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                   THE MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1988 & RULES
                            QUESTION BANK
No.       Question          Option 1         Option 2         Option 3       Picture            Sign
1     Near       a    Sound horn           Slow down,       Stop     the       No         3
      pedestrian      and proceed          sound horn       vehicle and
      crossing, when                       and pass         wait till the
      the pedestrians                                       pedestrians
      are waiting to                                        cross the road
      cross the road,                                       and     then
      you should                                            proceed
2     The following Stop                   No Parking       Hospital ahead    Yes        1
      sign represents
3     You       are       Increase the Put on the           Wait till the      No        3
      approaching a       speed and try head light and      other vehicle
      narrow bridge,      to cross the pass the bridge      crosses the
      another vehicle     bridge as fast                    bridge and
      is about to enter   as possible                       then proceed
      the bridge from
      opposite side,
      you should
4     The following       Keep left        There is no Compulsory             Yes        1
      sign represents                      road to the left keep left
5     When a vehicle      Take the         Stop the       Take      all        No        3
      is involved in an   vehicle to the   vehicle and    reasonable
      accident causing    nearest police   report to the  steps to secure
      injury to any       station and      police station medical
      person              report the                      attention to
                          accident                        the injured
                                                          and report to
                                                          the nearest
                                                          police station
                                                          within 24
6     The following       Give way         Hospital ahead Traffic island      Yes        1
      sign represents                                     ahead
7    On a road           Parking is       Overtaking is Should not          No    3
     designated as       prohibited       prohibited    drive      in
     one way                                            reverse gear
8    The following       No entry         One way       Speed limit         Yes   1
     sign represents                                    ends
9    You       can       From the right Through the Through the             No    1
     overtake     a      side of that left side         left side, if the
     vehicle in front    vehicle                        road is wide
10   The following       Right turn       Sharp curve U-turn                Yes   2
     sign represents     prohibited       to the right  prohibited
11   When a vehicle      Stop      the    Sound horn Wait till the          No    1
     approaches an       vehicle on the and cross the train passes
     unguarded           left side of the track as fast
     railway level       road, get        as possible
     crossing, before    down from the
     crossing it, the    vehicle, go to
     driver shall        the railway
                         track, and
                         ensure that no
                         train or trolley
                         is coming
                         from either
12   The following       side
                         Pedestrian       Pedestrians   Pedestrians         Yes   1
     sign represents     crossing         may enter     prohibited
13   Validity of         Till     the     6 months      30 days             No    2
     learner’s licence   driving          from the date
                         licence is       of issue
14   The following       Keep right side Parking on Compulsory              Yes   2
     sign represents                      the right     turn to right
15   In a road           Should walk Should walk May walk on                No    2
     without             on the left side on the right either side of
     footpath, the       of the road      side of the the road
     pedestrians                          road
16   The following       U-turn           Right turn Overtaking             Yes   1
     sign represents     prohibited       prohibited    through left
17   Free passage        Small vehicles Ambulance       Express,            No    2
     should be given                      and      fire Super Express
     to the following                     service       buses
     types of vehicles                    vehicles
18   The following     Horn             Compulsory    May sound         Yes   1
     sign represents   prohibited       sound horn    horn
19   When a vehicle The vehicle    The person         The parking       No    3
     is parked on the should be    having             light shall
     road side during locked       licence to         remain lit
     night                         drive such a
                                   should be in
20   The following Roads on both Narrow               Narrow road       Yes   2
     sign represents sides in from bridge ahead       ahead
21   Fog lamps are During night When there is         When the          No    2
     used                          fog                opposite
                                                      vehicle is not
                                                      using dim light
22   The following Road closed          no parking    End of speed      Yes   3
     sign represents                                  restriction
23   Zebra lines are stopping           pedestrians   for giving        No    2
     meant for.      vehicle            crossing      preference to
24   The following     Narrow road      Narrow        Roads on both     Yes   1
     sign represents   ahead            bridge ahead sides ahead
25   When       an     allow passage    no preference the driver        No    3
     ambulance is      if there is no   need be given shall allow
     approaching..     vehicles from                  free passage
                       front side                     by drawing to
                                                      the left side
                                                      of the road
26   The following     Railway          Level         Level crossing    Yes   3
     sign represents   station          crossing      Guarded
27   Red traffic light vehicle can      stop    the   slow down         No    2
     indicates.        proceed with     vehicle
28   The following Entry through Entry through        Overtaking        Yes   3
     sign represents right side     left prohibited   prohibited
29   Where      the    reduce speed apply brake       proceed in the    No    1
     “Slippery road by changing to                    same speed
     sign” is seen on lower gear
     the road, the
     driver shall
30   The following      Cross road        No entry       Hospital          Yes   1
     sign represents    ahead
31   Overtaking is      when it is        when the     during night        No    1
     prohibited in      likely to cause   vehicle in
     following          inconvenience     front     is
     circumstances      or danger to      reducing
                        other traffic     speed
32   The following      May turn to       Compulsory Side road left        Yes   2
     sign represents    left              go ahead or
                                          turn left
33   What is the 6 months                 1 Year       2 Years             No    1
     Validity of
     Pollution Under
34   The following Sound horn             Sound horn     Horn              Yes   1
     sign represents compulsory           continuously   prohibited
35   Overtaking         is permissible not               is permissible    No    2
     when                              permissible       with care
     approaching a
36   The following      Road to the       Compulsory     Turn to right     Yes   1
     sign represents    right in front    turn right     prohibited
37   Drunken driving allowed in           allowed        prohibited in     No    3
     is              private              during night   all vehicles
                     vehicles             time
38   The following End         of         No Stopping    No parking        Yes   2
     sign represents restriction          or Parking
39   Rear     view   for seeing face      for watching   for seeking the   No    2
     mirror is used                       the traffic    back seat
                                          approaching    passenger
                                          from behind
40   The following      Compulsory        One-way       Prohibited in      Yes   1
     sign represents    ahead only                      both direction
41   Boarding in or     Permitted in      permitted in prohibited in       No    3
     alighting from a   bus               auto-rickshaw all vehicles
     vehicle while in
42   The following      All Motor         no entry for Entry allowed       Yes   1
     sign represents    Vehicles          cars and     for cars and
                        Prohibited        motor cycles motor vehicles
43   When fuel is shall           not      shall not      shall not use     No    2
     filled in a vehicle check air         smoke          any light of
                         pressure                         the vehicle
44   The following Trucks                  Bus prohibited Heavy             Yes   1
     sign represents prohibited                           vehicles
45   Overtaking is When the road           In the night   when the road     No    1
     prohibited          ahead is not                     center    is
                         clearly visible                  marked with
                                                          white broken
46   The following      Bullock cart       Cycle          All vehicles      Yes   1
     sign represents    prohibited         prohibited     prohibited
47   While you are      Proceed        Put the head Dim the head            No    3
     driving with the   keeping to the light in dim light till the
     head light in      left           and bright vehicle passed
     high     beam                     alternatively,
     during night, a                   several times
     approaches from
     direction, you
48   The following      Students           Pedestrians    Pedestrians       Yes   3
     sign represents    prohibited         permitted      prohibited
49   Unnecessary & Yes                     No             There is no law   Yes   1
     repeated use of
     horn      is
     prohibited under
     the law
50   The following Overtaking              Turn left      Left turn         Yes   3
     sign represents prohibited                           prohibited
                      through the
                      right side
51   Documents of Registration             Registration   Registration      No    1
     Non Transport certificate,            certificate,   Certificate
     vehicles to be PUC,                   Insurance      Permit, Trip
     kept in the insurance                 Certificate,   Sheet
     vehicle -        certificate &        Tax Token,
                      driving licnece      Driving
52   The following   Drive the         Drive the      Drive the          Yes   1
     sign represents vehicle not       vehicle at 50 vehicle
                     exceeding 50      km/hr          exceeding 50
                     km/hr.                           km/hr.
53   You can talk on Yes               No             You can talk       Yes   2
     mobile while                                     after slowing
     driving any                                      down your
     vehicle                                          vehicle
54   The following Compulsory          Compulsory Side road              Yes   1
     sign represents ahead or turn     ahead or turn ahead
                     right             left
55   How      does   You can relax     Protects you Seat looks           No    2
     Headrest of the while driving     from neck beautiful with
     seat help?                        injury in case headrest.
                                       of accident
56   When you see Stop         the     Slow down Sound horn              Yes
     the traffic sign vehicle, sound and proceed continuously
     of School, you horn and           with caution and proceed
     should           proceed
57   While turning Show the left Sound horn Show the left                No    3
     left you should turn signal, and turn to turn signal,
                      drive to the the left           keep to the
                      center and                      left side of the
                      turn to the left                road and turn
                                                      to the left
58   The following Left hand           Left ascend    Keep left          Yes   1
     sign represents curve
59   The Driver of a   He is turning He is slowing Allowing to           No    2
     vehicle extends   to the left   down the      overtake
     his right arm                   vehicle
     with the palm
     downward and
     moves the arm
     upward and
     several times.
     You      will
     understand that
60   The following     Right hair pin Right ascend Right descends        Yes   1
     sign represents   bend           and descend
61   Minimum age        18 years          21 years       16 years          No    3
     for getting a
     licence to drive
     motor cycle
     without gear is
62   The following      Left descend    Left hair pin Keep left            Yes   2
     sign represents                    bend
63   While turning to   Extend his left Not show      Show left turn       No    3
     the left, the      hand towards hand signal      signal with his
     driver of a two    left                          right hand or
     wheeler shall                                    signal by
64   The following      Right reverse Left reverse Turn right and          Yes   1
     sign represents    bend            bend          go ahead
65   Signal to take U- Left turn signal   Right turn     Slow down         No    2
     turn is                              signal         signal
66   The following Right reverse          Left reverse   Turn left and     Yes   2
     sign represents bend                 bend           go ahead
67   The driver of a In a road In a busy road When there                   No    1
     vehicle shall not where U turn may       be   are vehicles
     take U-turn       is prohibited charged       passing
                                                   through the left
68   The following Y-inter           Y-inter       Y-inter section         Yes   3
     sign represents section left    section right
69   Using             Illegal            Legal          Legal if there    No    1
     unregistered                                        is urgency
     vehicle in public
     place is
70   The following Side road left         Speed limit    Axle load limit   Yes   3
     sign represents
71   Vehicles         Your right side Your left side     The               No    1
     proceeding from                                     convenient
     opposite                                            side
     direction should
     be allowed to
     pass through
72   The following Compulsory         Side road right    Keep right        Yes   1
     sign represents Turn right
73   Driver of a         while driving If the road is When the              No    3
     vehicle may         down hill     not            driver of the
     overtake                          sufficiently   vehicle ahead
                                       wide           shows the
                                                      signal   to
74   The following       Turn right    Turn left      Round about           Yes   3
     sign represents
75   When      the       Ensure safety Slow down to Sound horn              No    2
     yellow light at     and drive away stop        and proceed
     an intersection
     appear on the
     signal light, the
     driver of a
     vehicle should
76   The following       Narrow road       Dangerous dip Ferry              Yes   2
     sign represents     ahead
77   Driver of a         The right side The left side The center of         No    2
     motor vehicle       of the road    of the road   the road
     shall    drive
78   The following       Y-inter           Y-inter         Side road left   Yes   2
     sign represents     section left      section right
79   When your           Stop your         Reduce the Not obstruct          No    2
     vehicle is being    vehicle and let   speed of your the other
     overtaken, you      the vehicle to    vehicle       vehicle from
     should              overtake                        over taking
80   The following       Turn left         Turn right    Y-inter            Yes   3
     sign represents                                     section left
81   The place where In front of a On one-way On foot-path                  No    3
     parking     is  parked vehicle road
82   The following Slippery road Gravel road  No entry for                  Yes   1
     sign represents                          motor car
83   The hand brake To reduce the To apply                 To park a        No    3
     is to be used   speed        sudden brake             vehicle
84   The following Loose gravel Slippery road              No entry for     Yes   1
     sign represents                                       motor car
85   More than two    Allowed in Violation of         Allowed when      No    2
     persons on a two unavoidable    law              the traffic is
     wheeler is       circumstances                   less
86   The following    Cycle crossing Cycle            No entry for      Yes   1
     sign represents                 crossing         cycles
87   You want to will blow the will not blow          blow the horn     No    2
     overtake    a    horn           horn             only
     vehicle near a continuously                      intermittently
     hospital. You...
88   The following Cattle            Possibility of   Vehicles          Yes   2
     sign represents prohibited      animal on the    carrying cattle
                                     road             prohibited
89   Is it compulsory Yes            No               Not               No    1
     to have vehicle                                  compulsory if
     insurance?                                       you      are
                                                      insured with
                                                      life insurance
90   The following       School ahead   Pedestrians   Pedestrians       Yes   1
     sign represents                    crossing      crossing
91   Overtaking is State highway        Panchayat     Narrow bridge     No    3
     prohibited in the                  roads
     following case
92   The following Men at work          Children      Pedestrian        Yes   1
     sign represents                    playing       crossing
93   If a person in      The driver The driver The driver               No    1
     charge of an        shall stop the shall proceed, shall reduce
     animal              vehicle        blowing the the speed
     (apprehending                      horns
     that the animal
     may become
     request to stop a
94   The following       Rough road     Slippery road Falling rocks     Yes   3
     sign represents
95   Parking     is    road side        where parking near traffic      No    3
     prohibited in the                  is permitted  light
     following case
96   The following     Bridge ahead      Ferry      Light                    Yes   3
     sign represents                                Refreshment
97   Over speeding.    is an offence is an offence May both                  No    3
                       leading to      leading to
                       suspension or punishment
                       cancellation of by fine only
                       driving licence
98   The following     Steep ascend Steep descend Slippery road              Yes   1
     sign represents
99   When school Blow horn and           proceed        No special           No    2
     buses is stopped proceed            slowly and care is required
     for picking up or                   cautiously
     dropping down                       since there is
     students                            chance of
                                         crossing the
100 The following      Steep ascend      Steep descend Slippery road         Yes   2
    sign represents
101 Where a blind      The driver of     Blow the horn Slow down             No    1
    person crosses     a vehicle shall   and proceed and proceed
    the road holding   consider the                    with caution
    White Cane         white cane as
                       a traffic sign
                       to stop the
102 The following      At the Narrow     On           Y- Road widens         Yes   3
    sign represents    road ahead        intersection   ahead

103 When a motor       shall report to   shall report to   shall report to   No    1
    vehicle     is     the nearest       the nearest       the nearest
    involved in an     police station    police station    police station
    accident, the      within 24         within 12         within 48
    driver             hours             hours             hours
104 The following      Drainage in       Bridge ahead      Gap in median     Yes   3
    sign represents    middle
105 When      any       the driver        the driver        need     not     No    1
    property of a       shall report to   shall report to   report to any
    third party is      the nearest       the nearest       police station
    damaged due to      police station    police station
    an accident         within 24         within 7 days
106 The following       Hump or           Zigzag road       Ghat road        Yes   1
    sign represents     rough road
107 When      the       we shall not we can over we          can             No    1
    vehicle behind      overtake        take another overtake
    has begun to        another vehicle vehicle      another
    over take our                                    vehicle
    vehicle                                          blowing horn
108 The following       Barrier ahead Railway cross Weighbridge              Yes   1
    sign represents                     ahead        ahead
109 The driver of the   We     can        We shall not We     can            No    2
    vehicle in front    overtake          overtake     overtake
    has not given                                      blowing horn
    signal    for
    allowing over
110 The following       No through        Left turn         Bridge ahead     Yes   1
    sign represents     side road
111 Parking     is      Entrance of       Left side of Market area           No    1
    prohibited in the   hospital          the road
    following place
112 The following       Ferry           No road ahead Water on the           Yes   1
    sign represents                                   road
113 Parking     is      blocking a fire near a public left side of the       No    1
    prohibited in the   hydrant         well          road
    following place
114 The following       Parking           Parking both Police aid post       Yes   2
    sign represents     prohibited        sides
115 To carry pillion the vehicle          the vehicle       the vehicle      No    1
    rider on a motor should have          should have       should have
    cycle            foot rest, hand      side car          rear view
                     grip and sari                          mirror
116 The following Parking lot –           Scooters and Scooters and          Yes   1
    sign represents scooters and          motor cycles motor cycles
                     motor cycle          prohibited   repairing
117 While driving at Low Beam        High Beam       Switch off all    No    1
    night on city                                    Lights
    roads ,keep your
    head-light on a

118 The following   Parking lot – Auto               Auto              Yes   1
    sign represents auto rickshaws rickshaws         rickshaws
                                   prohibited        repairing
119 Abandoning      the driving only fine is         May both          No    3
    vehicle in a licence is        attracted
    public place    liable to be
    causing     in  suspended/can
    convenience to celled
    others     or
120 The following No entry for Parking lot –         Parking for       Yes   2
    sign represents private cars   Taxis             police vehicles

121 Before the turn, Slow down       Not Slow        Drive Fast        No    1
    driver should    the vehicle     down the
122 The following     Petrol pump    Garage          Air-filling       Yes   1
    sign represents                                  facility
123 Road on which One-way road Market Area           State Highway     No    1
    driving     in
    reverse gear is
124 The following Lane changing Change the           Lane changing     No    2
    sign represent    is permitted    line with      is prohibited
125 The driver of a can attract       only fine is   May both          No    3
    Auto Rickshaw suspension/         attracted
    refusing the      cancellation of
    offer for journey driving licence
    for the reason
    that the distance
    is short
126 The following Request to Intends to              Request to        Yes   2
    sign represent    stop     the    turn right     stop     the
                      vehicle                        vehicle from
                      coming behind                  opposite
127 When you reach       Give way to       Give proper    Give way to       No    3
    an intersection      all traffic       signal, sound  the traffic
    where there is       approaching       the horn and   approaching
    no signal light or   the               proceed        the
    police man, you      intersection                     intersection
    will                 from other                       from your
                         roads                            right side and
128 The following        Intends to turn   Intends to Request to            Yes   1
    sign represents      left              turn right     stop all other
129 While you are        As there is no    Stop the       Slow down         No    3
    approaching an       restriction,      vehicle and the vehicle
    intersection         proceed at the    wait for the and proceed
    where       the      same speed        green light to only after
    yellow signal                          appear         ensuring that
    light is blinking,                                    it is safe to
    you should                                            move
130 The following        Intends to turn   Request to Intends to            Yes   3
    sign represents      right             stop     the   slow down the
                                           vehicle        vehicle
                                           coming from
131 While you are        Give              Give           Give              No    2
    driving    on        precedence to     precedence to precedence to
    gradient roads       the vehicles      the vehicles the vehicles
    you should           coming down       going uphill carrying heavy
                         hill                             load
132 The following        Intends to go     Intends to Intends to turn       Yes   2
    sign represents      straight          stop     the   right
133 While a vehicle      To       the      To      the    To all vehicles   No    2
    entering a main      vehicles          vehicles       proceeding
    road from a          coming from       coming from along the main
    branch road, the     the left          the right      road
    driver shall give
134 The following        Requested to Allow to pass        Request to       Yes   2
    sign represents      stop    the  the vehicle          stop    the
                         vehicle from from behind          vehicle from
                         behind                            front
135 You        can       The driver of    There is     The vehicle            No    1
    overtake      a      that vehicle     sufficient   moves slowly
    vehicle through      indicates his    space on the
    the left side, if    intention to     left side
                         turn right and
                         proceeds to
                         the center of
                         the road
136 If the road is       shall    not     can change         shall stop the   No    2
    marked with          change track     track    if        vehicle
    broken white                          required
    lines, you ...
137 You hold a You will drive             You will           You will carry   No    2
    learners licence when the             drive the          any other
    for motor cycle traffic is less       vehicle only       person on the
    ...                                   when an            motor cycle
                                          licence to
                                          drive motor
138 The following        Stop             No Parking         Hospital ahead   Yes   2
    sign represents
139 The number of        Registration     Tax Token          Fitness          No    1
    passengers           certificate
    permitted to be
    taken in vehicle
    is recorded in the
140 The following        Keep left        There is no        Compulsory       Yes   3
    sign represents                       road to the left   turn left
141 Type of horn         Air-horn         Multi-toned        Electric horn    No    3
    permitted                             horn
142 The following        Give way         Hospital        Traffic island      Yes   2
    sign represents                                       ahead
143 Blinking yellow      stop    the      stop   the      reduce speed        No    3
    traffic light        vehicle till     vehicle and and proceed
    means.               green light      proceed if safe safely
144 The following        U-turn           Right turn         Overtaking       Yes   2
    sign represents      prohibited       prohibited         through left
145 Maximum          No limit            50 km/hr.     60 km/hr.        No    2
    speed of a motor
146 The following Road to the            Compulsory    Turn to right    Yes   2
    sign represents right in front       turn right    prohibited
147 The only vehicle    Motor cycle      Motor car     Stage carriage   No    2
    which       is
    permitted to be
    driven at a speed
    exceeding 65
148 The following       Go straight      One-way       Prohibited in    Yes   3
    sign represents                                    both direction
149 Maximum speed       No limit         70 km/hr.     50 km/hr.        No    1
    allowed for
    motor cars
150 The following       Side road left   Turn left     No left turn     Yes   1
    sign represents
151 Motor cycle can     During night     During day    Any time         No    3
    be driven at the                     time
    speed of 50
152 The following       Staggered        Zigzag road   No right and     Yes   1
    sign represents     Intersections                  left turn
153 Accordingly to      wear jerkins     wear helmet   wear shoes       No    2
    law, a person
    driving a motor
    cycle shall
154 The following       Cross road       Major road First aid           Yes   2
    sign represents     ahead            ahead
155 Accordingly to      wear             wear seat belt wear cap        No    2
    law, a person       sunglasses
    driving a motor
    car shall
156 The following       Guarded          Unguarded     Unguarded        Yes   1
    sign represents     railway          railway       railway
                        crossing         crossing      crossing 200
                                                       mtrs. Ahead
157 Minimum age          16 years          18 Years       20 Years          No    2
    required to
    procure      a
    driving licence
    for LMV
158 The following        Hospital          Resting place First aid          Yes   2
    sign represents
159 Minimum age          18 years          21 Years       20 Years          No    3
    required to
    procure      a
    driving licence
160 While parking        Vehicle           Parking brake Only hazard        No    2
    the vehicle          should be         should be     (parking) light
                         engaged in        applied       should be
                         gear                            applied
161 Validity of          6 months          1 Year        2 years            No    2
    insurance is
162 The colour           Black             Yellow         White             No    3
    scheme      of       background        background     background
    number plate for     with yellow       with Black     with Black
    private vehicle is   letter            letter         letter
163 Which traffic        Red               Blue           Yellow            No    3
    light should lit
    after Green at
164 Where it is not      Go ahead to       Use all rear Turn on the         No    1
    safe to reverse      find suitable     view mirrors reverse horn
    your car, you        place     to      properly     and reverse
    should               reverse the car
165 How driver can       By drinking       By resting     By listening to   No    2
    prevent fatigue      alcohol           during the     the music
    while driving?                         journey at
                                           every two
166 How does the        Stopping         Stopping        Does not affect   No   1
    stopping            distance         distance
    distance of a       increases        decreases
    vehicle get
    affected while
    applying brake
    during rain?
167 In case of an       108 or 102       101             Any of these      No   1
    accident, to seek
    a medical help,
    you should dial.

168 In case of an       Insurance        Insurance       Insurance         No   2
    accident where      company shall    company         company shall
    driver was not      compensate       shall not       compensate
    holding      a      fully            compensate      partly
    driving licence
169 Minor driving a     Since, he is a   Parents or      Offence as per    No   3
    car and meets       minor; he can    guardian of a   the law to be
    with an accident    not     be       minor may       registered and
                        punished         also be held    penalties to be
                                         responsible     applied
170 What is the         Yellow base      Black base      White base        No   1
    colour scheme       and black        and yellow      and black
    for the number      letters          letters         letters
    plate of a
171 An area guarded     Road           Accident          Check post        No   1
    with a ribbon in    repairing work prone zone        ahead
    red & white         is going on
    colour indicates

172 The compulsory Seat belt             Brake pedal     Air bag           No   1
    safety device in
    a car to protect
    passengers in
    case of accident
173 A     driving     Through out        In     that     In      that      No   1
    license issued by the country        particular      particular
    R.T.O. is valid                      state only      district only
174 While parking      Apply parking Turn parking Apply both               No   3
    your vehicle at    brake         lights on
    night you should
175 While driving      Keep the         Switch off the Avoid both          No   3
    down hill, you     clutch pressed   engine and
    should             and roll the     roll    the
                       vehicle          vehicle to
                                        save fuel
176 Wearing helmet     Compulsory       Not            It is up to their   No   1
    by a woman         by law           compulsory     choice to wear
    while driving                       by law
    two wheeler is .
177 Using a mobile     Increases the Saves time         Permissible in     No   1
    phone while        chances of and effort for        case of an
    driving..          accident      a task             emergency
178 The colour of      Yellow        White              Yellow and         No   2
    Stop-Line used                                      Black
    on road is
179 While moving to    Lit left side    Lit Right side Lit Parking         No   1
    the left lane to   indicator        indicator      light
    stop, you should
180 You can apply      30 days from               180 days from
                                        60 days from                       No   1
    for        a       the date of                the date of
                                        the date of
    permenanent        issue     of     issue     issue
                                                  of        of
    driving licence    learner’s        learner’s learner’s
    after.             licence          licence   licence
181 Why       tyre     It maintains     It maintains
                                                  It    avoids             No   3
    rotation     is    wheel            wheel     abnormal
    advisable in a     balancing        alignment wear on the
    vehicle?                                      tyre
182 While changing    Blow horn and Use indicator No need to               No   2
    lanes,     you    change lane   and change use indicator,
    should.                         lane          just look in
                                                  the mirror and
                                                  change lane
183 The temperature the weather inside the car The engine                  No   3
    gauge in the Outside the
    dash board of a car
    car indicates the
    temperature of.
184 While driving,        The weather     The traffic       Both            No   3
    what will you         &     Road      around you
    keep in mind?         conditions
185 While driving         maintain        can drive very    maintain a      No   3
    behind a longer       shorter         close to it as    very long
    vehicle, you          distance from   it is not going   distance to
    should                it              to stop           have a better
                                                            view of the
                                                            traffic ahead
                                                            of it.
186 You have fitted       Yes             No                No need as it   No   1
    LPG / CNG                                               is done at
    fitment in your                                         approved
    car from an                                             centre.
    fitment centre. Is
    it compulsory to
    get it registered
    at RTO?
187 Driving      a        Valid for two An offence          Valid for       No   2
    vehicle without       wheeler                           trucks only
    the brake light is.
188 A 10 year old         Not necessary It   is             Valid only on   No   1
    child sitting in      for children. Compulsory          rear seats.
    the front seat of
    the car should
    buckle the seat
189 When child lock       Door can be     Door can be       Door can be     No   2
    is applied in a       opened from     opened from       opened from
    car.                  inside only.    outside only.     both sides.
190 Driving      a        An offence      not     an        Valid for a     No   1
    vehicle                               offence           change of
    without the                                             sound
191 The colour of         Red             White             Orange          No   2
    reverse light is
192 It is compulsory      Private Vehicle All               All Vehicles    No   2
    for a driver to                       Commercial
    wear uniform                          Vehicle
    while driving
193 While driving,      Original        Colour Xerox      Certified copy    No   1
    the driver should   driving licence copy     of       of driving
    keep                                driving licence   licence
194 How long driver     30 days         Not a single      60 days           No   1
    can drive the                       day
    vehicle after the
    expiry of his
    driving licence?
195 In case of an       Douse the       Burst blisters    Remove his        No   1
    accident,           burns                             cloths stuck to
    someone is          thoroughly                        the burns
    suffering from      with cold
    skin burn. You      water and
    should….            take the victim
                        under a shelter
                        and     call
196   In case of an Vehicle             First-Aid         Legal             No   2
      accident, which maintenance
      knowledge can
      be helpful to you
      to save human
197   In case of an Lift the victim not move the          raise his legs    No   2
      accident,         and take to a victim and try      to check the
      someone is        safe place      to warn other     injury
      suffering from a                  traffic about
      serious back                      the accident
      injury, you
198   In case of an not try to remove the                 remove the        No   1
      accident, if the remove the helmet to               helmet and
      victim      is    helmet but check the              call ambulance
      bleeding under call ambulance injury
      the helmet, you
199   ABC in first aid Attentive,       Airway,           Accelerator,      No   2
      means.            Breath,         Breathing,        Brake, Clutch
                        Contact         Circulation
200 To be helpful to loosen his     not let people do both         No    3
    an unconscious clothes          stand nearby,
    person in case of               ensure free
    an accident, you                supply of air
    should,                         and in winter
                                    season wrap
                                    around the
201 The average       50 per minute 70 per minute 100 per minute   No    2
    pulse rate of an
    adult is.
202 When should when the            when the      when the         No    3
    you use mobile vehicle is       vehicle is    vehicle is
    phone?           running at     running at    parked a side
                     very slow      medium
                     speed          speed on
203 Drinking alcohol wrong          reduced       both             No    3
    and driving      judgement by vision of a
    invites          driver         driver
204 You can save Proper tuning Proper             Making           No    1
    fuel by..        of the vehicle cleaning of   excessive use
                                    the vehicle   of Clutch
                                                  while driving
205 Incorrect gear    Damage on     Higher fuel   Both             No    3
    shifting may      gear box      consumption
    lead to.
206 The following     No through    Bump aheadRoad                 Yes   1
    sign represents   road                    repairing work
                                              going on
207 The following One-way sign Vehicles       Overtaking           Yes   1
    sign represents            prohibited in prohibited
                               both direction
208 Yellow          Overtaking Crossing       Driver can go        No    2
    continuous line permitted  yellow line is on the other
    marked at the              prohibited     side of this
    middle of the                             lane
    road indicates