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 Yoga Travel - Resource For Yoga
      Vacations and Retreats
Yoga travel vacations are an amazing way to
merge two of life's most wonderful gifts,
yoga and travel. Imagine a vacation
characterized by the calm and serenity of a
savasana after an exhilarating yoga
practice. Achieve physical and mental
balance in a mountain retreat in the
Berkshires. Enjoy delicious, organic, local
food on the beach in Costa Rica. Become
present as you set aside your cell phone in
a quiet ashram in southern India. Whether
your goal is to expand your yoga practice or
simply relax with some like minded yogis,
yoga travel is one of the most potentially
life-changing rewards you can give yourself.
Yoga travel options include vacations,
retreats, detoxification programs, and
conferences. Getaways can be found for all
styles and levels. No matter what your
purpose, this article will help you decide
on a yoga travel experience tailored for you
and how to go about finding it.
How to choose a yoga travel retreat
There are a few recommendations to keep in
mind as you choose your dream vacation.
First, start with the destination. Options
can range from quiet mountain ashrams to
resort style beach getaways. If time and
money are constraints, one option is to take
a weekend getaway to a nearby location. If a
more lengthy retreat is desired, one can
find yoga travel destination almost anywhere
in the world. Many retreats can be found in
the most beautiful locations in the world:
Bali, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Brazil.
What kind of yoga would you like to study?
Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga? Make sure the yoga
style matches up with your goals and level
of experience. Check the daily schedule of
the programs. Make sure there is a a good
balance of relaxation, meditation, and
physical practice that is suitable for your
desires. Some retreats can be highly focused
on relaxation and pampering, while others
can take a more disciplined approach with
rigorous schedules. Keep in mind that some
programs may include a daily practice of 3
or more hours, which may be more than your
body is ready for. Use your intuition and
listen to what your body needs.
Pre-purchased packages are an easy turn-key
solution for handling your tickets, lodging,
and yoga practice in one purchase. For more
experienced travelers, it is always possible
to do your own booking, coordinating around
the specific program of your yoga getaway.
Another option is to choose a pre-packaged
themed retreat. For example, yoga surf
retreats in Australia.
Is there a specific teacher that you would
like to train with? Perhaps there is a
yoga-celeb that you've always wanted to
learn from. Gurus commonly do training
programs at various locales, so stay in the
loop. Our final piece of advice, the time
is never right for a vacation. The everyday
duties of life will always present
themselves as roadblocks. Take a leap, make
arrangements, and plan to go within the next
six months.
How to find yoga travel retreats
The first place to ask would be your local
yoga studio. Ask your favorite teacher about
upcoming events or recommended retreats, as
he/she will certainly be familiar with your
preferred style and level of practice.
Secondly, ask the internet. Google terms
like "yoga travel", "yoga retreats", and
"yoga vacations." An incredible amount of
yoga travel information and pre-packaged
retreats can be found on the web for
specific destinations, programs, and styles.
Congratulations on taking the first steps to
honor yourself with the gift of a yoga
travel vacation. Many blessings. May your
journey be enlightening.

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