundation
Richard G. Mallinson, PhD               Ms. Shirley Y. Roman                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Walker, IV        Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Basile Jr. €
Ms. Karen Maloney                       Ms. Sonja Bilger Romanowski
Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Malta §             Dr. Allan R. Katz &                                                  “We’re glad to be able to give
Mr. Steve Manuel €                         Dr. Patti J. Ross §                                               back to Tulane, since it has
Mr. & Mrs. Justin J. Marcus             Roussel & Clement €
                                                                                                             been such an important part of
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Marko             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Routman
Willard L. Marmelzat Foundation         Mr. Daniel S. Ryan ¥                                                 our lives. We have many fond
Dr. & Mrs. Willard L. Marmelzat         Ms. Margo J. Sackheim                                                memories of our time at Tulane,
MB Architecture PC                      Dr. Louise H. Saik &                                                 experiences that form a unique
Ms. Anne Segrest McCulloch £               Mr. Clifton J. Saik €
Mr. & Mrs. John R. McGaha Jr.
                                                                                                             part of who we are today.”
                                        Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Saroyan §
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Meeks €       Mr. & Mrs. Bennett G. Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Melius Sr. €        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Schwartz                                        —Suellen Krieger Singer (NC ’85) and
Dr. Robin H. Meltzer &                  Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Scott                                                       Howard Singer (A&S ’85)
   Mr. Roger Meltzer                    Mrs. Karen Landsberg Seltzer

                                                                                                                   PAGE 43 |     TULANIAN FALL        2010
Tul ane U n i v e r s i t y Ass o c i at e s

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Beck §           Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Brown          Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Danysh            FPL Group Foundation Inc. ¥
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Becker           Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Bruno €          Mrs. Shirley Louise Dastugue §          Dr. Irwin Frankel
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf B. Becker III £     Mr. & Mrs. John G. Buchanan          The Hon. W. Eugene Davis &              Mr. & Mrs. William F. French
Colleen P. Begley, MD §               Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Buesinger          Mrs. Davis £                         Mr. & Mrs. Wynne P. Friedrichs €
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Bell §          Dr. & Mrs. L. Maximilian Buja §      DBB Investments, LLC                    Mr. & Mrs. Louis L. Frierson Sr. §
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Benjamin Sr. £     Dr. & Mrs. Floyd A. Buras Jr. €      Mr. Kenneth P. de Got &                 Frontstat Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Benjamin Jr. £   Burgdahl & Graves, Architects           Christine E. Blackwell, MD           Dr. & Mrs. Norman D. Fry §
Mrs. Jennifer Hanley-Benjamin &       Mr. & Mrs. Russell I. Burgdahl       Ms. Maria B. De Paz                     Harry C. Frye Jr., MD §
  Mr. Jack C. Benjamin Jr. £          Burkedale Foundation                 Andrew Delaney Foundation               Mrs. Carol A. Galeener
Dr. Stephen Bennett                   Wade W. Burnside Jr., MD §           Miss Janet L. Delaney                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gallagher §
Mr. Craig Goos &                      Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery A. Bush           Mrs. Winifred Kelly Delery €            Francisco Garcia-Bengochea
  Ms. Kerry E. Berchem £              Dr. & Mrs. Gary D. Butler €          Dell                                      Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Berenson         Mr. J. Randolph Butts Jr. * €        Mr. & Mrs. George Denegre Jr.           Dr. & Mrs. J. Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Stacey M. Berger ¥         Dr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Caire, IV §     Dr. Diane J. Deveines &                   Garcia-Bengochea
Dr. John F. Berglund &                Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Calderwood        Mr. Edward P. Ryan §                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. George £
  Dr. Mary C.F. Berglund              Dr. Susan & Mr. Terry Calderwood     Ms. Beth Rudin DeWoody                  Dr. & Mrs. William George €
Mrs. Marian Mayer Berkett £           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Cali €          Robert & Michelle Diener Foundation ¥   Mr. Constantine D. Georges
Mr. Stephen M. Berman ¥               Mr. Richard A. Cantor                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Diener ¥              Dr. & Mrs. Juan J. Gershanik
Mr. John A. Bernard £                 Carrara Education Trust              Mrs. Sabrina Little DiMichele &         Mr. Daniel A. Gerson €
The Bernd Group Inc.                  Mrs. Deborah A. Carrara                 Mr. Richard G. DiMichele             Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Getz €
Mr. Andrew P. Bernd                   Ms. Kassandra L. Carrara             Mr. & Mrs. George J. Ditta II €         Drs. Ilene & Michael Gewirtz
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Bernd             Mr. Matthew A. Carrara               Dr. & Mrs. William G. Donnellan Jr.     Dr. & Mrs. White E. Gibson §
Ms. Jennifer P. Bernd                 Mr. & Mrs. Bryant S. Carroll III €   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Donovan ¥          Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Giraud III €
Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Bernhard          Mrs. Anita L.C. Cassilly             Mr. Thomas J. Donovan ¥                 Mr. & Mrs. Alan N. Gnutti ¥
Dr. & Mrs. George L. Bernstein        Ms. Alicia M. Castilla &             Mrs. Leslie Shaw &                      Mr. & Mrs. Milton J. Godail Sr. €
Dr. Gloria M. Bertucci &                Mr. Mark E. Zelek                     Mr. Jeremy Doppelt                   Dr. & Mrs. James M. Goff
  Dr. David Berstein                  Mr. Henry G. Chandler III ¥          Ms. Luann D. Dozier                     Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Goldfarb §
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Beskin            Mr. & Mrs. William E. Chapman, II    Mr. William G. Duck £                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. Sydney J. Besthoff III     Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Christy €       Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Dunbar ¥           Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Beyer             Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clark £             Mr. & Mrs. Brooke H. Duncan III £       Mr. & Mrs. Adam M. Goldstein
Joseph O. Billig, MD §                Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Clawson Jr.    Dr. & Mrs. David W. Dunn                Mr. Jeremy Z. Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Allan H. Bissinger €       Dr. & Mrs. Carmel J. Cohen §         Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Eaton £           Mr. & Mrs. William J. Goliwas Jr. €
Lisa D. Blankenship, MD §             Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Cohn €         Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy R. Eckerd            Mr. & Mrs. George R. Goltzer ¥
Mr. Paul P. Bolus £                   Ms. Marcia S. Cohn                   Mr. John H. Ecuyer                      Mrs. Carol B. Good
Mr. Christopher M. Bonvillian €       Dr. David Cole &                     Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Edwards Jr. £      Mr. Michael S. Goodrich €
Mr. Sam Corenswet &                     Dr. Karen Cole                     Mr. E. Warren Eisner €                  Ms. Rebecca Goodwin &
  Ms. Jane Bories                     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Coleman         El Dorado Inc.                            Michael W. McDonald, MD §
Karen R. Borman, MD §                 Ms. Jennifer A. Comeaux €            Ms. Patricia L. Truscelli &             Mr. & Mrs. Fran Gorman
Mr. Chris Boudreaux €                 Ms. Melissa A. Comeaux €                Mr. Emmett N. Ellis IV               Ms. Denise Gough
Mr. & Mrs. Doss R. Bourgeois £        Mr. & Mrs. John L. Connolly ¥        Melody Carter-Ellis, MD &               Ms. Deborah L. Grant €
Mr. & Mrs. John Andrew Bower €        Mr. Jim S. Cook €                       Mr. Curtis Ellis §                   Leonard & Jerry Greenbaum
Dr. & Mrs. Peter W. Brandrup          Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Cook           Ms. Linda Elson §                         Family Foundation Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Brasseaux €          Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Cooney €         Entergy Charitable Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Greenbaum
Mr. Darryl B. Braunstein              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Copper          Epstein Family Foundation               Mr. & Mrs. Matthew H. Greenbaum £
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Brazda        Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Corcoran §      Dr. & Mrs. David C. Epstein             Mrs. JoAnn Flom Greenberg
Patrick C. Breaux, MD §               Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Cornelius ¥    Kyna & Richard Epstein €                Andrew & Ellen Greenspan
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph O. Brennan €         Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Crain          Exelon Corp.                              Foundation Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee M. Bressler ¥          Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Crevoiserat        Mr. & Mrs. Troy G. Falterman, CPA €     Dr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Greenspan
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Brice Jr §      Mr. Leon K. Curenton                 Dr. & Mrs. Michael B. Farnell           Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gregorio
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Brinkmann           The Hon. Nestor L. Currault Jr. &    Mr. & Mrs. H. Mortimer Favrot Jr. €     Dr. Michael C. Grieb &
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin W. Bronston ¥       Mrs. Currault                      Mr. William W. Featheringill €            Dr. Joy E. Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Christian T. Brown         Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Currence £     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Feehan             Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey F. Griffin §
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Brown            Mr. & Mrs. Guy C. Curry €            Mr. Bruce Feingerts                     Mr. & Mrs. Edmund S. Gross
Mr. & Mrs. H. William Brown Jr.       Ms. Manda Dagata &                   The Hon. Jacques L. Wiener Jr. &        Mr. Charles D. Grote ¥
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Brown              Mr. Ian R. Barnes                     Sandra M. Feingerts, Esq. £          Frank R. Groves Jr., PhD *
                                                                           The Hon. Martin L.C. Feldman £          Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Grozinger §
                                                                           Robert J. Fieldman, MD §                Charles & Madelon Gryll
                           “Tulane has provided significant                Ms. Jane E. Armstrong &                 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Guest
                           opportunities for our daughter                     Mr. Kevin J. Finan €                 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Guillory Jr.
                           and her friends to engage with                  Mr. Michael F. Fink                     Mr. & Mrs. James O. Gundlach
                                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Brian G. Firth §             Marian & Mark Gutowski
                           New Orleans and the world at
                                                                           Frank J. Fischer III, MD §              Haberman Family Foundation
                           large. We give to see that those                Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Fisher Jr. £       Mr. & Mrs. Randall B. Haberman
                           opportunities continue.”                        Dr. & Mrs. Scott Fisher                 Mr. John H. Hallam
                                                                           Flowerree Foundation                    Mr. Jeffrey R. Halpert ¥
                                  —Jeremy Doppelt, pictured with           Mr. & Mrs. David R. Flowerree           Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Hammar
                                     daughter Alison (PHTM ’12)            Mrs. Elaine D. Flowerree                Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Hardin III £
                                                                           Nancy C. Flowers, MD &                  Dr. & Mrs. William D. Hardin §
                                                                              Leo G. Horan, MD §                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert V.M. Harrison

PAGE   44   |   TULANIAN   FALL   2010
                                                                               Tul ane U ni v er s i t y A s s oc iates

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Harrison €                                                                                         Dr. & Mrs. Cecil Morgan §
Mr. & Mrs. William Charles Hartranft                             “I always welcome the opportunity to                  Dr. & Mrs. James B. Moss §
Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hassinger €                                 give back to Tulane. I couldn’t begin                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael I. Mossman
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm D. Hawk                                                                                             Murphy Oil USA Inc.
Mrs. Mildred Foley Hawkshead ¥
                                                                 to put a value on the education and                   Melvin M. Murrill, MD §
Mr. Lester J. Haydel Jr. €                                       medical skills I got at Tulane which                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Haynes €                                    have enabled me to provide for my                     Mrs. Elizabeth R. Nash
Dr. & Mrs. Jerome L. Heard §                                     family. The lifetime of friendships                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Neblett III £
Mr. Kevin Hebert €                                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Howard A. Nelson
Clifford A. Hendricks III, MD
                                                                 alone is dear and of inestimable value.”              Dr. Lee T. Nesbitt Jr. €
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Hendricks ¥                                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Newhall §
                                                                          —Dr. John Moffett (A&S ’58, M ’61)
Mr. & Mrs. Kazimierz J. Herchold £                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Justin D. Nichomoff
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Herold £                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Niesen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hertzberg £                                                                                       Nimick Forbesway Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Y.K. Hew €           Dr. Richard J. Knight &                  Ms. Mary E. Cupp &                     Mr. & Dr. Thomas M.H. Nimick Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Steven I. Hightower §          Dr. Cristine Knight                     Mr. Thomas Makar                     Mr. & Mrs. William D. Norman Jr. €
Dr. Julie & Mr. David Hodge            Ms. Kristen E. Koch                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Manard III £      The Northern Trust Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Hofer              Ms. Jini Koh                             Dr. Penelope K. Manasco &              Northrop Grumman Foundation
The Hon. Carol Schmidt Hoffman &       Mrs. Lisa Askenase Konsker                 Mr. Ronald D. Manasco §              Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Noto €
  Mr. Gregory S. Hoffman               Dr. & Mrs. Rene Koppel €                 Manning Architects, APAC               Mr. & Mrs. John M. Nunez Sr. €
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Holloway ¥       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Korach €           Mr. W. Raymond Manning                 Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hopkins €               Dr. & Mrs. William E. Kramer €           Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Moy Mar              Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Okel §
Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Hopkins £          Dr. Patricia Spencer Krebs &             Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Mardiks            L. Dow Oliver & Associates Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Mitchell Hosman ¥           Mr. David J. Krebs £                  Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Margolis          Mr. & Mrs. L. Dow Oliver
Houma Tool House Inc. €                Dr. & Mrs. Sam S. Krengel §              Dr. & Mrs. Nino D. Marino              Mr. & Mrs. William Olsen
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Hubbell €         Dr. Paul A. Krogstad &                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Marston IV       Mr. James M. O’Neill Jr. &
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Hurley €             Dr. Nan V. Heard §                    Ms. Carla M. Martin £                     Dr. Lynn B. O’Neill ¥
Dr. Patricia A. Hurley &               Mr. & Mrs. David A. Krost                Mr. Philip W. Martin €                 Andrew Orestano, MD §
  Mr. Kim Q. Hill                      Mr. & Mrs. Owen J. LaCour Sr. €          Mr. & Mrs. Ralph M. Martin             Mr. John J. Owens Jr.
Mr. Drew S. Hyde                       Mr. & Mrs. John P. Laborde €             Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Marvins          Mr. & Mrs. Clark J. Pager
Iberville Insulations Inc. €           Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ashton Laborde Sr. €    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Maselli Jr. €        Sanford Lynn Pailet, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Warren M. Jacobs €          Mr. & Mrs. Owen J. LaCour Jr. €          Mr. & Mrs. Andrew N. Massey €          The Hon. & Mrs. David Painter €
Mary Beth Von Oehsen Jenkins &         Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Lanaux             Ms. Judith A. Maumus                   Mr. & Mrs. William J. Palermo €
  Bill Jenkins                         Dr. & Mrs. Saul F. Landry §              Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Mayer ¥          Mr. & Mrs. Russell S. Palmer
Jewish Federation of St. Louis ¥       Mr. & Mrs. G. Charles Lapeyre            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. McAllen III       Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Pankow
Johnson Charitable Gift Fund           Mr. & Mrs. Carlton M. Larrieu €          Professor & Mrs. William S. McAninch   Mrs. Joann Guilfoyle &
Mr. & Mrs. Claude E. Johnston £        The Law Offices of                       Mr. & Mrs. Earl R. McCallon III €         Mr. Henry Pasterczyk ¥
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Jones €               Matt Greenbaum £                      Mr. Matthew B. McCormick               Mr. Anthony A. Pastor £
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jones Jr. §       Mr. & Mrs. Thad N. Leach £               Mr. Travis C. McCullough £             Mr. & Mrs. James Patterson
Ms. Mary Margaret Judy                 Mr. & Mrs. J. Dwight LeBlanc Jr. £       Dr. & Mrs. William Y. McDaniel §       Mr. & Mrs. Curtis A. Pellerin
Robert H. Kahn Jr. Family              Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. LeBreton III £      Mrs. Ellen Murphy McGlinchey £         David T. Pence, Esq.
  Foundation ¥                         Mr. & Mrs. Emile J. Legendre III         James T. McIlwain, MD §                Mr. & Mrs. David L. Perkins Sr.
Mr. Robert H. Kahn Jr. ¥               Ms. Carol S. Levin                       Mr. Douglas M. McKeige                 TroyLynne Perrault &
Dr. & Mrs. Rajdeep S. Kakar §          The Reverend & Mrs. A.D. Lewis III       Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Mckinnon                Mark B. Stahl
Kambur Law Firm £                      Dr. & Mrs. David S. Light §              Mr. & Mrs. David L. McKissock Sr.      Mr. Laurie J. Petipas
Mr. James G. Kambur £                  Dr. Andrew I. Light &                    Mrs. Kathy Steinmayer                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Pickering
The Hon. & Mrs. Jacob L. Karno £          Dr. Vicki W. Light §                    McLean-Murphy                        Dr. & Mrs. Charles Pinkoson §
Mr. & Mrs. Glen L. Katz                Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Lindley            Mr. & Mrs. David R. McLellan           Mr. Steven B. Pinover
Norman J. Kauffmann Jr. Foundation     Mr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Lippman £           Mr. Charlie McMahon                    Mahlon P. Poche Jr., MD §
Mr. & Ms. Norman J. Kauffmann Jr.      Mr. Donn H. Lipton * ¥                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. McMurtry £       Mrs. Katherine Sigardson-Poor &
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Keeffe €         Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Livaudais ¥           Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McNulty III         Dr. Curtis Poor
Dr. & Mrs. Roger E. Kelley §           Dr. Mary & Mr. Jerry Lobrano §           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Meehan            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Popovich
Miss J. Megan Kelly                    Lockheed Martin Corp.                    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Melan €          Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Porcelli ¥
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Kent                Mr. & Mrs. James L. Loeb Jr.             Dr. Kenneth Melton &                   Mr. Curtis L. Powell
Mrs. Kathleen M. Kerr &                Loretta S. Loftus, MD                      Dr. Gwenesta B. Melton §             Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas K. Powell
  Mr. Danny Roth                       Elisabeth Ueberschar, MD &               Mr. Robert L. Mendow                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Prather
Mr. Christopher K. Kershaw ¥              Christopher J. Logothetis, MD         Mr. & Mrs. Dewitt T. Methvin III       Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Price €
Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Kershaw ¥           Dr. Andrew J. Czulewicz &                MetLife Foundation                     The Hon. & Mrs. William H. Pryor Jr. £
Ms. Jeila M. Kershaw ¥                    Dr. Ann Lovitt §                      Metropolitan Life Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Harry Fred Quarls
Ronald H. Killen, MD §                 Dr. & Mrs. Fred H. Lowe Jr. €            Mr. Peter J. Michel ¥                  Dr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Quinton §
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Killinger              Mr. Stephen L. Williamson &              Caren F. Mikesh, MD §                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Raizner
Daryl R. Kimche, DDS €                    Ms. Lynn Luker £                      Mrs. Elaine L. Mintz                   Mr. Noel M. Rando Sr. ¥
Ms. Tracy Kimmel &                     Mrs. Anne U. MacClintock & Jerry         Mr. Steven K. Dickens &                Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rapier €
  Mr. James A. Florack £                  L. Mashaw Sr., PhD £                    Mr. G. Martin Moeller Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Rassieur III
Dr. & Mrs. W. Howard Kisner Jr. §      Mr. & Mrs. Grant H. MacDiarmid €         Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Montgomery       Shirley E. Reddoch, MD &
Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Kleehammer ¥        Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. MacDiarmid III €    Mr. Howard J. Freedman &                  Mr. Gregg Petersen
The Ralph & Shirley Klein              Mr. Samuel E. Maclin                       Ms. Rita Montlack                    Regions Financial Corp.
  Foundation                           Mr. Daniel P. Maginn                     Morgan Stanley                         Mrs. Beifang Ren ¥
Mr. Steven C. Kline £                  Mr. Patrick T. Maguire €                 Frank J. Morgan Jr., MD §              Renaissance Charitable Foundation €

                                                                                                                  PAGE 45 |     TULANIAN FALL         2010
Tul ane U n i v e r s i t y Ass o c i at e s

Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Ricchiuti ¥          Mr. Glenn J. Solomon £                Mr. & Mrs. Allan B. Wesler          Associates GOLD
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher F. Richardson     Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Somadelis ¥     Mr. & Mrs. James E. Wesner          (Graduates of the Last Decade)
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Richer €               Mr. Thomas E. Sova €                  Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo M. West           Ms. Amanda N. Albin
Mr. Jon M. Richter                       Dr. Stephen L. Squires &              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Wheelis £     Ms. Suzanne M. Anderson
Dr. Louis E. Ridgway III &                  Mrs. Ann Marmour Squires           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Whitaker €        Drew E. Baldwin, MD
  Dr. Leah Dooley Ridgway §              St. Charles Printing €                Dr. LuAnn E. White &                Mr. Clement C. Benenson
Mildred R. Ridgway, MD §                 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Stauning          Mr. Reginald R. White Jr. €       Mr. Andrew P. Bernd
Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Riskin ¥             Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Stedman §       Dr. & Mrs. Cornelius G. Whitley §   Mrs. Carrie Walker Bernhard
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rissolo                  Dr. & Mrs. John L. Steigner €         Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Wiederspahn     Mr. William S. Bohn
Mr. Henry T. Ritchie                     Mr. & Mrs. Sylvan J. Steinberg £      Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Wiener £       Mr. Michael E. Britt
Reverend Joseph L. Roberts III           Dr. & Mrs. Michael K. Stephens §      Wilkinson Otolaryngology            Mr. Turner D. Brumby
Ms. Arlene M. Rockfeller &               Mr. Ellis R. Stern £                    Consultants PA §                  Mr. Christopher R. Calderwood
  Mr. Rudy F. Riedl Jr. §                Mr. Jeremy T. Stillings ¥             Albert H. Wilkinson III, MD §       Ms. Elizabeth R. Carter
Dr. & Mrs. Raoul P. Rodriguez €          Mr. & Mrs. Byron S. Stinson           Ms. Sandra Goldstein &              Mr. James Dillard
Leonard J. Rolfes, MD §                  Ms. Lisa D. Stockton €                  Mr. Richard B. Wilkof             Mr. Mihnea C. Dobre
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rooney §           Alison Stone, PhD                     Ms. Andrea S. Will                  Mr. Thomas J. Donovan
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Rosenberg               Dr. & Mrs. Mark B. Stoopler           Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Will          Mr. William N. Faulkner
Mrs. Carla Ross & Mr. Greg Bohn          Mr. Michael P. Strutzel               Mr. & Mrs. Casey Willems £          Ludovico Feoli, PhD
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Rubin              Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Stuart IV £      Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Williams III   Ms. Heather Glasgow
The Rudolf B. Becker Foundation £        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan III €   Ms. Sylvia Jean Williams €          Mr. Travis C. Goff
Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Russin               General & Mrs. William K. Suter £     Mr. J.M. Williamson                 Mr. Michael F. Goldstein
Joseph & Sarah Heiderer Saker            Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bruce Sutter €      Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Williamson ¥     Mr. Justin D. Grant
The Sallie Mae Fund                      Roger C. Suttle Jr., MD §             Dr. & Mrs. Randall S. Winn          Mr. Adam C. Hawf
The Hon. Kaliste J. Saloom Jr. &         S.Z.S. Consultants Inc.               Mr. & Mrs. William J. Winter        Mr. J. Mitchell Hosman
  Mrs. Saloom €                          Mr. & Mrs. R. Andrew Taggart Jr. £    Ms. Lizbeth Ann Turner &            Ms. Johanna S. Kasper
Mr. Lester S. Sanders                    Mr. Cecil W. Talley                     Mr. Clarence D. Wolbrette £       Mr. Michael W. Kearney
Drs. Natasha & Kenneth Sands §           Dr. Jeffrey M. Tamburin &             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Wolfberg       Ms. Nancy Kockott
Mr. & Mrs. D. Ryan Sartor Jr. £             Dr. Laura M. Tamburin €            Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wolfberg €     Mrs. Dana Kornfeld
Dr. & Mrs. Allen E. Saxon §              Jay & Babette Tanenbaum               Mr. & Mrs. Bert Wolff               Mr. Kevin W. Lander
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Scariano Jr. €         Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J.D. Teetsel         Mr. Felipe B. Woll                  Mr. Michael D. Lindley
A.I. & Manet Schepps Foundation ¥        Dr. & Mrs. Palmer J. Texada §         Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Wolofsky       Ms. Milla G. Lozanova
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Scheu §              Mr. & Mrs. John W. Theriot €          Mr. Russell T. Wong                 Mr. Jason R. Ludeke
Mr. & Mrs. Milton G. Scheuermann Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Thompson £      Mr. & Mrs. John M. Woods £          Mr. Keith M. Murphy
Schneider Construction & Restoration €   Mr. & Mrs. John W. Thompson Jr. €     Dr. & Mrs. Herbert B. Wren €        Ms. Iris Nagamine
Dr. & Mrs. Everett A. Schneider          Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Thomson £          Mr. & Mrs. William E. Wright Jr.    Mr. Richard P. Nere
Mr. & Mrs. Larry K. Schneider €          Thriv NP Inc. €                       Xue Xin, PhD & Mr. Liang Liu        Ms. Molly E. Oehmichen
Mr. Jan Schoonmaker £                    Dr. & Mrs. Mitsuo Tottori §           Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Yeager III     Ms. Laura T. Rabinovitz
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Schulman £                Mr. Matthew S. Traina                 Dr. Jean Ying-Chang &               Mr. Edmund E. Redd
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Stuart Schwartz          Mr. Peter M. Trapolin                   Mr. Jimmy Chang §                 Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Richard
Mr. & Mrs. Ashley B. Scriber €           Mr. Henry Fielding Turner             Ronald & Geri Yonover Foundation    Mrs. Kathryn S. Spruill Roman
Mr. & Mrs. Keith J. Seals €              Mr. & Mrs. John W. Turner Jr.         Mr. Jason P. Young                  Emily Brown Rostlund, MD
Mr. Jeffrey S. Seligman €                United Jewish Foundation of           Mr. Lanny R. Zatzkis £              Mr. Steven M. Siegel
Gary Sells Disability Benefits              Metropolition Detroit              Mr. & Mrs. Luis C. Zervigon €       Mr. Matthew S. Smith
  Advocate, LLC §                        Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Verges II        Ms. Min Zheng & Mr. Hao Wang ¥      Mr. Henry H. St. Paul Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Marc A. Seltman               VergesRome Architects                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen N. Zimmerman €   Danielle Dienert Sweeney, MD
Ms. Anagha Sen §                         James W. Vildibill Jr., MD §          Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Ziomek §         Mr. Adam J. Swensek
Mr. & Mrs. Ethan M. Shapiro              Mr. & Mrs. J. Wilbourn Vise £         Dr. & Mrs. Michael Zoller §         Mr. John W. Theriot
Ms. G. Holly Sharp &                     Mr. Nicholas K. Vlahos €              Dr. & Mrs. David S. Zorub §         Mr. Matthew S. Traina
  Mr. Geoffrey P. Snodgrass ¥            Mr. Khoa D. Vo                        Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ives Zucker        Mr. Dalton L. Truax Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Shear              Phuong-Thao T. Vo, MD                                                     Mr. Nicholas K. Vlahos
Ms. Dana M. Shelton                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Vosbein £                                            Mr. Raymond T. Waid
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Sherby               Mr. Jason P. Waguespack £                                                 Ms. Andrea S. Will
Mr. Jeff Shipp                           Walker Automotive ¥                                                       Xue Xin, PhD
Mr. Harry G. Shulman &                   Mr. & Mrs. W. Foster Walker III ¥
  Ms. Mary L. Haskins
Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Siegel
Mr. Steven M. Siegel
                                         David W. Wall, MD §
                                         Clinton E. Wallace, MD * §
                                         Mrs. Laura Rhodes Waller
Dr. & Mrs. Gregg L. Silverman            John J. Walsh Jr., MD
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart J. Simon               Mr. & Mrs. Tommy R. Warner €
Katherine & Rich Skopin                  Mr. Henry S. Webert * €                      For information about Associates membership,
Joe H. Smith Co. Inc.                    Mrs. Kathy Glick Weil &                       contact TroyLynne Perrault, director of the
Thompson Smith Foundation                   Dr. Gordon Weil
                                                                                         Tulane Fund, Regional Development and
Mr. & Mrs. H. Thompson Smith Jr.         Dr. & Mrs. Hans Weill §
Mr. Catchings B. Smith * ¥               Mr. & Mrs. Ben Weinbaum                      Associates, at 504-247-1473 (toll free 888-265-7576)
Mr. & Mrs. Hudson D. Smith               Weinmann Foundation ¥                                     or
Mr. Matthew S. Smith                     Mr. Donald P. Weiss *                             You may also visit
Dr. & Mrs. John M. Snodsmith §           Mrs. Marion Weiss
Ms. Lorraine W. Shanley &                Mr. & Mrs. William A. Weiss
  David H. Snyder, MD                    Mr. & Mrs. Andrew N. Wells

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