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									                                                                                                       SMS sending
            Easy, inexpensive…Effective !

Product description

Popfax SMS sending - a professional unified messaging solution for businesses to send out mass messages to their
customers to alert them to specials and sales. Users now can send SMSs anytime and anywhere in the world.

The Mail to SMS feature makes it particularly easy to use for automated alerts on monitored events (maintenance,
deliveries, thresholds...). It also makes mass alerts as easy as an email (emergency alert, crisis meeting...).

The “SMS sending” option includes:
 Worldwide SMS sending at low rates via email, web interface, PC or mobile companion.
 Validate your phone number as the SMS sender.
 Send an SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously, to individual numbers, or to groups of contacts.

Popfax provides you with many ways of sending an SMS:

                                                        his online Popfax account

                                                        his email client
            Brian sends an SMS                                                                  John
               to John using
                                                        his PC or mobile companion, professional fax services, worldwide                                         Popfax – PSS110610 – EN
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                                                                            SMS sending
            Easy, inexpensive…Effective !

How it works

               Send SMSs from web interface             Send Mail to SMS, professional fax services, worldwide               Popfax – PSS110610 – EN
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