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Dinosaur names worksheet

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Learn dinosaur names with this worksheet.

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What’s in a name?
Dinosaur names are fun to learn when you know what the Latin and Greek word parts mean. Study this chart, then write the meaning of each dinosaur’s name. Word Meaning allo - (different) ankylo - (crooked) apato - (deceptive) archaeo - (very old) baro - (heavy) brachio - (arm) cerat - (horn) compso - (elegant) cryo - (cold) dactylus - (finger) di - (two) dino - (terrible) diplo - (double) Word Meaning gnathus (jaw) lestes (thief, -robber) lopho (crested) mega - (large) micro - (small) mono - (one) mimus (imitate) ops - (face) ornith (bird) ovi (egg) pachy - (thick) poly - (many) pro - (before) Word Meaning proto - (first) ptero - (wing) raptor- (grabbing) saur or saurus (lizard) seismo - (earth shaker) stego - (plated, roofed) super - (above) terra - (land) thero - (fierce) tri - (three) troo - (wounding) tyranno - (terrible) veloci - (swift)

Stegosaurous __________________________

Compsognathus __________________________

Seismosaurus __________________________

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