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					                                                                                      .The commencement exercises for the
Honoring Those Who Serve-Armed Forces Week                                              Community College of the Air
                                                                                        Force-a special guest speaker has
                                                                                        been invited to address the graduat-
   "The 21st century, not the 20th cen-    Service Color Guard will hoist the           ing class.
tury, will prove to be the brightest era   Colors. A joint military formation fea-
for NSA/CSS and our people. As we          turing each of the Services will be rep-     In remembrance of the Agency's fall-
stand on the frontier of many oppor-       resented at the ceremony. The Director     en heroes, the Army and Air Force
tunities, we must all remember: it is                                                 will hold a joint wreath-laying ceremo-
the Marine, not the reporter, who                                                     ny at the National Vigilance Park.
gives us freedom of speech; it is the                                                   Thanks to the assistance offered by
Sailor, not the poet, who gives us free-                                              the National Cryptologic Museum, and
dom of expression; it is the Airman,                                                  other groups, displays will be set up
not the campus demonstrator, who                                                      throughout the NSA/CSS campus to
gives us the freedom to commemorate                                                   draw attention to the contributions of
events, such as Armed Forces Week;                                                    military coworkers to the defense of
and it is the Soldier, who at the dark-                                               the Nation.
est hour, stands by the flag and says                                                   The Armed Services feature a num-
 'this we'll defend,' who gives us the                                                ber of professional-caliber musical
promise of the future."                                                               groups, and NSA has invited several to
   -Lt Gen Minihan                                                                    participate in this year's celebration.

   Armed Forces Week (A1-''"'W) is not                                                  5KRun
simply a time to recognize the service                                                  The annual CWF/AFW 5K Run
provided by the men and women of                                                      will take place Thursday, May 13. The
the military, but rather a celebration                                                nm will start in the OPS 2A court-
of the unique American relationship        NSA/CSS will host the morning's fes-       yard and finish near Post 54. Several
between the citizens of the United         tivities.                                  prizes will be awarded in several cate-
States and the Armed Forces.                  On each succeeding morning during       gories. The winners' names and times
   The National Security Agency/Cen-       the week, a flag-raising ceremony will     will be posted on the AFW Home-
tral Security Service (NSA/CSS) will       start the day. The ceremonies will be      Page.
commemorate AFW, May 10-14, in             cohosted by the local commander fea-          Additionally, in the finest tradition
recognition of those who faithfully        tured that day and a representative        of competition, the first complete team
serve in the United States Army,           from the Senior Agency Leadership          that crosses the finish line as a unit
Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and         Team.                                      win receive the Service Plaque.
Coast Guard. Those who serve in the
Reserves and the National Guard will       Activities                                   Armed Forces Ball
also be recognized.                          The fonowing activities are planned        The AFW Ball will conclude the
   During AFW, employees celebrate         for AFW:                                   week's festivities with dining, dancing,
with members of the Armed Forces           .A       special     guest      speaker,   and entertainment. This event is open
who are willing volunteers. They follow      Dr. Alexander S. Cochran, professor      to all NSA/CSS employees, assignees,
the dream upon which the country             emeritus of military history for the     and others, whether military or civil-
was built, and they stand ready to           Air University, will discuss "SIGINT     ian.
defend it at any cost.                       Operations in World War II."                For specific times and locations of
                                           • The Marine Corps Battle Color            all AFW events, refer to the AFW
Opening Ceremonies                           Detachment, featuring its world          HomePage located at http://www.s.
  AB in years past, the week will begin      renowned silent drill team, will daz-    nsa!ds/afweek99/.
with an opening flag-raising ceremony.       zle spectators.
At 8:00 a.m., Monday, May 10, at the       • The annual CWF-sponsored 5K
OPS 2A flagpole, the NSA/CSS JOint           Run will take place.

2 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                   April 1999
                Deputy Director's Message

            I   Change and ChaLlenge
        4           We are now in a period when one Director passes command of the
                National Security Agency/Central Security Service to another Director.
                Change occurs when something ends and something new or different
                begins. The period between theses two points is transition. Usuany it means moving from
                the familiar to the unknown. Even when change is positive, the process affects most of us.
                The good news is with change there are new opportunities as wen as challenges.
                    With Lt Gen Minihan having retired and with the advent of a new Director, I know
                many of you are wondering what changes are ahead and what will happen to the strate-
                gies and plans we have put in place. Over the past several years, we have embarked on a
                journey charting our course for future success in the Information Age with our strategic
                plan, the National Cryptologic Strategy (NCS-21). NCS-21 will provide us the direction to
                succeed in the 21st century. Implemented through the Unified Cryptologic Architecture
                (UCA), NCS-21 provides the framework for a common cryptologic structure. We have
                begun implementation of the National Information Assurance Strategy to ensure that
                information, information systems, and information-based processes are adequately protect-             i
                ed. We have spoken publicly to Congress, the Director of Central Intelligence, the                    !
                Department of Defense, and the Advisory Boards and they an believe we are on the right
                track. They support us as we follow through with our strategy. Be assured we are going to
                face some tough choices and we will have to make some hard decisions to position NSA
                for the future.
                    Time and time again, we have been challenged by world change and technology, but it
                is always our people-their creativity, brainpower, and commitment that have come
                through with a way forward. Our history has taught us that there isn't anything that we
                can't do when we take up the chanenge together. This is not a spectator sport- it is team-
                work. We look to the promise that each of you holds for taking us forward when our cha~
                lenges and our opportunities have never been greater. We are already responding to the
                challenges and rebuilding our information technology backbone (ITB), developing a busi-
                ness plan, using corporate metrics and measurements, and strengthening our relationships
                with our customers and partners at home and around the world.
                     Our heritage is rich with examples of customer-driven quality. Our focus is continuous
                improvement. Our people are our competitive advantage. I pledge to you my personal com-
                mitment to ensure a smooth transition to the new Director and continuity for an the work
                force as part of "Team NSA," that no team will work harder to accomplish our goals of
                 Information Superiority for America-One Team, One Mission. For it is upon the founda-
                tion of our bright past that I have confidence in our brilliant future.

April 1999

                                                                                               NSA NeWSletter 3
A Terrible Beauty is Born-Cryptology's Role in the 1916 Easter Uprising
                                                                                    sages, the British were able to track
by Bob Hanyok
Center for Cryptologic History            willing to strike at England from         the comings and goings of Irish
                                          every quarter, and hoping that an         nationalists, especially those visiting
                                          unsettled Ireland would divert British    Germany and the United States. The

F    rom April 24 to 29 1916, the
 t=4 watershed   event in Irish history
     occurred-the Easter Uprising in
Dublin. This event swung popular
                                          troops from the Western Front, tried
                                          to exploit this division by subsidizing
                                          Irish nationalists during the war.
                                                                                    U.S. immigrant and expatriate Irish
                                                                                    community remained an important
                                                                                    source of support and recruits.

Irish opinion away from the moder-          Role of Cryptology                        Sir Roger Casement
ate Home Rule Party to the more              It is often not realized that cryp-       The British focused on the activi-
radical nationalists of Sinn Fein and     tology played a major role in the         ties of Sir Roger Casement, perhaps
paved the way for eventual Irish          events leading up to the uprising         the most important of the national-
independence.                             and contributed to its immediate          ists. Born in Ireland in 1864, he had
  The uprising happened in the            and apparent failure. Ironically, in      served in the British consular service
middle of World War I. England            reviewing the cryptologic background      and was knighted in 1911. He
and Germany were locked in combat         to the uprising, some characters          became famous when, as British con.-
in France. Ireland (part of the Unit-     appear, who later became major play-      sul to the Belgian Congo, he wrote
ed Kingdom) was a restive nation          ers in the famous "Zimmermann             a report exposing to the world the
with a strong nationalist sentiment,      Telegram Nfair" of February 1917.         brutal depredations the Belgian colo-
anxious for independence. Germany,        They were: Arthur Zimmermann,             nial officials had inflicted on the
                                          German foreign minister; Count            local African tribes.
                                          Johann Bernstorff, the German                Nter retirement, he devoted his
                                          ambassador to the United States;          life to the Irish independence move-
                                          and the ubiquitous Sir William            ment and became a major figure in
                                          "Blinker" Hall, head of the British       the Irish nationalist councils. In
                                          cryptanalytic effort known as Room        1914, he traveled to Berlin to secure
                                          40.                                       German help for the Irish struggle
                                             The story actually began earlier, in   against Great Britain. In 1915, Room
                                           1914. British agents reported that       40 learned that the Germans might
                                          Irish nationalists were traveling to      try to smuggle Casement into Ireland
                                          Germany and the United States to          using a U-boat. A plan was set to
                                          obtain funds, arms, and support.          snare him, but the Germans can-
                                          When Hall's Room 40 group began           celed after suspecting that Irish
                                          to decode German diplomatic mes-          preparations for an uprising were
                                          sages, they discovered that much was      premature and lacking a solid basis
                                          already afoot between Germany and         for success.
                                          the Irish nationalists.                     Easter Uprising
                                              For example, a September 1914            By early 1916, the situation became
                                          message from Bernstorff in Washing-       difficult for Casement and other
                                          ton, DC to Zimmermann in Berlin,          Irish nationalists. Although a treaty
                                          Germany revealed plans for an Irish       between them and the German gov-
                                          legion to be recruited from Irish pris-   ernment promised military support,
                                          oners of war and an agreement to          it was not forthcoming. The planned
                                           Irish wishes to subsidize underground    Irish legion had fizzled; they were
                                           activity in Ireland. Through the         issued uniforms but had no
                                           decoded German diplomatic mes-           weapons or training. However,

4 NSA t~ewsletter                                                                                                April 1999
,_;;;n.__.        .
                .__        .    ...       "-:-        .   -------:--~---

             groups from the Sinn Fein and the             cated Russian rifles of dubious qual-                                                      I:
             Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB)-           ity aboard-hardly the wherewithal to              THE NATIONAL SECURITY
             the predecessor to the Irish Republi-                                                            AGENCY NEWSLETTER
                                                           beat a modern army like Britain's.                                                         f
             can Army, decided to go ahead with               Casement claimed he had been                April 1999 • Vol. XLV1I No. 4
             a planned uprising that was to begin          trying to head off the uprising-fear-                                                      r
             after a parade of nationalist groups          ing that without German support it                                                         I
             in Dublin. The original plan called
             for the rising to start on Easter Sat-
                                                           was doomed. The Sinn Fein and the
                                                           IRB delayed for another day, and
             urday. Casement's part in the plan            then on Easter Monday seized sever-
                                                                                                                    LYNNE YATES
             included procuring the freighter Aud,
             loaded with weapons and ammuni-
                                                           al buildings in Dublin, including the
                                                           General Post Office.
                                                                                                                       Editor                         (
             tion, to land on the Irish coast on              One of the leaders, Patrick Pearse,                  BETH HADDLE
                                                                                                                   Assistant Editor
             Good Friday. Casement would be                stood on the steps of that building
             smuggled in aboard a German U-                and proclaimed the Irish Republic.                      MICHELE HYRE
             boat.                                         The British responded in over-                          Associate Editor
                                                           whelming force, leveling portions of
                                                                                                                  BRUCE WARREN
             British Forewarned                            the city in the process. The Royal                        Publisher
               The British were forewarned of              Navy even brought ships up the Lif-
                                                                                                           The NSA Newsletter is published
             Casement's plans. Tipped off by               fey River to shell rebel positions at
                                                                                                        monthly by the Office of Human
             decoding planning messages, they              pointblank range. After 5 days, the          Resources Services for the information
             waited for the codeword that sig-             rebels surrendered. Fourteen leaders,        and enjoyment of NSA employees and
             naled the departure of Casement               including Pearse and James Connol-           their families.
                                                                                                           Items submitted for publication
             and the weapons ship from Ger-                ly, were executed. Casement was              should be typed double-spaced and
             many. Casement's U-boat broke                 hanged for treason, and 3,000 oth-       .   marked with the name, organization,
             down and he had to transfer to                ers were interned, but granted           !   and phone number of the sender. For-
                                                                                                        ward all items to: NSA Newsletter, Fort
             another, an activity easily followed          amnesty in June 1917.                        George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000.
             through radio intercept. When he                                                           Feature articles are due 2 weeks before
             arrived onshore, he was immediately                                                        the first day of the month preceding
                                                           A Lasting Impression                         the month the article is intended to be
             arrested. The Aud was captured by a-            Although Irishmen felt that the
                                                                                                        published. All other items are due on
             Royal Navy ship. Told to depart, the          uprising was treacherous because             or before the first day of the month
             crew changed into its German uni-             England was engaged in World War             preceding the month in which the item
             forms and scuttled the ship. Recov-           I, many still sympathized with the           is intended to be published. For exam-
                                                                                                    i   pIe, feature articles for the June Newslet-
             ery operations of the cargo revealed          rebels' ambitions. Further, the              ter must be submitted on or before the
             that there had been 20,000 confis-            courage of the rebels in the face of         16th day of April. All other items must
                                                           immense British firepower made a             be submitted on or before the 30th
                                                                                                        day of ApriL All submissions to the
                                                           deep impression. Efforts later in the        Newsletter are subject to editing for
                                                           war by the British to introduce con-         space, clal:ity, and classification; there
                                                           scription and delays in Home Rule            are no exceptions to this policy. Newslet-
                                                                                                        ter office phones are 963-1848(s) and
                                                           only inflamed the Irish resentment           301-688-6610 (TDD); E-mail address is
                                                           ignited by the uprising.                     nsanews@nsa; and location is OPS 1,
                                                             British cryptology played a part in        South Cafeteria, Room 2.
                                                                                                            This publication does not necessarily
                                                           defeating Irish nationalist plans for
                                                                                                        reflect the official views of the Depan·
                                                           the uprising. Yet, it was only one           ment of Defense.
                                                           act, albeit an important one, in the             The Newsletter is printed by the Pub-
                                                           story of Irish national yearnings. For       lication and Reproduction Division.
                                                                                                        Printing of this publication was
                                                           as the Irish poet, William Butler            approved by the Director, NSA, March
                                                           Yeats, wrote in "Easter 1916," his            I, 1972.
                                                           great poem memorializing the event,
                                                           "A terrible beauty was born."

             April 1999                                                                                                        NSA Newsletter 5
                                                                                   --   -=~_   =--C-=-:..-~ _:7--_Cc-----'-----==------~~.=_.:...___== •• ::_,-,--~-=="_"'=

A Holocaust Story-Transforming Adversity Into Advantage
hy Janice L. Koch

H.·     er emaciated body, wa::;ted ~o
        a rnere 40 pounds, was mIs-
                                         lady starvation and severe beatings.
                                         -n"lose who survived, induding Edith,
                                                                                   Older children were subjected to
                                                                                   harsh labor or sadistic "medical"
        takenly tossed nnto a pile of    were later forced to march to Gun-        experiments. Remarkably, in the face
corpses. Miraculously. an American       skirchen. a satellite camp. fur exter-    of so rl1uch horror. many of the l:hil-
soldier helping to liberate the con-     mination. When the American::;            dren imprisoned in the ghettos .md
centratiun ,:amps at the end of          reached the camp in May 1945, they        camps created diaries and inspiring
 World War II saw Edid"l Eger's hand                                               poems and drawin~s. It is (,ven more
 muve and r,~scued her from what                                                   remarkable that some uf them, like
wlluJd have been certain death.                                                    Edith Eger, managed to survive.
    rk Edith E. Eger will share this
harrowing story as the keynute speak-                                                    A New Life
er at NSA's 12th annual Holocaust                                                     After liberation. Edith Eger settled
 Memurial Observance, Wednesday,                                                   in Czechoslovakia where she met her
April 14, at 10:00 a.m. in the Fried-                                              husband. In 1949, she, her husband,
man Auditorium. In a presentation,                                                 and L·month-old daughter l'migrated
"T,J Be nr Not to Be-a Victim (Jr                                                  to the United States. ,LUter becoming
:'1 Survivor," Dr. Eger will explain                                               acclimated to a !lew language and
 hl)w she used her personal tCxperi-                                               l:ulture, Edith decided to return to
ew::es to transform her life.                                                      schm)! to srudy psychology.
                                                                                      As a clinical psychologist ,mJ lec-
Terror Begins                                                                      turer, Dr. Eger wurks with hattered
   Edith Eger was born in K:lssa,                     Ur. Edith Eger               wumen, abused children, veterans,
Hungary. In May 1944, when she                                                     and soldiers suffering from posttrau-
was 16 years old, the Nazis shipped      found numbers of sick and          matic stress syndrome. She also trav-
her to Auschwitz with her parents        dying people lying helplessly among       els t'xtensively, lecturing Ull the
and sister Magdalena. lJpon arrival      the dead.                                 psychology of the survivur and how
at the death camp, mother and              Edith Eger was one of the millions      to survive as a prisoner of war. She
daughters were subjected to the          of Jewbh children persecuted along        gives motivational talks. based un her
"selections" proces::; carried out by    with their families during the Holo-      experiences in the Holocaust, to help
the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele,         caust. It is estimated that more than     individuals overcome extreme p::;ycho-
known as the "Angel of Death." Her       a million of these l~hildren were mur-    logical distress.
mother was sent to the left-to the       dered by the Nazis. As prisoners in          Forty yeurs after the end of the
gas chamber. but Mengele pointed         ghettos and camps, children were the      Holocaust, Dr. Eger took on the
the sisters to the right-into the hor-   most at risk. Many witnessed the          heavy task of dealing with her uwn
rendous existence that passed for life   deadls of their parents and other         psychological distress. She returned
in the camp. Later that day, the day     family melnbers. Less able than           to Auschwitz to come to terms with
on which both her parents died,          adults to satisfy their brutal captors    her memuries and feelings abollt the
Edith, who had studied haUet, was        hy working, children faced iUness,         loss of her family and the destruc-
f()fced to dance for Mengele.            starvation, and usually extermination.    rion of her YOLlng lite.
   In the fall of 1944, Edith \Va"          Because they were ,small, many            Videos and exhibits relating to the
transferred. as wen~ many Ii ungarian    younger children were thrown alive         Holocaust will be un display olltside
Jews, to Mauthausen, a camp in Aus-      into the fires of the crematoria so        the Friedman Auditorium throughout
tria. It was one of the most brutal      the Nazi::; could save the few pennies     the week uf April 12. Additional
camps within the Oerman Reich            it would have cost to gas them first.      information is available un the web
proper. Inmates were subjected to        Children born in the camps were, in        at http://w\\'w.z. nsa/publicireheyma/.
extremely harsh conditions. particu-     most cases, killed shortly after hirth.

Ii NSA Newsletter                                                                                                                                                April 1999
DDS Sponsors "Children of the                    Hoioc~ust"
                                                                                                      Thrift Savings Plan Rates
   This year's remembrance of the          of the Order Police in the Holo-                            Through February 1999
 Holocaust is notewurthy f;)r two rea-     caust.
                                                                                           Months                          C         F     C.>
sons. First, we are extremely privi-          Two i\.gency employees have flu-
                                                                                           1994                           1.3Yl(, (2.%%) 7.22                                 f
leged to have as our guest ~,peaker,       thered the srudy of the Holocaust
                                                                                           1995                      37041% 18.3l }i, 7.0Y?\l             t

Dr. Edith Eger, a Holocaust survivor,      through SIGINT. Lou Benson, of the
                                                                                           1996                      22.8S'Y" 3.66(}6 6.7b'X:'
who as a little girl was separated         Security Services Organization, pub-
                                                                                           1997                      33.17°1<, 9,60"4, 6.77g{~
from her parents at Auschwitz and          lished a useful pamphlet, "SIGINT
                                                                                           1998                      28,44'Xl 8.70% 5.74%
forced to dance for the notorious          and the Holocaust," and Rob
.Josef Mengele.                            Hanyok, of the Center t;w Crypto-
                                           logic History, delivered a paper at an
                                           international symposium hosted by               March                          ill                       .54                   50
SU:;INT Role
  This year's remembrance balsa sig-       the National Axchives on looted
                                                                                           April                       LOO                          .52                   ,49
                                                                                           May                        (l.W                          .95                   .51
nitkant hecause it marks an impor-         Holocaust-era assets. In addition,
                                                                                           June                           4.05                      .85                   .48
tant milestone in the role played by       Mr. Hanyok has been invited to assist
                                                                                           July                       (l.OY)                        .21                   .49
signals intelligence                                                the     United
                                                                                           August                    (14.47)                       l.66                   .49
(SIGINT)-specifi-                                                   States Holo-
                                                                                           September                      6.3'1                   2. 36                   .44
cally    declassified                                               caust Memori-
                                                                                           October                        8.19                     <.52)                  Al
decrypts        from                                                al Museum in
                                                                                           November                       6.04                      .56                   ,4) ~

World War II-i n                                                    developing a
                                                                                           December                       5.76                      ,30                   043
the ()figoin.g study                                                new     exhibit
of the Holocaust.                                                   on the Jewish
As more scholars                                                    experience in
                                                                    the Far East
                                                                                           January                     4.19                         .11                   .42
delve     into    the
                                                                                           February                   0.09)                       (l.74)                  ',1'\
declassified    SIG-                                             'l durin,g World

INT material in                                                     War n.
                                                                                           Last 12
the         National                                                  Although
                                                                                           Months                     19.64°(,                    6.29'\,               5.59':+,
Archives, the value                                                 SIGINT was
                                                                                           Perwntag<.:s in ( ) are negative.
of    SIGINT       in                                               not the most
understanding                                                       important
important details                                                   source      of
regarding         the                                               information
Holocaust becomes                                                   regarding the
more apparent.                                                      Holocaust (as                     ·\1\1SWERS TO T=-IiE
                                           Mr. Benson points out), the use of                            .\PRIL Pl TZZT.E
~Jazi   Gold                               declassified decrypts has provided
   During the past 2 years, decLassi-      many details that contribute to a          (SI.E      M     L      T      A      X     R       Y         K         V     0     G       D     P

                                                                                      ~I. i.· i l ·~.· (.t "f i~.• •.,1.~.~:m,.r.~,~.: ·.T)~ ~.J,) W.~L,
fied decrypts about "Nazi Gold" have       more complete historical record. As
been instrumental in establishing the      we remember the Holocaust this
scope and nature of the German sys-        year, it is with a deeper appreciation
tem of handling looted Holocaust-era       of the importance of SIGINT in              .
                                                                                       R    R     I
                                                                                                       T.             I     ,.
                                                                                                                                  .r "'.
                                                                                                                                                              .•·   ',x
                                                                                                                                                              X,/L>.I· ..E              X
personal and national assets, and the      understanding that tragic period of         K(" .5          '.       T'/~.i· .. r*/O VSG
                                                                                       5 , .• ,C              R ./P1 Gg*1i;-J(R'.C K 1i,.1!'
role of the Swiss banking system.          human history.                              A    sa:;.>..                        vi R . / J                        ET'F                v     X'

                                                                                       F    B    c.'C,-              .Z     Ji---A            .     L         R     N',A'·R             L
Scholar Richard Brietman published           This year's commemoration of the          V   W    (ij.. A'V                                     E     x     G         I     i«itz
an     important     book,     "Official   Days of Remembrance for Victims of          H    E    C     N      F      '\". ,~,!'l E N e                              E W K',.S.>
                                                                                       M    Y    G     K      H      H C"G> 0 K S                                   YAK G
Secret.s," using declassified intercepts   the Holocaust will focus on the
to develop new insights into the role      theme "Children of the Holocaust."

April 1999                                                                                                                              NSA Newsletter 7
             - ----- ----_.-------.:-~:-::--==- --=:==-."
             _    ....__..._------_.. ---                     =~===::::'_~~~=
.   ------------_._~--~            ---
                                                                                               -- --   ~::=.   ';;:':::-_"'-"~-------~'~--:'::':''''':'';;-;~~---=-'~--

         Makina the Connection-Yesterday's Secretary is Today's Office Manager
         by Elena I<obey and Jessica Stinchcomb

             t is time to salute the people who        As the next millennium approach-         ing conferences and meetings, they
             tirelessly conquer computers, jug-     es, secretaries are assuming expanded       may handle more complex responsi-
             gle schedules, prepare presenta-       responsibilities that differ from those     bilities including conducting research,
         tions, develop spreadsheets, and           of 5 to 10 years ago. Secretarial work      preparing reports, training new
         arrange meetings every day-secre-          continues to evolve, along with new         employees, and supervising other
         taries.                                    automation        and     organizational    administrative staff.
            The purpose of observing Profes-        restructuring. Secretaries are often
         sional Secretaries Week (April             the first to [earn new office tech-         Moving Forward
         19-23), is to remind secretaries of        nologies and assume new roles.                 Voice mail, another technological
         their obligations to the profession           However, in the midst of these           advance, has reduced the secretary's
         and to provide them recognition for        changes, their core responsibilities        dependence on the telephone. More
         their vital contributions to business,     remain much as they were. Most              messages are automatically routed to
         industry, the arts, and government.        organizations still employ secretaries      the recipient; therefore, meetings can
            Professional Secretaries Week was       to perform and coordinate activities        be coordinated by comparing elec-
         founded in 1952 by Professional Sec-       and to ensure information is dis-           tronic calendars and confirmed
         retaries International. The idea came      seminated to staff members and              through E-mail.
         about more than 40 years ago               clients.                                       As office automation advances, the
         becaus~ a post-World War II public-           Managers, professionals, and other       secretary is able to focus on career
         ity man, Harry F. Klemfuss believed        support staff still rely on them to         advancement opportunities. Diverse
         that professional secretaries had strug-   keep administrative operations run-         education and training will remain
         gled too long without recognition.         ning smoothly. Today, secretaries are       an integral part of the secretarial
         He encouraged young women to               responsible for a variety of adminis-       field.    Continuing changes in the
         enter the field and demanded recog-        trative and clerical duties necessary       office environment increase the
         nition for the "unhonored, unsung,         to effectively and efficiently operate      demand for secretaries who are
         unrecognized" secretary of the day.        organizations.                              adaptable and versatile.
                                                       They schedule appointments and              While the secretary has always
         What's in a Word?                          meetings, provide information to            been considered an information man-
            Secretary-the word is dynamic and       internal and external customers,            ager, who coordinates a variety of
         ever changing. The secretary was           organize and maintain paper and             schedules and functions for the
         once assigned the role of caretaker        electronic files, manage projects, and      office, today's secretary has a higher
         for the boss and other employees. A        produce correspondence.                     level of responsibility than ever
         typical day might involve mundane             Some secretaries may employ the          before.
         tasks including making coffee, typing,     INTERNET for research, references,             Secretarial    professionals   have
         and answering phones. The secretary        and purchases. They may also use            become more productive with the
         might also take dictation or file          personal computers for running              help of personal computers, E-mail,
         papers. On special occasions, she          spreadsheets, word processing, data-         scanners, facsimile machines, and
         might be "allowed" to buy her boss          base management, desktop publish-          voice mail systems.
         a present for his wife. At that time,       ing, and graphics programs-tasks              Developments in office technology
         she was not looked upon as an               previously handled by coworkers.            are certain to continue, and will
         equaL She was often only seen, not            Secretaries are performing fewer          bring about further changes in the
         heard. In contrast, today's secretary       clerical tasks and more administrative      secretary's work environment. How-
         has become the "hub of the office"-         and managerial functions. In addi-          ever, there are still many secretarial
          the office manager.                        tion to receiving visitors and arrang-      duties of a personal, interactive

         3 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                                  April 1999
_. _ _. _._, :r   =~~~='-=~"'=~-=::""'.:==.'~"-    ---
                                                                                 -.-:....   - -- -- -
                                                         c_c-~.·-=-=-,-=.":,,::,,,:,,·_.- ...•.
                                                                                                        -   -   - ---   -_. --_._-,--..   '-   .

           nature and, therefore, not easily auto-       staff.    Customer service skills are
           mated. Because automated equip-               critically important. Interpersonal                                                                                        I'
           ment cannot substitute for personal           skills (tact, diplomacy, and negotia-
           skills, secretaries will continue to play     tion) are also essential.
           a key role in the office activities of           6. Be an adept organizer and "infor-                                                         37 Years
           most organizations.                           mation manager." Use computerized                                                         William F. Persinger
                                                         data as well as paper office records
           Staying Ahead in a Changing                   to provide information needed by
                                                                                                                                                          35 Years
           Workplace                                     managers. Today's administrative staff                                                                                     1'-.-

             The International Association of            increasingly conducts research and                                                        Betsyjo Spona~Phdan              !
           Administrative Professionals (IAAP)           helps manage projects from concep-                                                                                             1

           offers the following seven tips for           tion to completion.                                                                                                            I.

           secretaries:                                     7. Get involved in selecting and
             1. Become a computer software               maintaining office equipment. Stay
           expert. Demonstrate mastery of                abreast of the types of available
           "Office Suite" software packages that         office equipment and what is most                                                                                              "
           typically include word processing,            suited to your organization. Seek out
           spreadsheet, database, presentations,         appropriate vendors. Learn to oversee
           and scheduling software. Learn to             equipment purchases, evaluate office
           navigate the INTERNET, and gather             supply needs, and schedule mainte-                                                              34 Years                           I

           information via the World Wide                nance.                                                                                     Paul S. Rabinowitz
           Web to further organizational goals                                                                                                      Kenneth L. Sproat
           and serve customer's needs. Become
           a "Web Master" or a "Web-content                       Secretaries Week                                                                       32 Years
           Provider" for an employer.                            Schedule of Events                                                                                                             I

              2. Actively pursue continuing educa-                                                                                                  Raymond L. Reed                             !.
           tion. Attend business-related work-               Secretaries Day Breakfast-
           shops and seminars or pursue a                    Wednesday, April 21,                                                                        33 Years
           college degree. Polish written and ver-           8:30-10:00 a.m. in the                                                                 Linda   B.
           bal communication skills.                         Canine Suite                                                                                                                       I

                                                                                                                                                      Jesse Wallman                                 I

             3. Learn how to plan conferences                                                                                                                                                    !,
           and meetings. Make the meetings                   Annual Secretarial Excellence
           well-organized      and    user-friendly          Awards Presentation-Wednes-                                                                                                         ':
           through room and site selection,                  day, April 21, 11:00-11:30 a.m.
           meeting arrangements, and audio-                  in the Friedman Auditorium
           visuals. Become adept at presenta-                                                                                                                                                        :

           tion software such as Microsoft's                  Share Fair-Thursday, April 22,
           PowerPoint or Corel's Presentations.               10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in the
             4. Be a good teacher and leader.                 OPS 1 Cafeteria Party Rooms
           Many administrative professionals are
                                                                                                                                                         24 Years
           training and supervising other staff               Internal and external tours and                                                       Dennis B. Mahony
           members. IAAP offers many oppor-                   briefings will be offered from
           tunities to practice organizational                March through June.                                                                        22 Years
           leadership roles.                                                                                                                           John E. Lee
              5. Become a "communication's                    Additional secretarial information is .
           hub" for your workplace. Clients and               available via the Agency Web
                                                                                                                                                         21 Years
           vendors often judge the character of               ar:http://www.s3pages.s.nsa/s33/
           a business by the quality and effi-                SYpaneljpanel.html.                                                                     Mary B. Hicks
           ciency of its administrative support

            April 1999                                                                                                                                           NSA Newsletter 9
Field Recruitment Week                      career considerations, and other            depth understanding of NSA's role
by Kim Faircloth                            information.                                in support of military operations and
                                               An unclassified evening open             other Intelligence Community cus-
   From April 19 to 23, Global Per-         house will be held April 21 for             tomers. Most PCSers find that field
manent Change of Station (PCS)              employees and their non-Agency              jobs offer a variety of functional
Services will sponsor Field Recruit-        spouses. Career-specific workshops for      responsibilities coupled with the
ment Week (FRW). This weeklong              engineers, computer scientists, voice       authority to make decisions and take
series of events represent a partner-       language analysts, collectors, and sig-     action within a narrow chain of com-
ship between Global PCS Services'           nals analysts will also be conducted.       mand.
PCS officers, mission managers, and         In the meantime, employees should              Spend the week exploring the
field-site representatives.                 consider whether this is a good time        world of opportunities that accom-
   The schedule of events, which            to take a PCS assignment.                   pany a PCS assignment. Additional
includes a classified open house,              Employees pursue PCS assignments         information concerning the FRW
April 20, followed by site-specific         for many reasons including career           schedule of events will be advertised
workshops, will provide an opportu-         enhancement, personal and family            this month via E-mail, Agency dis-
nity to explore field opportunities. In     growth, and material considerations.        tributions, and at the following
addition, this year there are several       Regarding career enhancement, most          address-http://
new features including a briefing on        field alumni say that their PCS expe-       vacancy.fanx.s.nsa/va/datalfield/
the ''ABCs of PCSing"-application           rience gave them a "big picture" per-       ml. For further information, contact
process, benefits, entitlements, and        spective on how the Agency's                Global PCS Services at 968-5021(s).
                                            mission is accomplished and an in-


                                                                                      DIRECTOR'S DISTINGUISHED
                                                                                           SERVICE MEDAL

                                          DEFENSE SUPERIOR SERVICE
     Michael Huffman

                                                                                                          Richard C. Proto

                                          G. Dickson Gribble      David J. Hanko
                                              COL/USA            Lt Col/USAF (Ret)

10 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                   April 1999
                                                                       Club Notes

                     Celtic Forum meets the last Tuesday       Parkway Coin and Stamp Club will        sale. A portion of the proceeds from
                     of every month at 11:00 a.m. Any-         hold its monthly stamp meeting          the sale goes to the club.
                     one interested in the culture, art,       Thursday, April 8 at noon. The
                     languages, or heritage of the Celtic      monthly coin meeting will be Thurs-     Single People in Activities Recreation-
                     lands (Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland,       day, April 22 at noon. Meeting loca-    al and Cultural (SPARC) events
                     Man, Scotland, and Wales) or peo-         tions will be displayed in the          include ttivia and happy hours, din-
             ""-     ples is welcome to attend. The April      showcase opposite the OPS 1 Cafe-       ing out, a singles dance, a potluck
                     meeting, in Room 3W083, will fea-         teria entrance. Anyone interested is    dinner, a craft festival, a planning
                     ture a talk (with photos) on Welsh        invited to attend. For stamp club       meeting, brunch, and a day out. For
                     castles. For more information, con-       information, call Grover Hinds at       more information, or a membership         I

    I                tact Karen Davis at 963-4930(s) or
                                                               301-688-4598. For coin club infor-
                                                               mation call Mitch Ross at 301-688-
                                                                                                       form, send name, organization, and
                                                                                                       complete mailstop to SPARC, P.O.
                                                                                                       Box 635, Fort Meade, MD 20755.
                     Deep Sixers SCUBA Diving Club will
                     meet Thursday, April 15 at 7:00 p.m.,     Patuxent Lapidary Guild will have a     Women and Men in NSA (WIN) will
                     in the Colony Seven Complex, Build-       Mother's Day jewelry sale May 3,        sponsor a used book sale April 12,
                     ing 9914, Clubroom 800. Upcoming          outside the R &E Cafeteria, and         from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in
                     trips include wreck diving in Delaware    May 4 and 5 under the OPS 2A            front of the OPS 1 Cafeteria. Pro-
                     May 1 and June 12, and quarry div-        stairwell. The jewelry will be dis-     ceeds from the book sale will go
                     ing at Bainbridge. For more informa-      played outside the OPS 1 Cafeteria      toward supporting the scholarship
                     tion, contact the club vice-president,    during the week of April 26-30.         and general fund.
                     Vince, at 301-688-2869.                   Guild members craft all jewelry for

                                                               Mark Your Calendar

                     April 28-Lunch N' Learn                   April 13, I5-National Information       vides the work force with an oppor-
                       Dr. Jill Gann will present "Surviv-     and Records Management Week             tunity to focus attention on records
                     ing Adolescence," from 11:30 a.m. to        The Agency's Records Management       and      information     management.
                     1:00 p.m., in HQS Bldg., Room             Office will present a display of its    Changes in technology continue to
                     91135. Learn about the emotional,         services. The 1999 theme is "Drown-     challenge the way we conduct busi-
                     social, physical, and psychological       ing in Data, Starving for Knowl-        ness. Education will pave the way in
                     characteristics of teens. Develop cop-    edge," and will be presented Tuesday,   the Records Management Office's
                     ing and discipline strategies that will   April 13, from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00        efforts to maintain and preserve the
~>'f                 improve       communications      with    p.m., in the R&E Cafeteria entrance     valuable information of the Agency
                     teenagers. Preregisttation is required    and Thursday, April 15, 7:00 a.m. to    and to improve business practices for
                 1   and can be completed at http://           1:00 p.m., in the OPS 1 Friedman        the work force.
             -~      www.s.nsa/ERS/worklife/events.            Auditorium lobby.                          Representatives will be available to
             ;       httml. Questions may be forwarded            Initiated by ARMA International,     discuss     programs    and    provide
         /           to Work/Life Services at wrklife@nsa.     the Association of Records Managers     informative publications. All employ-
     )               Plan to attend.                           and Administrators, this event pro-     ees are invited to attend the activi-
II                                                                                                     ties. Stop by for some interesting

                     April 1999                                                                                            NSA Newsletter 11
                                                                                                                     .~.........             .
                                                                                                                                                  - '-

                                                                                    the Retirement and Insurance Ser-
fEGLI Offers First Open Enrollment Since 1993                                       vices Office in APS 1, Room 162. A
                                                                                    representative will certify the form
   The Office of Personnel Manage-         Retirement and Insurance Services        and return a copy for the employee's
ment has announced an open season          Office.                                  insurance records. Employees will
for Federal Employees Group Life                                                    receive another copy when the insur-
Insurance (FEGL!).                           Here are some frequently asked         ance takes effect.
   The open enrollment period is           questions regarding FEGL!.
scheduled for April 24 through June                                                 When "vill the new coverage go into
30, 1999. Open season enrollments          What kinds of elections can be made      effect?
or changes will not be effective until     during the open enrollment period?          Coverage elected during the open
the first pay period on or after April        During the FEGL! '99 open enroll-     enrollment period will become effec-
23, 2000, which follows a pay peri-        ment period, employees can elect any     tive the first pay period beginning
od during which an employee is in          life insurance that they do not cur-     on or after April 23, 2000. Employ-
a pay and duty status.                     rently have.                             ees must be in pay and duty status
   It is important to remember that                                                 the pay period before the coverage
FEGL! open seasons are not regu-           Is there anything new available during   becomes effective.
larly scheduled (the last general open     the open enrollment period?                 For full-time employees,       the
enrollment was in 1993). Employees            Yes. Until now, Option C cover-       amount of pay and duty status
may enroll in FEGL! or increase            age, which is coverage on eligible       required is 32 hours. Part-time
their current coverage.                    family members, was limited to           employees must be in pay and duty
   Keep in mind, however, that             $5,000 for your spouse and $2,500        status for one-half of their regularly
employees may cancel or decrease           for each eligible child.                 scheduled tour of duty.
their coverage at any time through-           Individuals can now elect up to
out the year-these are not open-sea-       five multiples of those amounts,         Do premiums for the new coverage
son changes. For those contemplating       making the maximum amounts avail-        have to be paid for now?
retirement, it is important to know        able $25,000 for your spouse and           No. It is not necessary to pay pre-
that individuals must be insured for       $12,500 for each eligible child. They    miums for new coverage until it goes
the 5 years of service immediately pre-    must elect the same number of mul-       into effect in 2000.
ceding retirement in order to continue     tiples for each family member.
Basic Life Insurance coverage.                                                      Does anything need to be done if an
   To continue any optional coverage,      How does an individual enroll or         individual keeps the same coverage?
employees must also be insured in          increase their coverage?                   No. Those who do not wish to
those options for the 5 years prior to       All open season elections and          make any changes will not have to
retirement. This open season might be      changes must be made on a special        do anything.
the one to consider starting or increas-   FEGL! '99 Open Season Period Elec-
ing an enrollment.                         tion Form (RI 76-27). Complete the       Will individuals be able to continue
                                           form shOWing aU of the coverage          this new coverage after retirement?
Enrollment Material                        wanted, not just the requested cov-        To continue FEGL! coverage upon
  Each civilian employee will receive      erage. These forms will be available     retirement, employees must retire on
a revised FEGL! booklet (RI 76-21)         at any IPA, the DS Customer Ser-         an immediate annuity and must have
and FEGL! Open Enrollment Period           vice Centers, and the Retirement         had the coverage for the 5 years of
Pamphlet. FEGL! '99 Open Enroll-           and Insurance Services Office.           service immediately prior to retire-
ment Period Election Forms (RI 76-                                                  ment. If they do not have the cov-
27) will be available at the DS            Where are completed forms submit-        erage for 5 years, they can continue
Customer Service Centers, Integrated       ted?                                     it if they have had it since the first
Personnel Activities (IPA), and the          Take the FEGL! '99 Open Season         opportunity to elect it.
                                           Period Election Form to any IPA or          For instance, if Option B is elect-
                                                                                    ed or increased during the open

12 NSA Newsletter                                                                                               April 1999

                                                             -   -   -   _.~   ----------          -~-   --- - --------~
         enrollment period, employees must                  Public Law 105-311, Federal Employ-
         have it for 5 years before they retire           ees Life Insurance Improvement Act,
         to continue Option B (or the                     enacted October 30, 1998, made
         increased amount). The open enroll-              numerous changes to the FEGLI pro-
         ment period would not be their first             gram by expanding the options avail-
         opportunity to elect Option B: they              able to employees. These changes
         could have elected it when they first            include: eliminating the maximums on                                              .information
~~<'~T   became eligible for it.                          Basic and Option B, Portable Option                               !e~~16yed' faUlt .' activities
            However, since two to five multiples          B upon separation, increased Option                                ';rdutlnelyma.deavailable
     I   of Option C coverage was never avail-            C, election of unreduced Option B                                 /;;~a~on~tl~, .care .must .be
,?,L     able before, this open enrollment peri-          and/or Option C, reduced premiums,                      '.' :.,>:"!}/:i.':':;',\'/;:,':':.' :",:
                                                                                                                  ·..·;keepYitiwithin thecirde of

         od is the first opportunity to elect             and new age bands.
         them. If individuals elect a multiple              For more information, check the
         and retire anytime after these addi-             Retirement and Insurance Services
         tional multiples go into effect in 2000,         Webpage at: http://www.s.nsa/ retire-
         they will be eligible to continue the            ment/index.htmL Individuals can also
         coverage after retirement, as long as            contact their IPA or the Retirement                                   ';i~~af(" ,'.ii,',';,
         they meet the 5-year requirement for             and Insurance Services Office.
         their previous Option C coverage.

                                                             Have a question or thought to express? Use Action Line! Opinions
                                                             expressed in letters do not necessarily represent official viewpoints or
                                                             the views of the Newsletter Staff.

                         THE MISSING LINK                                                      UNLEADED,PLEASE
         Dear Action Line,                                                      Dear Action Line,
            Would it be possible to have the LINK bus schedules                   Would the cafeterias (especially OPS 1) consider
         posted at all the bus stops? Recently, I rode the bus to               offering a selection of decaffeinated gourmet coffees?
         attend a meeting at FANX II. I planned to take the bus                 My doctor has advised me to avoid caffeine.
         back to the main building. Unfortunately, when I arrived                                                      -Decaf Drinker
         at the bus stop, the LINK's time schedule was not posted.
         Instead, there was a notice directing employees to check for           Dear Decaf Drinker,
         new times, effective March 1998. I walked to the FANX                     Your request was submitted to the Wood Company manage-
         III Customer Service Center only to learn that the bus was             ment. They have agreed to offer additional decaffeinated selec-
         scheduled to leave right then-while I was in the buildingl             tions in the OPS 1 Cafeteria. The Wood company has been
         Needless to say, I missed the bus and had a long wait                  successful in providing a larger selection of coffee at OPS 2B and
         until the next one was scheduled to make a run.                        plans to offer more varieties in other cafeterias in the future.
                                                          -Bus Rider               If the products do not sell after a reasonable trial period, and
                                                                                the Wood Company is forced to throw the coffee away, they will
         Dear Bus Rider,                                                        not be able to continue offering as many selections.
            The Commuter and Motor Fleet Services Organization did post            Coffee is a very delicate product with a limited shelf life to
         the LINK schedule, along with all of the other shuttle schedules, at   maintain high quality. The Wood Company will endeavor to offer
         all of the bus shelters (FANX, APS 1, APS 20, GH-2, Light Rail,        as many selections as sales allow. Thanks for asking and enjoy the
         and MARK Station). However, the schedules tend to disappear, and       new selections.
         need to be continuously replaced. We will see that they are replaced                                                          -Bill Hesgard
         again.                                                                                                              NSA Restaurant Fund
                                                          -Patrick Sherwood
                                        Commuter and Motor Fleet Services

         Apr;' 1999                                                                                                                      NSA Newsletter 13
Paul Derthick's Headline Puzzle                                by Larry Gray   In Memoriam
  The following are not headlines from recent daily newspapers. Each of        Andrew}. Arenth, an executive man-
the five is a different letter-far-letter substitution. All are derived from   ager in the Technology and Systems
the same mixed alphabet at different settings against itself. For Paul         Organization, who spent the majori-
Derthick's explanation of how to do the Headline Puzzle, visit the                                ty of his career in
Newsletter HomePage at http://ds8-websrv.Z.fanx.s.nsa/newsletter/.                                the Information
                                                                                                  Systems Security
1. AQUJU XJUMK UQF PVWQ JU AVCCG VX WVKZVF SANUQB PVMGFVVM                                        Organization, died
2. RAMF VUDTY ClAID RAIK VFRZFWRFYV ]D MFU VT CAD DGPPFDD                                         January 30 of car-
3.   WCH YBXLCNLKXW PXB HXBDO PBXV MGLCBXKOG: YBCYMBMLKXW M                                       diac arrhythmia.
4.   MGTUK )XfLlIMW LGYY WPXIIP GW HXIITWMGT DUKKBMW EBXUTH YBTKD                                 He was 52.
5.   YGAGIHKZGA AMBBCY EHBB RM OGCRDYG HNCKG MO RGBGRDEEHGI                                         Mr.      Arenth
                         Answer will appear next month                                            earned a bache-
                                                                               lor's of science degree from Manhat-
                         Answer to March Puzzle:                               tan College and a master's degree in
1.   TAYLOR, DICKERSON HEAD FIVE PLAYERS VOTED INTO HALL OF FAME               mathematics from the University of
2.   ARGENTINA DRAWING INTEREST WITH PLANS TO ADOYT DOLLAR                     Maryland. He joined NSA in 1968.
3.   PROPOSED LEGISLATION WOULD SHUT DOWN RECYCLING COMPANY                      A native of New York City, NY,
4.   FORD SAID TO BE NEGOTIATING DEAL FOR VOLVO'S CAR BUSINESS                 Mr. Arenth resided in Gambrills,
5.   COUNTY SCHOOLS PREPARE TO FACE CASH CRUNCH THIS YEAR                      MD. He was a member of Our Lady
                                                                               of the Fields Catholic Church and
                 Setting: AMAZE   Key: STUPEFY   Hat: FLUMMOX                  enjoyed sports.
                                                                                 His wife, Donna; a daughter,
                                                                               Denise Miller; and a son, Michael,
                                                                               survive Mr. Arenth.
                FISH OF THE CHESAPEAKE
                                                                               Kenneth L. Joseph, a former elec-
                                                                               tronic engineer in the Support Ser-
 Hidden below are the names of 15 fish found in the Chesapeake Bay. The        vices Organization, died January 23.
words read in any direction and any letter may be used more than once.         He was 87.
                                                                                  Prior to joining the Agency,
        B   E   M L      T    A    X   R y       K   V   0   G D     P         Mr. Joseph served with the U.S.
        U   U    I   C   R    0    A   K   E     R   N   C   H W S             Navy during WWIL He retired in
                                                                               1971 with 28 years of Federal serv-
        L   L S T        P    T    S   B   U     E   X B Q     T W
                                                                               ice. Mr. Joseph earned a bachelor's
        L   y
            0 T          W    B    B   C   D     K   D   E   V   A   C
                                                                               degree in education from Miami
        S C A X          E W A A           X 0       E   M T     K   J         University, Oxford and a bachelor's
        H E 0 H          N R H S           N     H   G   D   Z   B   L         degree in electronic engineering from
        A 0 F Z          0    N    F   T   S  F  C   Q       U   Y Q           Case Western Reserve University.
        R R I T          E    I    H I U G X L               I   E X             A longtime resident of Fairfax, VA,
                                   F N S 0  L 0              V   S G           Mr. Joseph most recently resided in
        K W S M          G    T
                                                                               Freemont, OH. He was an amateur
        S M H C          R    E    P G X H R C               K   N 1-1
                                                                               radio operator and a member of                    t
        A S C I          U    N    Y R E J E T               F   V X           many community organizations and                  t
        F B C L          T    Z    J A C L R N               A R     L         clubs.                                            !~
        V W 8 W          S    I    D Y E X· G I              K   E   Z            Mr. Joseph is survived by his wife,            I
        H E C N          F    T    N B E N C E               W   K   S         Margaret; a daughter, Claudia; two                I

                                                                               grandchildren, and six great-grand-
        M Y G K          H    H    C G 0 K S Y               A   K   G                                                           ,.

14 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                   April 1999

                                                                                                   "ii9='-   _--   _.
Edwin C. Fishel, a former head of             Born in York, PA, Mr. Hinkle was         resided in Crofton, MD. Mr. Potts
the National Cryptologic School Press,      a longtime resident of Linthicum, MD.      enjoyed music, photography, bowling
died February 11. He was 84.                He retired in 1969 with 30 years of        and fishing.
   A graduate of Mount Union Col-           Federal service. Mr. Hinkle was a            His wife, Betty; a son, Stephen; a
lege, Mr. Fishel was a correspondent        member of St. John Evangelical             daughter Theresa Miedzinski; and five
for the Cleveland Press prior to serv-      Lutheran Church. He enjoyed wood-          grandchildren survive Mr. Potts.
ing with the u.s. Army during WWIL          working and computers.
His last military assignment was with         Two sons, Robert and Donald; five                v:
                                                                                       Dennis Shea, a former security offi-
the Armed Forces Security Agency, a         grandchildren; and three great-grand-      cer in the Support Services Organiza.-
predecessor of NSA He retired in            children survive Mr. Hinkle.               tion, died February 17 of heart failure.
 1972 with 31 years of Federal service.                                                He was 82.
   A native of Alliance, OH, Mr. Fishel     Robert J. Lindsey, a senior voice lan-        A native of New York City, NY,
 resided in Arlington, VA An avid           guage analyst in the Operations Orga.-     Mr. Shea graduated from St. John's
 intelligence historian, Mr. Fishel's       nization, died December 11, 1998, of       University and attended St. John's Law
 book, "The Secret War for the                                  cancer. He was 57.     School. Prior to joining the Agency,
 Union," is regarded as the standard on                           Prior to joining     Mr. Shea served with the U.S. Army
 the use of intelligence during the Civil                       the Agency        in   as a counterintelligence officer during
 War. He was also a prominent jazz                              1994, Mr. Lindsey      WWll. Recalled to active duty after
 musician and arranger.                                         served with the        the war, he served with the U.S. Air
    His wife, Gladys; a son, Reverdy; a                         u.s. Air Force. He     Force. He retired in 1973 with 32
 daughter, Katherine Horan; and two                             retired from the       years of Federal service.
 grandchildren survive Mr. Fishel.                              U.S. Air Force            Mr. Shea resided in Annapolis, MD.
                                                                after   a    distin-   He enjoyed travel.
William H. Gossard, a former engi-          guished career marked by awards               He is survived by his wife, Barbara;
neer in the Research and Technology         including the Defense Meritorious Ser-      two sons, Dennis and Daniel; two
Organization, died February 8 of a          vice Medal, the Meritorious Service        daughters, Barbara Bispham and Mar-
stroke. He was 76.                          Medal, and the Air Force Commen-            garet Shea; and four grandchildren
   Prior to Jommg the Agency,               dation Medal. Mr. Lindsey was also a
Mr. Gossard served with the U.S. Navy       recipient of the Director's Coin. He       Laura P. Spratt, a former computer
during WWlL He retired in 1980 with         earned a bachelor's degree from St.        operator in the former COMSEC
27 years of Federal service.                Leo's College, Florida.                    Organization, died February 3 of a
   Mter retiring from NSA, Mr. Gos-            A native of Harlan, KY, Mr. Lind-       heart attack. She was 76.
sard worked at Westinghouse Electric        sey resided in Temple Terrace, FL. He        A native of Washington, DC,
Corporation and lectured regularly at       was a member of the First Baptist          Mrs. Spratt worked at the Bureau of
George Washington University. He was        Church of Savage, MD.                      Engraving and Printing and the Civil
an elder and deacon at Woods Memo-             His wife, Joyce; and a daughter,        Service Commission prior to joining
rial Presbyterian Church and enjoyed        Lara, survive Mr. Lindsey.                 NSA. She retired in 1974 with 27
sports.                                                                                years of Federal service.
   His wife, Zelma; 3 sons, William, Jr.,   Raymond B. Potts, a former elec-             A daughter, Alice Clair; son-in-law,
James, and David; 3 daughters, Rebec-       tronic engineer and cryptologist in the    Marshall; and a grandson, Anthony,
ca Kuligowski, Mary Moyer, and Jean         Operations Organization, died February     survive Mrs. Spratt.
Zemo; 13 grandchildren; and a great-        7 of heart disease. He was 67.
grandson survive Mr. Gossard.                  Prior to JOInIng the Agency,            John W. Sturgeon, Jr., a former main-
                                            Mr. Potts served with the U.S. Air         tenance supervisor, died January 29.
Eugene K. Hinkle, a former model            Force. He retired in 1987 with 32          He was 79.
maker in the Information Systems            years of Federal Service.                    Prior to joining the Agency,
Security Organization, died January 30         A native of Wellsburg, WV,              Mr. Sturgeon served with the U.S.
of cancer. He was 87.                       Mr. Potts earned a bachelor's degree       Army. He retired in 1973 with 20
                                            from West Virginia University. He          years of Federal service.

April 1999                                                                                                  NSA Newsletter 15
  Born in Baltimore, MD Mr. Stur-             The prayers, cards, flowers, words of    cult period were, and continue to be,
geon was a longtime resident of Glen        encouragement and support, ViSits,         much appreciated.
Burnie, MD. He is survived by two           phone calls, and kindnesses sent and                               -Tom Hanna
daughters, Teresa LeGrand and June          expressed were very much appreciated
Powell; and six grandchildren.              following the death of my mother,          Retirements
                                            Laura P. Spratt. The thoughtfulness,         To my friends and coworkers who
Betty-Rogers Wanat, a former crypto-        warmth, and caring of my NSA friends       attended my retirement luncheon,
logic staff officer in the Operations       and coworkers have been immeasura-         thank you for a reception I will long
Organization, died January 30 of a          ble, and will always be remembered.        remember. A special thanks to Kami
stroke. She was 77.                                                    -Alice Clair    and Debby for making the luncheon
   Prior to Jommg the Agency,                                                          arrangements and to DeWayne, Sandy,
Mrs. Wanat served with the U.S. Navy.          I want to thank all my former           and Natanya for their glowing speech-
She retired in 1978 with 36 years of        coworkers and friends for the many         es. It was a wonderful ending to a 39-
Federal service.                            cards and expressions of sympathy I        year NSA career. I am thankful that
   A resident of Columbia, MD, she          received following the death of my         my wife Sheila and daughter Staci
enjoyed yachting, playing golf, bowling,    father, Leo Feehely. I truly value your    were able to join me for this occasion.
and dancing.                                friendship and took great comfort in                             -Saul D. Jacobs
                                            knowing you were all thinking of me
Bn Appreciation                             during this difficult time. Thank you        I would like to express my sincere
  My family and I want to express our       for your support and God bless.            gratitude to those who took time out
sincere appreciation to my coworkers                  -Lorraine Ebner and Family       from their busy schedules to attend my
and friends for the prayers, cards, flow-                                              retirement luncheon. I was pleasantly
ers, phone calls, and their presence at       I would like to thank my coworkers       surprised. Special thanks to Lelia who
the viewing of my dear sister, Donna        and friends for their expressions of       spearheaded and planned an occasion
Dudley. Your support has reminded           sympathy and support to me and my          to remember and to Valoria and the
me of how lucky I am to have you all        family during my mother's illness and      other program participants.
in my life.                                 following her death. I am blessed to                           -Beverly A. Warren
                        -Susan Shepke       have you to get me through this very
                                            sad time. The flowers, cards, phone           Mter 31-plus years doing the most
  My sister, brother, and I would like      calls, and donations to Hospice were       fascinating work available to a linguist
to thank you for your expressions of        very much appreciated. Your thought-       and generalist, I say farewell. The pro-
sympathy following the death of our         fulness will always be rememb<:~red.       fessionals with whom I worked have
mother. The cards, spiritual bouquets,                               -Vickie Zentz     been wonderful friends, always willing
and donations to the American Heart                                                    to rise to the "special" requirements of
Association have been a great comfort         Thank you to all our friends and         NSA's mission. A special thanks to
during this very difficult time. Your       coworkers for the cards and prayers fol-   JoAnne, Brenda, Eileen, and others for
thoughtfulness will be remembered.          lowing the recent passing of our           organizing the wonderful farewell
                         -Bob Scrabut       father, Yates McPherson. Your thought-     luncheon. It was great that Kay and
                                            fulness and kindness will always be        Chris, from my early years, could be
  My mother, sister, and I would like       remembered.                                there. Tom, thanks for the special trib-
to express our sincere appreciation for             -Harold and Kenny McPherson        ute at the ceremony. Thank you for
the many expressions of sympathy that                                                  the marvelous NSA tote bag and for
we received following the death of our         On behalf of my family, I would like    making the contribution to the Amer-
husband and father, George Holter. It       to express my sincere thanks to my          ican Red Cross in honor of my
was a great source of comfort to our        friends and coworkers for their kind       retirement. May NSA's mission contin.-
family during this difficult time.          expressions of sympathy for the loss of    ue to inspire you throughout your
    -Sally Holter, Jacqueline Gillespie,    my daughter, Karen Brackens. Your          careers.
                        and Judy Pruitt     friendship and support during a diffi-                           -Marion Hoekstra

 16 NSA Newsletter                                                                                                  April 1999

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