YOUNG ARBURY MUSIC MAKERS
    Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
                Exam Entry Procedure

The costs of taking an exam
When your student takes an exam, the total cost to the parents is usually more than just the exam fees:
 There is an Aural part of the exam – usually another YAMM tutor will provide this, and there is a
    standard fee for this.
 Your student may require an accompanist on the day, who will need to be paid for their time – you
    should discuss the rate with them if they are doing it privately; there is a standard fee of £10 if the
    accompanist is a YAMM tutor.
 Your student needs practice time with the accompanist before the exam. It may be possible to do
    this through YAMM, or it may be necessary for your accompanist to charge their private fees.
With the help of the new form, I am hoping to present the parents with an estimate of the costs so that
they know what they are letting themselves in for.

Help with filling in the application form
   If your instrument requires an accompanist in the exam, work out who it will be, and check with
    them that they are available and willing.
   Work out on the form what the total cost will be to the parents:
     Get the estimates of the exam fees from the Musical Director (the ABRSM web site doesn’t
         tell you unless you are registered with them).
     Discuss the Accompanist Fee with the accompanist - the standard YAMM fee is £10
     You should ask the accompanist how the practice can be done, and what the fees are for it.
     The standard YAMM Aural fee is £5 for Grades 1-5
   Present the form to the parents, explain the fee structure if necessary, and obtain their signature.
   Get the form to the Musical Director by the Saturday before the exam closing date.

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