Beware of Anxiety Attacks

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					Beware of Anxiety Attacks
When you suffer from anxiety, physical symptoms in the form of fast or irregular heartbeat, stomach
upset, sweating, headaches, body tension, fatigue, tremors, sleep disturbances, chest pain and other
physical symptoms. Emotional symptoms include anxiety, irritation, fear, isolation, self-consciousness,
fear of dying, and nervousness.
Anxiety attacks come without warning and usually last a few hours. The difference between generalized
anxiety, which can produce long-term chronic symptoms and the duration of the attack to be sudden.
There are different types of anxiety attacks with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), which is manifested
by symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems and fatigue. OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
are characterized by thoughts that t can be controlled and abnormal behavior. Panic attacks and
disorders are common and often accompanied by agoraphobia (a form of being trapped in some
situations). Phobias are another type of anxiety that can be caused by a plane of fear, new places, etc.
Attachment anxiety can come from mental and emotional problems, and are often seen in people
suffering from depression or drug abuse and alcohol. People with low self-confidence and self-esteem
also suffer anxiety attacks.
Often anxiety attacks occur when things seem out of control, and daily lives seem overwhelming. It
might be wise to try, if you feel out of control and unable to cope.
Other times, you try to deal with some pressure in his own rebound and take the time to do things that
you really enjoy. Try to identify what triggers your attacks, and eliminate some of the overstress in your
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