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     Mandurah Business Centre
 59 Reserve Drive                Phone: (08) 9582 0022
 MANDURAH WA 6210                Fax: (08) 9582 0044

 Email:       Website:

WELCOME                                              4
        Management Structure
        Mission Statement
        Letting Policy
        Application Process
        Office Space for Rent
        Rental Payments
        Electricity & Outgoings
        Phone & Data Access
        Common Areas
        Outdoor Open Space
        Available Office Equipment and Technology
        Included Services
        Support & Networking
        Feedback and Review
        Categories of Licensee
        Priority of Access
ROOM AND EQUIPMENT HIRE                              9
SPONSORSHIP                                         11
MAP OF LOCATION                                     14
APPLICATION FORM                                    15

The Mandurah Business Development Centre is Australia‟s newest purpose built small
business facility and is one of 62 nationwide and 9 located in Western Australia. We are
committed to providing great facilities and management support.

The Mandurah Business Centre is the result of a six year planning initiative. Significant
financial support was secured in 2004 from the Federal Government AusIndustry
program. With building construction costs on the rise the Small Business Centre Peel sort
out further financial support through a sponsorship arrangement with Halls Head
Community Bendigo Bank. A commercial alliance was formed with the City of
Mandurah for the provision of land. The Peel Region is the fastest growing region in the
state and the nation. As a result the Small Business Centre Peel recognised the
opportunities for new enterprises to flourish in an encouraging and supportive
environment. Research indicates that small business incubators produce a higher success
rate for small businesses than those started up without this principle support network and
the City of Mandurah and Small Business Centre was keen to provide such a progressive
program within the city.

Management Structure
Management of the facility rests with the Mandurah Enterprise Centre Management
Committee – a not for profit association made up of local business professionals giving
time to the project on a voluntary basis. The daily management and business support
services will be provided by the Mandurah Business Development Centre Organisation,
which aside from delivering the successful SBC program, will be introducing a range of
opportunities to help centre tenants achieve success.

Commencing a new business can be a very stressful time in anyone‟s life. You may need
access to support and encouragement and the Mandurah Business Development Centre is
designed to provide the backdrop to directly access this assistance. In addition, the co-
location and access to other small business owners makes it possible for networking and
to share your successes, challenges, and ultimately work through solutions to common

Mission Statement
To actively foster, develop and support business in the Peel region, by providing
appropriate, professional and accurate information, informed referrals and training
development to potential and existing business operators.

We aim to deliver information and training workshops in business management,
marketing and development and provide both counselling and mentor services to those
existing businesses seeking support and those intending to start up a small business.


Licence Policy
To assist with the development, growth and graduation of new businesses, incubator
licensees are limited to a maximum of three years. This time frame provides ample
opportunity to establish a business, develop business skills, to establish appropriate
operational procedures and to „iron-out‟ any problems related to establishing a new
business. The minimum term is one month and licensees are free to leave the centres
environment on four weeks written notice.

Business centres traditionally offer rental space through a license agreement which
allows for greater flexibility than a traditional fixed term commercial lease. The license
agreement is to be signed by all parties before occupancy.

Application Process
Prospective occupants must complete an “Application for Office Space” form which
provides essential contact, business, background and reference information. On approval,
the parties enter a “License Agreement”.

Office Space for Rent
The Mandurah Business Development Centre has sixteen (16) suites that range in size
from eight square metres through to eighteen square metres. All units are carpeted, air-
conditioned, security controlled, and are data and telecommunications ready.

Rental Payments
Rental payments are made in advance and are due on the first day of every month via
Direct Credit.

Your monthly rental payment is to be directly deposited into the Mandurah Business
Development Centre‟s account;
      Account Name:         Small Business Centre Peel Incubator Account
      BSB:                  633 108
      Bank:                 Bendigo Bank
      Account No:           1270 8848 2

Your monthly license fee includes the following;
    24x7 access to the building
    Monitored security service
    Cleaning of toilets, common areas and windows
    Access to all common areas including kitchen and toilets
    Free external car-parking available to tenants and visitors
    Electricity

Electricity & Outgoings
The centre philosophy is to keep additional costs to a minimum however you will be
directly responsible for the following, and may well need to include them in your budget;

      Telephone/Communication connection and usage charges;
      Insurance costs;
      Centre services specifically required by you or your representatives (including

If there are any additional levy‟s imposed by the centre management, sufficient notice
will be given for you to enquire as to the legitimacy and quantum and include in your
cash forecasts and pricing.

Your personal security and that of the incubator facility is our utmost concern. The
business incubator is fully alarmed, monitored and serviced by a local security company.
Licensees will be issued with a unique security code and swipe card that will enable
access 24 hours / day, 7 days per week. Licensees have their own door key for entry to
their suite/unit when inside the building.

We take your security seriously and expect that all occupants will demonstrate a similar
commitment. A demonstration of the alarm system will be arranged with licensees prior
to occupancy.

A separate safety and evacuation procedure will be provided to all occupants and this
should be read and clearly understood by occupants. A plan of the building is attached.
The plan shows the main access and exit points of the building as well as the location of
fire extinguishers in case of fire. Illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting are
installed in the building to assist with any emergency evacuation. Licensees and their
employees are encouraged to seek first aid or medical attention following any workplace
incidents and all such incidents must be reported to the centre management.

Ample parking will be made available for visitors and one space per office as part of the
weekly rent. It is expected additional off-site parking will be available in the future.

Phone & Data Access
Each suite is fully cabled with CAT5 which allows for multiple phone, fax & internet
connections. All telephone and internet connections are to be arranged by the licensee
and all ongoing usage costs are the direct responsibility of the occupant.

A standard telephone system with answering system and digital hand-set are included in
each office ready for connection to a provider of your choice. If the licensee chooses to
utilise an alternate system this must be approved by the centre management.

Common Areas
The Business Centre offers a fully equipped multi-use Training Room available for use
by Licensees that are booked through the reception. These rooms offer audio-visual, data
projection and DVD services. Seating within these rooms is flexible to accommodate
professional meetings and seminars. Crockery, cutlery and kitchenette facilities are also

Outdoor Open Space
Licensees at the Business Centre are not confined to four walls and a desk, as a shaded
garden courtyard complete with outdoor furniture is available at the centre. Whether
conducting business from a mobile office or networking with other tenants, the courtyard
provides a relaxed and integral part of the Mandurah Business Centre.

Available Office Equipment and Technology
Your Licence includes state-of-the-art colour laser photocopier, scanner, laminating,
trimming and binding facilities at your disposal for those great presentations.
Consumables are charged for.

Included Services
Included in your licence fee are cleaning of common areas, garden and lawn
maintenance, security monitoring and guard services, reception services, on-site
management assistance, land and water rates and even cold spring water.

Support & Networking
Operating your business from the Mandurah Business Development Centre provides a
unique opportunity to benefit from other occupants experiences as well as the Small
Business Centre consultancy service and resources. The Centre Management Team has
broad ranging experience in small business and private enterprise and is available for
business counselling and support. Tenants can provide inspiration, support and in many
cases a captive market to promote their goods and services to each other.

Licensees are required to have their own Public Liability insurance policy, professional
indemnity (if appropriate) and fire and theft insurance. A copy of your public liability
policy must be provided to Management prior to occupancy and upon any renewals
(annual or otherwise).

Feedback and Review
The Management Team values your comments and feedback. We are committed to
assisting business gain a successful start contributing to growth with the area. Please feel
free to discuss any issue or concern direct, or alternatively write to the Management
Committee at PO Box 1561, MANDURAH WA 6210.


The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a framework to assist both applicants and
the Management Review Panel to achieve selection outcomes which are transparent and

1.   Categories of Licensee:
     Three categories of Licensees enterprises are suitable for consideration as

     (i)     New Enterprises
             Prospective Licensees who meet one or more of the following criteria:
              (a) Not previously traded
              (b) Traded from a residential location
              (c) Only operated in a Research and or, Development phase
              (d) Operated from a commercial site for not more than 12 months
              (e) Operated by a person employing under 5 employees

     (ii)    Complimentary Enterprises
             Businesses of a professional or service nature whose goods or services would
             be of direct and immediate benefit to other Business Centre Licensees and or
             Business Centre management.
             Examples of such enterprises may include (but are not limited to),
              (a) lawyers
              (b) accountants,
              (c) design & graphic artists
              (d) personal and or professional training organizations
              (e) administrative consultants
              (f) peak industry bodies
              (g) Government sponsored advisory offices
              (h) information and communication technology consultants
              (i) health, fitness and therapeutic consultants
              (j) security, monitoring and guard services
              (k) secretarial and business services

     (iii)   Enterprise Expansion/Contraction
              (a) Enterprises which at the time cannot locate suitable
                   premises in the commercial property market
              (b) Enterprises which would bring significant benefits to the
                   Centre and its tenants

2.   Priority of Access
     Top Priority            -       (i)     New Enterprises
     Second Priority         -       (ii)    Complimentary Enterprises
     Third Priority          -       (iii)   Enterprise Expansion/Contraction


Binding Machine
Costs $3.00 per unit. This includes a plastic cover, plastic spiral comb and card back
cover (plus GST)

The centre has a sharp digital colour laser photocopier machine which is available to all
licensees at the rate indicated below. Access will be via an individual access code which
will be issued by centre management.

Black & White Copy =            10 cents per page (plus GST)
Colour Copy        =            30 cents per page (plus GST)

Local Calls – Free of charge for reasonable use
STD and International - $2.00

Day Office Hire
The Day office is equipped with white board, desktop PC with Internet Access, Phone,
Desk, Managers Chair and two visitors Chairs.

Half Day       =       $50.00
Full Day       =       $80.00

Training Room Hire
 The Training Room is equipped with chairs for up to 70 people and can be configured to
your requirements with tables. The Training Room also has a fixed white board and you
can also hire a variety of extra equipment for a professional presentation.
Half Day        =       $100.00
Full Day        =       $180.00

Equipment Hire
Data Projector                         $110 per day
Overhead Projector & Screen            $40 per day
Mobile Projector Screen                $20 per day
Easel - White Board and/or Paper       $20 per day
Lapel Microphone                       $40 per day
Laptop                                 $55 per day
TV/Video                               $20 per day

All prices exclude GST
Tenants and Board members receive a 10% discount on the above fees.


As a client of our Secretarial Services you have immediate access to a prestigious office
address in the Mandurah Business Centre, centrally located in the hub of the expanding
Mandurah CBD, close to the Mandurah Train Station. Virtual tenancy offers a complete
business solution providing a multitude of secretarial and in-house support services at a
small cost. The Training Room, Day Office and even a Garden Courtyard are at your
disposal for hire by half or full day rates and catering facilities can be arranged.

Business packages can be custom designed to meet your individual business needs.
Here are two of our popular plans:

                        Street address
    Standard            Mail collection and forwarding – Street address only
   $30.00 pw            Facsimile – In and Out
   (plus GST)           Fully staffed reception from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday
    Premium             All Features of the Standard package plus:
   $60.00 pw            Day Office use one day per week
   (plus GST)           Internet access

Other Secretarial Services including word processing, data entry, presentation design,
printing, photocopying, binding, laminating, brochure folding, collating, spreadsheets,
mail merging, scanning, faxing and proof-reading are available from $25 per hour (plus

Give your business a professional „front‟ that comes from having an office space without
actually having to lease one! When your business is just starting out and your client base
is small, our Day Office gives you a place to meet your clients other than at your own
home. This gives the impression your business is bigger and more established than it may
actually be which is beneficial when marketing to your clients.

Contact our friendly staff today to discuss how we may help grow your business and save
you time and money.

Phone:          9582 0022
Fax:            9582 0044
Address:        Mandurah Business Centre
                59 Reserve Drive
                Mandurah WA 6210


Major Sponsor $50,000

Current Sponsors are;

    Halls Head Community Bank Branch Bendigo Bank
       Naming rights to the Training Room for five years.

    Lotterywest
       Building furniture fit out

Platinum $10,000
Naming rights to the Courtyard Gazebo for five years

Office Suite $5,000
Naming rights to the day office suite for five years

Sponsorship opportunities exist for the fit out of specific areas; fittings and
fixture options; Equipment options; Event sponsorship

All levels of sponsorship carry a variety of benefits and exposure
opportunities. Please refer to the Management Team for more information.


APPLICATION FORM (Private and Confidential)

PHONE________________________ FAX__________________________
MOBILE___________________ EMAIL____________________________
BUSINESS NAME_____________________________________________
DATE OF BUSINESS REGISTRATION____________________________
ABN NUMBER________________________________________________
BUSINESS STRUCTURE: Sole Trader / Partnership / Pty Ltd / Other___________(circle one)
PROPOSED PRODUCT/SERVICE________________________________
BRIEF DESCRIPTION__________________________________________

1.   Do you have a Business Plan?                        Yes    No 
     If yes, please attach a copy to your application.

2.   Is this a new business enterprise?                  Yes    No 

3.   If not new, how long have you been trading? _____months_____years

4.   Briefly describe what training you have completed within the past 12

5.   What specific training would you be interested in during the next 12

6.   Do you have a cash flow budget for the next 12 months? Yes  No 

7.    What provisions have you made (or do you have) to meet rental costs?

8.    What are your essential tools of trade?

9.    Do you propose to store these at the centre? Yes  No 

10. Have any of the parties to this application been bankrupt or associated
    with a legal entity put under administration, receivership or liquidation?
    Yes  No 

11. Any other comments you wish to make in support of your application.

12. What date would you like to move into the property?______________

13. Preferred Suite Number:______________ Alternative:_____________

      Please provide 3 business referees:

     i. Name:_______________________           Phone:____________________
     ii. Name:_______________________          Phone:____________________
     iii. Name:_______________________         Phone:____________________

      Please attach a National Police Certificate for the business principal(s)
      (Application forms are available from Australia Post)


      I have read and understand the “Licensee Eligibility Guidelines” and
      the above information is true and correct.

      Signed:__________________________ Date:____________________

      Print Name:______________________


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