The Adventures of Flat Stanley by yaofenji


									The Adventures of Flat Stanley

         Flat Stanley Attends
      The Aircraft Interiors Show
         Hamburg, Germany
       March 29 – April 3, 2009
United Airlines made me an honorary pilot on a Boeing
  757 from John Wayne Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare
The captain and co-pilot showed me around the flight
           deck. How do you like my hat?
At the airport in Chicago, I saw a dinosaur
 exhibit sponsored by the Field Museum,
  that’s their museum of natural history
This Tyrannosaurus Rex is so big, we
  couldn’t get it all in one picture
Behind me is a B747, Boeing’s largest airplane; it
     has two floors for passenger seating
I flew over the Atlantic on a Boeing 777;
    this is my seat. Wow, lots of room!
  My first friend in Germany; we met in
Frankfurt waiting to connect to Hamburg
  We were the first passengers to arrive in the Lufthansa
lounge…it was “0 dark hundred”…very early in the morning
The gate agent let me board without a boarding pass
 Behind me is the Hamburg space needle; the
building you see is part of the convention center
Here I am getting ready to set up our
        trade show booth…
These tools are much too big for me…oh well; I’ll just
watch the men put it together and learn how it’s done
Here’s the stand finished but without our display…
…and here’s the stand with everything set-up.
             Pretty nice, isn’t it?
Behind me are samples of composite materials
  used on airplanes mostly as floors and the
        walls of cargo compartments
 Wow…what an honor…I met Mr. Stephen Gill,
the Chairman and CEO of M.C. Gill Corporation.
Here I am with Irv and Martin; they were
 also very nice to me during the show
 Ouch!!! Just kidding…I’m standing in front of a picture of a
lightening strike. I’ll bet that could do some serious damage
Fortunately for me, this life raft is floating inside a
    convention center and not in the ocean…
Hey…this is kind of fun!
 Whoa…I can lay down on even the smallest of their life vests…I
hope the water doesn’t get very choppy; I can’t hold on very well
 Is this a neat model or what…the guys inside are even
smaller than me. This represents the very first passenger
          jet made by Boeing. It’s called the B707
So, from one of the older jets to the newest…this is a
model of the Airbus A350 It is based on a new design
     using composite materials to reduce weight
Would you believe…I’m in a shower designed for the
worlds largest airplane, the Airbus A380. Two of these
  are actually on each A380 purchased by Emirates
Aside from the shower, this is a very nice
   bathroom…I could get used to this
      Walking the show can really be
exhausting…this seat is a welcomed comfort
My friend seems nice but doesn’t talk much…
 Martin and I were just having a chat about
how nice this restaurant is considering its age
The restaurant is famous both for its delicious
German food and for its beer…I wonder what
          food and beer taste like…
I’m not sure how beer is made but the
   equipment sure is big and shiny
I’ll bet these hold a lot of beer
Here I am near one of the large kettles
        where the beer is made
 There is always interesting stuff at airports. Here I am in Hamburg
  getting ready to board a flight to Frankfurt. I’m wondering, are
  people in Hamburg called “Hamburgers? And what do they call
people who live in Frankfurt? Anyway, wouldn’t this be fun to drive?
Oh my…it’s almost time to fly home. This is the A340 airplane
that I will soon be boarding. You can see trucks on both sides
              loading food for the long trip ahead
Wow…we’re already half way across the Atlantic
    Here you can see where we are and how
nighttime is approaching from the west. Looking
  at the map, do you know which way west is?
Home at last…it sure was a great trip. I hope you
enjoyed the story of my adventure to Germany

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