Fitness Mantra for Your Mind, Body and Soul - Ashtanga Yoga!

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Fitness Mantra for Your Mind, Body
    and Soul - Ashtanga Yoga!
How are you maintaining a balance with the
fast paced world? Do you sometimes feel
tired of life? Do you want to strengthen
your body so that it can withstand the daily
pressures of life? Are you sick of the daily
exercises which are boring and which
actually you want to avoid every morning? If
your answer is a 'yes', then read on. And if
it is a 'no', then I must say, there is
something special for you too.
One of the biggest drawbacks of your regular
exercises is that it can provide fitness to
your body only; what about your mind and
soul? One simple answer - Try the age-old
practice of Yoga. Yes, whatever you call it,
yoga, dance yoga, kickboxing yoga, yoga
workout or anything else, the point is that
it can certainly give you a solution.
What you need is to join a yoga class. You
can go for a yoga centre or a yoga studio,
whatever it is and start practicing. One
advantage of joining such classes is that
you can have the proper training from the
yoga teachers. Once you have learnt Ashtanga
Yoga you can easily practice it at your
home. You just need to buy some equipment
like a yoga DVD, a yoga bag and a mat to
perform the exercise.
No matter where you practice, at home or at
a class, doing the yoga correctly is very
important for a positive outcome. Whereas a
right posture can cure many diseases, a
wrong one can create troubles too. Here are
some types of yoga which are very popular
• Pilates Yoga- Developed by George Pilates,
this type of exercise is very popular in the
United States. Though it is referred as
yoga, actually it is not. The only
resemblance is that it also gives an
exercise to the mind. It can be referred to
as a yoga with movement or yoga with
• Bikram Yoga- Bikram yoga is a more aerobic
and a physical type of yoga. It was founded
by Bikram Choudhry. This type of yoga is not
meant for everyone. It is carried out in a
warm room with a temperature around 90 to
100 degrees and therefore it is also called
as hot yoga.
• Power Yoga- This is actually a modified
version of Ashtanga yoga, which will be
described later on. It is a practice of
doing 'yoga poses' in a continuous series of
exercises. This type of yoga helps you to
enhance your inner power and to make a
connection with your soul.
• Ashtanga Yoga- In Sanskrit, Ashtanga means
'eight limbs' and it refers to the eight
limbs of the Yoga Sutras. It was taken from
Yoga Korunta, a very ancient text. A student
has to progress through six different series
in this type of yoga.
This method helps in realignment of spine,
detoxification of body, building strength
and flexibility and also in strengthening of
the nervous system.
There are three different levels of Ashtanga
yoga. The first level helps you to align
the body and gets the toxins out of your
body. The second level helps to clean and
open the energy channels. The last level is
for the advanced ones and it helps in
measuring power and grace.
Ashtanga yoga is a very popular type of
yoga. It is a very energetic and athletic
form of practice. It has many benefits like
relieving from sore muscle and joint pain.
Along with these physical benefits, it does
have some mental and emotional benefits
also. If you practice this yoga, you gain
the ability to focus mentally and release
the negative energy. It will give you relief
from unwanted tensions as well.
If you are searching for a perfect yoga
fitness program, Ashtanga yoga can be a good
choice for you. If you are a beginner in the
field of yoga then this can be quite tough
for you to start with. You can start with
some other simple methods. After bringing
yourself up to its level and gaining the
required fitness level, you can surely give
it a try and reap the benefits!

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