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									Advantages Of Being A Lawyer
Lawyers aren't all loathsome, like how the television and jokes portray them to be. To make a decent living, most lawyers like this Lethbridge woman
only do what they know best. On good days she rejoices in being part of the profession, on other days she wonders why she hadn't chosen a simpler

She is among the numerous female lawyers who practiced law in Lethbridge and a lawyer since 1985. Even if more and more women are finishing law
at Canadian universities, the symbolic gold ring for success still a mile away. Female lawyers are less preferred than men when it comes to getting

There is one more thing that holds back women in the law profession. She states that female lawyers need to worry about marriage, having children
and lifestyle every time. She has high admiration of female lawyers able to have both. The lives of female lawyers are never that easy.

Money is the biggest problem with the profession of law, even for men. Young students expects too much from life, thinking that it would be easy. A
huge student loan is already looming, but they still haven't found a competitive job to begin with.

At the end, practicing law became less social and more of a competition. Back then, there were mentor and training systems, but these are gone now.
To take part in the Law Society, according to rules, every lawyer needs to finish four years as an intern in a law firm after graduation.

She also pointed out that twenty years ago, you wouldn't hear the same number of female criminal attorneys presently working at Lethbridge. She
concludes that while being able to practice law, they could still raise and watch their children, and this is probably the reason why many lawyers
choose to live here. To give back to the community, many of them joined the public boards and committees.

To obtain a share of the profits of large law firms, lawyers working there give up their monthly salaries as a small price to pay. However, the quickest
way to make big money out of it is only through sacrificing time with family and outside interest: which would all be tradeoffs for the money. You have
the people who are not used to dealing with professionals to blame for the misconception about lawyers.

Dental plans and subsidized health care are available to a lot of people. They are not used to paying engineers, architects, or even school fees. It's
easy to say they don't pay fees.

She is an active participant of the Lawyers Referral Program and public talks with the local community college legal education program, where she
shares her knowledge. In case you have a criminal or civil case, you could simply apply for a legal aid and have a lawyer to help you.

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