War with Mexico

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					War with Mexico
                           Warm Up
Why did Americans want to settle the
 lands in the West?
What is meant by manifest destiny?
How was the Oregon Territory
                       Manifest Destiny
It was America’s God given right to settle
 lands west of the Mississippi River
Americans viewed these lands as unoccupied
  But, Native Americans and Mexicans were living
  What does this tell you about Americans views of
   these peoples?
Look at the quote on p. 407 by John
James K. Polk, 11th President felt the same
  He promised expansion
James K. Polk
           Manifest Destiny cont..
By the 1840s, thousands of Americans
 moved into the Oregon Territory
The U.S. and Britain shared this
  Polk campaigned to fight for this land
  Fifty-four Forty or Fight!!!
The two countries did not fight, and
 divided the territory at the 49th parallel
                 Trouble with Mexico
Polk and Mexico were having some issues
Congress added Texas, in 1845, as a slave
 state-- despite Northern oppositions
  The north did not want another slave state added
  This would unbalance the majority of slave v. non-
   slave states in the United States
  Impact voting
Another problem with this is that Mexico
 claimed Texas was their land!!!
Mexico said the U.S. annexed Texas, and
 declared this an act of war!
                           Trouble cont..
Texas and Mexico could not agree on a
  Texas wanted the Rio Grande river
  Mexico wanted the Nueces river
Mexico said it would fight to defend it’s
Polk offered to buy Texas, California, and
 New Mexico for $25 million
Mexico Laughed at this offer!
                             Trouble cont…
 Polk felt insulted-- now he wanted a war
 Sent Zachary Taylor and troops to the northern bank
  of the Rio Grande
 Mexico viewed this as an act of war
 April 25, 1846--Mexican cavalry unit crossed the Rio
  Grande, and ambushed an American patrol
    Killed or wounded 16 Americans
 Polk sent a message to Congress--”Mexico has
  invaded our territory and shed blood upon American
 Congress declared war on Mexico two days later
Zachary Taylor
                          War has begun!
 American’s volunteered from Western states
 Santa Anna, president of Mexico, built up his
 America was torn about this war
   An Illinois representative wondered if the
    President was lying about his message
   His name was Abe Lincoln
 Despite opposition, America went to war
 May, 1846: General Taylor invaded Mexico
 Everyone thought it would be easy to defeat the
   Boy were they wrong!!!
Santa Anna
 Capturing New Mexico and Calif.
General Stephen Kearny and his troops
 left Kansas for New Mexico
  A 650 mile journey
He took New Mexico without firing a
  Used persuasion and tricked the Mexicans
   into thinking he was withdrawing
He then moved into California
                       Taking California
 California was occupied by 8-12k Mexican
 Explorer John C. Fremont led a rebellion against
  Mexican rule in Calif.
 This was known as the Bear Flag Revolt
 They arrested a Mexican commander, and raised
  a flag with a bear and star on it
 The rebels declared Calif. Independent from
  Mexico, and called themselves Republic of Calif.
 Americans controlled Calif. Within weeks
John C. Fremont
Bear Flag Revolt

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