Ibogaine in psychotherapy by linzhengnd


									Ibogaine in psychotherapy
A case study

               ibogaine therapy uk
outline of treatment

pre-ibogaine therapy sessions
ibogaine therapy
post- ibogaine sessions
date of assessment 20.3.8
44 yo single male lives alone
reason for assessment:
    had seen Tribe
    emotional trauma
to address

desire to open up spiritually
break through “armour” keeping him separate
why are we here
has things to do
his “unfolding”
sadness, not deserving
feeling stuck, free himself for better things
using energy in a positive way
feeling a finger on skin
seeing faces and beings
hearing his name.smells
seeing hand through coffee mug
floating patterns, lights and colours
butterflies, spiders
electricity, humming

parents abusive alcoholics,
never felt appreciated, nasty to him
older non-identical twin, 3 siblings
parents violent to each other
left home age 21

last girlfriend 5 years ago
never committed
drug and alcohol

cigarettes from age 13 to 18 months ago
alcohol from age 25, never heavy drinker
no drug history
medical history

 appendicectomy age 15
 recurrent tightness in epigastrium ?irritable bowel
 shaking in legs
 no allergies
 no medication
 past psychiatric history- suicidal ideas from age 4
 father heart dx, CABG, parents alcoholic

 happy child, sensitive, shy quiet
 stick with his opinions
 interests: nature, animals, music

I don’t feel self-pity
help me go back. I was a kid, I was murdered.
reorganizing a drawer, re-filing
aware of risks
“ I think it will be painful”
review one 4.4.8
met a brazilian woman
can read people
wants to work for himself
patents for inventions
spasm right flank
dream nine 8ft people
 something two 20.4.8
reviewaround the corner
 directors at work are like his parents
 wants to work with people
 forming space to grow
 no fear of taking ibogaine
 abdominal symptoms. eyes flickering
 colours workshop. saw mediumn
review three 2.5.8

 looking forward to summer
 never had fear. never feared parents
 nightmare, albatross, water on face
 earliest memories
 in photos always looking up
review four 16.5.8

 abdominal pain, humming on/off 5 years
 can feel bodies around him
 sacrifices in relationships
 to use his talents
 discussed ibogaine therapy
 physical examination
review five 29.5.8
 feeling okay
 mix of excitement and anxiety
 flutter in epigastrium, left chest
 humming in torso, legs.
 ball of heat left chest
 age 7-14
 wizard in the forest
 past lives
ibogaine therapy 7.6.8
1030 ECG normal. test dose 100mg ibogaine HCL
saw medium. wizard in solar plexus
was seeing colours of light, pink mainly
feeling relaxed, little nervous, excited
plans to take next week off, course “spiritual realm”
1100 feeling fine
1130 BP 120/80. flutter right leg
usual buzzing in head but stronger
1200 taken ibogaine HCL 1500mg ( total 20mg/kg)
1215 P 70 reg good vol
1230 hot flush. P 65 BP 120/80
1315 P 60 reg. restless. ++ visions
1400 BP 120/80 . doing okay. thirsty
1500 P 60 less restless now
1600 BP 130/85 P 65reg. thirsty o/w settled
1900 “heart beating fast”. felt in chest. BP 140/90 P
drinking plenty water, no nausea, vomiting or
1230am BP 110/70 P 76 reg. visions decreasing
0530 white doves.
memories of 1 1/2 y.o.
dogs ,sheep, horses, 200 people, dinosaurs
initially lot of blood and gore
“what if I’d died” “ it was lovely”
7 people working with him.
2 girls, old man (Lao Tse), monk, african, indian,
advice given to him
levitation of bed
white cloud
box with white material
bridge of white blanket
traffic lights, lights flying through air
fat lady, thin lady, ends of same thing
father’s aggression
mother aware of what she has done
birds, butterflies, cows, pidgeons
person next to me
white rabbit
three screens
third eye
little bird
world’s population in miniature
USA, China
bodily sensations
gel/ substance on abdomen
substance over hands
higher place
body being worked on
telepathic communication
watching historical self without emotion
victim as victimizer
changing his work
writing postcards
trust Lao Tse as guide. trust other humans
        •   “it was fun”
•   “life is an opportunity”
post-ibogaine one 13.6.8
“ best thing i’ve ever done”
“sense of real purpose”
responding differently
lessons learned
“higher self kept telling me off”
has been adjusted
“only used rational mind”
moving forward fast
“baby smiling at me and laughing”
judging and labelling less
wanting to mix with people more
seeing colours, lots of green, ball of green light
the strong pulse in stomach has gone
not self-persecuting, humble, forgiving
connected to other half of self
work: fine about going back
has faith things will come
visions: cave; water not falling on him
post-ibogaine two 19.8.8
talked about changing his career
less judgemental
seeing three women, playing the field, enjoying
wanting to move to south coast
visions: dog on his lap, slim girl long hair sitting with
wanting ibogaine again
feelings about the old man
chance meeting with a woman called Linda
post-ibogaine three 10.10.8
“major progress”
dream in a lake, released something
really wants to be here now since ibogaine and dream
seeing beings and lights
wave and the archangel
sees an old man & a boy
women on hold
work going well
post-ibogaine four 7.11.8

 feeling well
 discussed job offer
 applied to work as carer at local hospice
 healing workshops
post-ibogaine five 6.3.9
inventions and the dream home
healing therapies to others
reconciliation with mother
freedom from past trauma
no issues around water
recurring dream of being at university
did see Linda again but....
ibogaine still the best day of his life
wants to continue journey in june
psychotherapy and
ibogaine experience outside consensual reality
 powerful, deep
 alchemical experience
 introspective and cosmic
 contact with intelligence outside ego
 freedom from past trauma
 re-evaluation of his life and priorities
 reconnected with the world
 peace in himself
 unfolding, unstuck
 new path for his future

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