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       (FIN 621 Approx. 225 solved MCQ’s)
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1. Public Key of the receiver is used to-------------------.
   a. Decrypt the message
   b. Encrypt the message
   c. Scramble the message
   d. None of the mentioned options
2. Receiver applies ----------------to the received original message
   a. Digital signature
   b. Message digest
   c. Hash function
   d. None of the mentioned options
3. Symmetric key can be replaced with----------------------------.
   a. Symmetric algorithms
   b. Pair of public and private keys
   c. Asymmetric key
   d. None of the mentioned options
4. In --------------------attack an attempt is made by the attacker to decrypt the message with
   every possible key.
   a. Key search attack
   b. Cryptanalysis
   c. System based
   d. None of the mentioned options
5. Most of the electronic payment systems on internet use ------------------to ensure
   confidentiality and security of the payment information.
   a. Quantum computing
   b. Cryptography
   c. Both of the mentioned options
   d. None of the mentioned options
6. Simplicity and ----------------is the biggest advantage of Virtual PIN payment system.
   a. Full encryption
    b. Dual encryption
    c. No encryption
    d. None of the mentioned options
7. In electronic checks which type of cryptography is used
    a. Both symmetric and asymmetric
    b. Symmetric
    c. Asymmetric
    d. None of the mentioned options
8. An electronic check book device is a combination of
    a. Hardware and a digital signature
    b. Software and information about user
    c. Secure hardware and software
    d. None of the mentioned options
9. Which of the following is disadvantage of virtual PIN payment system?
    a. Bogus purchases are possible
    b. Stolen credit card number can be used
    c. Only some extra copies of the information items are made in case of a fraud
    d. All of the mentioned options are disadvantages of Virtual PIN payment
    e. system
10. FV stands for
    a. First Virtual
    b. Forward Virtual
    c. Famous virtual
None of the mentioned options

Ans web server






ANS FOR(I=0;I<5;I++)


ANS <H1>

At minting stage, the serial number is …………… E-Cashbank
► Known
► Unknown
► Secret Secret
► Forwarded Forwarded
SET and SSL both are same with respect to security.
    ► True
    ► False
Advertising Supported Revenue Model includes
    ► Yahoo portal
    ► Employment sites
    ► Newspaper Publishers
    ► All of the above
Advertising Subscription Mixed Revenue Model includes
    ► Online journals
    ► Sports information services
    ► Business week online
    ► All of the above
Let us, suppose that you have hosted your e-commerce website,
 When you provide “opt-in e-mail” option to your customers on your website and
customer opt for it , what does it mean to receive ?
    ► Information about product through advertisement
    ► Information about product through e-mail
    ► Information about services available on it
    ► Information about News through e-mail.
What does Telemarketing means?
   ► Marketing through charting
   ► Marketing through telephone
    ► Marketing through email
    ► Marketing through web casting
Visitor‟s location, IP address, time of visit related information are added, in which of the
    ► call handling files
    ► cookies
    ► log files
    ► Data mining files.
   HTML stands for ?

                      ► Hyper Text Marked Language

                      ► Hyper Text Markup Language

                      ► Hyper Text Member License

                      ► None of these

For which one of the following,<MARQUEE ...>   tag can work better
        ► News headlines
        ► Announcements
        ► Sound pulgin
       ► Movie controls
Which of the following ,in Javascript, we could not create our own?
           ► Textboxes
           ► Dropdown
           ► Object
    How do you write a conditional statement for executing some statements only if "i" is
    equal to 5?

                       ► if i=5

                       ► if i=5 then

                       ► if i==5 then

                       ► if (i==5)

Which one of the following ,is the correct way to declare a JavaScript array?

     ► var txt = new Array="tim","kim","jim"
     ► var txt = new Array(1:"tim",2:"kim",3:"jim")
     ► var txt = new Array("tim","kim","jim")
     ► var txt = new Array:1=("tim")2=("kim")3=("jim")
Upstream activities relate to?
     ► Materials/services or the input from suppliers
     ► Manufacturing and packaging of goods
     ► Distribution and sale of goods to distributors/customers
     ► Input from suppliers and Distribution
Downstream activities relate to?
     ► Materials/services or the input from suppliers
     ► Manufacturing and packaging of goods
     ► Distribution and sale of goods to distributors/customers
     ► Manufacturing and Distribution
Porter‟s Model helps a firm to identify threats to its competitive position and to devise
plans including the use of IT and e-commerce to protect or enhance that position.
     ► True
     ► False
A company collecting information assumes that the customer does not object to a specific
use of information unless the customer specifically denies the permission. Thus, the
ompany may use the collected information for its own purpose, as well as, sell or rent it
out to other firms or persons.
Which of the following Approach it is using?
     ► Opt-inout
     ► Swap-out
     ► Opt-in
     ► Opt-out
Which type of Data Mining contains the elements as Support and confidence?
               ► Classification

               ► Association

               ► Characterization

               ► Clustering

In which type of data mining, Apriori algorithms is used?

       ► Classification

       ► Association
       ► Characterization

       ► Clustering

How do you define a numerical value?

     ► var mynum = new Math;
     ► var mynum = Math(6);
     ► var mynum = 6;
     ► Math.mynum = 6;
Which CSS property controls the text size?
     ► font-style
     ► text-style
     ► font-size
     ► text-size
Which of the following is a function of Cyberwallet?
     ► Store coins
     ► Manage Coins
     ► Record transactions
     ► All of above
Which model allows the users to log-on on a website and assume the role of bidder or
        ► Online Banking.
        ► Storefront Model.
        ► E-Learning.
        ► Auction Model.
Job searchers can search for jobs and employers can hire effectively using
        ► Online recruiting web sites.
        ► Online banking web sites.
        ► Online trading and lending web sites.
        ► Online news services web sites.
Which of these is a rule about bondage or affinity of two items such that if one
item is purchased, the other is purchased too?
     ► Classification
     ► Association
     ► Characterization
     ► Clustering
Electronic banking is also known as __________.
    ► Cyber banking
    ► Virtual banking
    ► Online banking
    ► All of above
Identify the necessary aspect for a business to work to establish long term relationship with at least small
number of capable suppliers.
     ► Supply chain management
     ► Demand chain management
     ► Ultimate consumer orientation
     ► None of the given
IT/EC can reduce the overall ------------- and afford to keep the price of
the product relatively low
        ► Production cost
        ► Marketing cost
        ► Distribution cost
        ► None
-------------means services in relation to the transformation of contents of an electronic
document from its original form to one that cannot be understood or decoded by any
unauthorized person
          ► Cryptography services
          ► Accredited Certification Service Provider‟
          ► Originator
          ► Addressee
Criminal wrongs such as breach of contract are deemed to violate only the rights of
individuals and not the society in general
          ► True
          ► False
     A ……. Is a group of data objects that are similar to one another in each group?

    ► Character

     ► Classification
     ► Association
     ► Cluster
What stands for CRM?
CRM stands for costumer relationship management.
What are the three attacks on symmetric key algorithms? Write names only.
 1. Key Search Attacks
 2. Cryptanalysis
 3. System-based Attacks

Online banking provides services to the customers through internet including
services of electronic funds transfer.
Define these two terms plaintiff and defendant?

The person who files a lawsuit are called plaintiff. And the person against whom it is
filed is called defendant.

How lack of trust barrier can be overcome or minimized? Discuss it briefly

Online companies must establish a trust relationship with its costumers, because as
we know that there is a gap that we feel that web based companies are not present in
physical. There for web businesses the trust must be present between costumer and

What do we mean by internet-based EDI? Briefly explain how could it be used as
substitute of VAN?         (1 + 2)

Internet can support EDI in a variety of ways. Internet e-mail can be used as EDI
message transport mechanism in place of having a VAN. An extranet can be created
with the trading partner allowing a partner to enter information in the fields of web
forms which correspond to the fields of EDI message. Also, web-based EDI hosting
service can be utilized through web-based EDI software.

Briefly explain how does the bank check validity of e-coins when merchant sends them
for deposit?

Coins used in the payment are encrypted with bank’s public key, preventing the
merchant to view them. Payment information is forwarded to the bank with
encrypted coins during merchant’s deposit. Only hash of the order description is
included in payment information preventing the bank from knowing the order

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual PIN.(2.5+2.5)

Advantages and disadvantages of Virtual PIN:

Simplicity and no encryption is the biggest advantage of this payment system, which
means that no special software is needed at the frond end. This payment system is
good for low-cost information items. Therefore, it is suitable for buying online
articles, journals, music. Where the cost of the items is not much. In that
eventuality, only sales are lost rather than actual financial loss to the merchant if
there is a fraud. In other words, only some extra copies of the information items are
made in case of a fraud. On the other hand merchant is exposed too much greater
financial loss if the purchase relates to the actual physical goods. One of the
disadvantages of this payment model is that pre-registration of the buyer and the
merchant with FV is mandatory in this set up. Moreover, maintaining a bank
account (in case of merchant) and having a credit card (in case of a buyer) is also
essential part of this system. One can say that the merchant side is less secured in
the transaction because the goods are delivered by the merchant before the payment
is actually received. The popularity of this payment system declined after 1998
mainly because of the introduction and development of encryption based payment

Differentiate between Cyber squatting and concurrent use with example.

Cyber squatting:

The act of intentionally registering domain names containing trademarks/trade
names of prominent companies to later blackmail or demand ransom from those
companies is called cyber squatting. It is regarded as an offence in most countries.
Assume there is a firm ‘Glory Enterprise’ and it wants to have its web site. It also
wants to have the word ‘glory’ as a part of its domain name because for years it has
been recognized in the physical world through this word. However, at the time of
registration of its domain name it finds that a person Mr. ‘A’ who has nothing to do
with the business of the firm or the word ‘glory’ has already registered a domain
name containing this word as a part of it. Since there cannot be two similar domain
names, the firm is forced to request Mr. ‘A’ to transfer that domain name to it. In
response, if Mr. ‘A’ blackmails or claims ransom from the said firm, he would be
said to have committed cyber squatting.

Concurrent use:

This problem arises when two organizations have apparently legitimate claim to use
the same domain name but cannot do so due to the uniqueness of domain names.
Suppose, there is a company manufacturing electronic goods and another company
selling French fries. Under the traditional trade mark law both these companies can
have the same trade mark/trade name such as ‘fry’s’. The problem arises when both
apply for the registration of a domain name containing the word ‘fry’s’. Here, both
are legitimate claimants of this domain name but due to the element of uniqueness
of domain names only one of them can be assigned the desired domain name.

How strategies are formulated and implemented? Explain it with real world

   Strategy Formulation:

   Based upon this study of internal and external business environment and in light
   of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, a competitive business strategy is
   formed. It may be a strategy of cost leadership, product differentiation or focus.
   One can also identify ways how information technology can be used to
   implement/enforce such strategy.

   Strategy Implementation:
   In the implementation stage, you build a plan to identify steps needed to put the
   strategy into action and practically take those steps. For example, where your
   strategy is to pursue differentiation in terms of quality of service by
   using/arranging a web-based call centre through which the customers can
   immediately register their complaints; then you will have to select appropriate
   individuals who are suitable for the job in the implementation stage. Creating a
   web team and defining the role of each member of the team is a critical
   component of implementation stage. For example, you define that this person
   would be the team leader; this would be in the technical staff, or the
   management staff. Note that involvement of key persons from marketing,
   accounting, finance, human resource, IT, customer relations etc. will be
   important in decision marking as to how a particular implementation plan can
   be executed. A strategic plan can be at times initially implemented in terms of a
   pilot project before launching it to a full scale. For example, an automobile
   manufacturer in America had implemented a plan/scheme which allowed the
   potential customers to have scheduled test drives before buying a particular car.
   Initially, this scheme was introduced to four American states but later it was
   implemented all over the country. Another point is to consider whether you
   should build your own infrastructure for execution or outsource the task of
   execution of a strategic plan. For example, where a strategic plan requires a
   particular web design, you can either mange your own team of web designers or
   outsource this task to an outside firm having expertise in this area.

How can you define the concept of cyber banking? How it takes place? What is its
important role in E-Commerce? (3+2+5)

Electronic banking, also known as cyber banking, virtual banking, home banking
and online banking, includes various banking activities conducted from home,
business, or on the road, instead of at a physical bank location.

Important roles of cyber banking in e-commerce.

1. Get current account balances at any time
2. Obtain credit card statements
3. Pay utility bills
4. Download account information
5. Transfer money between accounts
6. Send e-mail to your bank
7. Manage your own schedule
8. Handle your finances from any location
9. Apply for loans online

Which of the following is a business promotion?
          a. Free-Trials
          b. Free-Shipping
            c. Both of these
            d. None
Traditionally Marketer use the market segmentation(s) like
            a. Geo-graphic Segmentation
            b. Demographic Segmentation
            c. Psychographic Segmentation
            d. All of the above
Which of the following is NOT an advertising payment mode?
     a. Pay-per-sale
     b. Pay-per-click
     c. Pay-per-keypress
     d. Pay-per-lead
While designing a website, which of the following factors an internet marketer should
pay attention to?
     a. Easy site navigation (i.e. Site map)
     b. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) section
     c. Privacy policy
     d. All of above
What is the right sequence of steps involved in development of customer‟s relationship
with the business?
     a. Familiarity, Awareness, Commitment, Exploration, Separation
     b. Awareness, Exploration, Familiarity, Commitment, Separation
     c. Familiarity, Awareness, Exploration, Commitment, Separation
     d. Awareness, Commitment, Familiarity, Exploration, Separation
in many countries, stealing and misusing of meta information for getting competitive
advantage is considered as an offence known as
     a. Tort of Private Nuisance
     b. Tort of Tress passing
     c. Tort of passing off
     d. Defamation
CPM is an advertising payment mode. CPM stands for ________.
     a. Cost Per Month
     b. Cost Per Minute
     c. Cost Per Megabyte
     d. Cost Per Message
     e. Cost Per Thousand (is ka ye ans hai lakin is Q mein ye option hi nhi hai.)
If a company's marketing stretegy is focusing on customers having age less than 30,
which of the following marketing segmentation technique is being used by company?
     a. Demographic Segmentation
     b. Geographic Segmentation
     c. Psychographic segmentation
     d. Behavioral segmentation (doubted)
OLAP stands for……………
     a. Online Analytical Program
     b. Online Analytical Processing
     c. Online Application Program
    d. Online Analysis Performance
Which of the following is a method for conducting market research?
    a. Phone
    b. Interviews
    c. Questionnaires
    d. All of above
Consider the following definition template < class T > class Xyz { … };
    a. it defines a class template for integers only
    b. it defines a class template for any class
    c. class templates are not defined in this way
    d. none of given options
In e-business, market research is slower than offline business.
    a. True
    b. False
When customer life cycle is used to create different groups of customers, it is called?
    a. Targeting Customers
    b. Dynamic groups
    c. Customer Life Cycle Segmentation
    d. Group Development
Web catalogue revenue model includes
    a. Online sellers of computer
    b. Gifts, flowers, clothes
    c. Journals
    d. A and B
How many stages involve in customer loyalty model for creating good customer
    a. 6
    b. 5
    c. 4
In which type of data mining, ID3 algorithms is used?
    a. Classification
    b. Association
    c. Characterization
    d. Clustering
of the following is cheapest and quickest marketing technique to reach distant customers?
    a. E-Mail marketing
    b. Telephone marketing
    c. SMS marketing
    d. Advertisement letters marketing
Some web retailers allow their customers to create their own product. It is called.
    a. One to one Marketing
    b. One to many Marketing
    c. Many to one marketing
    d. All of the above
Which of the following option best represent “Data mining can improve response rate
    a. Direct mailing
    b. Personalization technology
    c. E-business
    d. Opt-in e-mail
The result of OLAP is displayed in the form of a __________.
    a. Data square
    b. Data Triangle
    c. Data cube
    d. Data circle
In e-business, market research is slower than offline business.
    a. True
    b. False

Symmetric algorithms are faster than asymmetric.
     a. True
     b. False
Which entity does not include in SET(secure Electronic Transaction)?
     a. Seller
     b. Buyer
     c. Payment gateway not sure
     d. Bank
If a key is 4 bit in length, how many unique key values are possible?
     a. 4
     b. 8
     c. 16
     d. 32
Hash function is a __________
     a. Communication protocol
     b. Hardware device
     c. Encryption mechanism
     d. Log file
Which of these attacks have been reported on symmetric key algorithms?
     a. Key Search Attacks
     b. Cryptanalysis
     c. System-Based Attacks
     d. All
Payment gateway is an organization which connects those entities to the internet which
are offline.
     a. True
     b. False
How many elements an e-coin has?
     a. 1
     b. 2
     c. 3
     d. 4
EFT stands for _____________.
    a. Electronic Film Transmission
    b. Electronic Funds Transfer
    c. Electronic File Translation
    d. None of above
In CSS, how do you make the text bold?
    a. font:b
    b. font-size:bold
    c. font-weight:bold
A _________ is a web page populated with text boxes, drop-down lists and commands
buttons to get information from the user.
    a. Hypertext Link
    b. Form
    c. Table
    d. Button
Which of the following are correct tags used for frames,
    a. <Frame></Frame>
    b. <Frameset><Frame></Frame></Frameset>
    c. <Frameset><Frame></Frameset>
    d. <Frameset><Frame></Frame>
With _________, you can display more than one Web page in the same browser window.
    a. Forms
    b. Frames
    c. Post Action
    d. Java Scripts
Links are used to connect ____________.
    a. Images
    b. Text
            a. Images and web documents
    c. All of the given
VU Choose the right one for the code given above.
    a. No error and no result
    b. Error by system
    c. Error by browser
    d. No Error
Which of the following is true for selection list?
    a. <select name=“field name” size=“no. of items”>
    b. <select “name=field name” size=“no. of items”></select>
    c. <select name=”field name” size=“no. of items”></select>
    d. None of the above (page 29)
Which of the following is HTML tag could not be used as CSS tag?
    a. <h1>
    b. <style>
    c. <a>
    d. <p>
_______ is used to interpret and show contents of the web page.
    a. HTML
    b. Notepad
    c. Browser
    d. Computer
Which attribute can be used to make a region non-clickable?
    a. Alt
    b. Target
    c. Nohref (page 37)
    d. none of the given
SET(secure Electronic Transaction) was developed in
To overcome the lack of physical proximity appearance problem in e-business, which
technology is going to be used
      Video conferencing
      Biometrics and Video conferencing
How many kinds of Web Portals are?
Fee for Transaction Models include
      Travel Agents and Insurance brokers
      Automobile Sales and event tickets
      Stock brokers and online banking
      All of the above
When you email at , your email is automatically sorted and replied to
your ID.
Press release can provide information about current events and news to, which of
following, via a internet?
      Print media
      T.v commercial
      Press or media
      T.v program.
How many different kind of loops are there in JavaScript?
      One. The "for" loop only
      Two. The "for" loop and the "while" loop
      Four. The "for" loop, the "while" loop, the "do...while" loop, and the
"loop...until" loop
      None of the above
Date () is the -------------------- of the date object which provides current date of the
SQL stands for:
       Structured Query Language
       System Query Language
       Style Query Language
       All of these
Which language does not compile its code but interpret it?
       ASP. Net
       None of these
An E-cash coin consists of element (s) like:
       Serial # provided by client
       Key version
       Serial# signed by E-cash bank
       All of the above
-----------means that your product/service has certain quality that makes it more attractive
than the one offered by your competitor, despite the price of your competitor s
product/service is somewhat lower
       Cost leadership
       None of them
Customer data can be gathered and analyzing it customers can be served in a better
Manner according to their needs, Which is best option?
       Customer orientation
       Customer satisfaction
Which of the following is NOT cyber crime?
       Online fraud
       Online terrorism
       Internet Taxation
A firm Glory Enterprise and it wants to have its web site. It also wants to have the word
glory as a part of its domain name because for years it has been recognized in the
physical world through this word. However, at the time of registration of its domain name
it finds that a person Mr. A who has nothing to do with the business of the firm or the
word glory has already registered a domain name containing this word as a part of it.
Since there cannot be two similar domain names, the firm is forced to request Mr. A to
transfer that domain name to it. In response, if Mr. A blackmails or claims ransom from
the said firm,
He would be said to have committed -------------.
    Cyber squatting.
    Patent infringement
    Trade mark and domain name conflicts

A . Is a group of data objects that are similar to one another in each group?
IP version 6 provides ---------------bits and also contains -----------------------
      128, hexadecimal
      64, hexadecimal
      32, binary
      None of the Above
In Style Sheets, How do you change the font of an element?
If a key is 4 bits in length, how many unique key values are possible?
A paper signature is believed to be more reliable than a digital signature.
What is the right sequence of steps in Electronic Check process?
      Payee s bank Payer s bank Payee Payer.
      Payer Payee Payee s bank Payer s bank.
      Payer s bank Payee Payee s bank Payer.
      Payer s bank Payee s bank Payer Payee.
The presence of a company/entity on the internet can be defined as ____________.
In storefront e-business model buyers and sellers interact ___________ with each other.
      Through a third party.
      None of above.
Suppose you are running a business. You want to target customers of age less than 30
years. Which type of segmentation would you use?
      Demographic Segmentation
      Geographic Segmentation
      Psychographic segmentation
      Behavioral segmentation
Internal activities relate to manufacturing and packaging of goods.

Long Questions

What should be the length range in bits of a message digest?

What is the condition of contract to be formed?

What is meant by EDI?

Briefly describe how the bank verifies the validity of e-coins?

Digital signatures are considered more reliable than paper signatures. Do you agree
with this statement? Briefly justify your answer
List down the difference between Primary and Support activities as discussed by Michael
Porter in a strategic business unit.

Point out the certain deficiencies in ETO?

What is the procedure of withdrawal of coins in E-cash payment system? Explain briefly.

Write a short note on the following Global legal issues

I. Territorial Jurisdiction
II. Online contracts

Define strategic planning cycle. Briefly explain stages of strategic planning cycle.

How can the advertising be paid? What are its modes of payment?

DES, IDEA, RC2, RC4 and Rinjdael are examples of _________.
   a. Symmetric key algorithms
   b. Asymmetric key algorithms
   c. Public key algorithms
   d. Private key algorithms
Using SSL, we type in URL as :
   a. https
   b. httpc
   c. httpc
   d. httpi
SSL stands for
    a. Secure Socket Layer
    b. Security Service Layer
    c. Sub Secured Length
    d. None of these
SETSET(secure Electronic Transaction) was developed by
    a. Microsoft
    b. Netscape Navigator
    c. Master Cards and VISA
    d. All of the options
Currency used in E-Cash Payment system is called _________.
    a. Coin
    b. Penny
    c. Cent
    d. Dollar
The serial # generated by the cyber wallet gets multiplied by blinding factor „r‟ which is
known only to the ___________.
            a. Bank
            b. Merchant
            c. Client
            d. None
User generates blank electronic check by using his checkbook device.
    a. True
    b. False
What is basic advantage of symmetric algorithms?
    a. Symmetric key does not use any encryption
    b. Symmetric algorithms are faster (page 105)
    c. Symmetric algorithms are easy to understand
    d. All of above
The length of a message digest is ________.
    a. 32 to 64 bits
    b. 64 to 128 bits
    c. 128 to 256 bits
    d. 256 to 512 bit
Virtual PIN Payment System requires both merchant and buyer to register with
    a. Auto Clearing House (ACH)
    b. First Virtual (FV)
    c. DSS (Digital Signature
is necessary for both buyer and seller to have their account in the ---------E-bank.
    a. Same (doubted)
    b. Separate
Key version represents public key by
    a. Buyer
    b. Seller
    c. E-Bank (page 116)
    d. Certification Authority
Which of the following represents correct sequence of steps for electronic check payment
       Payer’s bank ? Payee ? Payee’s bank ? Payer

Attacker attempts to decrypt the message with every possible key in ______.
Key Search Attacks

Download the original attachment
__________ attribute indicates the unique field name for a checkbox.
    a. Type
    b. Name
    c. Input
    d. Value
In HTML, depending upon which tag is used, the enclosed content can then have
    a. Specific effect (page 18)
    b. Style
    c. Format
    d. Specific effect, style and format
List tag used in html is ______
Select correct option:
    a. Paired (page 18)
    b. Unpaired
    c. Single
    d. None of the given options
What is identified by the tag ?
    a. Horizontal frame
    b. Bottom Frame
    c. Top Frame
    d. Vertical Frame
You can add names to each frame window using which attribute?
    a. SCR
    b. UR
    c. NAME
HTML documents are connected with each other by ________.
    a. Big Tag
    b. Small Tag
    c. Link Tag
    d. None of the given options
The web addresses are first translated into IP address through ________
    a. DNS
    b. SMTP
    c. HTML
    d. IPV6
In Style sheets, how do you change the text color of an element?
    a. color:
    b. text-color=
    c. text-color:
    d. font-color:
For which one of the following, tag can work better
    a. News headlines
    b. Sound plug-in
    c. Announcements
    d. Movie controls
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of CSS?
    Define the look of your pages in one place
    Works on version 4 browsers or newer
    Easily change the look
    Implement same formatting each time tag is used.
When a visitor clicks a _________, the entries in form are set to the default values.
        Radio Button
        Submit Button
        Reset Button
Makes the content --------------
Bounce back and forth and invisible
Visible all the time
Scroll off the edge of area
Bounce back and forth and visible
if you have a less space for e-mails on internet then _________ protocol is used.
_____________ are normally used to get yes/no or true/false information from a reader.
    Check Boxes
    Radio buttons
    Submit Buttons
    Selection List
Default web page background color is __________.
Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code line?
    a. <frameset rows="16%,84%">
    b. <frameset columns="16%,84%">
    c. <frameset cols="100,150">
    d. <frameset cols=”50%,50%” rows=”16%,84%”>
What is the meaning of SRC in frame tag?
            a. Source for image saved on your disk
            b. Source for images saved on your disk
            c. Source of page saved on your disk
            d. Source of Pages saved on your disk
In what form style rules are presented?
selector { property= value }
selector ( property: value )
selector { property: value }
selector ( property= value )

Jambo Special: hmmm ok
Images and web documents
All of the given
__________ is the code for blank space in HTML.
    a. &lsquo;
    b. &nbsp;
    c. &sbquo;
    d. &iexcl;
The attributes used by depend on the type of?
    a. Plug-in being used
    b. Browser being used
    c. ISP being used
    d. Sound/movie being used
Which HTML tag is used to define an internal (embedded) style sheet?
    Text / Style
    Style (page 38)
Meta Data is important for easier ____________.
Web page creation
Web site upload
Web page search through search engine
None of the above
Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?
Which you will NOT be able to do with CSS?
    1. Add text
    2. Position the content
    3. Define the look of your pages in one place
    4. Change the background color (doubted)

1) What does XML stand for?
     a) eXtensible Markup Language
     b) X-Markup Language
     c) Example Markup Language
     d) eXtra Modern Link
2) Which of the following is (are) a valid XML name(s)?
     a) 1-2-4_6
     b) :3:-3:5:-7
     c) ;123456
     d) 3:4;-7
3) DOM 2 doesn't provide mechanism for interrogating and modifying the namespace for
a document.
     a) True
     b) False
4) The DOM specification describes how strings are to be manipulated by the DOM by
defining the datatype _______. It is encoded using _______ encoding scheme.
     a) DOMString, UTF-8
     b) DOMString, Unicode
     c) UNICODEString, Unicode
     d) String, Unicode
1) Intrepret this statement: <strong>Michelle</strong>
     a) It makes Michelle strong
     b) It highlights Michelle as being strong
     c) It will print out Michelle in bold font
2) Tables can be nested (table inside of another table).
     a) True
     b) False
3) Which is correct?
     a) <b>Click Here<b>
     b) <strong>Click Here<strong>
     c) <b>Click Here</b>
     d) </strong>Click Here</strong>
4) Which of the following is a two sided tag?
     a) DT
     b) LI
     c) DD
     d) DL
5) The Browser applies the feature of a tag until it encounters_____tag.
     a) Quit
     b) Closing
     c) Exit
     d) Anti
     e) Deactivate
6) _______are the HTML codes that control the apearance of the document contents
     a) Tags
     b) Codas
     c) Slashes
    d) Properties
    e) Code
7) What are the genral syntax for inline image?
    a) src=img
    b) src=image
    c) img=file
    d) img src=file
    e) image src=file
8) An HTML_____takes text in one format and changes it to HTML code.
    a) Browser
    b) Editor
    c) Converter
    d) Processor
    e) Parser
9) To create a link to an anchor, you use the______property in A tag.
    a) Name
    b) Tag
    c) Link
    d) Href
10) HTML Tags are case sensitive.
    a) True
    b) False
11) Relative path make your hypertext links______.
    a) Portable
    b) Discrete
    c) Uniform
12) A_____structure starts with a general topic that includes link to more specific topics.
    a) Hierarchical
    b) Linear
    c) Mixed
13) Which of the following path is supported by HTML?
    a) Ralative
    b) Defererenced
    c) Absolute and Relative
14) You cannot designate an inline image as a hypertext link.
    a) True
    b) False
15) Because each computer differs in terms of what fonts it can display, each individual
browser determines how text is to be displayed.
    a) True
    b) False
16) You do not have to connect to the internet to verify changes to a Web page on your
    a) True
    b) False
17) You can combine structures e.g, linear and hierarchical.
     a) True
     b) False
18) What is HTML stands for?
     a) Hypertext Mailing List
     b) Hypertext Mark Language
     c) Hypertext Markup Language
19) What is the tag for an inline frmae?
     a) Iframe
     b) Inframe
     c) frame
     d) inlineframe
20) Within the MAP tag, you use the AREA tag to specify the areas of the image that will
act as a hotspot.
     a) True
     b) False
21) Can you create an e-mail form with auto responder using form action
     a) Yes
     b) No
22) What is the most widely use e-mail form script?
     a) ASP
     b) PHP
     c) Perl CGI
     d) JSP
23) There are_____color names recognized by all version of HTML.
     a) 6
     b) 8
     c) 256
     d) 16
24) Software programs, like your Web browser, use a mathemathical approach to define
     a) True
     b) False
25) If you want to increase the font size by 2 relative to the surrounding text, you enter
+2 in the tag.
     a) True
     b) False
26) What operator makes converts 00110011 into 11001100?
     a) ~ -
     b) !
     c) &
     d) |
27) The default statement of a switch is always executed.
     a) True
     b) False
28) H1 is the smallest header tag.
     a) True
     b) False
29) The page title is inside the____tag.
     a) Body
     b) Head
     c) Division
     d) Table
30) _____refers to the way the GIF file is saved by the graphics software.
     a) Dithering
     b) Interlacing
     c) Balancing
5) An MNC receives at its headquarter from its subsidiaries, XML documents containing
various reports of that subsidiary. These reports need to be displayed to the person
responsible at the headquarter for that subsidiary in a user-friendly manner (allowing
searches through the document) and the person is allowed to make any
changes/comments that he/she desires. Once the user is done with all the
changes/comments the information needs to be fed into the central database. Which of the
following is MOST appropriate for processing these XML documents?
     a) DOM
     b) SAX
     c) CSS
     d) XSL
6) Which of the following is an XML-based service IDL that defines the service interface
and its implementation characteristics.
     a) UDDI
     b) WSDL
     c) SOAP
     d) Path
7) Which statement about XML is true?
     a) Elements may nest but not overlap
     b) Quoting attributes is optional
     c) Elements may have multiple attributes with the same name
8) What is the correct declaration syntax for the version of XML document?
     a) <?xml version="1.0" />
     b) <?xml version="1.0"?>
     c) <xml version="1.0" />
9) How is an empty element field defined?
     a) <name></name
     b) <name />
     c) <name/>
     d) All of the above
10) XML document must be valid?
     a) True
     b) False
11) Every XML document must be well formed
     a) True
     b) False
12) Every XML document must have an associated DTD or schema
     a) True
     b) False
13) XML preserves white spaces
     a) True
     b) False
14) For the XML parser to ignore a certain section of your XML document, which syntax
is correct?
     a) <![CDATA[ Text to be ignored ]]>
     b) <xml:CDATA[ Text to be ignored ]>
     c) <PCDATA> Text to be ignored </PCDATA>
     d) <CDATA> Text to be ignored </CDATA>
15) What is a correct way of referring to a stylesheet called "style.xsl"?
     a) <stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="style.xsl" />
     b) <link type="text/xsl" href="style.xsl" />
     c) <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="style.xsl" ?>
16) Which is not a correct name for an XML element?
     a) <first name>
     b) <age>
     c) <NAME>
17) What does DTD stand for?
     a) Document Type Definition
     b) Dynamic Type Definition
     c) Direct Type Definition
18) What makes XML more powerful than HTML?
     a) Not as much coding is needed
     b) Its ability to adapt to new uses
     c) The fact that its supported by all of the major software vendors
19) Unlike most other markup languages, including HTML, XML allows you to do what?
     a) Create new tags
     b) Exchange information over the Web
     c) Put your tags in any order, with closing tags optional
20) In what year did the World Wide Web Consortium release its draft of XML?
     a) 1994
     b) 1995
     c) 1996
     d) 1997
21) What organization presented the first version of Starndardized Generalized Markup
Language (SGML) in 1980?
     a) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
     b) IEEE
     c) American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
     d) OASIS
22) You can use XSL Transformation (XSLT) to convert database files described by
XML to Structured Query Language (SQL) statements, which creates the tables, indexes
and views that the XML data describes.
    a) True
    b) False
1) What does SQL stand for?
    a) Strong Question Language
    b) Structured Question Language
    c) (your answer) Structured Query Language
2) Which SQL statement is used to extract data from a database?
    a) GET
    b) OPEN
    c) EXTRACT
    d) SELECT
    e) QUERY
3) Which SQL statement is used to update data in a database?
    a) (your answer) UPDATE
    b) SAVE AS
    c) MODIFY
    d) SAVE
4) Which SQL statement is used to delete data from a database?
    b) (your answer) DELETE
    c) REMOVE

5) Which SQL statement is used to insert new data in a database?
    b) ADD INTO
    c) (your answer) INSERT
    d) ADD NEW

1) Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?
     a) <scripting>
     b) <javascript>
     c) <script> -
     d) <js>
2) What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write "Hello World"?
     a) response.write("Hello World")
     b) document.write("Hello World")
     c) ("Hello World")
     d) echo("Hello World")
3) How do you call a function named "myFunction"?
     a) call function myFunction
     b) myFunction()
     c) call myFunction()
5) How do you write a conditional statement for executing some statements only if "i" is
NOT equal to 5?
    a) if (i <> 5)
    b) if (i != 5)
    c) if =! 5 then
    d) if <> 5
7) How does a "for" loop start?
    a) for (i = 0; i <= 5)
    b) for (i = 0; i <= 5; i++)
    c) for i = 1 to 5
    d) for (i <= 5; i++)
8) What is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?
    a) var txt = new Array(1:"tim",2:"shaq",3:"kobe")
    b) var txt = new Array="tim","shaq","kobe"
    c) var txt = new Array("tim","shaq","kobe")
9) How do you round the number 8.25, to the nearest whole number?
    a) Math.rnd(8.25)
    b) Math.round(8.25)
    c) round(8.25)
    d) rnd(8.25)
10) How do you find the largest number of 6 and 8?
    a) Math.max(6,8)
    b) top(6,8)
    c) ceil(6,8)
    d) Math.ceil(6,8)
11) What is the correct JavaScript syntax for opening a new window called "window5" ?
    a) new("","window5")
    c) open.newwindow("","window5")
    d) new.window("","window5")
12) How do you put a message in the browser's status bar?
    a) window.status = "put your message here"
    b) statusbar = "put your message here"
    c) status("put your message here")
    d) window.status("put your message here")
13) How do you find the client's browser name?
    b) navigator.appName
    c) client.navName
14) You define an array using
    a) var myarray = new Array();
    b) var myarray = array new;
    c) var new Array() = myarray;
    d) var new array = myarray;
15) Onclick is equivalent to which two events in sequence
    a) onmouseover and onmousedown
    b) onmousedown and onmouseout
    c) onmousedown and onmouseup
    d) onmouseup and onmouseout
16) Which best describe void?
    a) A method
    b) A function
    c) An operator
    d) A statement
17) Which property would you use to redirect visitor to another page?
    a) window.location.href
    b) document.href
    c) java.redirect.url
    d) link.redirect.href
18) Which of the following JavaScript statements use arrays?
    a) setTimeout("a["+i+"]",1000)
    b) k = a & i
    c) k = a(i)
1) What does CSS stand for?
    a) Creative Style Sheets
    b) Computer Style Sheets
    c) Cascading Style Sheets - correct answer
    d) Cascade Style Sheets
    e) Colorful Style Sheets
2) Where in an HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?
    a) In the <body> section
    b) At the end of the document
    c) At the top of the document
    d) In the <head> section
    e) Between head and body
3) Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?
    a) css
    b) text/style
    c) style
    d) script
5) Which is the correct CSS syntax?
    a) body {color: black}
    b) body:color=black
    c) {body:color=black(body}
    d) {body;color:black}
6) How do you insert a comment in a CSS file?
    a) /* this is a comment */
    b) ' this is a comment
    c) // this is a comment //
    d) // this is a comment
7) Which property is used to change the background color?
    a) bgcolor:
    b) background-color:
    c) color:
8) How do you add a background color for all "<h1>" elements?
    a) all.h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF}
    b) h1.all {background-color:#FFFFFF}
    c) h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF} - correct answer
9) How do you change the text color of an element?
    a) text-color:
    b) color:
    c) text-color=
    d) font-color:
11) What is the correct CSS syntax for making all the <p> elements bold?
    a) p {text-size:bold}
    b) p {font-weight:bold}
    c) style:bold
    d) p{font:bold}
12) How do you display hyperlinks without an underline?
    a) a {decoration:no underline}
    b) a {text-decoration:no underline}
    c) a {underline:none}
    d) a {text-decoration:none}
13) How do you make each word in a text start with a capital letter?
    a) text-transform:uppercase
    b) text-transform:capitalize
    c) You can't do that with CSS
15) How do you make the text bold?
    a) font:b
    b) style:bold
    c) font-weight:bold
16) How do you display a border like this: The top border = 10 pixels, The bottom border
= 5 pixels, The left border = 20 pixels, The right border = 1pixel?
    a) border-width:10px 20px 5px 1px
    b) border-width:10px 1px 5px 20px
    c) border-width:10px 5px 20px 1px
    d) border-width:5px 20px 10px 1px
17) How do you change the left margin of an element?
    a) padding:
    b) indent:
    c) margin:
    d) text-indent:
    e) margin-left:
18) To define the space between the element's border and content, you use the padding
property, but are you allowed to use negative values?
    a) Yes
    b) No
19) How do you make a list that lists its items with squares?
    a) type: square
    b) list-style-type: square
    c) list-type: square
    d) style-list: square
20) What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?
    a) <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mainstyle.css">
    b) <style src="mainstyle.css">
    c) <stylesheet>mainstyle.css</stylesheet>
    d) <link url="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mainstyle.css">
21) Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?
    a) <script>
    b) <css>
    c) <stylesheet>
    d) <style>
23) What is the correct CSS syntax for making all the <p> elements bold?
    a) p {font-weight:bold}
    b) p {text-size:bold}
    c) <p style="text-size:bold">
    d) <p style="font-size:bold">
24) How do you make each word in a text start with a capital letter?
    a) text-transform:capitalize
    b) ext-transform:uppercase
    c) You can't do that with CSS
25) How do you change the left margin of an element?
    a) left-margin:
    b) margin:
    c) margin-left:
    d) text-indent:
26) What are the three methods for using style sheets with a web page
    a) Dreamweaver, GoLive or FrontPage
    b) Inline, embedded or document level and external
    c) Handcoded, Generated or WYSIWYG


Q.WHAT IS MENT BY XML PARSER                                       MARKS.1
1- write three types of cables? marks (2)

2- write the use of these attributes if we want to upload a sound file MARKS (10)
   SRC= "hyperlink" WIDTH=n Height= n volume=n and last one is Auto=play*pause.
3- write physical and logical function? marks (3)

all of the given option correct option not a java script object
    1. array
    2. math
    3. time correct option
    4. date

the process of scrambling the message with key words is called

   a.   encryption correct option
   b.   cryptography
   c.   symmetric cryptography
   d.   none

if frame attributes target =”blank”
     a. affect entire window
     b. another new broser window
     c. within the same frame

MIME operate at which OSI model

Answer is transport layer

Define the frame attributes alt, target, nonhref

Define absolute position ,and relative position in css

Define these stand for and its functions (10 marks)

define digital signature (3 marks)

in css in which tag apply for divided a page into seprate section

   a. <DIV>
   b. <SPAN>
   c. <STYLE>
1 question of Marks 10 was

HTML CODING FOR Admission form completely
with coding submit and reset

2- write the use of these attributes if we want to upload
a sound file    MARKS (10)
   SRC= "hyperlink" WIDTH=n Height= n volume=n and last
 one is Auto=play*pause.

3- write physical and logical function? marks (3)

In Frequent-Flyer Miles marketing, customer of the business earns specific miles free of
charge from _______.
Bus service
Train service
None of above
Free-Trial advertisement means ___________.
Free coupons are placed on certain websites for customers so that they can use it for
Customer is offered to use the product free of cost for a specific amount of time.
Items bought are delivered to the customers with no delivery cost.
The company didn‟t had to pay for this advertisement.
In…………………, there is no direct contact with the end users
Which of following marketing campaigns are cheap an effective way to target potential
Sale forces
Media promotion
Marketing software
Which of these is NOT a stage of knowledge discovery process?
Data mining
Pattern evaluation
Process evaluation

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