initiatives on pasture management

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					                                         UNDP initiatives on pasture management

               Past                                 On-going                                     Planned
CIDA/GM/UNDP “Community-              GEF/UNDP “Demonstrating                  The Multi-Country Capacity Building
Based Rangeland Management in         Sustainable Mountain Pasture             (MCB) Project “Central Asian Countries
Temir Aiyl Okmotu, the Kyrgyz         Management in the Suusamyr               Initiative for Land Management”
Republic” Project                     Valley, Kyrgyzstan” Project              (CACILM) Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic
2004-2007                             2008-2012                                Tajikistan, Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan
The main goal of the project was to   The main goal of this project is
demonstrate the efficacy of           functional integrity of mountain         This project in an integrated Multi-
community based natural               rangelands in the highlands of           country initiative within the CACILM
resources management as a means       Kyrgyzstan as a contribution to          CPP and is one of four related multi-
for meeting the dual objectives of    greater ecosystem stability,             country support projects under the
improved environmental                reduced soil erosion and enhanced        CACILM Multi-country Framework
stewardship and poverty               food security. The project will          Project (CMPF) by contributing the
alleviation. Given the dynamic        attempt to achieve this goal by the      system, institutional, and individual
linkages between climate change       specific Project objective of “to        capacities needed to respond to
and land degradation, synergistic     develop in the Suusamyr Valley a         country barriers in terms of an
implementation of the UNFCCC and      cost-effective and replicable            inconsistent and divergent policy
the UNCCD, provides an effective      pasture management mechanism             environment, inadequate and
vehicle for enhancing the adaptive    which reduces the negative effects       inefficient resources to combat SLM,
capacities of local communities to    of livestock grazing on land and         gaps in human capital to develop SLM
respond to adverse climate change     which improves rural livelihoods”.       programs, and a dis-connect between
effects, while engaging in                                                     project level successes and policy
sustainable livelihood activities.                                             making. The project builds on the
                                                                               structure created by the CMPF and
Results:                              The project will have four following     supports the CACILM CPP effort to
- The new community level             outcomes:                                catalyze efforts to reverse land
   institution is established –       1) a set of innovative pilot             degradation processes and improve
   “Mukanbet” Public Association      measures which have been                 sustainable livelihoods through a
   of Pasture Users.                  designed and validated for               consolidated approach put in place by
- Enhanced local community’s          demonstrating the feasibility and        the five Central Asian Countries and
   capacity and raised local          profitability     of      sustainable    Strategic Partnership Agreement
   population’s awareness on          rangeland management;                    members (UNDP, ADB, GTZ, GM,
   pasture management issues,         2) capacity and awareness of rural       ICARDA, and FAO) with Global
   carbon sequestration through       communities           and        local   Environment Facility (GEF) support.
   improved natural resources         governments       for     monitoring,    Building on this framework and
   management and conservation        planning and regulating the use of       consistent with the overall CMPF vision
   approaches, and on sustainable     pastures in a sustainable way;           to enhance “the restoration,
   income generation and              3) an enabling environment which         maintenance, and enhancement of the
   alternative activities.            allows      rangeland     users     to   productive functions of land in Central
                                      effectively and sustainably manage       Asia leading to improved economic and
                                      pastures;                                social well-being of those who depend
                                      4) learning, evaluation, and             on these resources while preserving
                                      adaptive management.                     the ecological functions of these lands
                                                                               in the spirit of the UNCCD,” the project
                                                                               objective is to increase capacity at the
                                                                               national and cross-country levels to
                                                                               develop and implement an integrated
                                                                               approach and strategies to combat land
                                                                               degradation within operational
                                                                               National Programming Framework.
                                                                               The project supports the CACs efforts
                                                             to halt land degradation by enhancing
                                                             the capability of each nation to execute
                                                             their National Programming
                                                             Frameworks. GEF support will result in
                                                             (a) increased policy coherence; (b)
                                                             resources effectively mobilized for
                                                             SLM; (c) improved interaction between
                                                             state agencies and land users through
                                                             increased human resources; and (d)
                                                             developed and strengthened learning,
                                                             dissemination, and replication of best
                                                             practices in collaborative SLM. Without
                                                             this component project, the
                                                             established multi-country and national
                                                             support structures will not have the
                                                             capacity for effective policy-making,
                                                             planning, and financing SLM initiatives
                                                             that will meet future challenges and
                                                             changing land-use scenarios with new
                                                             global challenges, such as the effects of
                                                             global warming on agriculture and food

Non-UNDP initiatives on pasture management

   Past                             On-going                                Planned
                       PF “CAMP-Alatoo” Project on           WB Project “Agricultural Investments
                       sustainable pasture management in     and Services” Component “Pasture
                       Jergetal and Ottuk watersheds         Management and Improvement’
                       2008-2010                             2009-2012

                       Goal:                                 Executing Agency – Department of
                       Improvement of rural livelihoods      Pastures, Ministry of Agriculture, Water
                       and sustainable pasture               Resources and Processing Industry of
                       management                            the KR

                       Results:                              Goal:
                          - Empowering rural                 Introduction and realization of the new
                                institutions on pasture      Law “On pastures” and introduction of
                                management                   the new pasture management system
                          - Development of the
                                pasture management plan      The project is in the process of
                          - Increasing of winter feed        launching and recruiting of staff
                          - Infrastructure
                          - Awareness raising of
                                pasture users and decision

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