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                                      JULY 20, 2009


WELCOME/INTRODUCTIONS                  President Hemminger welcomed members and
invited guests to be introduced.

CITIZENS TO ADDRESS THE LEPC              None present.

SPEAKER Dan Reilly, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National
Weather Service Houston-Galveston gave a powerpoint presentation on the improved
warning systems the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Service are using.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES          Meeting minutes of May 18, 2009 were available as a
handout to attendees. Motion made to approve minutes as printed. Motion seconded
and carried.

APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL REPORT               Financial Reports for May and June 2009
were available as handouts to attendees. Motion made by Roy Turner to approve
Financial Reports as submitted. Motion seconded and carried.

FACILITY REPORTS             Centauri Technologies reported on December 1st gasket
failure incident which created a large steam cloud.

Drew Wharton with Odfjell Terminals reported on June 4th plug leak incident with no
outside impact.

Aaron Tolleson with Air Products reported he does not have all the details for report
and will provide a report at next meeting.
Southeast Regional Lepc Mtg.
July 20, 2009
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PRESIDENT’S REPORT            President Hemminger reported that Tim Lancelin is
temporarily filling a promotion position and David Gray with Oxy Vinyls is filling
the position as Chairman of the Emergency Warning Systems Committee.
Requested members to fill out information sheets on the tables as the Executive
Board is planning a Plant Managers Breakfast some time in September and need
current contact information.
Reminder that September 21st LEPC meeting will be at San Jacinto College.
Notified the Executive Board will finalize invoice letter at August Executive Board
Meeting and invoices will come out after that.
 Pasadena Chief Jackson reported on new City of Pasadena Truck Ordinance and
had copies of new ordinance available.


Compliance      Chairman not present.

Emergency Response & Security        Drew Wharton reported on upcoming meeting
of the committee the first week in August.

Emergency Warning System David Gray reported on email sent out to facilities
to update Alarm Schedule on website and requested anyone who didn’t receive the
email, to check their current alarm schedule listing and notify him if it is correct.
Also spoke on other ideas the committee will be working on involving CAER Line
and notifications.

Public Education & Community Awareness          Peter Bowman not present.

OLD BUSINESS           None.

NEW BUSINESS           None.

GOOD OF THE ORDER              Roy Turner reported on September 24th the Lyondell
Pipe Line Division will be running a full scale drill that will be managed from the
Pipe Line Emergency Operations Center facility on Underwood Road and will
include federal, state, county and local agencies.

Sam Pipkin reported Deer Park LEPC is undertaking a hazardous materials study
for southeast Harris County and grant applications need to be completed.
Southeast Regional Lepc Mtg.
July 20, 2009
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Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned
at 12:38 p.m.


Maria Mathis - AES Deepwater
Greg Johnson – Air Liquide
Aaron Tolleson - Air Products
Richard Sutherland - Albemarle
Bill Reeves – Alpha Technical Services
Rex Shuff - BASF Pasadena
Charles Moore – Bayshore Medical
Randy Ryder – Bealine Service
Charles Nuttall – Centauri Technologies
Kyle Killebrew - Centauri Technologies
Terry Graham – Chevron Phillips
William Young – CSC/Computer Sciences
Joseph Vaughn – Conoco Phillips Pipe Line
Clinton Mehta – Conoco Phillips Pipe Line
Sam Pipkin – Deer Park City/LEPC
Allen Armintor – Dianal America
Gerald Gammel - Dixie Chemical
Ross Powers - Dorsett Brothers
Keith Purvis – (Dow) UCAR Emulsions Systems & Monomers
Darren Ebner – Dow Pipe Line
Dave Stang – El Cary, City
Tom Merchant – El Lago, City
Tom Jones – Equistar Pipe Line
Lonny Brumley – Ethyl
Ethyl Corporation
Jason Olin – E.T.M.C. EMS
Maurice Kelly – Exxon Mobil Pipe Line
Charlie Mills – Gulf Bayport
Harris County OEM
Rick Anorga – Harris County SO
Harris County SO
Pete Greco – Houston Refining
Joseph Brown -Hoyer Global
Joel Gale – Ineosnova, LLC
Glen Davis - LBC Houston
Southeast Regional Lepc Mtg.
July 20, 2009
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Shiloh Jereb - Linde, LLC
Jake Leavins – Linde Clear Lake Hyco
Roy Turner – LyondellBasell - Underwood
John Lyman - MacDermid Offshore
Bob Wolff – Nova Molecular
James Kirk – Obrien’s Response Management
Drew Wharton - Odfjell Terminals
Dodie Gober – Odfjell Terminals
David Gray - OxyVinyl
M. P. Jackson – Pasadena PD/Citizen Advisory
Joanne Carpenter – Pasadena OEM
Robert Hemminger – Pasadena OEM
D. Dayanande – Pasadena Public Works
Jim McCrone – Pasadena City
Mark Beaver – Pasadena Fire
Greg McIntyre - Pasadena Refining
M. R. Mustion – Praxair
Mike Carr – Sekisui Specialty Chemicals
Stacy Lewis – Septon Co. of America
Curtis L. Leatte – Shell Pipe Line
Trent Ludtke – Teppco
Jenniffer Shields Hawes – Tx. Dept. Public Safety
Trang Vu – Texas General Land Office
Chris Kall – Trimac Transportation
Harry Stenvall – University of Houston Clear Lake


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