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					No Child Left Behind
     Presented by:
      Julie Oliver
             ESEA act of 1965
     (Part of Johnson’s Great Society
o Provide assistance to help low-achieving children reach the
  same challenging academic standards all children are
  expected to meet
o Fund teacher and principal training and recruitment efforts
o Assist limited-English-proficient students in acquiring the
  language skills needed for academic achievement
o Support programs to create safe and drug-free schools,
  before- and after-school learning opportunities, assist rural
  school districts and provide aid to school districts impacted
  by                           federal activity

                                                  Question 1
 The major
purposes of
 NCLB are:

          Question 2
Closing the Achievement
• Accountability and High Standards
• Annual academic assessments
• Consequences for schools that fail to
  educate disadvantaged student
         Adequate Yearly
          Progress (AYP)
• States must develop AYP statewide
  measurable objectives for improved
  achievement by all students and for
  specific groups
  –   Economically disadvantaged students
  –   Students from major racial and ethnic groups
  –   Students with disabilities
  –   Students with limited English proficiency
• The objectives must be set with the
  goal of having all students at the
  proficient level or above within 12
  years (i.e. by the end of the 2013-
  2014 school year).
• AYP must be based primarily on state
  assessments, but must also include
  one additional academic indicator.
• The AYP must be assessed at the
  school level.
• School AYP results must be reported
  separately for each group of
  students identified previously so that
  it can be determined whether each
  student group met the AYP objective.
• At least 95% of each group must
  participate in state assessments.
  Improving Literacy by
  putting reading first:
• Focus on reading in early grades
• Early childhood reading instruction
  No Child Left Behind
Summer Reading Achievers
• Summer reading program for students in
  the Atlanta public schools
• Encourages students in K-8 to read
  actively during the summer months and
  avoid the loss of reading skills that often
  occur during summer vacation
• If successful, the program will expand
  next year to schools nationwide.
  Expanding flexibility,
  reducing bureaucracy:
• Title 1 flexibility
• Increased funds to schools for
• Reduction in bureaucracy
• New state and local flexibility
  Rewarding success and
   sanctioning failure:
• Rewards for closing the achievement
• Accountability bonus for states
• “No Child Left Behind” school
• Consequences for failure
 Failure to make AYP for
    2 years results in:
• Being identified by the district as being in
  “school improvement”
• Parents must be notified
• School is required to offer public school
  choice (unless prohibited by state law) to
  all students in the failing school not later
  than the first day of the school year after
  the identification-district pays
  transportation costs

                                     Question 6
• School would develop an improvement
  plan and receive technical assistance
• 10% of Title 1 funding must be
  dedicated to professional
 Failure to make AYP for
    3 years results in:
• Schools must still offer choice to all
  students of failing schools
• Schools must provide low-income students
  within the failing school supplemental
  educational services from a provider of
  their choice (priority will be given to low-
  achieving students)

                                     Question 8
• Schools will continue to receive technical
• School may be restructured


                                   Question 7
    Promoting informed
      parental choice:
• School reports to parents
• Charter schools
• Innovative school choice programs
  and research
    Improving teacher
• All students taught by quality
• Funding what works
• Strengthening math and science
 Title II of the Act authorizes $3.175 billion
and gives states and schools the flexibility to
    use these federal funds for important
                initiatives, like:
• Reforming teacher tenure
• Alternative certification routes for new teachers and
• Merit pay for teachers
• Bonus pay for teachers in high-need subjects and high-
  poverty schools
• Testing on-the-job teachers in subjects they teach
• Signing bonuses for math and science teachers
• Scholarships for teachers’ advanced coursework in math and
The act defines a highly qualified
 teacher as one who demonstrates a
 high level of competence in the
 subject he or she teaches, either
 through rigorous testing or, for
 middle school and high school
 teachers, a subject-area major or
 advanced degree, as evidence of
         Highly Qualified
•   Arts
•   Science-Biology, Physics, Chemistry
•   Mathematics
•   Foreign Language
•   English, Reading, or Language Arts
•   Civics and Government
•   Economics
•   History
•   Geography

                                          Question 3
                 “Highly Qualified” Teacher
                                                   (as of December 1, 2002)

       Follow the chart(s) until you reach: You are “highly qualified”
                                    Timelines Section
                                                                 Do you teach English, Reading, Language Arts,
                                                                   Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language,
NOTE: “Newly hired” means changing                                    Civics and Government, Economics,
                                                                          Arts, History, or Geography?
employers, not just changing schools
within a district                                                                  YES                                          NO
                                                                    Were you newly hired after the first day          You are NOT required to be
                                                                        of the 2002-03 school year?                        HQ under ESEA

                                             YES                                                                               NO
                                 Are you working in a program                                                  You must be "highly qualified" by the
                                 supported with Title 1 funds?                                                   end of the 2005-06 school year

                                                                                                    Go to
                         YES                                     NO                        LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION
            You must be "highly qualified" in     You must be "highly qualified" by                section
                  order to be hired              the end of the 2005-06 school year

         Go to                            Go to
        section                          section
Licensure/Certification Section

                                            DO YOU HAVE
                                       "FULL CERTIFICATION?"
                                 (no waivers on emergency, temporary,
                                          or provisional basis)
                                           Have you passed
                                          the state licensing
                                                          Do you teach in a charter school that, under
            Go to COMPETENCY
                                                           your state's charter school law, exempts
                                                           you from teacher licensing/certification?

                                       YES                                             NO
                               Go to COMPETENCY                             Are you in an "alternative
                                      section                                   route" program?

                                                         YES                                                          NO
                                            You must be making progress                              You have until 2005-06 to obtain
                                          and complete full certification within                        "full certification" or meet
                                                     three years                                        criteria "alternative route"

                                       You must receive high quality PD that is:
                                     sustained, intensive, and classroom focused
                                            on classroom instruction before
                                                  and while teaching
                                           You must participate in a teacher
                                       mentoring program or receive intensive
                                    supervision that consists of structured guidance
                                              and regular ongoing support
                                    Assume functions as a teacher for a
                                   specified period of time, not to exceed
                                                 three years

                                    You must demonstrate satisfactory
                                    progress toward full certification as
                                          prescribed by the State

                                           Go to COMPETENCY
                                                     Competency Section
                                                                                                  Do you have a bachelor's degree?

                                                                      YES                                                               NO
                                                     Do you teach Elementary or Middle/High?                       You are NOT "highly qualified" and cannot be
                                                                                                                   hired in a program supported with Title I funds

                            ELEMENTARY                                                                   MIDDLE/HIGH
         Have you demonstrated competence in content and                                  Have you passed a state content (licensure) test
     teaching skill by passing a state (licensure) test in Reading,                            in EACH of the subjects you teach?
         Writing, Mathematics, and other Elem. curr. areas?

             YES                                     NO                                   YES                                      NO
        You are "highly                      Are you "new" to the                    You are "highly               Do you have an academic major or
          "qualified"                            profession?                           qualified"                   coursework equivalent to a major
                                                                                                                   in each of the subjects you teach?

                               YES                                      NO                                     YES                                       NO
                   You are NOT "highly qualified"             Have you met your state's                   You are "highly                           Do you have a
                  and cannot be hired in a program            "HOUSE" requirements?                         qualified"                        graduate degree in each
                     supported with Title I funds                                                                                            of the subjects you teach?

                                                    YES                                    NO                                     YES                                      NO
                                          You are "highly qualified"        You are NOT "highly qualified" and               You are "highly                         Do you have
                                                                             have until 2005-06 to pass test                   qualified"                        advanced certification?
                                                                              or meet HOUSE requirement                                                              (i.e. NBPTS)

                                                                                                                                                          YES                             NO
                                                                                                                                                     You are "highly              Are you "new" to the
                                                                                                                                                       qualified"                     profession?

                                                                                                                                                                          YES                            NO
                                                                                                                                                                 You are NOT "HQ" and          Have you met your state's
                                                                                                                                                              cannot be hired in a program     "HOUSE" requirements?
                                                                                                                                                               supported with Title I funds

                                                                                                                                                                                           YES                           NO
*HOUSE = High Objective Uniform Statewide-standard of Evaluation                                                                                                                      You are "highly
                                                                                                                                                                                                               You are NOT "highly
                                                                                                                                                                                                              qualified" and have until
                                                                                                                                                                                                             2005-06 to become "HQ"
A teacher can by fully licensed to
 teach and not meet the “Highly
 Qualified” requirements of the NCLB

                              Question 4
An example of this might be a middle
 school teacher that teaches math in
 a departmentalized setting or a high
 school teacher teaching outside of
 their major.
    “Highly Qualified”
• Must have a high school degree
• Must have an associate’s degree
  and/or 2 years of higher education
• passed a rigorous state assessment

                               Question 5
• Paraprofessionals who perform
• Parental involvement
• Only non-instructional duties
Making schools safer for
   the 21st century:
• Teacher protection
• Promoting school safety
• Rescuing students from unsafe
• Supporting Character Education
   As proposed in NCLB:
• States must allow students who attend a
  persistently dangerous school, or who are victims
  of violent crime at school, to transfer to a safe
• States must also report school safety statistics
  to the public on a school-by-school basis
• LEAs must use Federal Safe and Drug-Free
  Schools and Communities funding to implement
  drug and violence prevention programs of
  demonstrated effectiveness
      Other NCLB facts:
• Under SEC. 9528 of the NCLB Act, school
  systems must provide access to secondary school
  students names, addresses, and telephone listing
  to military recruiters and institutions of higher
• If parents do not want this, they may request
  these not be released without prior written
  consent and the LEA or private school will comply
  with the request.
• The LEA or private school should notify parents
  of the option to make the request.

                                           Question 9
EDGAR is the Electronic Data
 Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval
 system that performs the automated
 collection, validation, indexing,
 acceptance, and forwarding of
 submissions by companies and others
 who are required by law to file forms
 with the U.S. Securities and
 Exchange Commission.

                              Question 10
 Some good websites to
 check out for additional

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