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									                                     Gout Recommendations
    Gout is the inflammation of a joint or bone or bone lining. Gout occurs when there is too much uric
    acid in the blood, tissues, and urine caused by excessive fat in the diet also due to excessive use of
    alcohol and other stimulants. Approximately 90% of gout patients are male. Uric acid is a by-product
    of certain foods, so this condition is mostly about diet but can be brought on by stress. Obesity and an
    improper diet increase the tendency for gout. If you think you have gout, be sure to be tested by a

    Our Heavenly Father wants you addicted just to Him, not to the things in this world. Yahshua died
    and rose again to deliver you from unhealthy lifestyles. Let him have your life, so he can do it!

    The following recommendations have shown to be of help in eliminating gout:

1. The first thing that must be in functioning is                of them. Drink celery juice diluted with
   our sewer system. You will need to have a                     distilled water. Drink only distilled water.
   least 1-3 soft bowel movements per day to
   rid yourself of the toxins that will be thrown            3. Juices recommended for the above 2 weeks
   off by the smoothie drinks you are taking. If                are as follows:
   your bowel movements are not right, you                      Carrot 16 oz
   will need to take a salt water flush for                     Carrot 7 oz., Celery 4 oz., Parsley 2 oz.
   probably 2 –5 days to get the digestive                      mixed together
   system moving.                                               Carrot 10 oz., Beet 3 oz., Cucumber 3 oz.
   Saltwater Flush                                              mixed
   2 level tsp. Unrefined mineral salt (make                    Carrot 11 oz., Beet 3 oz., Coconut 2 oz.
   sure no additives are in the salt)                           mixed
   1 quart lukewarm water                                       Celery 10 oz., Cucumber 6 oz. mixed
   Put salt in a quart of warm water and mix                    Carrot 8 oz., Celery 5 oz., Parsley 2 oz.
   thoroughly.       Drink the entire quart of                  mixed
   saltwater quickly first thing in the morning                 Carrot 12 oz., Parsley 4 oz. mixed
   on an empty stomach. Then lie on your right
   side for 30 minutes. You should have                      4. Eat no meat of any kind. Meat contains
   elimination in 1-2 hours after (everyone is a                extremely high amounts of uric acid. Avoid
   little different in timing and if it didn’t work,            gravies and rich foods such as cakes and
   drink another quart of solution). Hints: A                   pies – leave white flour and sugar products
   straw makes drinking easier. This saltwater                  out of your diet. Limit your intake of dried
   has the same specific gravity as the blood,                  beans, cauliflower, fish, lentils, oatmeal,
   hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water                   peas, poultry, spinach, and yeast product.
   and the blood cannot pick up the salt. Take
   this as often as needed for proper washing of             5. Avoid     purine-rich    foods      including
   the entire digestive system. Utilize this flush              anchovies, asparagus, consommé, herring,
   method (1 or more quarts) whenever you                       meat gravies and broths, mushrooms,
   need help with elimination.                                  mussels, all organ meats, sardines, and
                                                                sweetbreads. Never mix these foods with
2. Eat only raw fruits and vegetables for 2                     alcohol if you are prone to gout! Alcohol
   weeks. Juices are best. Also include whole                   increases the production of uric acid and
   grains, seeds and nuts in your diet. Frozen or               should be eliminated from the diet.
   fresh cherry juice is excellent. Cherries and
   strawberries neutralize uric acid so eat lots

6. Doing the smoothies may seem to cause the          2 c. muscadine grapes with seeds
   uric levels to increase but in reality you are     ½ pint fresh blueberries or strawberries or
   cleansing them from your body and may              bing cherries, pitted
   enter a healing crisis. If you will drink or eat   ½ fugi apples with skin and seeds
   plenty of bing cherries and organic                2 T. dried organic goji berries
   strawberries, you may avoid a healing crisis.      ½ lime with white fuzz and seeds
                                                      ½” slice fresh ginger root
7. Other Smoothie Recipes:
   Gout Smoothie
   2 c. distilled water
   2 ripe black plums with skin (include kernel,
   use nut cracker to remove from pit)
   1 fugi apple with skin and seeds
   1 carrots
   ½ c. strawberries
   1” slice ginger root
   1 fist parsley with stems
   1” sprig fresh rosemary leaves
   ½ lime, w/ white fuzz & seeds
   2 T. dried organic goji berries
   Blend until smooth.

   Joint Helper
   1 c. distilled water
   1 c. cherry juice
   ½ c. soy milk
   2 ripe black plums with skin (include kernel,
   use nut cracker to remove from pit)
   6 dried organic pitted prunes or ¾ c. bing
   cherries, pitted
   ¼ c. walnuts
   1 ear of corn cut from cob
   ¼ tsp. ground cinnamon
   Blend until smooth.

   Strawberry Anti-Gout Smoothie
   2 c. distilled water
   1 carrot
   ½ peeled red beet
   ½ fresh corn cut from cob
   ½ fugi apple with seeds
   ½ pint organic strawberries with tops
   ½ orange with white fuzz and seeds
   ½ lime with white fuzz and seeds
   ½ avocado with whole seed
   1 fist parsley with stems
   ½” slice fresh ginger root
   2 tsp. flax seed or chia seed

   Gout-Be-Gone Smoothie
   1 ½ c. distilled water

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