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									                                                                                                                  Building News December 2007   27

Choosing the right solicitor for the job!
     egal fees are a reluctant expense for                                                    Mr Greg Young

L    most businesses. So, it is important
     that if you need a lawyer, you choose
     the one who best suits your needs.
   A common mistake that people make
when engaging a solicitor is assuming
                                                                                              PO Box 2582
                                                                                              Brisbane QLD 4001
                                                                                              Ph: 07 3221 4550

that every solicitor can deal with any type                                                   Mr Alexander Orange
of legal dispute or issue. This is simply                                                     Doyles Construction Lawyers
not the case: solicitors specialise.                                                          Level 1, 160 Roma Street
   When it comes to building disputes it is                                                   BRISBANE QLD 4000
of utmost importance that the solicitor                                                       Ph: 07 3034 3333
you are dealing with has experience in                                                        Ms Aleisa Crepin
building and construction law. Don’t be                                                       Ebsworth & Ebsworth Lawyers
                                               WHY USE THE HIA MEMBER
afraid to be upfront and ask them about                                                       PO Box 7018
their building and construction experience     SOLICITORS?
                                                                                              Brisbane QLD 4001
as soon as you get on the phone to them!       1. FREE initial consultation! – The
                                                                                              Ph: 07 3303 8824
                                                  solicitors on the HIA Member Solicitor
LEARNING THE HARD WAY                             list will usually provide an initial half
                                                                                              GOLD COAST AREA
                                                  hour consultation for free where you
When our members are in the thick of a                                                        Ms Shanelle Hayde
                                                  can discuss the nature of your dispute
contractual dispute, we see a lot of legal                                                    Minter Ellison Gold Coast
                                                  and get an idea of what your next steps
correspondence from solicitors referring                                                      PO Box 11
                                                  might be.
to the clauses in the HIA contracts. In                                                       Bond University QLD 4227
                                               2. Years of industry experience! – The
many cases it is clear that the solicitor                                                     Ph: 07 5553 9566
                                                  solicitors on the HIA Member Solicitor
writing the letter has misinterpreted the
                                                  list have joined the HIA specifically       Mr Johnathan Hitchcock
clauses and is not familiar with domestic
                                                  because they have years of experience       Primrose Couper Cronin Rudkin
building contracts at all.
                                                  in the building and construction            PO Box 413
                                                  industry and are familiar with our          Southport QLD 4215
THE SOLICITOR YOU ARE DEALING                     contracts.                                  Ph: 07 5532 2211
WITH MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE IN                      Below is a list of solicitors who are
                                               sufficiently interested in the area of         SUNSHINE COAST AREA
BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION LAW                  building and construction law to go to
                                               the trouble of becoming a member of the        Mr Bryon Canon
   One contractor came to the HIA after        HIA.                                           Ferguson Cannon Lawyers
already spending $3,000 engaging a                As the choice of solicitor is a very        PO Box 5851
solicitor to draft him a contract to be used   important one, HIA strongly                    Maroochydore South QLD 4558
between his kitchen supply-and-install         recommends that you not only use this          Ph: 07 5443 6600
company and his clients. A brief               list as a guide, but that you also contact     Mr John Kruger
examination of the contract revealed that      some or all of these people and discuss        Kruger Conveyancing & Law Centre
it did not comply with the Domestic            those issues of importance to you.             PO Box 1032
Building Contracts Act and would need a
                                               BRISBANE METRO AREA                            Maroochydore QLD 4558
complete overhaul before it could be used.
                                                                                              Ph: 07 5443 9600
Not only did the contractor waste money        Mr David Maunsell and Mr Tom Adames
on the wrong solicitor, he put himself at      Maunsell Pennington Solicitors                 Mr Steven Brough
risk of BSA fines for using a non              PO Box 12016                                   Greenhaigh Pickard Solicitors
compliant contract! (An HIA contract           Brisbane QLD 4003                              PO Box 309
was available for this kind of work for only   Ph: 07 3210 1833                               Cotton Tree QLD 4558
$14.00 for HIA Members incl GST).                                                             Ph: 07 5443 7200
   If you do not have a solicitor, or are      Mr Scott Lambert
dissatisfied with the current solicitor        Holding Redlich                                Do you have a question or comment
handling your building and construction        Level 1, 300 Queen Street,                     on this story? Call the HIA Infocentre
issues, we have a panel of solicitors who      Brisbane QLD 4000                              on 1300 650 620 or email:
may well help you.                             Ph: 07 3135 0681                     

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