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									Itinerary              cars                                  Itinerary             bikes

09.00 – 10:30   Breakfast available                          09.00 – 10:30   Breakfast available
09:30           1st track briefing for cars                  09:30           1st track briefing for motorcycles
09:30 – 16:30   Advanced Technology testing:                 09:30 – 16:30   Advanced Technology testing:
                CMBS testing for Legend and CR-V                             CMBS testing for Legend and CR-V
                (Collision Mitigation Braking System)                        (Collision Mitigation Braking System)
                SH - AWD testing for Legend                                  SH - AWD testing for Legend
                (Super Handling - All Wheel Drive)                           (Super Handling - All Wheel Drive)
                Cars and motorcycles available for                           Motorcycles and cars available for
                road-route testing                                           road-route testing
                Guided tour of our new media website -                       Guided tour of our new media website -
10:00           Track opens for cars only                    10:00           Track opens for motorcycles only
10:30           2nd track briefing for cars                  10:30           2nd track briefing for motorcycles
11:00 – 12:00   1st ATV session                              11:00 – 12:00   1st ATV session
12:00 – 14:00   Lunch available                              12:00 – 14:00   Lunch available
12:00 – 13:00   Track closes for lunch                       12:00 – 13:00   Track closes for lunch
12:30           3rd track briefing for cars                  12:30           3rd track briefing for motorcycles
12:30 – 13:30   Lawn Mower activity                          12:30 – 13:30   Lawn Mower activity
13:00 – 14:30   Track re-opens                               13:00 – 14:30   Track re-opens
14:30 – 15:30   2nd ATV session                              14:30 – 15:30   2nd ATV session
14:45 – 15:15   Track briefing for motorcycles               14:45 – 15:15   Track briefing for cars
14:30 – 15:15   Track closes for cars                        14:30 – 15:15   Track closes for motorcycles
15:15 – 16:30   Track open for motorcycles only              15:15 – 16:30   Track open for cars only
16:30           Day ends                                     16:30           Day ends

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Contents                                New S2000

                                        HONDA’S NEW S2000 ON SALE
                                        Honda’s refreshed S2000 is now on sale in the UK with new suspension
                                        settings to make the iconic two-seater more communicative,
                                        predictable and exhilarating to drive.
                                        The S2000’s handling and performance characteristics have been
    3         Itinerary                 enhanced by a change to the suspension. The new set-up is identical
                                        to that fitted to its Japanese counterpart – the S2000 Type-S.
    5         New S2000                 Re-tuned dampers, uprated springs and thicker anti-roll bars give the
                                        car greater stability, agile handling and more responsive steering, to
                                        help harness the S2000’s high-revving 240PS 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine.
    12        What’s coming when?
                                        Also featuring on the 2008 car are a new design of 17-inch 5-spoke
    15        Sales figures             alloy wheels and a new paint colour – Synchro Silver. On the inside,
                                        there are three new leather interiors to choose from – Black with red
                                        stitching, Brown with red stitching and Red with black sides. There is
    16        Civic Hybrid Rally Car    also a design change to the headrest frame which has been
                                        re-shaped to offer greater roll-over protection*.
    17        Marketing Camapign 2008   “The S2000 has always been a raw, exciting, performance car,” said
                                        Tom Gardner, Head of Marketing, Honda (UK), “but some found the
                                        car a little too edgy in some conditions. These latest changes make
    19        Did you Know?
                                        the S2000 even more fun to drive but predictable too – giving the
                                        driver more confidence.”
    37        Product line-up 2007
                                        Sales of S2000 in 2007 totalled 563 units. The model is priced from
                                        £28,050 for the Roadster and £28,600 for the GT model with
    48        Thumbnail images          detachable roof.

    49        Contacts for the week

                                        *The S2000 has a 4 star NCAP rating for adult occupant protection

4                                                                                                             5                                    
New S2000                                                               S2000 History

Trophy cabinet                                                          September 1999:   Sales start in the UK
Since its UK debut in 1999, the S2000 has always been a drivers’ car,
hailed for its engaging drive on and off track, both of which are       March 2002:       Range updated with improvements to
reflected by the numerous awards the car has won. Here are some of                        suspension, greater choice of paint and
the more recent:                                                                          trim colours, CD audio system. New GT
                                                                                          model has pre-fitted aluminium hardtop
Best Convertible            The Sunday Times                            June 2002:        S2000 gains 4-star rating for occupant
Best Engine 1.8-2.0-litre   International Engine of the Year                              safety in Euro NCAP crash test

2003                                                                    January 2004:     Updates include chassis stiffening, body
Best Roadster               Auto Express Used Car Honours                                 rigidity, spring and damper settings,
Best Engine 1.8-2.0-litre   International Engine of the Year                              new wheels, steering response,
                                                                                          advanced ABS, styling (rear bumper,
2004                                                                                      triple-lens headlamps/tail-lights) and
Best Convertible            The Sunday Times                                              interior (trim, audio, security)
Best Sports Car             Auto Express Driver Power Survey
Best Engine 1.8-2.0-litre   International Engine of the Year            January 2006:     Refreshed with drive-by-wire throttle;
                                                                                          VSA; new wheels; roll-over hoop
2005                                                                                      speakers; new paint options; interior trim
1st Place overall           Auto Express Driver Power Survey
Best Sports Car             Top Gear Reader Survey                      January 2008:     Further enhanced with Japanese
                                                                                          specification suspension, new alloy
2006                                                                                      wheels and new interior and exterior
Winner                      Auto Express Driver Power Survey –                            colours
                            making it the second consecutive year
                            and scoring a remarkable 98 per cent in
                            build quality, reliability and braking
Winner                      Auto Express Driver Power Survey in which
                            S2000 was voted Best Sports Car, Best for
                            braking and best for reliability

6                                                                                                                                7                                                     
New S2000                                                                   New S2000

Key features                                                                S2000 2.0i VTEC Roadster
                                                                            Standard equipment includes:
• High-revving, 240PS 2.0-litre engine
                                                                            •   6-speed manual transmission        •   Headlight washers
• New for 2008: Enhanced suspension with re-tuned dampers and               •   17” alloy wheels                   •   HID headlights
                                                                            •   Anti-lock braking system (ABS)     •   High level rear brake light
  uprated springs giving a more communicative and predictable
                                                                            •   Anti-roll bars, front and rear     •   Interior and perimeter alarm system
  drive with greater stability; VSA as standard; new 5-spoke alloy          •   Automatic headlight height             (CAT 1)
  wheels; three new interior trim colours and one exterior paint            •   Bee sting aerial                   •   Leather and alloy gear knob
  colour – Synchro Silver                                                   •   Body coloured bumpers              •   Leather upholstery
                                                                            •   Body coloured door handles         •   Leather wrapped steering wheel
• Still ‘The Fastest Hood in the West’. It only takes six seconds to drop   •   Body coloured door mirrors         •   Manual air conditioning
  the top – faster than any other convertible in the UK!                    •   Boot release in locking centre     •   Outside temperature gauge
                                                                                console                            •   Passenger vanity mirror with lid in
Price (OTR):      Roadster – from £28,050                                   •   Cabin filter                           sunshade
                  GT – from £28,600                                         •   Central locking                    •   Rear disc brakes
                                                                            •   Digital odometer (trip)            •   Remote keyless entry
Top speed:        150mph                                                    •   Drilled aluminium pedals           •   Remote stereo controls
                                                                            •   Drive By Wire (DBW)                •   Roll bar speakers (2 way, 30W)
0-62mph:          6.2 seconds                                               •   Dual front SRS (Supplemental       •   Roll over protection bars
                                                                                Restraint System) airbags          •   Rolling code ECU engine
Combined mpg: 28.2                                                          •   Electrically adjustable and            immobiliser
                                                                                heated door mirrors                •   Seatbelt buckle pre-tensioners
CO :2             236g/km                                                   •   Electric roof operation            •   Side impact protection beams
                                                                            •   Electric power assisted steering   •   Soft-top with glass heated rear
Engine:           1997cc VTEC petrol                                        •   Embossed kick plates                   screen
                                                                            •   Engine start button                •   Spare wheel – space saver
Power:            240PS at 8,300rpm                                         •   Electric windows                   •   Stereo CD tuner with RDS
                                                                            •   Cupholders                         •   Tachometer (rev counter)
Torque:           208Nm at 7,500rpm                                         •   Front ventilated disc brakes       •   Tweeters
                                                                            •   Front speakers                     •   VSA
Insurance rating: 20

Service interval: 9,000 miles
                                                                            S2000 sales in the UK
                                                                            The UK is by far the biggest market for S2000. Germany is the next
                                                                            biggest market, followed by Italy and Spain.

                                                                            Jan-Dec 2007:                                  563 units
                                                                            2008 YTD (current to 18 Jan, 2008):             10 units
                                                                            Total UK sales to date (1999-present):       7,596 units

8                                                                                                                                                     9                                                                          
New S2000                      Did you Know?

                               1 The new S2000 has just gone on sale with new suspension settings,
                                 a new 17-inch alloy wheel design and new paint colour – Synchro

                               2 The S2000 boasts a 2.0 i-VTEC engine producing 240PS

                               3 S2000 chief engineer Shigeru Uehara chose to seek new
                                 approaches to the design of the car, using clever engineering
                                 solutions to create a highly efficient engine boasting excellent
                                 emissions performance

                               4 S2000 came top of Top Gear’s Driver Power Survey in 2007, for the
                                 third year on the trot. In the Auto Express Driver Power Survey it
                                 also picked up Best Sports Car (and got awards for Best Braking
                                 and Best Reliability)

                               5 The S2000 still has ‘The Fastest Hood in the West’. It only takes six
                                 seconds to drop the top – faster than any other convertible in the

                               6 The 2000 in the name refers to the cubic capacity of its
                                 extraordinary engine. The ‘S’ stands for sport just as it did in the
                                 names of its predecessors (the S360, S500, S600 and S800 sports

                               7 The 2.0litre i-VTEC won International Engine of the Year for four
                                 years running (2001 – 2004)

                               8 The S2000 accelerates to 62mph from a standing start in

                               9 Maximum speed is 150mph

                               10 When the S500 (spiritual predecessor to the S2000) was launched
                                  not all of the Japanese public approved. Its colour scheme of red
                                  and white was controversial as only the nation’s fire engines and
                                  police cars bore those colours!

10                                                                                                      11                         
What’s coming, when?                                                      What’s coming, when?

Honda (UK) finished ahead of target in 2007, bringing a year of           New Accord
successes to an encouraging close. 2008 makes way for the sharper,
sportier new Accord, the two millionth car produced at Honda’s            Honda (UK)’s sharper, sportier new D-sector saloon is due to be
manufacturing plant in Swindon and plenty more.                           unveiled at Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale in the summer.
                                                                          The Accord is one the of the first model ranges to be powered by
2008 summary                                                              Euro 5 compliant engines, one of which is the new i-DTEC, offering
                                                                          increased power with lower emissions.
4-8 Feb      Driving Week, Brands Hatch: Test the full range of cars on
             and off-track; Try the new Fireblade, Transalp or another    Accord key dates
             motorcycle or do a spot of gardening and test the
             newly-launched Izy lawnmower.                                February                First announcement and images
4 Feb        New TV campaign launches                                     March                   Geneva Motor Show - production car unveiled
Feb          Two millionth car produced at HUM, Swindon
                                                                          1 June                  Saloon on sale
May          Honda’s 60th Anniversary
                                                                          1 Sept                  Tourer on sale
June         FCX Clarity goes on sale in US
June         Accord saloon on sale
September New Jazz unveiled                                               New TV campaign
          Accord Tourer on sale
Early 2009   Global Hybrid on sale                                        Honda (UK)’s new marketing campaign kicks-off with the first press
                                                                          adverts on Monday 14 January and TV adverts on Monday 4 February.
                                                                          Both focus on Honda’s passion for solving problems, such as reducing
                                                                          the environmental impact of its products. Starring in the adverts are
                                                                          the Civic Hybrid and other innovations like the FCX Clarity and low-
                                                                          emission Honda Jet.

                                                                          Hydrogen fuel cell car, FCX Clarity, on sale
                                                                          The FCX Clarity is the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell car
                                                                          to go into production, and it goes on sale in the US this summer.

                                                                          For images and more information on any of the cars and events mentioned here, visit
                                                         FCX Clarity

12                                                                                                                                                        13                                                                        
What’s Coming, When?                                                                  Sales Figures

Jazz                                                                                  Year-End 2007 Sales
                                                                                       UK                                                Up to 31 December, 2007
The latest Fit (Jazz in the UK) debuted at the Paris Motor Show last
                                                                                       Jazz                                                        28,170
year and went on sale in Japan in October 2007. The UK isn’t getting                   Civic (5dr, Type S, Type R)                                 41,859
its version of the top-selling supermini until later this year, but                    Civic Hybrid                                                 2,812
customers can expect great value for money, a frugal and low-                          Accord                                                       8,033
emission engine, and an interior that’s even more clever, versatile                    CR-V                                                        21,695
                                                                                       FR-V                                                         2,705
and spacious than before.
                                                                                       Legend                                                        181
                                                                                       S2000                                                         563
Images of the new Fit (Japan only model) as well as the on sale
                                                                                       UK sales (total)                                           106,018
announcement are available at:
                                                                                       Europe                                           January – December 2007
                                                                                       Jazz                                                       75,534
                                                                                       Civic (5dr, Type S, Type R)                               149,567
Global Hybrid                                                                          Civic Hybrid                                               10,515
                                                                                       Accord                                                     47,850
Honda will launch an entirely new, family-sized hybrid vehicle in early                CR-V                                                       90,562
                                                                                       FR-V                                                       15,182
2009. Designed with affordability in mind, the global hybrid shows                     Legend                                                      1,868
Honda’s commitment to making the technology even more                                  S2000                                                      1,117
accessible. With sales forecasted at 200,000 cars a year, globally, the                Other non-UK models                                         6,765
Global Hybrid represents another huge step forward in Honda’s                          European sales (total)                                    398,960
commitment to hybrid technology.                                                      Honda UK sales for 2007 were up 8.5 per cent on 2006 – well above the industry
                                                                                      average of 3 per cent. It was also the first time Honda (UK) sold over 100,000
                                                                                      units in a calendar year.
Civic SE+                                                                             Honda’s European sales growth has outpaced all other auto manufacturers in
                                                                                      2007, according to ACEA industry figures. European sales were up 21.5 per cent
The most recent Civic variant went on sale on 2 January, 2008, fitted                 on 2006 making it the sixth consecutive year-on-year sales increase. Popularity of
with distinctive 16-inch ‘Atlas’ alloys, body-coloured skirts and spoiler             the Civic and CR-V across the whole of Europe has helped achieve this growth.
giving it a sporty look and representing excellent value for money.
The full press release and images can be downloaded from our
                                                                                      Current 2008 Sales
media website.                                                                         UK                                                 Up to 18 January, 2008
                                                                                       Jazz                                                         748
                                                                                       Civic (5dr, Type S, Type R)                                 1288
                                                                                       Civic Hybrid                                                 157
                                                                                       Accord                                                       297
For images and more information on any of the cars and events mentioned here, visit
                                                                                       CR-V                                                         768
                                                                                       FR-V                                                          80
                                                                                       Legend                                                        3
                                                                                       S2000                                                         10
                                                                                       UK sales (total)                                            3351

14                                                                                                                                                                  15                                                                                   
Honda Rally                                                                Marketing Campaign 2008

Honda Civic Hybrid…                                                        Honda launches ‘Problem Playground’ campaign to
                                                                           underline environmental credentials
the rally car
                                                                           Honda (UK) has launched a new advertising campaign to showcase
Honda races cars, bikes, ATVs and even lawnmowers, so it’s no              its ‘green’ innovations, developed to create products that are less
surprise that a team of engineers wanted to race our Civic Hybrid          impactful on the environment.
                                                                           Ian Armstrong, Honda (UK) Communications Manager comments:
Paul Andrews and Bill Meeson, from Lancashire-based Oaktec, have
                                                                           “For the past few years our campaigns have told different stories
modified a Civic Hybrid to compete in rallies in the UK. The petrol-
                                                                           about Honda. This campaign takes this to the next level and allows us
electric Civic competes in the Modified 1400cc class, as its engine is
                                                                           to showcase some of the many environmentally focused technology
a 1.3-litre unit. However, the car also benefits from having an electric
                                                                           innovations we have been developing since the 1950s, as well as
motor, so gains a performance advantage over its rivals. The tuned
                                                                           some of our future products.”
Hybrid still manages to deliver around 50mpg in normal use.

Oaktec Civic Hybrid rally cars retain the Honda CVT transmission,
which makes it easier to drive in a competition environment.

In 2006, the team won the class championship with a 1.0-litre Honda
Insight Hybrid in the Formula 1000 stage rally series. What made this
remarkable was the fact the car returned over 70mpg in normal use,
with a CO2 output of just 85g/km.

“We were delighted at the performance of the new Civic Hybrid on
its first event,” said Oaktec co-driver Bill Meeson. “Even though we
are at a very early stage of development the car ran quickly and
faultlessly throughout a very tough event. It felt very stable in both
slow and fast corners and had remarkable agility for what is quite a
large car. For now we will concentrate on increasing performance
while retaining the low emissions and high fuel efficiency of the
standard car.”                                                             The creative idea, developed by Sam Heath and Frank Ginger, uses a
                                                                           variety of popular puzzles and reworks them to demonstrate Honda’s
Oaktec was formed in 1998 and is supported by the UK                       passion for solving problems. In the print and outdoor activity, hand-
Government’s Energy Efficient Motorsport initiative EEMS. This aims to     illustrated puzzles ask the viewer to solve simple visual teasers, and in
promote a sustainable future for the UK motorsport industry by             doing so, demonstrate some of the different environmental products
addressing the environmental issues of carbon and other toxic              that Honda has developed in the last 10 years, with the main focus
emissions and fuel energy wastage – an area which the Oaktec               being the Honda Civic Hybrid.
Honda Civic Hybrid project has tackled with great success.

16                                                                                                                                              17                                                                    
Marketing Campaign 2008                                                     Did you Know?

The three radio spots use the well known tones of Garrison Keillor to
present Honda’s philosophy of ‘Why problems can be a joy.’
A bespoke micro-site developed by Collective London supports the            1 At launch, the Honda Accord Tourer had the world’s first ‘one-
campaign. hosts more puzzles and                    motion’ fold flat rear seat and powered tailgate
information on a range of Honda environmental products and
                                                                            2 An Accord means agreement or reaching harmony. The Accord’s
initiatives. The site goes live today and asks visitors to help build the
                                                                              cabin is soundproofed to create a more harmonious environment
home page by completing a large puzzle, with each person receiving
                                                                              for passengers
a piece to be placed in the correct place. Once the puzzle has been
completed, a complete ‘problem playground’ will showcase a variety          3 Most components in the car are made from recycled plastics and
of Honda products, using puzzles to help explain the technologies             the fascia is 100 per cent recyclable
behind Honda’s ground-breaking engineering achievements.
                                                                            4 The Accord was voted Executive Green Car of the Year in the
                                                                              Environmental Transport Association awards in 2006

                                                                            5 The new Sport GT model is the result of customer and dealer
                                                                              feedback. There was a demand for high equipment levels with a
                                                                              sportier drive and looks

                                                                            6 The Accord has been voted Best Japanese Car for 15 years
                                                                              running in the USA

                                                                            7 The Honda Accord was the subject of the most-awarded TV
                                                                              advert ever: Cog – the advert took three weeks to shoot and was
                                                                              filmed with one continuous shot on the 318th attempt!

                                                                            8 The current Accord (in its various forms) is the most popular mid-
                                                                              sized family saloon car on the planet!
The finale of this campaign will be a TV ad launching on February 4th.
                                                                            9 The Accord EX with ADAS can drive itself (LKAS technology helps
Kim Papworth, Creative Director of Wieden + Kennedy comments:                 the car remain in the centre of the lane by ‘reading’ white lines
“This ad celebrates the optimism and ingenuity of Honda and the               and adjusting the power steering)
human way they approach environmental engineering.”                         10 The 2008 Accord will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show
The TV ad will also introduce the new Honda FCX Clarity, the first zero-
emission hydrogen fuel cell car to go into production. Extra content
and behind the scenes footage will be available on

18                                                                                                                                             19                                                                    
Did you Know?                                                           Did you Know?

CR-V                                                                    Civic Type S
1 Over 2.5 million CR-Vs have been sold in over 160 countries – more    1 The design of the Civic hatchback was inspired by the Japanese
  countries than any other Honda automotive product                       kimono which uses smooth lines to create strong sweeping
2 CR-V stands for Compact Recreational Vehicle
                                                                        2 The Civic Type S is not just a 3-door version of the 5-door! It has
3 The diesel-engined CR-V is smaller, and has lower emissions than        redesigned suspension and wider rear track to provide a sportier
  many hatchbacks                                                         drive and better handling
4 The petrol-engined car has lower emissions, higher mpg and better     3 The 2.2 Diesel Type S achieves 64.2mpg on the extra urban cycle
  pedestrian safety than a Mini Cooper 1.6-litre 16V S convertible
                                                                        4 The Type S has a more refined interior than Type R, designed to be
5 CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System) and ACC (Adaptive            ‘less raw’ and provide greater comfort to both the driver and
  Cruise Control) are available as options – features that are unique     passenger
  to the sector
                                                                        5 The Type S has a boot space to rival most D-segment cars
6 CR-V is now the number one selling SUV in the US and the UK             1,352 litres of luggage space – extra 70 litres beneath the boot
                                                                          and even a 14-litre glove box
7 CR-V is the number one selling SUV in the UK, and has held this
  position for the past two years at least                              6 The Type S has a 50 litre fuel tank, centrally-mounted to give
                                                                          greater space inside the cabin
8 CR-V was voted ‘best small 4x4’ in the 2008 Business Car Awards
  and also came runner up as the What Diesel Car? Best SUV              7 Leg room in the Civic Type S is actually enhanced over the 5-door
9 Compared to the previous model, 35mm lower ride height and a
  30mm increase in width provide the new CR-V with greater ‘car-        8 The Civic is the only car in the market that allows the driver to
  like’ handling                                                          monitor rear seatbelt usage on request
10 The boot of the CR-V has a ‘double deck’ rear cargo shelf for        9 In 2007, 6,104 3-door Civics were sold
   loading flexibility
                                                                        10 The Type S 2.2 i-CTDi sprints to 60mph in 8.6 seconds

20                                                                                                                                            21                                                                 
Did you Know?                                                              Did you Know?

Civic 5-door                                                               Civic Type R
1 Since the first Civic was born in 1972, the car has maintained its       1 ‘R’ stands for racing and only the purest of Honda’s cars have the
  position as Honda’s most successful car, accounting for roughly            privilege of wearing the Red ‘H’
  one-third of total Honda sales worldwide
                                                                           2 The overall objective of the designers wasn’t to make the car the
2 The spacious family car’s accolades include ‘Best compact family           fastest hot hatch, but to “quicken the pulse of the driver!”
  car’ from Auto Express Driver Power Survey 2007 and in fleet, ‘Best        (Isao Akimoto – Chassis Engineer)
  lower medium sector car’ at the 2008 Business Car Awards.
                                                                           3 The current Type R has the same power unit as the previous
3 The manufacture of the Civic at Swindon is the first time that a           generation hot Civic, but the engine has been reworked to make
  plant has progressed a new model to mass production in the UK,             it easier to use everyday
  without the car being produced in a Japanese parent plant
                                                                           4 Powered by a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine, the Type R is capable of
4 Honda’s production of diesel engines on the same line it currently         0-62mph in 6.6seconds and goes on to a max speed of 146mph
  uses to produce petrol engines is seen as unique in the British car
  industry                                                                 5 Type R enthusiasts were involved in the development of the latest
                                                                             car, to ensure the most hardcore of fans had some input into the
5 There are 5,000 Associates at Honda’s HUM site at Swindon,                 next generation model
  helping to build the Civic
                                                                           6 Mick Jagger recently bought his son a Civic Type R
6 In November 2007, Civic production reached the 1million mark
                                                                           7 The lead singer of the band ‘Keane’ bought his brothers a Type R
7 The 5-door Civic has a whopping 485 litres of luggage space –              each
  beating many D segment cars
                                                                           8 The new Type R achieved shorter braking distances in wet
8 Powered by a specially-prepared 2.0-litre Type R engine, the Civic         conditions by engineers swapping the position of the calliper to in
  5-door is the chassis used by Matt Neal in this year’s British Touring     front of, not behind the wheel
  Car Championship
                                                                           9 The first red H badge was on the RA271, Honda’s first Formula 1
9 The frugal 2.2-litre diesel emits only 135g/km of CO2 in the Civic         car

10 The current Civic 5-door hatchback is built exclusively for Europe      10 ‘Hondamentalism’ demonstrates Honda’s unique racing spirit and
                                                                              endless pursuit of excellence which has run throughout the whole
                                                                              company since day one. The Civic Type R represents this concept

22                                                                                                                                             23                                                                   
Did you Know?                                                              Did you Know?

Legend                                                                     Jazz
1 Super Handling - All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) is the brainchild of the       1 The new Honda Jazz will go on sale in the UK at the end of 2007
  senior chief engineer Yasuji Shibahata, responsible for the Active
  Torque Transfer System on the Prelude in the 1990s                       2 Since launch in 2002, over 134,399 Jazz have been sold in the UK,
                                                                             which has kept Jazz in the top five selling superminis despite being
2 SH-AWD distributes torque simultaneously between front and rear            five years old.
  and regulates lateral torque to the rear wheels – a world’s first!
                                                                           3 Since its first appearance in the J.D. Power CSI in 2004, Jazz has
3 SH-AWD means better cornering and acceleration stability. During           always been rated No.1 in its category, as well as finishing in first
  heavy cornering 70% of torque can be distributed to the outer rear         place overall in 2004, 2005 and 2007
  wheel reducing understeer
                                                                           4 Jazz scored an impressive 96 per cent in the 2007 Which?
4 Levels of SH-AWD torque distribution can be viewed on the                  Reliability survey, making it the UK’s most reliable car.
                                                                           5 The almighty Jazz continues to record impressive results in the
5 Audiopilot technology from BOSE uses ‘in-cabin noise suppression’          supermini sector with 2007 year end sales totalling 28,170 units. In
  to cancel road, wind and other intrusive noises by sending out an          the retail sector, Jazz has held onto the number one spot amongst
  opposite phase signal through the speaker system.                          its competitor set for the past four years, selling an average of
                                                                             19,300 units each year.
6 LKAS uses a camera in the windscreen to recognise where the
  road markings are and adjusts the EPS (Electronic Power Steering)        6 The Jazz’s innovative, original styling is based on a design concept
  accordingly to keep the car in the centre of a road lane                   of the Japanese word ‘zenshin’, meaning new, progressive and
7 The Legend’s pop-up bonnet system could reduce pedestrian
  casualties by around 10 per cent                                         7 The current 1.2-litre or 1.4-litre engines provide startling fuel
                                                                             economy of up to 57.7mpg
8 The climate control system is linked to the GPS in the Sat Nav, and
  adjusts the temperature in the car according to the position of the      8 The Jazz has 380 litres of luggage space. That’s more than any
  sun                                                                        other car in its class

9 Do you know your acronyms? Over 20 are used in the press pack            9 The cinema style rear ‘magic’ seats fold up to provide a tall
  from ABS to VSA                                                            luggage area large enough to fit a full size mountain bike!

10 ACC stands for Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses a laser              10 The Jazz is the only car in the Honda range to be given a pink
   mounted in the front grille to detect cars in front, and then adjusts      paint
   the speed to maintain a safe distance

24                                                                                                                                               25                                                                      
Did you Know?                                                                 Did you Know?

FR-V                                                                          Hybrid
1 In a study to find out what kids most wanted from a car, after              1 Honda was the first manufacturer to bring hybrid technology to
  flying(!) and driving themselves, most just wanted to sit in the front        the mass market in 1999 with the Honda Insight
  – and they can in the FR-V!
                                                                              2 A third of all customers visiting Honda dealers across the UK ask
2 Two engines are available: a 1.8-litre i-VTEC petrol, and a 2.2 i-CTDi        about the Civic Hybrid
                                                                              3 Honda (UK) sold 2,812 Civic Hybrids in 2007
3 75 per cent of customers are male (although 3/4 of their partners
  drive the car more often)                                                   4 At the end of 2007, the alternative fuel sector finished 76 per cent
                                                                                up on the previous year
4 FR-V stands for Flexible Recreational Vehicle
                                                                              5 The Civic Hybrid’s battery can be completely recycled
5 It can be configured in 32 different seating arrangements to
  accommodate anything from a full family to family bikes                     6 Civic Hybrid was awarded first prize overall in the 2007
                                                                                Environmental Transport Association Awards for the second year
6 There are 439 litres of luggage space                                         running

7 The average customer is 46 years of age (one of the lowest in the           7 The Civic Hybrid is Honda’s third generation hybrid vehicle to be
  Honda range)                                                                  sold in the UK

8 The FR-V has a very low centre of gravity to produce better                 8 In 2009, Honda will be launching an all new global hybrid car,
  handling and performance                                                      that’s specifically-designed around hybrid technology. This car will
                                                                                be smaller and cheaper than current Civic Hybrid
9 In 2007, Honda sold 2,705 FR-Vs in the UK

10 If half the parents on the British school run drove a people carrier,
   like the FR-V and used its six-seats to lift share, a staggering 942,596
   cars would vanish from the roads during the school run

26                                                                                                                                                  27                                                                       
Did you Know?                                          Did you Know?

CBR1000RR Fireblade                                    CBF600 / CBF600S
The first ever Fireblade was simplicity incarnate:     Every curve of the CBF600N’s newly-sculpted
anything it didn't absolutely need to make it work     bodywork is a celebration of the basic, undiluted
better than the opposition was left off. The           pleasure that is classic ‘Naked’ motorcycling. Its
project leader Tadao Baba had a saying, ‘light is      all-new, compact, fuel-injected inline-4 engine is
right'. The new Blade stays true to that concept       housed in a new lightweight cast aluminium
and is an incredible 4kg lighter than its              frame that feels nimble and easy to handle both
predecessor!                                           in urban traffic and at higher speeds. The
                                                       CBF600, in either its naked or faired guise, is the
“This is a tool; a tool to demolish roads and tracks   perfect bike for new riders and riders returning to
alike.” Trevor Franklin, MCN                           motorcycling.

CBR600RR                                               ST1300 Pan European
BIKE magazine named it ‘Bike of the Year’ and it       Country lanes, city streets and cross-continental
was crowned ‘Sports Bike of the year’ by MCN,          highways are all familiar stomping ground for the
beating the likes of Ducati 1098s, Yamaha YZF-R1       accomplished Pan-European. It delights in taking
and Suzuki GSXR750 to take the accolade.               its rider, along with passenger and luggage, to
                                                       new destinations in sumptuous comfort and with
“Honda’s diminutive CBR600RR represents                its own road distinctive presence.
absolutely stonking value for money – there’s no
question about it.” Michael Neeves, MCN                VT750C Shadow
                                                       With its sleekly curved retro lines and deeply
XL700V (ABS) Transalp                                  valanced mudguards, the new VT750C Shadow
The clue is in its name. To underline the Transalp’s   exudes a classic charm. Its long and low
adventurous aptitudes, its new Adventure Sports        proportions and comfortable riding position
styling and graphics integrate the GPS                 welcome you to a relaxing riding experience.
coordinates of the Col De La Bonette, the              Power comes on strong and sure from a
highest paved road in Europe.                          smoothly responsive fuel-injected V-twin engine
                                                       that rolls you up to speed with a light and easy
“The Transalp has the ability to set free that sprit   twist of the throttle.
of adventure.” Si Melbor, Trail Bike & Enduro

28                                                                                                              29                                                
Did you Know?                                         Did you Know?

One glance tells it all. The PS125i sets the
                                                      Power Equipment
standard for sophisticated European styling,
                                                      1 Honda invented the ATV and in 2005 we celebrated our 21st year
comfortable riding proportions and incredibly
                                                        of manufacturing
easy operation. Strong, dependable liquid-
cooled 4-stroke engine with fully computerised        2 Honda’s diesel generators were used during the construction of
fuel injection system provides quick starts, smooth     the channel tunnel. They were only ever switched off during
operation and ultra-low emissions. Stopping is          routine maintenance checks!
also smooth and easy, with Honda’s innovative
combined disc brakes providing confident              3 Honda provided 24 EU20 generators to the Caudwell Xtreme
control for even less experienced riders.               Everest Expedition, a project that studied hypoxia (low O2 levels)
                                                        on Mount Everest to understand more about treatment for
Zoomer                                                  intensive care patients
A common sight around the paddocks of race
circuits worldwide, the Zoomer has a flamboyant       4 The innovative design of the HRX573 mower allows you to send all
personality, highly individualistic styling, funky      grass clippings to either the bag or to mulch at the touch of a
colour variations and myriad possibilities for          single lever
customisation. It may be diminutive, but it has a     5 Honda recently froze an ATV in a block of ice. After cutting the
big following. It may be bare-bones, but it             machine free the engine started first time!
commands instant respect everywhere.
                                                      6 Honda tractor mowers have the same dashboard layout as a
Goldwing                                                Honda car
Undisputed ‘King of the Road’, the Goldwing is
the ultimate touring machine. Now with satellite
navigation and the world’s first ever production
motorcycle air bag system fitted as standard, it’s
one of the most technically advanced and
safest ever produced.

30                                                                                                                         31                                              
Did you Know?                                                          Did you Know?

Marine                                                                 Environment
1 Five Year Warranty for domestic private users. Industry leading      1 “After materials are carried into the factory, nothing but products
  2 year warranty for professional/commercial users, both covering       should be carried out,” Soichiro Honda, 1956
  the entire range from 2.3hp – 225hp
                                                                       2 Honda was the first manufacturer to set global, per unit CO2
2 Honda is the only manufacturer that makes purpose-built engines        reduction figures for its products and manufacturing sites
  for ATVs. Our competitors use adapted motorcycle engines
                                                                       3 In June 2008 the world’s first production fuel cell car, the FCX
3 In June 2007, for the third consecutive year, Honda topped the         Clarity, will go on sale in the US – its only emission is water
  J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction survey in the USA,
  and was awarded "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Four-         4 Honda already has 31 hydrogen-powered, zero emission fuel cell
  Stroke Outboard Engines". Honda Marine engines scored 939 out          vehicles on lease in Japan and the USA
  of a possible 1,000 points, the highest total since the award's
                                                                       5 Honda has developed a solar powered refuelling station to
                                                                         generate hydrogen. Solar panels produce electricity which is then
4 In October 2007, viewers of BBC2's Top Gear were treated to one        used to extract hydrogen from water
  of the show’s most ambitious and entertaining challenges ever, as
                                                                       6 Despite rapid growth, Honda’s global manufacturing sites have
  they successfully crossed the English Channel in amphibious
                                                                         reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill by 12 per cent over
  converted vehicles, one powered by a mighty Honda BF225
                                                                         the last three years
                                                                       7 Honda’s target is zero waste to landfill by 2010, i.e. through
5 Thousands of people flocked to the south coast in October to
                                                                         reducing input, encouraging re-use and recycling there will be no
  watch Honda powered vessels take to the waves for a Blue Peter
                                                                         waste sent to landfill from the production process at its
  special. On this occasion however, it wasn't the sight of Honda's
                                                                         manufacturing plant in Swindon (HUM). The engine plant at HUM is
  Formula 4-Stroke powerboat fleet that caught their attention,
                                                                         already at zero per cent!
  rather two boats created from hollow giant pumpkins – powered
  by Honda's entry level BF2.3 outboard!                               8 Honda was the first manufacturer to announce a complete line up
                                                                         of Euro-5 compliant engines for a D-sector car (2008 Accord)
6 Honda is the only outboard manufacturer that offers free RYA level
  2 power boat training to any customer who buys an outboard           9 In the last 20 years, Honda has planted over half a million trees,
  engine of 50hp or more                                                 which absorb 4000 tonnes of CO2 while producing 3,000 tonnes of
7 Honda has only ever built the more environmentally-friendly
  4-stroke outboard marine engine                                      10 The RA107, Honda’s Formula 1 car, is the only car on the grid to
                                                                          drop all sponsorship in favour of raising awareness of climate
8 The larger outboard engines are actually adapted Honda car

32                                                                                                                                           33                                                                
Did you Know?                                                          Did you Know?

Racing                                                                 Jet
1 The newly-formed Honda Motor Co. first took part in the Isle of      1 It was always the dream of Soichiro Honda to fly. This is why the
  Man TT races in 1959                                                   original Honda motorcycle logo is based on the shape of a wing

2 To date, Honda has won 72 Formula 1 Grand Prix races                 2 The HondaJet is now the fastest and most fuel efficient in its class

3 The Honda NSX was the cover car for the Playstation Gran Turismo     3 HondaJet’s patented over-the-wing engine-mount configuration
  game series                                                            means there’s no need for a structure to mount the engines to the
                                                                         rear fuselage, which means more space in the fuselage for
4 In 2006, the Honda Racing F1 Team discovered the fastest speed         passengers and luggage
  achieveable by a Formula 1 car. Alan van der Merwe reached
  400kph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah                          4 While there are currently no emission regulations for small turbofan
                                                                         engines, the HF120 is expected to surpass the future anticipated
5 The 2006-season RA106A was the first Honda ‘works’ F1 car since        emissions standards by as much as 20 per cent
                                                                       5 HondaJet has the quietest operation in its class and has a higher
6 “Without Racing there would be no Honda,” Soichiro Honda once          thrust-to-weight ratio than most jets
  famously said
                                                                       6 The HondaJet’s 57 cubic foot cargo area is 50 per cent larger
7 The Formula 4 stroke championship was started as a way of              than the closest rival in its class
  demonstrating that 4-stroke engines could produce the same
  amount of power as a 2-stroke. Formula 4 Stroke is now the largest   7 So far, there have been over 260 hours of inflight testing alone
  off-shore power boat race series in the world
                                                                       8 HondaJet is scheduled to go into production in the US in 2010.
8 The late racing driver Ayrton Senna helped to develop the              Pricing is set at $3.65 million in its standard configuration
  Honda NSX
                                                                       9 Honda Aero Inc. has invested £18m in a new HQ and production
9 John McGuinness achieved the first 130mph average speed lap at         facility in North Carolina, USA, showing Honda’s commitment to air
  this year’s Isle of Man TT, on a Honda CBR1000RR                       travel

10 Honda has taken part in, and won races in almost every single       10 200 jet engines are planned for construction in the opening year
   category of motorbike racing in the world                              job!

34                                                                                                                                          35                                                                
Did you Know?                                                               Product line-up 2008

                                                                                      Honda Jazz 1.2 i-DSI S
Education                                                                             Price (OTR):       From £9,067
                                                                                      Top speed:         106 mph
1 Honda has a global commitment to be 'a company that society
                                                                                      0-62mph:           13.7 seconds
  wants to exist' – education is an integral part of this approach
                                                                                      mpg (combined): 51.4
2 Honda proactively supports educational initiatives in the UK to                     CO2:               129g/km
  encourage engineers and employees of the future, using the                          Engine:            1246cc, i-DSI petrol
  'Power of Dreams' philosophy as a tool to inspire creativity,                       Power:             78PS at 5,700rpm
  imagination and the development of skills in young people                           Torque:            82lb.ft at 2,800rpm
                                                                                      Service interval:  12,500 miles
3 Near Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) in Swindon, Honda                          Insurance rating: 3E
  Motor Europe is supporting the United Learning Trust's proposal to
  establish an Academy school                                                         Honda Jazz 1.4 i-DSI
4 HUM has run a local Schools Visit Programme since 1999 – more                       Price (OTR):       From £10,967
  than 800 pupils take part every year, learning about environmental                  Top speed:         106 mph
  management practices                                                                0-62mph:           13.3 seconds
                                                                                      mpg (combined): 49.6
5 HUM also ran an innovative event called 'Dream Factory' in                          CO2:               137g/km
  January 2007 for 2,600 students, inspiring young people into                        Engine:            1339cc, i-DSI petrol
  science and engineering                                                             Power:             83PS at 5,700rpm
6 The Honda Institute near Slough runs the Honda Apprenticeship                       Torque:            88lb.ft at 2,800rpm
  Programme, graduating up to 100 fully qualified technicians every                   Service interval:  12,500 miles
  year                                                                                Insurance rating: 4E

7 The Institute is also a sponsor of UK Skills, a skills based initiative             Civic 5 Door 1.4 i-DSi SE+
  encouraging vocational skills                                                       Price               £14,900
                                                                                      Top speed           106
8 Honda (UK) is developing a local pilot education programme                          0-62mph             14.6 seconds (Man)
  aimed at teaching 11-14 year olds thinking skills and creativity                                        16.1 seconds (i-SHIFT)
  through real-life examples from Honda                                               mpg (combined): 47.9
                                                                                      CO2:                139
9 The Windsor Festival, an annual arts festival supported by Honda                    Engine              1339cc SOHC petrol
  (UK), has an Education Programme involving 18 schools in and                        Power               83PS at 5700rpm
  around the area                                                                     Torque              88lb.ft at 2,800rpm
10 ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot, is the figure-head of many of                       Auto:               i-SHIFT available
   these projects.                                                                    Service interval    12,500 miles
                                                                                      Insurance rating    4

36                                                                                                                                 37                                                     
Product line-up 2008                                           Product line-up 2008

                   Civic 5-door 2.2 i-CTDi S/SE/Sport/ES/EX              Civic Type S 1.8 i-VTEC Type S/Type S GT
                   Price (OTR):        From £15,297                      Price (OTR):         £15,277 – £19,227
                   Top speed:          127 mph                           Top speed:           127 mph
                   0-62mph:            8.6 seconds                       0-62mph:             8.9 seconds
                   mpg (combined): 55.4 (S/SE/ES),                                            (10.9 i-SHIFT)
                                       53.3 (EX/Sport)                   mpg (combined): 42.8
                   CO2:                135g/km (S/SE/ES),                                     (43.5 i-SHIFT)
                                       140g/km (EX/Sport)                CO2:                 156g/km (153 i-SHIFT)
                   Engine:             2204cc, Common                    Engine:              1,799cc SOHC petrol
                                       Rail Diesel                       Power:               140PS @ 6,300rpm
                   Power:              140PS at 4,000rpm                 Torque:              128lb.ft @ 4,300rpm
                   Torque:             251lb.ft at 2,000rpm              Auto:                i-SHIFT available
                   Auto:               N/A                               Service Interval:    12,500 miles
                   Service interval:   12,500 miles                      Insurance Rating: 9E
                   Insurance rating: 10E (EX – 11E)

                                                                         Civic Type S 2.2 i-CTDi Type S/Type S GT
                   Civic 5-door 1.8 i-VTEC S/SE/Sport/ES/EX              Price (OTR):        £16,567 – £19,817
                   Price:               From £14,067 (OTR)               Top speed:          127 mph
                   Top speed:           127 mph                          0-62mph:            8.6 seconds
                   0-62mph:             8.9 seconds                      mpg (combined): 54.3
                   mpg (combined): 44.1 (S/SE/ES),                       CO2:                138g/km
                                        42.8 (EX/Sport)                  Engine:             2,204cc DOHC diesel
                   CO2:                 152g/km (S/SE/ES),               Power:              140PS @ 4,000rpm
                                        156g/km (EX/Sport)               Torque:             251lb.ft @ 2,000rpm
                   Engine:              1799cc i-VTEC petrol             Auto:               N/A
                   Power:               140PS at 6,300rpm                Service Interval:   12,500 miles
                   Torque:              128lb.ft at 4,300rpm             Insurance Rating: 10
                   Auto:                i-SHIFT available
                   Service Interval:    12,500 miles
                   Insurance rating: 9E (EX – 10E)

38                                                                                                                    39                                        
Product line-up 2008                                             Product line-up 2008

                   Civic Type R 2.0 i-VTEC Type R/Type R GT                CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC SE/ES/EX
                   Price (OTR):        From £17,627                        Price (OTR):       From £18,727
                   Top speed:          146 mph                             Top speed:         Man: 118 mph
                   0-62mph:            6.6 seconds                                            Auto: 110 mph
                   mpg (combined): 31                                      0-62mph:           Man: 10.2 seconds
                   CO2:                215g/km                                                Auto: 12.2
                   Engine:             1998cc, DOHC petrol                 mpg (combined): Man: 34.9
                   Power:              201PS @ 7,800rpm                    mpg (combined): Auto: 34.5
                   Torque:             142lb.ft @ 5,600rpm                 CO2:               Man: 192g/km
                   Auto:               N/A                                                    Auto: 195g/km
                   Service interval:   12,500 miles                        Engine:            1997cc, SOHC petrol
                   Insurance rating: 17E                                   Power:             150PS at 6,200rpm
                                                                           Torque:            140lb.ft at 4,200rpm
                                                                           Auto:              Available
                   Civic Hybrid (ES and ES leather)                        Service interval:  12,500 miles
                   Price (OTR):       ES – £16,600;                        Insurance rating: 12E
                                      with leather – £17,400
                   Top speed:         115 mph
                   0-62mph:           12.1 seconds                         CR-V 2.2 i-CTDi SE/ES/EX
                   mpg (combined): 61.4                                    Price (OTR):        From £19,917
                   CO2:               109g/km                              Top speed:          116 mph
                   Engine:            1339cc, SOHC,                        0-62mph:            10.3 seconds
                                      i-DSI, petrol                        mpg (combined): 43.5
                   Motor:             IMA electric                         CO2:                173g/km
                                      motor/generator                      Engine:             2204cc, common rail
                   Power:             115PS (95 petrol +                                       diesel
                                      20 electric) at 6,000rpm             Power:              140PS at 4,000rpm
                   Torque:            166lb.ft at 4,600 rpm                Torque:             251lb.ft at 2,000rpm
                   Auto:              CVT transmission                     Auto:               N/A
                                      as standard                          Service interval:   12,500 miles
                   Service interval:  12,500 miles/12 months               Insurance rating: 12E
                   Insurance rating: 7

40                                                                                                                    41                                          
Product line-up 2008                                          Product line-up 2008

                   FR-V 1.8 i-VTEC SE/ES/EX                             FR-V 2.2 i-CTDi SE/ES/EX
                   Price (OTR):        From £16,127                     Price (OTR):        From £17,617
                   Top speed:          118 mph                          Top speed:          118 mph
                   0-62mph:            10.6 seconds                     0-62mph:            10.1 seconds
                   mpg (combined): 37.7                                 mpg (combined): 44.8
                   CO2:                177g/km                          CO2:                167g/km
                   Engine:             1799cc i-VTEC petrol             Engine:             2204cc, common
                   Power:              140PS at 6,300rpm                                    rail diesel
                   Torque:             128lb.ft at 4,300rpm             Power:              140PS at 6,300rpm
                   Service interval:   12,500 miles                     Torque:             251lb.ft at 4,800rpm
                   Insurance rating: 10E                                Service interval:   12,500 miles
                                                                        Insurance rating: 11E

                   FR-V 1.8 i-VTEC auto SE/ES/EX
                   Price (OTR):       From £17,227                      S2000
                   Top speed:         115 mph                           Price (OTR):      From £28,050 (Roadster)
                   0-62mph:           12.4 seconds                                        £28,600 (GT)
                   mpg (combined): 34.9                                 Top speed:        150 mph
                   CO2:               190g/km                           0-62mph:          6.2 seconds
                   Engine:            1799cc i-VTEC petrol              mpg (combined): 28.2
                   Power:             140PS at 6,300rpm                 CO2:              236g/km
                   Torque:            128lb.ft at 4,300rpm              Engine:           1997cc VTEC petrol
                   Service interval:  12,500 miles                      Power:            240PS at 8,300rpm
                   Insurance rating: 10E                                Torque:           153lb.ft at 7,500rpm
                                                                        Auto:             N/A
                                                                        Service interval: 9,000 miles
                                                                        Insurance rating: 20

42                                                                                                                 43                                       
Product line-up 2008                                                   Product line-up 2008

              Accord 2.0 i-VTEC SE/Type-S/EX                                  Accord 2.4 i-VTEC Type-S/EX/EX ADAS
              Price:             From £17,527 to £23,977                      Price:             From £21,427 to £26,377
              Top speed (Man): 137 mph (SE), 135 mph (S/EX)                   Top speed:         141mph
              Top speed (Auto): 134 mph                                       0-62mph:           8.0 seconds (MT), 9.2seconds (AT)
              0-62mph (Man):     8.9 seconds (SE), 9.0 sec (Type-S),          mpg (Man. com): 31.4 (Type S), 31.4 (EX)
                                 9.3 seconds (EX)                             mpg (Auto. com): 30.1 (EX), 30.7 (ADAS)
              mpg (Man. com): 38.2 (SE), 35.3 (Type-S and EX)                 CO2 (Man):         214g/km (Type S),
              mpg (Auto. com): 35.3 (SE), 33.6 (Type-S and EX)                                   214g/km (EX)
              CO2 (Man):         176g/km (SE),                                     (Auto):       223g/km (EX),
                                 189g/km (Type-S and EX)                                         218g/km (ADAS)
                   (Auto):       189g/km (SE),                                Engine:            2354cc i-VTEC petrol
                                 200g/km (Type-S and EX)                      Power:             190PS at 6,800rpm
              Engine:            1998cc i-VTEC petrol                         Torque:            164lb.ft at 4,500rpm
              Power:             155PS at 4,000rpm                            Sequential Shift:  Option on EX/EX ADAS
              Torque:            140lb.ft at 4,500rpm                         Insurance rating: 14
              Auto:              Available on all specifications              Service interval:  12,500 miles
              Insurance rating: 11
              Service interval:  12,500 miles
                                                                              Accord Tourer 2.4 i-VTEC Type S/EX/EX ADAS
                                                                              Price:              From £22,702 to £27,652
              Accord Tourer 2.0 i-VTEC SE/Type-S/EX                           Top speed:          137 mph (MT),
              Price:              From £18,727 to £24,977                                         132 mph (AT)
              Top speed:          127 mph (MT), 124 mph (AT)                  0-62mph:            8.3 seconds (Type-S),
              0-62mph (Man):      9.6 seconds (SE), 9.9 seconds (EX)                              8.4 seconds (EX) 10.0 seconds (AT)
              0-62mph (Auto): 11.2 (SE), 11.5 (EX)                            mpg (Man. com): 29.1
              mpg (Man. com): 33.2 (SE), 32.8 (EX)                            mpg (Auto. com): 28.2 (EX), 29.1 (EX ADAS)
              mpg (Auto. com): 32.1 (SE), 31.4 (EX)                           CO2 (Man):          230g/km
              CO2 (Man):          202g/km (SE), 204g/km (EX)                       (Auto):        237g/km (EX),
                   (Auto):        208g/km (SE), 213g/km (EX)                                      229g/km (EX ADAS)
              Engine:             1998cc i-VTEC petrol                        Engine:             2354cc i-VTEC petrol
              Power:              155PS at 4,000rpm                           Power:              190PS at 6,800rpm
              Torque:             140lb.ft at 4,500rpm                        Torque:             164lb.ft at 4,500rpm
              Auto:               Available on all specifications             Sequential Shift:   Option on EX/EX ADAS
              Insurance rating: 11                                            Insurance rating: 14
              Service interval:   12,500 miles                                Service interval:   12,500 miles

44                                                                                                                               45                                                     
Product line-up 2008                                          Product line-up 2008

                   Accord 2.2 i-CTDi SE/Sport GT/EX                     Legend 3.5 V6 EX
                   Price:             From £18,600                      Price:              From £36,352
                                      to £23,417                        Top speed:          155 mph
                   Top speed:         132 mph                           0-62mph:            7.3 seconds
                   0-62mph:           9.3 seconds                       mpg (combined):     23.7
                   mpg (combined): 51.4                                                     (24.6 with ADAS/CMBS)
                   CO2:               145                               CO2 emissions:      282g/km
                   Engine:            2204cc common                                         (273 with ADAS/CMBS)
                                      rail turbo diesel                 Engine:             3471cc SOHC VTEC,
                   Power:             140PS at 4,000rpm                                     V6 petrol
                   Torque:            251lb.ft at 2,000rpm              Power:              295PS at 6,200rpm
                   Auto:              n/a                               Torque:             351Nm at 5,000rpm
                   Insurance rating: 12                                 Auto:               5-speed automatic with
                   Service interval:  12,500 miles                                          Sequential SportShift
                                                                                            and SH-AWD
                                                                        Insurance rating:   17E
                   Accord Tourer 2.2 i-CTDi Sport GT/EX                 Service interval:   9,000 miles
                   Price:              From £21,967
                                       to £24,417
                   Top speed:          122 mph
                   0-62mph:            9.3 seconds (Sport),
                                       9.4 seconds (EX)
                   mpg (combined): 47.9
                   CO2:                155
                   Engine:             2204cc common
                                       rail turbo diesel
                   Power:              140PS at 4,000rpm
                   Torque:             251lb.ft at 2,000rpm
                   Auto:               n/a
                   Insurance rating: 12
                   Service interval:   12,500 miles

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 Thumbnail Images                                                           Contacts for the week

                                                                                 Paul Ormond
                                                                                 Mob: 07774 747002

                                                                                 Emma Stanley
                                                                                 Mob: 07843 291288
     01_jazz.jpg                  02_civic.jpg        03_civic_type_s.jpg
                                                                                 Steve Kirk
                                                                                 Mob: 07748 768203

                                                                                 Emma Knight
                                                                                 Mob: 07872 103205

04_civic_type_r.jpg        05_civic_hybrid.jpg           06_cr_v.jpg             Sarah Fowler
                                                                                 Mob: 07841 363628

                                                                                 Fiona Cole
                                                                                 Mob: 07872 103313

                                                                                 Joanne Coaker
     07_fr_v.jpg              08_accord.jpg          09_accord_tourer.jpg        Mob: 07887 678180

                                                                                 Leeanne Bonarski

                                                                                 Rob Punshon
                                                                                 Mob: 07793 166672

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