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					                                     YORK UNIVERSITY


                                 MINUTES OF MEETING

                          WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2005

                             213 WILLIAM SMALL CENTRE

                                     2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM

MEMBERS:                                            ABSENT:
Andrew Wickens – CSBO                               Amelia Golden – Student Community Dev.
Andrew Wilson – Facilities Services                 Cathy Hong Mei Li – Schulich MBA
Arthur Hilliker, YUFA                               Curtis Phills – YFS Constituency Committee
Deanna Santos – SHEACC/CHRE                         Danielle Lamb - GWERC
Eric Newstadt – GSA                                 Erica Joy-Henry – Atkinson Stud. Assoc Gilles
James Brown – Housing & Food Services, CSBO         Fortin – Glendon Budget Office
Jamie Halla – Vanier College                        Gill Tieman - CHRE
Jamie Michano – FNASA                               Gilles Fortin – Budget Officer, Glendon
Joanna Rainbow – Office of the Counsel              Hana Abdul – York Women‟s Centre
Joe Falsetta – CUPE 1356-1                          Jeremy Greenberg - Alumni
Manuel Luna – CUPE 3903                             Joannie Pritchett-Cameron – YUSA
Margo Gewurtz – Founders College Master             Judy Meikle – Atkinson Daycare
Mike Markicevic – SPT, CSBO                         Kate Ervine – GSA, VP, Women‟s Affairs
Mike Morris – Insurance & Risk Management           Ken Barger – CUPE 1356
Nancy White - Communications                        Ken Tooby – Security Services, CSBO
Nick Freedman - YFS                                 Leslie Powell – Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre
Rick Howell – Facilities Services                   Luis Figueiredo – CUPE 1356
Rob Castle - (Chair) Student Centre                 Majid Minawi – MESA
Robin Sen – SPT, CSBO                               Marie Collins – Caribbean Stud. Assoc.
Steve Dranitsaris – Office of the VPFA              Matthew Hyland – TBLGAY
Tefari Adem – Centre for Race & Ethnic (CRER)       Michael Miceli - ABLE
                                                    Omari Mason – York U Black Stud. Assoc.
GUESTS:                                             Paul Delaney – Council of Masters
Kelli MacCulloch – Student Affairs                  Richard Fisher - Communications
Christine Grossutti – GSA                           Ron Fiedtkou - GSCU
Victoria Moufawad – CUPE 3903                       Salim Chagani – South Asian Alliance
                                                    Shamini Selvaratnam - ACSA
SPT STAFF:                                          Siddhartha Pandey – SSB, GBC
Barb Bauer – SPT, CSBO                              Susan Miller – Student Affairs, Glendon
                                                    Sylvia Zingrone – Office of the President
REGRETS:                                            Tahir Mohammed – Facilities Services
Anne-Marie Mair – Security Services, CSBO           Talia Klein – Hillel York
David Timmins – Security Services, CSBO
Lynn Horwood – Office of VP (Academic Affairs)
Maxine Armstrong – Security Services, CSBO
Michael Graham – Facilities Services
Nicole Arsenault – Trans. & Stud. Sec., CSBO
Sylvia Schippke – Student Affairs

1. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. R. Castle (Chair) welcomed everyone to the council.

2. Minutes of the Meeting of December, 1, 2004

   The Chair requested that the minutes be amended to item #4 Committee Reports under Section iii.
   Anti Discrimination Committee (page 4) that T. Adem is not the Chair but K. Tooby and Talia Klein
   are the Co-Chairs.

3. Business Arising from Minutes

    The minutes were deemed acceptable by all in attendance.

4. Departmental Report

   Statistical Report

   Ranking                              Category                            2004/2005   2003/2004    % Change

      1        Theft, Under $5000, Other Than University Property             215          217          -1%
      2        Fire Alarms                                                    140          118          19%
      3        Emergency Medical                                              138          133           4%
      4        Mischief, Under $5000, University Property                     136          92           48%
      5        Motor Vehicle Collision                                         74          71            4%
                                                                    Total     703          631

   Mischief, Under $5000, University Property

   M. Markicevic provided an overview of the Top 5 Incidents and expressed his concern on Item #4.
   Mischief, Under $5000, University Property in which there has been a 48% increase. M.
   Markicevic suggested that the increase in graffiti on campus, although a broad but specific crime,
   may go beyond mischief to specific targeting of certain individuals. This could contribute to the rise
   in this category and he wanted the committee aware of this increase.

   Fire Alarms

   M. Markicevic announced that Security Services is examining and investigating trends for the
   increase of fire alarms on campus. Security has to respond to every alarm regardless.

   J. Brown acknowledged and provided the Council the following explanation that would have
   contributed to the increase of fire alarms and at this time are being addressed.

                Stong Residence had faulty fire vents in the rooms
                Patrons at the Spot in Calumet were pulling malicious fire alarms
                Bethune College had a technical malfunction with the fire panel

   Remedial action is underway in all 3 areas, which should result in a decrease in alarms.

Direction of Security Services & Community Involvement

M. Markicevic discussed the Department‟s obligation to provide leadership, support and direction in
a consistent and predictable manner to the Security Officers to allow them to continue to grow and
respond to the changing environment around them. Noting that this depends on the needs of the
York community and how the University wants to invest in security services. We need to move
forward by becoming more pro-active and less reactive.

       Entrenchment – thoroughly understanding processes, policies, procedures etc…
       Community – probing the community, creating a balance with the obligation to educate &
        respond to incidents
       Computer Systems – critical aspect to security, will provide the enhanced data for both
        reporting and measuring qualitative issues
       Supervision – provide consistent and predictable guidance, create synergy

Understanding their role, joint cooperation, effecting change, understanding the environment and
its people.

Training & Development
By providing a training and development support process that will ensure that the training we do works. We
can make training and development more effective within our organization with community feedback &


Hiring - in progress to complete the full staff complement. Current focus is on filling supervisory

New Uniforms – uniform committee was established, 2-3 officers will be outfitted and visible to the
entire community for comments & feedback.

Radio’s – investigating the purchase of new radios for the safety of the community

Child Id Program – initiative put forth by our Campus Relations Officers

January 20, 2005 Event in Vari Hall

The chair permitted an open discussion amongst Council members on the above event. Also
noting to the members that the events and persons are still under investigation.

Eric Newstadt made a number of requests which focused the discussion. A synopsis of discussion
topics included:

    1. Written documentation on how the University communicates with Toronto Police Services

2. Procedures/processes for calling the TPS onto campus

        M. Markicevic stated that Security is obligated to attend all events in anticipation of a
        remote possibility of it becoming violent or causing property damages. This ensures
        the safety of the community and supports the non interruption of other persons not
        involved in the event. It is a proactive measure in response to our community needs.

3. Security collecting names of individuals

        V. Moufawad asked if Security carries a list of “usual suspects” to establish, maintain
        and communicate with TPS. Secondly, stating that in her view this is infringing on
        rights to freedom of speech, safety, security, assembly & movement.

        M. Markicevic, no list exists. He further explains that operationally when the
        department is aware of an event taking place on campus, common procedure is to
        dispatch officers, assess resources, and position themselves and to take notes.

        A. Wickens added that under the Presidential policy, Security can request anyone on
        campus to identify themselves.

        Excerpt taking from Dr. Marsden’s comments to Senate on January 27, 2005:
        When students register at York University they agree to the following statement which
        is published in the calendar. “Student conduct on campus is governed by long-
        standing Presidential Regulations that require students to abide by reasonable
        instructions given orally or in writing by any official of the university authorized to
        secure compliance with regulations, rules and procedures provided that the official
        identified and acting in an official capacity”. Presidential Regulation #2- the Conduct of
        Students at York University.

4. All reports, interviews, video filed on January 20

        M. Markicevic noting that this is under TPS investigation.

        Queries from committee members:
        M. Gewurtz – what will we do with these reports?
        J. Falsetta – will this be a one time only request?
        V. Moufawad – might help seeing the bigger picture of what took place

        Excerpt taking from Gary Brewer’s report to Senators regarding the security aspects of
        the event
        This is a difficult and complex issue, and I ask the York community to consider
        carefully all the facts and the full context of Thursday‟s events before drawing

         5. Physical intervention from Security „touching of students‟

                   V. Moufawad wanted clarification on Security physically touching students. At this
                   event K. Tooby was holding an 18 year old female against the wall and what appeared
                   to by excessive use of force.

                   M. Markicevic replied that if TPS requests anyone‟s assistance regardless of position,
                   they must comply. At this event K. Tooby was requested by TPS to assist.

         6. Definition of clear and present danger

                   E. Newstadt, requested a definition of the above.

                   M. Markicevic explained that he requested that TPS attend after 45 minutes of
                   protesting, classes emptying and the Vari Hall filling up.


     E. Newstadt motioned that the committee provide a document outlining the chronology of events
     that led to the request to have Toronto Police Services attend the protest and intercede.
     V. Moufawad seconded the motion. In favour 9 and against 8. Motion carried.

     E. Newstadt motioned that the committee provide all security reports, interviews, eyewitness
     accounts. V. Moufawad seconded the motion. In favour 7 and against 12. Motion defeated.

5. Committee Reports

i.   Campus Safety Committee

        Minutes from the January 20, 2005 were submitted electronically to the committee and S.
        Dranitsaris highlighted the following:

        Campus Lighting – Email: is advertised on the Security Services
        website and Facilities is following up with the same. The annual lighting tour was held on
        January 25, 2005, approximately 12 persons attended.

        No Smoking By-Law – In progress, Security plans to implement and awareness program by
        issuing informational cards to those smoking in the colonnade. J. Brown will follow-up with Pat
        Yu, Director DOHS regarding signage for Pond Rd. residence no smoking within 9 meters of
        the building. Currently this applies to Schulich and East Office Building.

        Next meeting will be scheduled in March, update will be provided at next SAC meeting.

ii.    Women’s Safety Committee

       Nothing to report.

iii.   Anti-Discrimination Committee

       Nothing to report.

iv.    Terms of Reference Committee

       Nothing to report.

6. New Business

       Nothing to report.

7. Meeting Dates

       The next SAC meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 2pm in room 213 William
       Small Centre.

8. Adjournment

       The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

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