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									CSAC – MINUTES
Catholic School Advisory Committee Minutes

Monday January 11, 2010

In Attendance:

Susan Nero                        Kristi Mahoney                Cathy Ludlow
Fely Bayona                       Georgia Cammisa               Susan Gordon
Domenic Grande                    Peter Nero                    Helene Mitrovska
Alina Melanson                    Diana O’Regan                 Hilary Dixon

Sue Miller                        Florence Connolly             Tara Bennett

Introduction and Welcome
A warm welcome to all parents and staff.

Approval of Minutes of June 1, 2009
Approved: F.Bayona
Seconded: K. Mahoney

Principal’s Report
       The TCDSB dress code was discussed; it is to be implemented across the board by September 2011;
        each school is to decide how and when to implement
       A discussion was held around the CTV news coverage of this new dress code in which it was
        suggested that parents with issues/concerns/financial issues should contact their council for
        financial assistance; the school is aware of families who may need assistance and will offer
        assistance if required (no denim allowed)
       The dress code – white and navy blue – allows students to wear any plain item – purchased from
        any store (including second hand stores)
       It was suggested that we develop a crest for the school (assuming a current school crest cannot be
        found) and use this crest to create a sweater/vest that students can wear as part of the dress code
       A school crest design contest could be held – engaging the students and making them active
        participants in the new dress code; the crest themes would be faith, arts and sports
       Ms. Miller asked for feedback on how and when OLOF should implement the dress code; after some
        discussion the committee recommended a September 2010 implementation date and all grades
        would be expected to comply; Ms Miller agreed to take this back to the teachers and discuss this
        implementation date with them
       Ms. Miller discussed the new Kindergarten full-day learning program; the program will not be
        implemented at OLOF this September as we do not have the space for the program
       The grade 4 classes will take the OSLAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test ) test (to measure cognitive
        ability) later in January; students who do well in the tests will qualify for the next screening as a
         prerequisite for entry into the gifted program; parents can also nominate students for the program;
         the gifted program starts in grade 5

Pizza Lunches
The next pizza day will be held on January 20; one of the issues with pizza day is the money collection, as
CSAC is losing/not collecting up to $100 each month. Methods to remedy this situation were discussed and
it was decided to use pre-printed envelopes for ordering and collecting money. The envelopes will be pre-
printed with the pizza information, but the date of the lunch and date money is due will be manually added.
Ms. Miller will also add these two dates to the monthly calendar in the newsletter.

The lunches have been well received, with a profit of $800 per month. One change will be to go back to
ordering xlarge pizzas for the 3rd floor. While this will reduce the profit, it will offer larger slices for the older

The committee also agreed to donate money from one or more pizza lunch(es) to purchase board games for
the classrooms. It was also recommended that we have a board game donation drive for the classes, where
OLOF families donate gently used games and puzzles to the school for use in the classrooms. As well, sand
buckets and shovels are also needed for outdoor digging in the snow (when there is snow). Teachers will be
asked for a games wish list for their classrooms.

Speaker Night
Although the school has not heard back on the grant, a date for the speaker will be booked for Wed April
14th. The topic will be internet safety.

Of note, confirmation will be held on April 8 and the Beatles music show will be held May 11-12.

Pancake Tuesday
Pancake Tuesday is Feb 16, the day after the February Family Day Holiday. Volunteers are needed. A
volunteer form will be included in the February Newsletter. Setup will start at 7 am. The cost for the
pancakes is once again $2000 and provided by Golden Griddle.

Fatima Fun Fair
A planning meeting will be held on Monday January 18 at 7 pm in the conference room. All are encouraged
to attend. Items to be discussed include rentals, donations and task assignments.

Treasurer’s Report
The report was submitted and reviewed. OLOF is well positioned for the remainder of the year and for the Fair.
Approval of Treasurer’s report
Approved: H. Mitrovska
Approved: S. Gordon

Other Business
(i) Traffic Safety rep
Councillor Heaps will attend the meeting, along with the traffic safety rep, in either February or March.
(ii) School Yard Play areas
There is some clarification required as to where the different grades are allowed to play. Ms. Miller has
created a committee to revisit and clarify the play areas – including who can play where and which areas are
off limits.
(iii) Condition of the field/grass
The grass is scheduled to be replaced this summer (summer 2010).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Next meeting will be held on Monday February 22, at 7 pm.

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