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                                                            A century after the feisty Miss

   red door
                                                            Elizabeth Arden launched her first
                                                            Red Door Salon on New York’s most
                                                            famous street – the Fifth Avenue,
                                                            India prepares to experience the
                                                            luxurious Red Door Spas.
                                                            The first country outside of the US to
                                                            be considered for the spa’s expansion
   India prepares to experience the legendary               is India for many reasons, say Todd
                                                            Walter – President & CEO and
   Elizabeth Arden spa brand
                                                            Cornelia Zicu – Chief Creative Officer
   Words: Sandhya Chipalkatti                               Red Door Spas

   42 StyleSpeak - The Salon & Spa Journal u October 2010
                                              had the opportunity to meet both          in creating many avant garde creams,
                                              on their recent visit to Mumbai, and      treatments and lifestyles.
                                              what struck me was their enormous
                                            awareness of the Arden legacy, and          I feel today people have more demands
                                            commitment to the brand. While              and my job is to envision how she
                                            Cornelia described the Red Door Spa’s       would have done it today.
                                            philosophy, its customers and what
                                            makes the brand tick, Todd revealed      Who is the Red Door customer?
                                            their plans for India.                   My earlier perception was that it’s for
                                                                                     a second and third generation like
                                            You are the ‘Chief Creative Officer’ for grandma and ma…. however, it is
                                            Red Door Spas. What does it mean?        totally different! Red Door is a brand
                                            ‘Creative’ means paying attention to     for the family….for all generations. I
                                            details and creating what the guests’    think if grandma loves it, the grand
                                            need.                                                            granddaughter will
                                                                                                             be inspired by and
                                            What changes
                                                                   I feel that touching people trust the family
                                            have you made          with love and care will bring member. The
                                            since you became                                                 young generation
                                            the Chief Creative
                                                                    a lot of positive energy in comes as a
                                            Officer?               theirlifeandwillchangetheir natural domino
CORNElIA ZICU                               I don’t want to                                                  effect of following
Chief Creative Officer, Red Door            change Red Door,              health - Cornelia Zicu             grandma and
Spas                                        is the best is to                                                ma’s footsteps.
                                            keep it the way it was created by this
Highly regarded as a beauty industry        genius lady, Miss Elizabeth Arden. My       When I saw that I realized immediately
innovator and icon, Cornelia Zicu,          job really, is not to change… job       the urgency of creating new services.
Chief Creative Officer of Red Door          is to wake up every morning and to          And I want to make sure that the menu
Spas, is a world-renowned skin care         imagine what Miss Arden would do that       of services, the location and the staff
expert specializing in luxury spa and       day at work if she would have been          will be catered to make everybody
beauty treatments.                          alive. And my job is to dream as Miss       comfortable and proud and honoured
                                            Arden and try to be her in 2010.            that they chose to spend their time and
Her unique skin care treatments and                                                     money with us.
natural beauty solutions made from          To be more contemporary and
ingredients found in nature have been       relevant to today?                          What new changes have you brought
sought after by Hollywood celebrities       To ensure that the brand represents this    about that are attracting your young
and high-profile individuals around the     era, and to be avant garde. Miss Arden      clientele?
world.                                      was known as a genius entrepreneur          I am so happy to say today we are

  TODD WAlTERS                                                      “Red Door plans to
                                                                    partner with a local
  CEO, Red Door Spas
                                                                    company to open
  Todd Walter has been with Red Door Spa Holdings since             spas in India. We are
  July 2005, holding the positions of EVP & CFO, before             exploring establishing
  being elevated to COO in March 2006 and ultimately to his         freestanding, urban day
  appointment as CEO in October 2006. He has over fourteen          spas in select, gateway
  years of financial restructuring and turnaround management        cities and hotel spas in
  experience.                                                       luxury, 5 star hotels and
  • What made Arden think of bringing Red Door Spas to
  India?                                                            • How many Red Door
  “Red Door has been exploring international expansion              Spas will be launched
  opportunities for some time now. India has a rapidly growing      in India?
  economy and we have selected to expand in India based on          “Our preliminary
  the long term growth potential it has to offer to us.”            research shows that the
                                                                    Indian market represents
  • What should the Indian Consumer expect from the                 an opportunity for us to
  Spa?                                                              establish 20-25 Red Door Spas in freestanding and hotel
  “Red Door plans to be the pre-eminent Spa and Wellness            spa formats over the next 10 years.”
  Company in India. Our discerning Indian spa guests should
  expect signature services that will be tailored to their          • What future does it hold for the Indian Market?
  individual needs. The Red Door Spa experience will touch all      “The Indian population continues to grow in terms of
  the senses of our guests.”                                        education and affluence. Further, the spa industry is also
                                                                    evolving rapidly. We foresee the Indian consumer being
  • Is the Red Door Spa in India a stand alone venture or           increasingly health conscious and willing to try new spa
  does it involve a local tie-up?                                   services in the near future.”

                                                                                       StyleSpeak - The Salon & Spa Journal u October 2010 43
                                                                                           years of beauty! That people are not
                                                                                           educated in beauty, but they breathe
                                                                                           beauty. We have a lot to learn from you
                                                                                           and we have a lot to bring to you.

                                                                                           So which brands will you bring to
                                                                                           Red Door will bring its all three brands
                                                                                           to have the solution for every need.

                                                                                           You personally perform some
                                                                                           services for your favourite clients
                                                                                           yourself. When, do you feel is the
                                                                                           service the most complete?
                                                                                           I think the service is complete and
                                                                                           delivers maximum value when the
                                                                                           guest rewards you with a WOW few
                                                                                           times during the service. When I have
                                                                                           my first WOW I am smiling, and when
   successful to attract young clients,       Door is giving back. It’s creating a five    I have the second one – proud, and
   and the brand is successful that is not    star services for 50 dollars. We want        when I have the third, I am in heaven
   limited to a specific market. People say   to encourage people to take care of          because now I know my goal to change
   you cannot be wanted by everybody.         themselves. It’s one thing to tell people    that person’s life was reached.
   But I think we can be wanted if we are     to take care, and it’s another to do it.
   doing it correctly.                        Our goal is to create thousands of           Nothing can be more rewarding being
                                              these all over United States, owned          able to give your 100 percent to the
   Our focus is not just the young            by us because convenience and                person who chose you when they could
   generation, it’s about gentlemen too       accessibility is an important element        have chosen any another place ……for
   because they need care, love and           in a successful business. We want to         me the biggest honour.
   attention too. We cannot ignore them       go closer to people’s houses and not
   just because the spa                                               make people travel   Have you been able to inculcate that
   for 100 years was        Our discerning Indian spa to us.                               into each of your therapists, at every
   created for catering
   to ladies.
                             guests should expect sig- Do you have                         spa?
                                                                                           I think yes.
                            nature services that will be any Red Door
   We have everybody
   in our spa and it        tailored to their individual Spas outside of
                                                                                           If you are a good mother, it doesn’t
                                                                                           matter how many kids you have, you
   is almost like a                  needs - Todd Walter              No we don’t. But     will do the same thing for all of them.
   social community                                                   we chose India       It’s upto them, how they learn, and they
   when you see all                                                   over so many         may add their talent to express what
   generations and genders there and          countries.                                   they know in their own way. I select
   that’s the beauty.                         We recognized the huge possibility           them carefully but I make them into an
                                              here and of course the growth in your        artist. I give them the tools - I give them
   We want to create a Red Door family        country is appealing to any business         the Red Door core and concept of how
   and not a business, and Red door is a      now. The growing young generation;           the business should be done. I don’t
   family now.                                the English factor; the democracy….          want therapists who are robots. I insist
                                              but what really decided our choice           and inspire them to add their talent -
   How many Red Door Spas do you              of India first was that you have 4000        each of them to be an artist.SS
   have across America?
   The holding has three brands - Red
   Door Spas, of which we have 31;
   Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas
   founded by the famous Hair stylist
   Mario Tricoci and this brand has 25
   locations in Chicago market and then
   we just launched a brand, Simply Face
   and Body - it has just massages and
   facials - no nails and hair, or even make

   This was created by us to give back to
   the community. It’s a MASSTIGE brand
   (I love this term) - a prestige brand for
   the masses. When you reach a certain
   level - you really have to give back to
   others and this is one way that Red

   44 StyleSpeak - The Salon & Spa Journal u October 2010

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