Different Types of Yoga-Dosha Formed By Moon in Astrology

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  Different Types of Yoga/Dosha
    Formed By Moon in Astrology
The Moon is the lord of sign Cancer,
significator of fourth house and mother,
represents our deepest personal needs and
our subconscious mind. It is a universal
feminine energy representing protection,
responsiveness and nourishment in our life.
Imagination, character, religious acts and
mental capacity are indicated by Moon.
Blood, uterus, menses, stomach, urinal and
breasts are influenced by the strength of
Moon in the chart.
The association/position of Moon with
respect to different planets/houses formed
different types of yoga /dosha causing
auspicious and adverse influences in the
Specific types of yoga/dosha formed by Moon:
Sunafa yoga: planet/s other than Sun is in
2nd from the Moon formed Sunafa yoga, this
yoga indicates sportsman, self -made, rich
healthy, equivalent to king, learned and
egoistic person.
Anafa yoga: planet/s other than the Sun is
in 12th from the Moon formed Anafa yoga
represents attractive personality, wealthy,
good morality.
Dudhara yoga: Planets other than Sun are in
2nd and 12th from the Moon is called Dudhara
yoga. The native having this yoga in the
chart will be intelligent, rich, having
transport business, peaceful Family life and
owing very strong personality.
Kendrum yoga: When no planets other than the
Sun in 2nd/12th from the Moon than Kendrum
yoga are formed. This yoga induces sudden
loss, anxiety and stress in the life.
Poverty, struggle, mental tension,
melancholy nature, constant failures and
inconsistent in activities are represented
by this yoga.
Amavasya yoga: When Moon and Sun are
conjunct in a same sign, Amavasya yoga is
formed. Due to supreme power of the Sun Moon
loses its virility and show its
characteristics will drastically nullify.
Mind and the mother are severely affected.
The house the moon owns in the chart is
also affected badly.Usually the native may
have deep interests in literature and
reading and have excellent writings skills.
Grahan yoga: When Moon combined with
Rahu/Ketu, Grahan yoga is formed. This yoga
offers hurdles and suffering to the native,
the parents and relatives will also suffer.
It indicates inconsistent occupation besides
greedy and jealous nature of the native.
Vish yoga: Moon conjuncts Saturn in a house
causes Vish yoga or poison combination yoga.
This yoga destroys native's auspicious
karma; it can make the native mentally and
emotionally weak, he may be strict and
discipline in nature and can be a good
Punaraphoo yoga: Any type of relation
between Moon and Saturn in the chart
establishes Punaraphoo yoga, which causes
delay in marriage.
Chandra Mangala yoga: If Mars conjoins the
Moon this yoga is formed. This yoga
represents earning through unscrupulous
means, a seller of women, treating mother
harshly and misbehaving with relatives.
Restlessness and fickle tendencies are shown
by this yoga.
Shakata yoga:Moon is posited in 6th/8th/12th
house from the Jupiter, Sakata yoga is
formed. This yoga indicates a difficult life
and fluctuating fortune
Amala yoga: A benefice placed 10th from the
ascendant/moon formed Amala yoga. Represents
compassionate and benevolent nature of the
Pathira yoga: Mercury in its own/exaltation
sign placed quadrant to the ascendant/Moon,
formed Pathira yoga. The native's
educational achievements will be uncountable
and he will get high authoritative position
in his life.

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