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                             Japan and the Koreas – PowerPoint

   1. Why is Japan called the “Land of the Rising Sun”?

   2. What are the 4 main islands of Japan? What percent of farmland is arable?

   3. Research the “Ring of Fire”. What is the “Ring of Fire”? What do experts forecast will
      happen in the “Ring of Fire” over the next 100 years?

   4. How many volcanoes does Japan have? How many are active?

   5. What is the climate of Hokkaido? What is the climate of northern Honshu and southern
      Honshu? Why do the climates vary so much?

   6. Research the differences between a typhoon and a hurricane. Are there any differences?

   7. How do monsoons affect the climate of Japan?

   8. How do the currents of Japan affect the climate of Japan?

   9. What is the population of Japan? How does it compare to the state of California?
10. Research how the elderly are treated in Japan. If the elderly do not live with the families,
    where do they live? What are these facilities like?

11. What is the village of propaganda?

12. What are the ethnicities of Japan? What percentage of the population are they?

13. Research and describe Shinto. What are the main beliefs of this religion?

14. What economic class do most Japanese belong to?

15. Did Matthew C. Perry succeed at creating a trade agreement with Japan? What did he do?

16. What did Meiji do for the country of Japan?

17. What was Japan’s role in WWI and WWII?

18. In what two Japanese cities did the U.S. drop atomic bombs?

19. What happened to the economy of Japan after WWII?

20. What are Japanese countries like?
21. What is the MITI? What is its role?

22. What is the size of North and South Korea?

23. What countries have taken over Korea?

24. Research the Korean War and discuss how the war ended in about the same place that it
    began. Do not simply write down the information that was offered in the PowerPoint.

25. What is the population of North Korea? What is the capital? What is the population of
    South Korea?

26. Describe the relationship between North Korea and China as well as the Soviet Union.
    What happened in 1989 to change this relationship?

27. What was Myanmar formerly called? Where is it located? Who did they gain their
    independence from and in what year?

28. What is Thailand’s relationship with the United States?

29. Why is tourism such a big deal in Thailand?

30. What is the shape of Vietnam as compared to Laos and Cambodia?
31. Research and describe the Vietnam War. How did it begin? How did it end? Do not just
    write the information that is in the PowerPoint, you must add more information to this.

32. What happened to Vietnam’s economy in the 1990’s?

33. How many islands are part of Indonesia? How many languages are spoken there?

34. How many islands make up the Philippines? How many languages are spoken there?

35. What impact has the Spanish left over the Philippines?

36. Describe Singapore’s history and its present economic situation.

37. How do Brunei and Malaysia make their money?

38. What do most people of Papua New Guinea do? Where is this country located?

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