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									                                  Hong Kong Baptist University
                              Instructions for Tuition Fees Payment
                                        Effective July 2002

1.   Payment Due Date for 2002/2003
      a. 1st semester : on or before 7 August 2002.
      b. 2nd semester : on or before 31 December 2002.

2.   Payment Methods
      a. By Bank
          By cash or cheque made payable to “Hong Kong Baptist University” at any branch of Hang
          Seng Bank by using the enclosed tuition pay-in slip. For cheque payment, please write down
          student name, student number and contact phone number at the back of the cheque.

     b. By Internet Banking:
        - Users of HSBC/Hang Seng Bank Internet Banking may make payment via the following
          web sites:

          - Users of Jetco member banks may visit and select your bank
            to make payment online.

     c. By Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”) at any of the followings:

                     HSBC/Hang Seng Bank ATMs - with “Bill Payment Service” signage;
                     JETCO ATMs - with “JET Payment” logo.

3.   Overdue of tuition fee

     a. Penalty Charge
         A charge of HK$50 for each working day after the due date up to a maximum of 10 working
         days. Thereafter, student will be considered unofficially withdrawn from the University and
         must obtain the Academic Registrar’s permission for re-admission;

     b.    Payment of Outstanding Tuition Fees
           All overdue tuition fees must be paid at Hang Seng Bank only (payments via Internet
           Banking & ATM are strictly disallowed). Students should pay the penalty charge at the
           Finance Office (Accounting & Treasury Section) in order to obtain a new revised due date
           for their payment of tuition fees at the bank.

4.   For payment deferral, please refer to the “Application for Deferred Payment of Tuition Fee –
     2002/2003” as attached.

5.   Loss of Tuition pay-in slip : Replacement fee is HK$20.

6.   For all matters related to payment of tuition fees, application for deferral and replacement of
     Tuition pay-in slip, please contact the Accounting & Treasury Section of the Finance Office at
     Room 801, Level 8, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, HSH Campus, Miss Kitty So at 3411-5112 or
     via email
Notes for payments by Internet Banking

       I       Users of HSBC/Hang Seng Bank

      i.       After successful logon, select "View & Pay Bills" under "Banking" category from the
               main menu to proceed with payment;
      ii.      (HSBC Payers) Click on "Add New Bill" to pay to Hong Kong Baptist University, OR;
               (Hang Seng Bank Payers) Click on "Add Payee" to pay to Hong Kong Baptist
      iii.     (HSBC Payers) Upon selection on “Education Institution” category, Hong Kong Baptist
               University will be displayed, OR;
               (Hang Seng Bank Payers) Select "Hong Kong Baptist University" from the payee list;
      iv.      Choose the appropriate bill type [01] from the pull down menu and input the Bill
               Account Number (14-digit Debit Note Number);
      v.       Click on the 'Confirm' button to proceed with the transaction;
      vi.      You must pay the “EXACT” amount printed on the tuition pay-in-slip; and
      vii.     An acknowledgement notice will be presented with a payment reference number for

      II         Users of Jetco member banks*

      i.       After successful logon, click “Bill Payment” and select “Education” under Merchant
               Category and “Hong Kong Baptist University” for merchant name;
      ii.      Enter the 14-digit Debit Note Number for Bill Account Number, [01] for Bill Type
               and input the payment amount;
      iii.     You must pay the “EXACT” amount printed on the tuition pay-in-slip; and
      iv.      An acknowledgement notice will be presented with a payment reference number for

       * Please note that the interface of Internet banking may vary bank by bank.

Notes for payment by ATMs

       i.        Enter the personal identity number (PIN) of the ATM card;
       ii.       (Jetco Payers only) Select the transaction account to be debited for payment;
       iii.      Choose “Bill Payment”;
       iv.       Select Category “Education”;
       v.        Choose “Hong Kong Baptist University”;
       vi.       Key in / choose the bill type [01] for tuition fee payment;
       vii.      Key in your Bill / Account Number (please refer to the 14-digit Debit Note Number
                 printed at the top of the tuition pay-in slip) and total amount due payable. You must pay
                 the “EXACT” amount printed on the tuition pay-in-slip;
       viii.     Keep the “Customer Advice” as proof of tuition fee payment, no other receipt will be
                 issued by the University; and
       ix.       Payment made before mid-night of the payment due date will be regarded as payment
                 made on time.

Finance Office
10 July 2002

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