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Prior learning (vocabulary)

Basic weather phrases
Some items of clothing

Lesson 1
objectives           Key language                      actvity                                          resources
Know some French                                       Starter – link to clothes
cities and be        A + town ……                       Match up beginnings of sentences with
familiar with a      Dans le nord                      possible endings
basic map of         Dans le sud                       Eg. Song to tune mulbury bush using
France               à l’ouest                         structure
                     à l’est                           Quand il fait froid je porte un pull etc. They
Be able to listen    au centre                         choose endings for phrases and sing a verse
and respond to the                                     to song in groups
description of the   marchez (walk)
weather in a         sautez (jump)                      guess the sentence : teacher writes a
certain area of      courez (run)                      sentence on mini whiteboard. Pupils try and
France                                                 guess what it is. (could do this in pairs)
                     vers le sud / le nord / l’est /
Be able to give a    l’ouest (towards the south, north,   introduce north south east west using take
simple description   east, west)                          10 activity. Ask pupils to run, jump and walk
about the weather                                         on the spot using commands. Then practise
in France                                                 north south east west. Then put the 2
                                                          together giving commands such as ‘marchez
                                                          vers le nord’

                                                          watch top DVD clip. From quinze minutes
                                                          plus. ( Could pick out some of instructions to
                                                          use with games )

                                                          give pupils a map and weather cards in 2 or
                                                          3s. teacher reads out instructions and they
                                                          put on the map. Use towns and compass

                                                          Pupils could do activity in pairs ie. give each
                                                          other a weather phrase and a town or area
                                                          of France and place what they hear on the
Lesson 2
objectives       Key language                         actvity
                                                      Starter – warm up
                 A + town ……                          marchez (walk)
                 Dans le nord                         sautez (jump)
                 Dans le sud                          courez (run)
                 à l’ouest                            vers le sud / le nord / l’est / l’ouest           Flipchart
                 à l’est
                 au centre                            introduce sound patterns é, oi, en, eu using
                                                      powerpoint slides. Then practice using tick a
                 marchez (walk)                       tape.                                             Powerpoint and
                 sautez (jump)                        Read out words containing the sounds and          tickertape
                 courez (run)                         they hold phoneme cards up or play repeat if
                                                      true game.                                        Cards / repeat if
                 vers le sud / le nord / l’est /                                                        true game
                 l’ouest (towards the south, north,   End with reminding which words to do with
                 east, west)                          weather do they know with these sounds? Can
                                                      they pronounce the phrases properly?
Listen for       ‘en’ (hiver / France)                Remind them about silent letters on the end
certain sounds   Vent                                 of words (d / s / t) focus on this next lesson.
(O4.3)           quand
                 Fait                                 Show slides of la terre, le continent, un pays    A la francaise pp.
                 Cafe                                 une grande ville, île
                          Have 4 nouns on board (le continent, un pays
                  Pleut   une grande ville, île) Teacher says a country /
LLS L5.1 Use      Neuf    town etc and they – c’est un / une ……. Try in
the context of    deux    pairs.
what they         Froid                                                     Map and description
see/read to       trois   Give copy of map and 5 descriptions of places.    cards.
determine some            First of all identify the names of the places –   Flipchart with map
of the meaning.           can they work out what they are. Go through       and eg.
                          one as an eg on flipchart. What clues can they
Be able to say            use
whether                       a) similar words in English
something is a                b) context
country, town,            can they match up the places to numbers and
continent or              then what info can they give about each
island                    place? Can they use French to discuss which
                          number they think it is? (C’est numero …. Non
                          c’est numero …)
Lesson 3
objectives          Key language                       actvity

Be able to pick     Quatre sauts vers le nord etc      Physical activity as lesson 2 but with          cards
out a range of      Face sud etc et marchez / courez   additional instructions
instructions to     Changez de direction – face nord
take part in an
activity changing                                      Consolidation of planet, continent etc.         Flipchart
directions                                             Pronounce using flipchart. Then give some
                                                       places and ask each table to think about        Mini whiteboards
                                                       whether it’s a toen, country etc etc.

Be able to say                                         Ask pupils to guess what the weather is like in
whether                                                Montreal, La reunion and Paris. They write on
something is a                                         a board (per table). A Paris ….Check webcams Powerpoint with
country, town,                                         to see whether this helps.                      links to websites
continent or
island                                                 Ask pupils to consider what they might
                                                       expect to see in a weather report (link with
                                                       literacy). Short bits of writing. Lots of
                                                       symbols and pictures. Headings. Directions.
                  Days of week. Look at weather reports from
                  the 3 places. What info can they get from
                  this? Print them out per table. Have on
                  whiteboard to model.

Work with         Give groups an opportunity to look at forecast
different types   from one of the places and then share what
of text( L6.2     they can gather from the forecast with the
Identify          class                                            Flipchart with map
different text                                                     and eg.
types & read,     Write sentences about the weather
short authentic
texts for         A   Paris …
enjoyment or      A   Montreal
Information)      A   la Reunion
                  A   Tamworth
Lesson 4
objectives           Key language           actvity

Be able locate
certain places on    C’est Janvier          Card sort into continents, islands, cities etc.   cards
a map and say
whether              Quel temps fait-il ?   Show map on flipchart with 4 or 5 places. Can
something is a                              pupils put them in the right place on the map.
country, town,       fantastique            Can they say whether it’s a planet, town etc in
continent or         pas bien               French?

To use prior                                Map with equator and weather symbols. Tell
knowledge                                   them it’s January. Take the places in turn and
(weather                                    get them to suggest what the weather might
phrases and                                 be like there. Pupils move weather symbols on
geographical                                the map on the interactive whiteboard.
knowledge) to                               Discuss why. (equator etc)
guess what the
weather might
be like in certain
To be able to                        Show the text of the song. Discuss what
pick detail out of                   could be in the gaps and reveal
a text,
suggesting words                     Sing song with actions to the tune of ‘my         Flipchart with map
which might fit                      darling clementine’                               and eg.
into gaps
                                     Talk to pupils about what they have learnt up
                                     to now and what is reinforced through the
                                     song (question about what the weather is like,
                                     some months, French speaking places,
                                     weather phrases, opinions)

Lesson 5
objectives           Key language    actvity

                     Des fleurs      Quiz questions on flipchart. Can they suggest
                     Une plage       answers (using mini whiteboards) as a table ?     flipchart
                     Des montagnes
                     Des musées      Sing the climate song again with actions
                     Un fleuve
Use strategies       Une tour        Flipchart with places on. Invite pupils to make
for guessing the   Un château       suggestions and see how many words and
meaning of new     Une cathèdrale   pictures they can match.
words              La mer
                   Un café          A couple of activities such as ‘guess which      Flashcards
                   Un volcan        flashcard I’m holding’, repeat if true. Give     Small cards
Be able to                          pictures of places out on card. Game: Teacher
pronounce and                       says 4 places. The first table to bring the
know the                            correct 4 pictures wins a point.
meaning of a
range of places                     Identify 2 places on a world map. (Martinique
(such as tower,                     and Paris). Can they guess what type of places
beach, mountains                    they might be?                                   Video clips
etc)                                Watch the 2 video clips

                                    Ask the pupils to name a few of the places
                                    they spotted in the video clips.

                                    Use picture cards and this time word cards
                                    also. Pupils should match pictures to words      Picture and word
                                    and put them under 2 columns according to        cards
                                    which country they think the photo was taken
                                    Discuss answers.

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