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									Organization, Management and Finance

Major decisions concerning the management of The Toyo            assets, while the Research Department is responsible for
Bunko are made by its Advisory Council and Board of              implementing research projects, publishing books and
Directors. Daily operations are supervised by the Committee      periodicals, and disseminating the research results. It
of Department heads, consisting of the director general,         also selects materials to be collected by the Library in
executive director, head of the General Affairs Department,      collaboration with the Library Department . The Library
head of the Research Department, and the head Librarian.         organizes the archives, cataloging and preservation of
    The Toyo Bunko is presently staffed by 20 full-time          materials, and also manages the Reading Room.
employees working under the supervision of the director-             The Toyo Bunko is funded by income from its own
general and executive director in the Library Department,        property as well as private donations and government
General Affairs Department and Research Department.              grants. The Society for the Support of The Toyo Bunko
In addition, there are over 200 research fellows participating   is comprised of 33 private corporations, including
in Toyo Bunko-sponsored projects.                                Mitsubishi Corporation, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,
    The Oriental Studies Advisory Committee functions            Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Estate
to link The Toyo Bunko with the field of Asian studies           Company (see the full listing of members on page 14).
in Japan. It consists of many of the leading scholars in         The funds raised by the Society are used as operating
that field and assists in deliberating over Toyo Bunko           capital.
projects and making certain that those projects are conducted       Set on a 3,688 sq. metre site, The Toyo Bunko's Main
smoothly.                                                        Building, Annex and two book stack wings have a total
    The General Affairs Department conducts general              floor space of 7,134 sq. metres, of which 4,091 sq. metres
accounting, public relations and the management of               are occupied by the Library's stacks.

                             Front View of The Toyo Bunko

                                                        Library Committee
                                                        Data Base Sub-Committee
                                                                      (Reading Room)
                                                Library               (Source Materials Section)
                                                Department            (Catalogue Section)
                                                                      (Periodicals Room)
                                                                      (Photocopying Center)
Advisory Council                                                      (Book Binding & Repair Shop)

                                                                           Documentation Center for Islamic Area Studies
Board of Directors                                                         Documentation Center for China Studies
                           Committee of         Research
Director General           Department                                      (Supradisciplinary (Asian Section)
                                                Department                  Studies Group)      Contemporary Chinese Studies
                                                                                                Contemporary Islamic Studies

                                                                           (Historical and   (East Asian Section)
                             System                                         Cultural Studies   Premodern Chinese Studies
                             Administration                                 Group)             Modern Chinese Studies
                             Committee                    Steering                             Northeast Asian Studies
                                                          Committee                            Japanese Studies
                                                                                             (Inner Asian Section)
                                                                                               Central Asian Studies
                 Oriental Studies                                                              Tibetan Studies
                 Advisory Council                                                            (Indian and Southeast Asian Section)
                                                                                               Indian Studies
                                                                                               Southeast Asian Studies
                                                                                             (West Asian Section)
                                                                                               West Asian Studies
                                                                           (Source Materials (Source Materials Section)
                                                                            Studies Group)     Eata Asian Source Materials Research Team

                                                                           (Adminitration Office)

                                                                           General Affairs Section
                                                 General Affairs
                                                                           Accounting Section
                                                 Department                Planning & Public Relations Section
                                                     General Affairs Liaison Committee
                                                     Public Relations Committee
                                                     Web Site Sub-Committee

    From Illustration of Armor and Other Weaponry by Arai Hakuseki, 1711       Atlas nuevo de la Extrema Asia by Martino Martini, 1659

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