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					Name                   Department           Position     Topics
Meyer, David           Archeology           Professor    ethnohistory, ethnography, Boreal forest archaeo
Robertson, Elizabeth   Archeology           Professor    Geoarchaeology, paleoecology, artifact conservat
Carriere, Naomi        Biology              MA student   Species at Risk, woodland caribou, Traditional Eco
Stevens, Gail          Commerce             Professor    Organizational governance, Procedural fairness, t
Weir, Warren           Commerce             Professor    Aboriginal Management, Community Economic an

Abonyi, Sylvia                            Professor    Medical Anthropology, Population Health, health f
                       Community Health and Epidemiology
Wood, Karen                               PhD student Narrative Research, Health and Healing in adultho
                       Community Health and Epidemiology
Battiste, Marie        Education          Professor    Decolonization, indigenous knowledge, education
Carr-Stewart, Sheila   Education          Professor    Crown’s Fudiciary Responsibility for Education, Ac

Gingell, Susan         English              Professor    Writing, Orality, postcolonial literature

Settee, Priscilla      Extension Division                 Indigenous Knowledge,
                                            Director, Indigenous Peoples ProgramFood Security, Internation
Hackett, Paul     Geography   Professor    Geography, History, Epidemiology, Anthropology,

Legare, Andre     Geography   PhD student Political Geography, Governance, Nunavut, Collec

McCreary, Tyler   Geography   MA student   Social Geography, Education, racism, identity

Mills, Suzanne    Geography   PhD student Geography of labour, Geography of resource Indu
Ouart, Pam               Geography           MA student    Urban Aboriginal Institutions

Peters, Evelyn           Geography           Professor     Urban First Nations and Métis peoples, urban Abo
Walker, Ryan             Geography           Professor     City Planning, Urban geography, Community base
Wouters, Shauna          Geography           MA student    Aboriginal women, homelessness, hidden homele
Garcea, Joseph           Inter-D             Professor     Urban reserves, Métis governance, Métis Elections
Long, Allan              Inter-D             MA student    Drama, Cultural perspectives of history, Historica

Mitten, Rae,             Native Law          PhD student   Medicine, Education, Psychology, Health, Law, Jus
Kent-Wilkinson, Arlene   Nursing             Professor     Aboriginal Health Forensic Populations Addictions
Elm, Selina              Psychology          MA student    Clinical Psychology, Emerging Adulthood, psychos
Tanasichuk, Carrie       Psychology          MA student    Prejudice, Perceptions of Justice, Perceptions of C
Waldram, James           Psychology          Professor     Medical Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology
Stevens, Arlene          Religious Studies   MA student    Women, religion, pop culture, images of First Nat
Poon, Nancy              Sociology           PhD student   Women, Identity, Federal Prison
Card, Claire             WCVM                Professor     International Agriculture, Community Developme
Methodologies              Communities
Qualitataive               Saskatchewan
                           Cyprus Hills
geoscience methods, subsurface testing, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, phytolith analysis, stable isotope
Interviews, Focus Groups, Lac la Ronge
Qualitative Case-studies, semi-structered interviews, thematic analysis
                           Aboriginal economic development community (national), CANDO (Council for the Ad
case studies, focus groups, oral interviews, participant observation

                           Prince Albert and communities in northern Saskatchewan, Northern Health Authority
ethno-methodologies, Visual anthropology (video, photovoice, anything else)
                           Sexual abuse survivors, Residential school survivors, Women healing from intimate p
Qualitative, Narrative Research, Participatory Research
Historical, Qualitative    Eskasoni First Nations NS, Mi’kmaq Nation, Prairies, Nunavut and Northwest Territor
                           Prairies, Nova Scotia, British Columbia
Oral History, Archival Research

                         Cree, Caribbean colonial Analysis
Discourse Analysis, Feminist Analysis, Post Canadian-Community, African-Canadian Community, Euro-Canadian

Qualitative, Storytelling   Latin America, South Africa, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Native Women’s Association of Canada
                          Prairies, Manitoba, Island Lake
Historical Epidemiology, Archival Research, Oral History MB, Saskatchewan

                          Inuit, Nunavut
Qualitative Content Analysis

                         Prairie Urban Schools, interviews, Discourse analysis
Qualitative, Open ended surveys and focus groupTreaty Four Confederacy, Blackfoot, Cree, Lakota, CHEP Good

                          indices) Textually based critical
Quantitative (segregation Labour Unions (Saskatchewan) discourse analysisThematic analysisethnography
Qualitative, interviews, case studies Saskatoon Tribal Council, CUMFI (Central Urban Métis Federation Incorp

                           Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services Inc., the Saskatoon Tribal Council, the S
Qualitative and Quantitative
                           National Aboriginal Housing Association (Canada), Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Oral Interviews, Focus Groups, Document Analysis, Various Statistical techniques
N/A                        N/A
Qualitative                Saskatchewan, Canada, International
                           Sto:lo (B.C.), Story-telling, Performance art, Oral history, Archival research
Physical Theatre, Collective collaboratio,Onion Lake First Nation (Saskatchewan)

                            FASD Support
qualitative, participatory-action research Network of Saskatchewn, Sasktoon Tribal Council, Elders from Sweet
Qualitataive                Nursing Staff Sasaktchewan Hospital (North Battleford), Forensic Nurse Educators (C
Qualitative and QuantitativeUniversity Sudents, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Quantitative, Survey        Intro Psychology Students, U of S
Ethnography, Narative       Prison Aboriginal inmates; K’ekchi (Maya) in southern Belize; Building a Nation (clin
                            Northern Communities (Saskatchewan), Dene Community, Hatchet Lake, Ile-a-la-Cr
Unstructured Oral Interviews, Observations
                            Federal Prison Aboriginal women inmates
Critical ethnography, Critical discourse analysis
Qualitative and Qualitative Stanley Mission, Ile-a-Crosse, La Loche, 2007 La Plonge, La Loche, Mbarara, Uganda
NDO (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers), Nisga’a, Osoyoos, Meadow Lake and Prince Albert gra

orthern Health Authority, Athabaska Health Authority, Prince Albert Grand Council, Ile-a-la-Cross, Canoe Lake, Red Earth,
n healing from intimate partner violence
  and Northwest Territories, Maori

mmunity, Euro-Canadian Community, Newfoundland


n’s Association of Canada University of San Marcos, Lima Peru

ree, Lakota, CHEP Good Food Inc
Métis Federation Incorporated), Saskatoon Indian Métis Friendship Centre, Gabriel Dumont Institute

 on Tribal Council, the Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre, the Gabriel Dumont Institute, the Central Urban Mét
Australia, New Zealand

uncil, Elders from Sweet Grass and Red Pheasant First Nations
ensic Nurse Educators (Canada and U.S.A.)

; Building a Nation (clinic) in Saskatoon
 atchet Lake, Ile-a-la-Crosse

Loche, Mbarara, Uganda
ake and Prince Albert grand council, Saskatoon Tribal Council, Flying Dust, Rankin Inlet, White Cap First Nation, Lifers in P

 Canoe Lake, Red Earth, Black Lake, Fond du Lac, Uranium City, Hatchet Lake, Northern Ontario, Nova Scotia, Eastern Eur
e, the Central Urban Métis Federation (Inc.)
p First Nation, Lifers in Prince Albert penitentiary

Nova Scotia, Eastern Europe, Hungary, Central European Union

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